Fans Feel This Rookie Idol Is Challenging HyunA?

Fans Feel This Rookie Idol Is Challenging HyunA?

Although Pink Lady had debuted back in March of this year with “KKPP,” fans are claiming she is out to take over HyunA’s rap queen throne with her latest track “Miso.”

The song features similar styles and concepts from HyunA, from the way she raps and the trap-inspired music to even the twerking choreography and HyunA’s signature makeup style (her colored lips). Pink Lady emulates the same whiney, high-pitched distinct vocals of HyunA that make her stand out among the rest of the idol rappers and fans were not impressed by her copycat method.

Many fans said the song was an obvious knock off of HyunA’s “How’s This?” However, despite the negative comments from netizens, Pink Lady is receiving a good amount of attention that is making her first year to debut moderately successful. Her first MV already garnered 1 Million views and “Miso” is slowly making its way up there. But just how long will this unoriginal style last for Pink Lady?

What do you think of Pink Lady’s newest track “Miso”? Perhaps HyunA does have some competition after all or maybe Pink Lady’s mimicry is just flattery that won’t get her far. Share your thoughts in the comments down below!