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Kim Woo Bin shows his love to a baby during his fan signing event

Photos of Kim Woo Bin posted online are attracting a lot of attention and not just because he looks handsome and charismatic in them as usual!

A topic titled “Kim Woo Bin is in the middle of signing, but…” showed pictures of the star apparently having adopted a…baby dinosaur? On March 27, Kim Woo Bin took part in a fan signing event for a fashion brand where he encountered a baby dressed up in an adorable dinosaur costume. He could not hide his bright smile after seeing the baby, even holding the child while signing autographs.

Netizens said, “Anyone seeing him would think that was his baby,” “He even looks like he”s holding the baby very stably,” “I thought they gave him a dinosaur stuffed animal, but it was a baby,” “Try being the father of a baby or an uncle for your next production,” and more

YG Entertainment’s Fashion Brand NONA9ON Releases Hip Second Teaser

YG Entertainment and Samsung Everland‘s fashion brand “NONA9ON” has launched a second teaser!

NONA9ON, which stands for nonagon and is a part of YG and Samsung’s joint venture “Nature Nine,” will represent advancement into the hip-hop/street culture. As previously reported, representatives from the brand confirmed that this venture will be “representing diversity and infinite growth.”

Themes of black and white dominate the newest teaser for the promotion released today, as dancers could be spotted showing off their moves to the beat. In the closing scene, we can see that pending this “second invasion,” the brand is expected to launch on September 9 of this year.

What do you think about this promotion?

Kim Soo Hyun Donates Approximately $200,000 USD to Charity Supporting Children in China

Actor Kim Soo Hyun recently donated 1.2 million Yuan (approximately 200,000 USD) to help support children in China.

After finishing up his fan meetings in Guangzhou and Beijing on April 4 and 6, Kim Soo Hyun attended Gucci’s flagship store’s charity fashion show in Beijing.

On April 8, he teamed up with Italian luxury brand Gucci to donate to China’s first foundation CCTF (China Children and Teenagers Fund). They aim to help improve the quality of life for children by supporting their body and mind improvement, along with enforcing national policy on equal rights for both sexes. There are approximately 1,200 children being sponsored through the program. With the additional support, the foundation plans to build a treatment center for Chinese children who encounter hardship

Kim Soo Hyun Donated 196,000 USD To CCTF For The Needy Children In China

Actor Kim Soo Hyun showed his good heart by donating 203,900,000 KRW (~196,000 USD) for the sake of Chinese children in need.

The actor collaborates with Gucci to reach out to China"s Children & Teenager"s Fund (CCTF) in Beijing, China on April 8 and extend their helping hand by donating. Kim Soo Hyun made an appearance on the donation ceremony as well as a 2014 S/S collection fashion show at the "Gucci" flagship store located in Shin Kong Place, Beijing. CCTF has really helped a lot of needy children, about 12 million and Kim Soo Hyun"s donation will be used to put up a children"s treatment center in China.

Kim Soo Hyun said, "I wanted to return the big love and interest that a lot of people have given me recently... I am joyful to take part in a warm activity to help children in need, so that they may grow up in better conditions

Jay Park Releases Teaser for “Metronome” Featuring Simon D & GRAY

Jay Park signaled his comeback with a teaser clip.

Through his official Youtube channel and Instagram account, Jay Park released the music video teaser for "Metronome". As his first collaboration song with Simon D, the single is Jay Park"s newest song after "I Like 2 Party", released last July.

The teaser clip contains a sexy scene of Jay Park embracing a woman. The chorus with lyrics "Baby we need a Metronome" is sung through the teaser, evoking one"s imagination.

New track "Metronome" compares a metronome to the rhythm of lovers; a tense drum beat provides a metronome-like rhythm to the song while Jay Park"s voice, Simon D"s rap, and GRAY"s catchy hook provides flavor to the rhythm.

Working with TASTEmakers, Jay Park also incorporated trendy fashion and video art to provide a full package in the music video

Teen Top Niel’s Airport Fashion, Covered From Head To Toe

Idol group Teen Top"s member Niel left for Russia today. (Photo : mbn)

Idol group Teen Top"s member Niel left for Russia today.

Today, Teen Top left for Russia through Incheon Airport for the "TEEN TOP 2014 World Tour HIGH KICK" being held tomorrow. Teen Top started at Japan in February, holding an arena tour in 5 biggest centers of Japan and meeting 50,000 fans.

They will be performing at Russia tomorrow, Hungary on April 12, and Paris on April 13 and return to Korea on April 15.

Niel appeared at the airport in a casual outfit, but he covered everywhere else with jacket, hat, and mask except for his eyes, revealing his charismatic eye glares.

Photo Credit: MBN

YG and Samsung Collaborates to Launch Hip Hop Street Apparel Brand NONA9ON

YG Entertainment and Samsung Everland Fashion will launch their fashion brand NONA9ON.

YG had released a teaser image of the nonagon-shaped logo of the brand through their official blog on April 4, drawing curiosity from fans. They released NONA9ON"s first teaser clip today.

YG and Samsung Everland came together to form Natural 9. Natural 9 staff explained, "A nonagon is a 9-sided shape; it signifies variety and the infinite potential for growth".

NONA9ON"s first teaser clip, revealed on the YG official blog, was directed by YG"s Yang Hyun Suk, telling the story of NONA9ON"s birth through the performance of 9 dancers.

The second teaser clip will be released two days later, on April 11. Parris Goebel, world-renowned choreographer who has worked with Jennifer Lopez and Taeyang, and Choice37, YG producer for G-Dragon"s "One of a Kind", is rumored to be in charge of the second teaser clip

Orange Caramel talk about their dorm life

The bright and cheerful personalities of Orange Caramel shone on the March 28 installment of KBS“s “Lee So Ra”s Music Plaza” as the girls divulged interesting stories and facts about themselves to entertain the listeners.

One of the things they said might not be so shocking anymore as countless idol groups have already come out to admit they sleep naked in the dorms! This conversation began as DJ Lee So Ra said, “Do you guys have a lot of interest in beauty and fashion? Do you guys look pretty at home, too?

The Orange Caramel girls denied this with, “Nope. At home, we don’t wear clothes. We find being dressed to be uncomfortable.

Lee So Ra replied, “You must still wear underwear, though.” Raina said, “There are some of us who don’t even wear underwear when we’re sleeping

Shin Sung Rok shows his cool side for “Esquire”


Actor Shin Sung Rok of the recently ended popular SBS drama “You Who Came From The Stars” participated in the fashion shoot for the April issue of the men”s fashion magazine Esquire.

Actor Shin Sung Rok showed off his charms in this fashion shoot, including the black leather jacket and suits he wore.

In related news, actor Shin Sung Rok is to play Louis the fourteenth in the musical “The Sun King,” which is to premiere on April 8, 2014.



Ko Ah Ra gets attention with her flawless legs


Actress Ko Ah Ra of the drama “Reply 1994″ filmed a fashion photo shoot recently and showed off her legs.

On March 27, 2014, Ko Ah Ra tweeted on her official Twitter account, “Filming a photo shoot,” and posted two pictures of herself from the photo shoot.

In the pictures, Ko Ah Ra wears a casual outfit with high heels, and is sitting in a chair, crossing her legs.

In related news, actress Ko Ah Ra is to star in the new SBS Wednesday Thursday drama called “You Are All Captured” with singer and actor Lee Seung Ki. The new SBS Wednesday Thursday drama called “You Are All Captured” is a story of the entry level police officers in their twenties. It tells a story of the four main characters who were not interested in a career as a detective in the beginning. The drama is to premiere in the end of April after the current SBS drama “Three Days” ends