Fans in North Korea are risking their lives to tweet about EXO?

Fans in North Korea are risking their lives to tweet about EXO?

There are fans in North Korea who are risking their lives for EXO.

Twitter Korea recently shared an interesting video showing how more than 11 million tweets have been posted about EXO immediately after the start of the group’s official Twitter account.

The red light signifies the areas where tweets have been made about the boy group. As you can see, the light shines brightly in South Korea and also in many other regions around the world including North America, South America, Europe, Southeast Asia, and East Asia.

#엑소 @weareoneEXO 계정 오픈과 함께 전세계에서 1,100만 건의 #EXO 관련 트윗이 반짝였습니다. #TheWarEXO #KoKoBop @Trendsmap

— 트위터 대한민국 (@TwitterKorea) July 10, 2017

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Out of all of the lights, the light beams in the areas of North Korea caught the attention of many. The red light is seen glowing in Pyongyang,the capital of North Korea, as well as several other cities of the country.

Former North Korean deputy ambassador Thae Young Hoexplained that it has now become common for North Koreans to enjoy the South Korean media. However, listening to South Korean music and watching South Korean dramas were strictly prohibited by a law created in 2015. A person can be sentenced 10 years of hard labor for coming in contact with the restricted content.

Netizens expressed amazement at the dedication of EXO fans in North Korea. A comment stated, “It’s amazing enough that they’re on social media in North Korea but it’s more surprising how there are fans of EXO.”

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