Fans Share A Photo Of A Ghost Stalking An Idol?

Fans Share A Photo Of A Ghost Stalking An Idol?

It isn’t Halloween yet, but that doesn’t mean ghosts aren’t running about! Fans were recently scared when they thought they captured a ghost on camera stalking an idol!

After finishing their daily schedules, girl group Girls’ Day were on their way to their next activities and can be seen in their company van. However, fans noticed something disturbing about the photo… an eerie face next to Girl’s Day’s leader Sojin!

When fans made the photo negative, they could suddenly see a face screaming next to Sojin’s! Talk about disturbing! Fans continued to edit the photo by adding on different lighting and filters to see if they could witness more of this terrifying ghoul!

However, after playing around with the lighting, fans discovered it was simply Girl’s Day’s maknaeHyeri yelling out of the car window at fans! Way to give us a heart attack, Hyeri! Fans left various comments about how funny the photos are. What do you think about Hyeri the ghost – did she scare you, too?