Fans Lovingly Celebrate 24Ks 5th Anniversary Since Debut

Fans Lovingly Celebrate 24Ks 5th Anniversary Since Debut

September 7, 2012 marks the very first time 24K stood on stage as a group and performed their debut title track, Hurry Up.

In 2017, the group has officially passed the five-year mark as a group, and to celebrate their debut anniversary, fans from around the world showed an outpouring of love.

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happy #5YearsWith24K #24K5thAnniversay ?

claire (@cypher24k) September 5, 2017

I cant thank u enough for all u guys do for us, I love you lots ❤️ lets celebrate many more years together ? #5yearswith24k

mimi ? (@24kisoongi) September 5, 2017

I will never stop believing in you and your talent, you make my life better and wonderful, thank you for all, I love you ? #5YearsWith24K

sven (@XIUENLE) September 5, 2017

a tiny thread to thank 24K because twitter limits my posibilities + im scared#5YearsWith24K

#5YEARSWITH24K (@hvngsvbbiiing) September 6, 2017

5 years of change, departures, and growth but endless love, 24k will always continue to shine brightly with 24u beside them #5YearsWith24K ?

梁辉 Archives! (@huiarchives) September 5, 2017

you guys are the best and im so proud of what youve done so far. yall are so important to me, i love you❤️#5YearsWith24K

친슨 (@jinhvng) September 5, 2017

through ups and downs, 24U will always be by your side ?#5YearsWith24k

Nadrah (@lovechangsun) September 7, 2017

words cannot describe how much 24k mean to me and how proud i am, im glad im a 24u and i cant wait for the years to come #5YearsWith24K

ricky #5YearsWith24K (@ultchoi) September 6, 2017

Member Kisu posted a short and sweet message on Twitter that displayed their debut anniversary, and also wrote on Instagram, Today, which is meaningful!

기수(KISU) (@24K_7S) September 7, 2017

A post shared by 최기수 (@24k_7s) on Sep 6, 2017 at 3:46am PDT

Member Cory also retweeted a picture of cakes that their fans had sent in to celebrate this special day.

#투포케이(#24K)의 5주년을 축하해주신 모든 #투포유(#24U) 여러분 감사합니다❣

투포케이 팬클럽 담당자 (@24K_staff) September 7, 2017

Meanwhile, 24K will be heading to Mexico as the next stop in their world tour after a successful round of fan meetings in Europe. They will be performing at Blackberry Auditorium on September 28, at 8 p.m. local time.