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Clara’s skinny fit

Clara was seen in Cheongdam-dong on the 4th.

She's dressed in warm pastel colors, making her look innocent and pretty, unlike her usual aura of sexiness.

Known to be a fashionista, Clara wore a striped T-shirt with a lightly-colored denim jacket with pink pants that suited well with the spring weather. By rolling up her pants a little bit, she never failed to miss even the smallest things.

Meanwhile, Clara is currently acting in the tvN drama "Emergency Couple" as a bright intern.

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EXO Unveils Teaser Photos for D.O and Lay

Up next for EXO member teasers were D.O and Lay.

On April 4, SM Entertainment unveiled the new photos of D.O and Lay. Following the same concept as previously revealed, D.O remained black and white while his reflection carried color. Wearing comfortable street-styled fashion, D.O angrily looked out.

Same with Lay, he wore a princely white shirt while peering into the camera with a softer glance. His image was blurred like the others. .

EXO will be making its comeback on April 15 through the EXO Comeback Show.

Photo Credit: SM Entertainment

Sisters Girls’ Generation Jessica And f Krystal Pose For U.S. Nylon Photographer Marvin Scott Jarrett

Girls" Generation Jessica and f(x) Krystal met with U.S. Nylon magazine photographer Marvin Scott Jarrett.

The sisters have worked with Jarrett for a photo shoot and will be revealed in this week"s Nylon magazine.

This collaboration between one of the world"s biggest fashion trend director and Korea"s stop fashionista siblings has fans from all over the world showing interest.

Jessica and Krystal have been known for their fashion sense through their photo shoots, airport fashion, daily life and have shown their great sense of style.

This photo shoot will be released in both Nylon Korea and U.S. Nylon magazine with the prediction that it will gain much attention.

On the other hand, Girls" Generation is preparing for their Japan arena tour, while f(x) Krystal is busy with dramas and advertisements

Using Traditional Korean Music In K-Pop: Crayon Pop And ToppDogg Attempt Something New In Their Latest Songs

Crayon Pop, who shot to stardom while wearing helmets, released the music video for "Uh-ee." The song is heavily influenced by Trot, a genre of Korean pop music. But Crayon Pop isn"t the only idol group to use more traditional genres of Korean music to influence their pop songs. ToppDogg"s "Arario" also takes Korean music and turns it into a catchy pop song.

"Uh-ee" is just as comical, although a bit less catchy, than Crayon Pop"s "Bar Bar Bar" and "Lonely Christmas." But they still kept their ridiculous style, this time by dressing up as five ajummas.

Ajumma is the word Koreans call middle-aged married women, and often has a negative stereotype of pushy, unfashionable women; calling a young woman an ajumma is generally considered to be offensive. Ajumma will get jobs cleaning buildings and housekeepers in general are often called ajumma

The Quiff: K-Pop Hairstyles In Review

(Photo : SM Entertainment Facebook)

Fashion is a way of expression – and certainly, so are hairstyles.

Hairstyles seem to have a mind of its own and often look like a separate living thing from the body altogether – sometimes to the extent they can defy gravity.

The profoundly impressive fact is that although some of these hairdos can seem overdone, they nonetheless never fail to look great on our K-Pop idols.

For such an instance, the “Quiff” hairstyle comes into mind.

More notably, in the english-speaking music scene, it has been sported on popular celebrities like Zayn Malik of One Direction, Alex Turner of Arctic Monkeys, Bruno Mars, Macklemore (the list goes on) and music legend Elvis Presley.

The "Quiff" proves itself to have stood the test of time by making a strong comeback

2PM Nichkhun, Fancy Printed Pants Airport Fashion

Group 2PM left for Okohama, Japan for the Mnet "Global M! Countdown" today. (Photo : dispatch)

Group 2PM left for Okohama, Japan for the Mnet "Global M! Countdown" today.

On this day, member Nichkhun revealed a unique airport fashion. He wore patterned pants, revealing skinnier legs than most girls. He matched a pink hat to this.

Mnet "Global M! Countdown" will be held at the Okohama Arena in Japan, and many K-Pop artists and groups will be performing.

Photo Credit: Dispatch

2PM, Got7, 4minute, MBLAQ, and More Break It Down at ‘No.1 Artist of Spring 2014’ in Japan

Making fans go crazy, 2PM, Got7, 4minute, MBLAQ, Girl’s Day, Crayon Pop, and more captured the night at Mnet’s M COUNTDOWN – No.1 Artist of Spring 2014 in Japan!

On April 2, approximately 12,000 fans filled in the Yokohama arena in Japan at 7PM (KST) to cheer on their favorite stars at the M COUNTDOWN – No.1 Artist of Spring 2014.

The event include singers, 2PM, Got7, 4minute, MBLAQ, Girl’s Day, Sunmi, Crayon Pop, Supernova, LEDApple, Block B, MIB, and JunggiGo.

Led by MCs Jung Joon Young and Ahn Jae Hyeon, the night began with a performance of Let It Go from the movie Frozen by Girl’s Day’s Minah, MBLAQ’s G.O, Block B’s P.O, Japanese girl group Berryz Koubou’s Sugaya Risako, and 2PM’s Nichkhun on the piano

SNSD Jessica and f Krystal to Feature in Nylon Magazine in Korea and America

Girls’ Generation (SNSD)’s Jessica and f(x)’s Krystal will be meeting with the renowned photographer and Nylon′s editor-in-chief Marvin Scott Jarrett.

Jessica and Krystal sisters will be attending a photo shoot with Marvin Scott Jarrett, joining hands with the magazine director.

Jessica and Krystal have been recognized for their fashion sense through their looks shown at the airport or in daily activities, being called the fashionista sisters. They will be featured in both Nylon Korea and America.

Meanwhile, Jessica is currently preparing for SNSD’s upcoming Japanese arena tour while Krystal is keeping busy with drama and commercial filming.

Photo credit: SM Entertainment

K-Drama OST Roundup: Kim Hyun Joong Sings For ‘Inspiring Generation

Kim Hyun Joong concludes "Inspiring Generation" by providing his voice to the soundtrack.

Kim Hyun Joong lends his talented vocals to the final soundtrack for the period drama Inspiring Generation.Kim Hyun Joong sings When Today Passes, which is his most recent musical release since the 2013 EP Round 3.Inspiring Generation has enabled Kim Hyun Joong to transition to a more mature image, making a departure from the flower boy role he became synonymous with.Inspiring Generation has reached a climactic conclusion, with the drama experiencing an increase in ratings following the run of You Who Came From The Stars.

Kim Bo Kyung beautifully sings for the Three Days soundtrack.The drama led by JYJ"s Yoochun has been in direct competition with Inspiring Generation for ratings

CNBLUE’s Yonghwa shows his cool charm for “Harper’s Bazaar China”

CNBLUE‘s Yonghwa recently took part in a photoshoot for the April issue of fashion magazine “Harper’s Bazaar China

Several photos from his pictorial were uploaded onto CNBLUE’s official Facebook with the caption, “[CNBLUE Jung Yong-Hwa in April issue of Harper's BAZAAR China] Jung Yong-Hwa during photo shoot for Harper’s BAZAAR China”.

The photos showed Yonghwa posing with his guitar on a bed, showing his manly and cool charm.

In other news, CNBLUE will start their ‘2014 CNBLUE LIVE – Can’t Stop‘ tour in Seoul on April 19-20, Busan on April 26, and Daegu on May 24.