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LeeSsang’s Gil Releases Official Apology and Netizens Demand His Leave from ‘Infinity Challenge’

With LeeSssang’s Gil caught drinking and driving and having his license revoked, his agency released an official apology.

LeeSsang Company, Gil’s agency, released an official apology on April 23, writing, “Gil is currently repenting and reflecting on himself for drinking and driving, without making any excuses. We are truly sorry for causing public criticism due to inappropriate actions and disappointing the fans and everyone else who has been showing their support.”

It continued, “We will behave more carefully in the future so that something like this doesn’t happen again. We would like to sincerely apologize once more.”

However, the website for Infinity Challenge has been flooded with requests for Gil to leave the show

Leessang’s Gil issues apology for his drinking and driving incident

As reported earlier, Gil was caught drinking and driving by the police just recently and it was said his license has been revoked. Although there was no word from the artist nor his agency at the time, Gil has now issued an official statement to apologize to the public for his actions.

Through Leessang Company, Gil commented, "I have no excuse and I"m deeply reflecting... I sincerely apologize for causing trouble and disappointing fans and those who have given me love all this time because of my inappropriate actions. I will make sure that this does not happen again. I once again bow my head and sincerely apologize."

As Gil is currently best loved for his part in the show "Infinity Challenge", viewers have been wondering if this means the artist will be leaving the show

Gummy postpones her comeback next month and concert in June

As much as fans wanted to have Gummy come back after four years of hiatus, everyone is expecting that her comeback in May is going to be delayed in respect to the Sewol tragedy.

On April 23, her agency C-JeS Entertainment stated, "Gummy pushes back her comeback with new mini album from 1st week of May to June." The agency added, "Everyone is mourning so it's not right to release the album."

In addition to that, her concert in June is going to be rescheduled as well. "We are in the progress of working on her shows in June but the original date would be postponed."

Ryoo Si-won, “Those poor kids”

Actor Ryoo Si-won expressed his condolences for the victims of the Sewol ferry disaster.

He wrote on his Facebook, "There are so many things to do for these children. It breaks my heart and we at Motor Sports mourn for them" and posted a black and white picture of them having a moment of silence at the circuit.

He was also seen wearing a black ribbon on his car and left chest on the 20th at the Super Race Championships.

Ryoo Si-won met with 8,000 or so fans at Osaka in Japan and looked back on the last y10 years of his career. He recently divorced his wife.

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Secret’s Sunhwa graces ‘SURE’ magazine

Secret's Han Sunhwa graces the May issue of SURE Magazine.

She sports a stylish and vibrant look for the popular magazine showing her slim figure. She receives much love recently with her character in God's Gift - 14 Days, fans will definitely get to see more of her acting skills from the drama.

Check out more photos from her latest photoshoot below:

Phantom to delay the release of their new album

Hiphop Group Phantom joins the line-up of celebrities to delay their comeback in mourning for the ferry accident.

On April 22nd, the agency announced through the group's official fancafe,"Phantom's new studio album "Phantom Power" which was originally scheduled to release on April 24th has been delayed","The whole Korea is currently in deep grief. The Phantom members thought that they shouldn't release their album while everyone is in the mourning for the accident. After a meeting with people in the company, we came up with this decision".

They continued,"This is their first regular album since debut so the members have been preparing for it a lot and have concentrated only on their comeback situation. But this time we decided to delay it for a while and take some times to mourn. Though there might be many fans who are feeling sad but we'd like everyone to pray with all our hearts together"

Gummy to postpone her comeback and concert

It may not be a surprise anymore to fans given the current situation in South Korea, but Gummy has also announced that she will also be delaying her comeback, which was initially set for early May.

Her agency C-JeS Entertainment rep told OSEN on the 23rd, "After holding a meeting recently, we decided to postpone her comeback... We are adjusting the exact schedule and we also plan to push back her concert."

Gummy previously stated that she planned to make her comeback in four years next month "as May is considered the happiest and brightest [time of the year]" but given the somber mood and situation, she will be postponing her return in respect for the incident and those in mourning.

More of Hong Ga Hye’s past lies and photos posing alongside B1A4 as a fake reporter come to light

Ever since shocking the nation with her lies on a news report pretending to be a volunteer diver at the scene of the ferry sinking, Hong Ga Hye has become the subject of severe backlash, especially as her past lies have also been coming to light.

As mentioned before, Hong Ga Hye had pretended to be Hwayoung"s cousin to spread lies about T-ara and also created false rumors about herself and athletes being in relationships or her becoming impregnated by them.

Since then it has also been revealed that she had also been on TV before, giving an interview as being a resident of Japan during the 2011 Tohoku earthquake. In addition, photos of her posing alongside B1A4 have started to circulate through a post online with the description, "Hong Ga Hye pretended to be a reporter and took photos with B1A4 at their third solo concert "THE CLASS" held at SK Olympic Handball Gymnasium in Bangidong, Seoul last February

Choi Daniel and Lee Da Hee make the cutest couple in BTS photos from ‘Big Man’

Choi Daniel and Lee Da Hee paired up as a loving couple on the set of their upcoming KBS 2TV Mon-Tues drama "Big Man"!

Fans could tell that the two became close as friends through their natural skinship with each other with Lee Da Hee doing most of the initiating by hugging Choi Daniel"s arm and giving him an air kiss while the actor gives a big happy grin.

Lee Da Hee shared, "Choi Daniel and I think a lot about the production and share our opinions with each other. As Daniel tries to get along comfortably like friends with me and calls me, "Da Hee ya", we became close. As we get more scenes together, I think we will be able to work together comfortably."

The two"s feelings will be tested in the drama however as Kang Ji Hwan emerges to create a love triangle

Production Company of “Three Days” Donates 30 Million Won to Sewol Ferry Rescue Operations

The producers of SBS’ Wednesday-Thursday drama “Three Days” have joined the other media figures in helping the victims of the heartbreaking Sewol ferry tragedy.

The drama’s production company Golden Thumb Pictures donated 30 million won (~ 30,000 USD) through the Salvation Army of Korea on April 21. A representative of the Salvation Army shared, “Yesterday, they revealed their will to donate. They requested the funds to be used for the rescue operations of the Sewol ferry.”

After hearing the news of actors Song Seung Hun and On Joo Wan delivering their donation through the Salvation Army, the production company contacted the organization to sort out the details. The representative added, “Looking at the Sewol tragedy, I am sure everyone is waiting for the rescue [of the missing people]