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20 Weibo Accounts K-Drama Fans Should Follow

20 Weibo Accounts K-Drama Fans Should Follow

(Photo : Lee Joong Gi Weibo)

K-Drama stars have expanded their use of social media beyond Twitter and Instagram, with Weibo serving as a resource to reach Chinese speaking fans. . ... Read more

Henry"s fans prove generous in rice donation


The international relief non-profit organization, World Vision, revealed that fans from all over the world of Super Junior-M”s Henry recently donated 1.3 tons of rice!

Regardless of whether they”re from Korea, China, Japan, Taiwan, Indonesia, or the United Arab Emirates, these fans, who are from sixteen different countries and active on his fan page, came together for a charitable deed in the name of their love, Henry! They took part in World Vision”s “Love”s Lunchbox,” which delivers lunch boxes to young children who miss meals and for elders who live alone. . ... Read more

CL gets ready to make K-Pop fans proud + addresses 2NE1"s possible disbandment in "Complex" magazine

CL gets ready to make K-Pop fans proud + addresses 2NE1

CL has proven her blonde bombshell status once again, curling up her hair for a natural, wavy look in a pictorial and interview with “Complex” magazine. Effortlessly sexy with a revealing bando and going for a fearless denim-on-denim look that not many can pull off, CL is ready to take over the States with her fierce swag. . ... Read more

Amber Gifts Fans a “Beautiful” Debut

Amber Gifts Fans a “Beautiful” Debut

Amber Gifts Fans a “Beautiful” Debut Written by Camiele On February 18, 2015

Continuing the solo releases this year, SM decided to give their resident wild child, f(x)’s Amber, a chance to stretch her songwriting skills with debut mini Beautiful. The album is definitely a wish come true for f(x) fans, many hoping and praying SM’s sudden surge in generosity for group members would extend toward one of K-pop’s favorite little sisters. . ... Read more

Boyfriend surprise fans by confirming Argentina stop for "2015 Boyfriend Latin America Tour"

Boyfriend surprise fans by confirming Argentina stop for

On February 17, six-member idol group Boyfriend confirmed that they will be making a surprise visit to Argentina for their Latin America tour, “2015 Boyfriend Latin America Tour“. . ... Read more

4minute say female fans seem to be enjoying "Crazy" promotions more than male fans in backstage footage

4minute say female fans seem to be enjoying

4minute have been driving their fans “Crazy” with their latest comeback and now they”re here to take you backstage during their first week of promotions! Despite the fierce image they put on stage for their new title track, the girls show that they”re still cute and goofy as always once they step off the stage.. ... Read more

4minute drive fans "Crazy" with sexy "CeCi" pictorial

4minute drive fans

After making a charismatic return with their sixth mini-album “Crazy,” the ladies of 4minute turned up their sexiness to the extreme in a recent pictorial with “CeCi.”

. ... Read more

Fans celebrate the birthday of TVXQ"s Changmin

Fans celebrate the birthday of TVXQ

Happy birthday to TVXQ”s Changmin!
Born on February 18, 1988, he has now turned 27 years old internationally. Fans took to celebrating on Twitter with hashtag “#28thShimlyShimDay,” posting a ton of pictures as well as memorable quotes from Changmin himself!
Make sure you also wish him happy birthday and celebrate on Twitter. Happy birthday to one of the most well-known and experienced idols in K-Pop! . ... Read more

Fans and BTS celebrate j-hope"s birthday!

Fans and BTS celebrate j-hope

Happy birthday to BTS”s j-hope, who was born on February 18, 1994!

BTS celebrated by spamming fans with a ton of messages and adorable pictures of the group as well as each member for j-hope!  Their messages relayed congratulations and support, as well as a ton of cuteness, showing how affectionate the boys are of one another. . ... Read more

SISTAR"s Dasom and Bora wish fans a happy Lunar New Year


SISTAR”s Dasom and Bora wished fans a happy Lunar New Year in traditional hanbok costumes!

Dasom posted the adorable photo with Bora above on SISTAR”s official Twitter on February 17 with the message, “Everyone, Happy New Year. Eat a lot of delicious food with your family, and please be careful coming back from your hometowns! Have a happy Lunar New Year!”

The two SISTAR members are usually wearing flashy outfits onstage, but they look adorable and lovely in traditional clothing as well. Fans commented, “They look so good in hanboks,” “How can Dasom”s skin be so white,” “Bora”s hands are so cute,” and more.. ... Read more