Fans notice some ‘Produce 101’ trainees aren’t getting mics

Fans notice some ‘Produce 101’ trainees aren’t getting mics

Fans are noticing that some ‘Produce 101’ trainees aren’t even getting mics to begin with.

It started with fans being upset about the lack of screen time their trainees received while others took up the entire time – and then fans noticed that some trainees weren’t given mics to start with, meaning the staff had probably meant to cut them out even before the recording started.

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Trainees fans noticed didn’t have mics: HIM’s Park Sung Woo, Yuehua’s Justin, The Vibe Label’s Kim Tae Dong, Brand New Music’s Kim Dong Hyun, Pledis’s Choi Min Gi and Hwang Min Hyun, Cube’s Yu Seon Ho, Star Road’s Takada Kenta, and Media Line’s Lee Woo Jin. 

Fans are trending #안준영_마이크_해명해 (#AhnJoonYoung_Explain_Mics) to the ‘Produce 101’ PD and demanding an explanation.

What do you think of the controversy?

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