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Tablo shares his hope to comfort those affected by the Sewol tragedy through music

Tablo greeted fans as a DJ through his return to his radio show after five years away and shared his hope that the music he shares may comfort those affected by the Sewol tragedy.

On the premiere of MBC FM4U"s "Tablo"s Dreaming Radio" on April 21, Tablo shared, "The only thing I can do is share music that comforts hearts... I want to spend tonight with those who feel hurt, confused, frustrated, and sorry. During a time when nothing can recover what was lost, I hope that your hearts may be able to rest here."

"As an adult in a world where it"s hard to protect our children, my heart feels heavy... There are times when music warmly comforts me more than words... I try to listen to music when I can"t find anything to find comfort or safety in."

Young Men In Their Twenties Needing Older Women

(Photo : JTBC)

And that is how the boys became men. The men with baby faces in their 20s are meeting women that are way older and living the strongest romance of their lives. The boys who met their older female counterparts are expressing their love in a naïve way at times and in a passionate way in some other ways and are shaking the hearts of the female viewers who are watching this along with their romantic mates.

The most noteworthy of the "Younger Man" is JTBC Monday/Tuesday drama "Secret Love Affair" Yoo Ah In. In this drama, Yoo Ah In is playing the role of the genius pianist Lee Sun Jae and building a passionate romance with actress Kim Hee Ae who is nineteen years his senior. In the drama, they are in an extramarital affair and they have an age different that may make them seem not compatible but with their surprising acting skills, they are overcoming all differences and showing a great chemistry

AlphaBAT’s I:ota Wants to be Invisible but Doesn’t Reveal Why on ‘Chatter Box’

After a great MEET&GREET session with Mwave, AlphaBAT hopped on over to Chatter Box to continue the fun.

On April 22, Mwave released AlphaBAT’s Chatter Box asking each member short questions and receiving short answers.

Going down the line in alphabetical order, the members answered their share of questions concerning their ideal types, habits and messages to their fans.

When I:ota was asked what super power he would like, he replied, “Become an invisible man.” All the members began to laugh as a michievous look crept across I:ota′s face. When asked why he wants to be invisible, he got red in the face, giggling, “Pass” as an answer.

Check out all the questions below!

Photo Credit: Mwave

“The Fatal Encounter” Actress Jung Eun Chae Models Colorful Summer Fashion for Nylon Magazine

Fashion magazine Nylon has released pictures from a photo shoot featuring actress Jung Eun Chae. The photos were released ahead of the release of the actress’ latest movie, “The Fatal Encounter”, set to be released at the end of this month.

Jung Eun Chae took time out of her busy schedule to pose for the unconventional shoot, with one photo featuring the actress posing in a yellow dress with a slightly risqué, plunging neckline.

Movie fans may remember Jung Eun Chae from films such as “Psychic”, “Play” and “Horror Stories”. In 2012, she played the title role in “Nobody’s Daughter Haewon”, which also starred the French singer and actress Jane Birkin.

“The Fatal Encounter”, which also stars Hyun Bin, is set to open to Korean audiences on April 30

Phantom to delay their comeback

Phantom has become the next group of artists to delay their comeback in light of the recent tragedy that has struck South Korea.

Phantom"s agency reps announced through the group"s official fan cafe on April 22, "Phantom"s full-length album "Phantom Power" set for release on April 24 will be delayed... South Korea is in a deep state of sorrow right now. The Phantom members thought that releasing their album at this time of mourning is inappropriate, and after a meeting with all of those in our agency, we made the decision to delay the album release."

The reps added, "As this is their first full-length album since their debut, they have been preparing a lot for it daily and focused only on their comeback. However, we decided to temporarily push back the comeback due to this incident and decided to take time to mourn

Lee Byung Hun heads to the U.S. to begin filming for his next Hollywood movie ‘Terminator 5′

Lee Byung Hun has begun filming for his next Hollywood film "Terminator 5"!

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His agency BH Entertainment rep stated, "[Lee Byung Hun] recently left for the States and joined the production crew, and started his first filming."

"His character and specific details are kept under wraps. Due to the Hollywood system, it would be difficult to reveal it beforehand. As much as fans are looking forward to it, he will show a good image." Although the specifics won"t be revealed until later, it has been rumored that he has an important role.

"Terminator 5" is directed by Alan Taylor and will also feature appearances by the terminator himself, Arnold Schwarzenegger

MC Sniper to release a new album

MC Sniper, one of Korea’s most respected rappers, has revealed that a new album is in the making!

On January 27th, the rapper shared a photo of himself with the famous pianist, Yiruma, and wrote, “Many artists have helped me on this 6th album. Today, I came over to work with Yiruma. We worked on the title track, and the quality seems to have raised by another notch. I’m excited to see how the orchestral music will come out, kekeke. This is exciting!”

This 6th album will be his first album since 2009 when he released his 5th album, ‘Museum’.

Fans are already hyped up about this exciting news as they commented, “Wowowowow. I’m excited too!”, “When is it coming out?”, “I’m really anticipating the new album

Sun Mi Mini Album Vol. 1 – Full Moon

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Sunmi received much love from fans with her barefoot performance promoting '24 Hours' last year.

She returned to the KPop scene transforming herself into a vampire with 'Full Moon'. This is the first collaboration between Brave Brothers and JYP and it has been proven to be a success with the love Sunmi received from fans while promoting this song.

Some photos of the album as shown below:

You can purchase this album here

Choo Sung Hoon and Choo Sarang show how ramen eating should be done in their adorable CF + making film

Fans just can"t get enough of the "choovely" combination of Choo Sung Hoon and Choo Sarang and they showed their "eating broadcast" once again in their ramen CF and making film!

The "Superman Is Back" father-daughter team showed viewers how to properly enjoy a bowl of ramen with their CF that will have everyone drooling. Choo Sung Hoon teased his daughter"s hearty appetite at first but had to give into her demands as she spilled tears. Once the "choovely" Sarang got a taste, there was no stopping her as she continued to ask for more!

Check out the making film and CF through the clip above!

So Ji Sub wakes fans up with his ‘Binggrae’ coffee CF

So Ji Sub started off his morning right with delicious caramel coffee in his latest "Binggrae" CF!

While waking us up with the thought of coffee, So Ji Sub also left his fans in a state of daydream with his sweet visuals and narration as he took a refreshing sip of the brand"s "Acafela".

If you"re in need of waking up, grab yourself a cup of coffee and take a look at the two versions of the CF through the clip above!