Fans Are Losing Their Minds Over TWICE's New Hairstyles

Fans Are Losing Their Minds Over TWICE's New Hairstyles

During a recent airing of ‘Tok! Tok! Boni Hani’ on EBS 1TV, TWICE had appeared to greet their fans! While their lovely words caught the attention of many, it seems their new hairstyles captured everyone’s eyes.

Fans had noticed a majority of the members had undergone a unique style change and immediately took screenshots and pointed them out via SNS.

Dahyun sported jet black hair and member Sana has cut her hair into a nice, shoulder length style. Members Chaeyoung and Jungyoung both dyed their hair and added some length to their style as their hair grew out much more than before.

Momo surprised us by changing her usual long hairstyle into a shorter, shoulder length one as well. Nayeon dyed her hair and made it a nice caramel brown, which creates some uniformity among the many members with brown hair. Check out their greeting video below and see the new hairstyles the girls are effortlessly sporting!

Fans are speculating this new change in style signifies a comeback! What do you think of their speculations? Stay tuned for more official updates!