Fans Worry About Choas Absence From AOA Activities

Fans Worry About Choas Absence From AOA Activities

Fans have voiced their worries about AOAs Choa after being unable to see her for approximately two months at official events.

Previously, AOA members performed at the 25th Yeoncheon Festival in Gyeonggi Province. Only five members performed as Seolhyun and Choa were not present. While Seolhyuns absence was due to filming a commercial in Paris, no explanation for Choas absence was given. Fans were even more concerned when they noticed that Yunas voice had been recorded for Choas singing parts.

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Adding on to this, AOA members recent social media posts have caused fans to worry further.

On May 4, Yuna posted a screenshot of IUs song Ending Scene including the lyrics I pray from the bottom of my heart. You deserve to be happier.

Mina posted photos that include the words Lets endure. Lets endure it all and Lets disappear into a forest no one knows the name of. Even if there is no name. A place where I can be myself. Following these posts her account has since been made private.

Fans also noticed that Choas profile page on Naver has her Instagram account link removed unlike the other members. The singer has not posted any new posts on her Instagram account since January 20.

Choa last appeared on TV through JTBCs Sing For You on the shows final episode on April 1. While it aired on that date, the episode had been pre-recorded in March. Previously, she attended Moon Hee Juns wedding in February and performed at AOAs concert on March 11.