Fans Speculate What Girls' Generation's New Concept Will Be

Fans Speculate What Girls' Generation's New Concept Will Be

Fans have been going insane over the individual teasers that Girls’ Generation has been releasing in celebration of their 10th-anniversary comeback set for August5th!

While the girls have always released fun, sunshine, summery concepts within the season, the girls seem to be offering a lot of hints towards the beautiful sea. With individual teasers being released and photos of the sea posted on some of the members’ personal Instagram accounts, fans are anticipating a mermaid concept!

Fans spotted the evidence in numerous ways. Hyoyeon uploaded a few photos with the members posting nothing but fishy emojis. Taeyeon changed her bio description to fishes and even uploaded a photo of her hair making a funny fish shape.

Seohyun even mentioned being a mermaid in one of her photos! It is safe to say that the 8 lovely girls of Girls’ Generation will become goddesses of the sea in no time! Are you excited for their deep blue concept? Stay tuned for the release of their first MV from their ‘Holiday Night’ album.