Fans Find Sudden Interest In This Artist's Photos Before Surgery

Fans Find Sudden Interest In This Artist's Photos Before Surgery

After appearing on August 1st’s episode of ‘Video Star,’ transgender entertainer Harisu has been receiving a lot of attention. After being deemed a Park Bom, a former member of 2NE1, look-a-like, fans suddenly took interest in her past photos.

Many were surprised to see how handsome Harisu looked as a male. Harisu’s birth name is Lee Kyung Eun. Harisu is considered one of the first successful transgender surgeries in Korea as she underwent the procedure in the early 90s. She is the second person to had legally change their gender in Korea.

Harisu said she identified with being a girl at an early age in childhood. She gained attention in 2001 after appearing on a cosmetic brand commercial. She is now an actress and has released some albums in the past as well.

While there aren’t many photos circulating online of Harisu before her surgery, fans complimented her transition saying she has “feminine” atmosphere about her. Harisu recently discussed undergoing another surgery but ultimately did not.

“Honestly, I was offered to do an embryotransfer by the doctor who was in charge of my sex reassignment surgery. I thought about undergoing the surgery but I had to be hospitalized for a year. I wanted to try but in reality, it was difficult.” Harisu is still quite the courageous woman. What do you think of her pre-surgery photos?