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Fashion King Ep 20 video Preview

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Fashion King Ep20 Spoiler  Updating....

Fashion King Ep 20 video Preview

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Fashion King Ep20 Recap

Title: Fashion King Ep 20

Broadcast Period: March 19th, 2012

Air Time: MondayTuesday 21:55KST

Replaced: History of the Salaryman

Scriptwriter: Lee Sun MiKim Ki Ho

Fashion King tells the story of a young man who makes it big in the fashion industry. Young Kyul (Yoo Ah In) begins his career as a poor, aspiring designer in the streets of Dongdaemun. Shin Se Kyung will play his female counterpart Ka Young. Fashion King will focus on the youths’ experiences of challenges, success, love, and desire.

Anticipation rises for the 3rd episode of ‘Fashion King’ after Girls’ Generation Yuri’s kiss scene preview

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Anticipation rises for the 3rd episode of ‘Fashion King’ after Girls’ Generation Yuri’s kiss scene preview

The preview for Girls Generations Yuri and actor Lee Jae Hoons kiss scene has drawn attention.

SBS Fashion King aired its second episode on March 20th and at the end, a preview of the next episode was shown.

In the preview, Jung Jae Hyuk (Lee Jae Hoo) and Choi Anna (Yuri) are sitting and facing each other, when Jae Hyuk pulls Anna torwards him as if to kiss her.

In the second episode, Jung Jae Hyuk and Choi Anna are ex-lovers who met again in New York. The two ended up meeting again because Jae Hyuk came to scout Anna, who is the head designer for a luxury brand.

Jae Hyuk tried to scout Anna saying, Youre good. No matter how good you are in America, how far can you possibly go? Dont do work that will make someone else happy. Work together with me instead.

To this, Anna coldly replied, Arent you a stranger?

Although there is strong tension in their relationship, because of the unexpected kiss scene that was shown in the preview, viewers are in high anticipation as to what happened between them to lead to that scene.

Fashion Kings rating for their second episode dropped by 1.1% with their first episode having a rating of 10% and the second episode having 8.9%.

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Anticipation for Yuri’s acting debut in ‘Fashion King’ goes up after preview

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Anticipation for Yuri’s acting debut in ‘Fashion King’ goes up after preview

The preview for the second episode of Fashion King, where Girls Generation member Yuri will make her debut has raised the anticipation level of the viewers.

On March 19th, SBSs Fashion King aired its first episode which told the story of an orphan Lee Ga Young, played by Shin Se Kyung and Chang Young Gul played by Yoo Ah In.  The character Choi Anna played by Girls Generation member Yuri did not make an appearance.

Lee Ga Youngs parents worked as designers in a boutique but were falsely charged with arson by a scheme set up by Madam Cho.  Lee Ga Young had nowhere to go and ended up going to Dongdae-mun, where she worked a sewing machine at the store that Chang Young Gul owned and that is where their relationship begins.

Chang Young Gul caught onto Lee Ga Youngs ability at once and when he found out that she was accepted to a fashion school in America, he lent her money to get a plane ticket.  Chang Young Guls classmate and heir to the brand company Jay Fashion, Chung Jae Hyuk, played by Lee Jae Hoon, was ordered by his parents to go to New York.

Towards the end of the episode, Chang Young Gul got involved with the girlfriend of a mobster and ran away on a boat.  It seems that the these three characters will end up reuniting in New York.

Yuri will be making her acting debut through Fashion King and appeared in the preview for the next episode, where it seems she will encounter the other three in New York.  In the preview, Chung Jae Hyuk tells Choi Anna that they should rekindle their relationship, to which she coldly responds by saying, Wipe your mouth.  In another scene she sees Chang Young Gul loitering in front of the studio naked and says, I know youre not gay but why are you standing out here like this? and showed off her coolness.

Viewers went to the online board and commented, I am waiting for Yuris appearance, when is she coming out?, My eyes are about to pop out waiting for Yuri.  Seeing the preview I assume she will appear tomorrow, and I have to wait until tomorrow to see Yuri?  i hope she comes out a lot tomorrow!

Preview for upcoming drama "Fashion King" revealed

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SBS upcoming Monday-Tuesday drama "Fashion King" has just unveiled a preview, featuring the lead cast actors Yoo Ah In, Shin Se Kyung, Jang Mi Hee and Girls' Generation's Yuri.

"Fashion King" tells the story of young aspiring designers in Dongdaemun Market as they dream of success, and the relationships, love, and challenges they face along the way.

Kang Young Gul (Yoo Ah In) has never had any goals or dreams for a bright future until he meets Lee Ga Young (Shin Se Kyung). Together they work towards their dreams.

The drama will premiere on March 19, 2012 at 9:55PM KST.

Preview for SBS’s ‘Fashion King’ revealed

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Preview for SBS’s ‘Fashion King’ revealed

Girls Generation member Yuri along with actor Yoo Ah In and actress Shin Se Kyung will be starring in SBS‘s upcoming drama series, Fashion King.

On March 5th, an official preview for the drama was revealed on SBS. The preview reveals their recently filmed scenes in New York City and Las Vegas. New York City hosted its annual Fashion Week during their stay, which collaborated perfectly with the stars’ arrival. Because of this, elements from the week-long fashion event can also be found in the scenes.

The first episode of ‘Fashion King’ will broadcast on March 19th at 9:55PM on SBS.

Check out the preview below!

