Fans think this is BLACKPINK Jennies prettiest feature

Fans think this is BLACKPINK Jennies prettiest feature

Even though Blackpink is a group full of visuals, fans always find that one feature that stands out the most, which for Jennie, are her eyes.

Everyone already knows that Jennie, along with all the other Blackpink members, is incredibly beautiful. Although, everyone has that one feature about them that stands out the most and that fans love.

It could range from the way they smile to the size of their tiny pinkies. For Jennie, fans noticed that her eyes are the prettiest feature on her.

Take a look at these gorgeous eyes that fans are talking about:

From any angle, you can see her gorgeous lashes that compliment her eyesFans say that they love the shape of her eyes, its one of their favorite natural eye shapes!Jennie doesnt seem to have any bad angle, she looks good no matter what!From close up, you can easily see the beautifully defined shape of her eyes that fans go crazy for.Even if shes not even trying, with her eyes she can easily show off her cuteness anywhere.Jennie has also perfected her smiling eyes, causing the hearts of fans everywhere to melt.