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Fashion Clothier at the back of mask on “King of Mask Singer” Finds His mind About His Work

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Fashion Designer At the back of Masks on “King of Mask Singer” shows His Thoughts About His Work Hwang Jae Keun, the designer behind the ingenious masks at the masked making a song festival “King of Mask Singer,” these days printed his thoughts about his new line of work.

“I made up our minds to make masks because i presumed that garments were now not the sole solution,” he said. “After I introduced my brand, my attire failed to sell in addition I concept they would. Afterwards I stopped taking a look at clothing alone. I thought that there were such so much of things I may just design as well.”

king of mask singer hwang jae keun Source: Hwang Jae Keun Facebook

king of mask singer hwang kae keun Source: Hwang Jae Keun Facebook

The fashion designer gave the impression on the 2011 OnStyle display “Project Runway Korea Season 3.” “I began as a way designer yet after most effective making clothes for some time I made a decision to create a utterly unique signature that no other designer might copy,” he said. “Taking on masks used to be a surprising extension of my field.”

About “King of Mask Singer,” he said, “It’s a program that receives numerous love. i am hoping with the aim to change into a distinct mask designer. Design is anything I do because I in reality love it.”

Hwang Jae Keun has also seemed on more than a few MBC form methods reminiscent of “I are living Alone,” “Radio Star,” and “Quiz to switch the World.”

IU has reportedly paid a visit to Yoo In Na on the film set of the show called “Fashion King”

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IU Visits Bestie Yoo In Na on the Set Of Fashion King to Show Support IU and Yoo In Na are like sisters, supporting each other on and off camera.

On June 26, fashion designer Go Tae Yong posted a picture on his Instagram with the caption, “Chef Lee Won Il’s Dear Bread along with IU and In Na. What are the four of us doing? Please take care of my refrigerator? This week is the finale for the ‘Producer’ special and ‘Fashion King!’”

In the image, IU can be seen visiting Yoo In Na on the set of “Fashion King.” The two look like sisters, both radiantly beautiful and seemingly close.

Designer Go Tae Yong and Yoo In Na have been working together on “Fashion King,” a Korea—China reality program in which top notch designers team up with celebrities to present a special collaboration.

Meanwhile, IU and Yoo In Na have worked together on “Heroes” and “You’re the Best, Lee Soon Shin.” Since then, they have become one of the most well-known pairs of best friends in the entertainment field.

“Fashion King” Starring Joo Won and f(x)’s Sulli Selected for Okinawa International Movie Festival

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“Fashion King” Starring Joo Won and f(x)’s Sulli Selected for Okinawa International Movie Festival

Fashion King is the only film from Korea that was invited to the Okinawa International Movie Festival this year.

The film is based on the webtoon of the same name by cartoonist Keean84. Its story centers on Woo Ki Myung (played by Joo Won), a young man who has no plans or dreams until he takes up fashion design in order to impress his crush, Park Hye Jin (Park Se Young). However, hes so caught up on transforming into a Fashion King that he fails to notice that Kwak Eun Jin (f(x)s Sulli) has fallen for him and is similarly trying to take on a new look to get his attention. The film also stars actors Ahn Jae Hyun and Kim Sung Oh.

The Okinawa International Movie Festival has been held every year since 2009 with the theme of LaughPeace. This year, the festival is focusing on comedies and has invited films from over 16 countries in addition to Japan and Korea, including Russia, Cambodia, and Malaysia.

The film premiered in Korea last November. Following the festival, Fashion King will be released in Japan in theaters in early April.

T-ara to perform for Malaysian royalty + "Fashion King" models!

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T-ara to perform for Malaysian royalty +

Looks like SISTAR won"t be the only K-Pop group performing for royalty! It has been reported that T-ara will also be performing in Malaysia for the sultan"s coronation ceremony, which will take place from March 26 to March 29.

On March 26, T-ara was chosen to perform in honor of the newly enthroned Sultan Ibrahim Sultan Iskandar. T-ara will be taking the stage on the last day of celebrations alongside world stars like Black Eyed Pea"s Taboo. They are expected to deliver an amazing performance for the finale with 10 of their hit songs.

One representative explained, "T-ara"s songs are receiving a lot of love locally and because of extremely high demand, they will be performing something like a mini-concert during the sultan"s coronation ceremony."

Sounds like T-ara is finding a lot of success and popularity in Malaysia! The girls will be departing for the country on March 28 to perform for the sultan and their Malaysian fans.

In other news, T-ara has also just concluded filming for the opening stage of SBS funE"s "Fashion King" season 3. A broadcast representative told "Sports Today," "T-ara filmed for a special episode of "Fashion King." We wrapped up filming on the 25th. The models put on the show in tune with T-ara"s song."

Seo In Young Coming Back To Host Fashion Survival Show “Fashion King – The Secret Box”

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Seo In Young Coming Back To Host Fashion Survival Show “Fashion King – The Secret Box”

After a long hiatus, musician Seo In Young is ready to come back!

On March 9th, talent management company Playton announced, “We have signed a contract with the former-Jewelry member Seo In Young.” They further announced that she will be resuming her activities as an MC for SBS‘s fashion survival show “Fashion King – The Secret Box.”

Seo In Young will be co-MCing the upcoming competition show with Super Junior-M‘s Zhoumi. Singer and entertainer Kim Jong Kook, actress Yoo In NaCNBLUE‘s Lee Jung Shin, and stylist Jung Yoon Gi will also be on the show.

Seo In Young debuted as a member of Jewelry in 2002. She released her first solo album in 2007.

Seo In Young’s upcoming program “Fashion King – The Secret Box” will air on SBS in late April.