Fans Are Angry With Nam Tae Hyun Because Of This Comment

Fans Are Angry With Nam Tae Hyun Because Of This Comment

Nam Tae Hyun, a former member of WINNER, is recently under fire by netizens for his comment about WINNER’s latest song “Really Really.”

On July 31st, Nam Tae Hyun hosted another episode of ‘Casper Radio‘ show as the DJ and also decided to go live and interact with fans onNaver ‘V Live.’ While talking with fans and offering to take song suggestions one listened requested WINNER’s ”Really Really.” What happened next angered Inner Circles, WINNER’s fandom.

“A WINNER song. So yeah, WINNER.. my former group. I heard they’re about to release a new song. The WINNER members are hard workers so I know their new song will be great,” said Name Tae Hyun.As the song was playing, he continued to make comments throughoutthe track saying, Minohyung, are you doing well?”and ”Seung Hoonhyung’s rap improved a lot.”Nam Tae Hyun also sang along with a big grin on his face. At the end, he stated,“WINNER is a group that I look forward to.”Seems pretty nice, right?

However, despite his seemingly non-negative commentary, fans still feel hurt and betrayed by Nam Tae Hyun and left a load of hate comments on the broadcast. Tae Hyun ah, who are you to judge the talent of WINNER members? And you’re asking a lot of attention for WINNER? Who are you to promote the group..”, “I couldn’t sleep last night after watching the V app because I was so mad. The moment he mentioned WINNER, he talked in a mocking tone and the staff members were all laughing. It was nuts”, “Stop talking about WINNER”, “He’s really crazy and I was about to go crazy out of anger. Who is he to sing WINNER’s song and judge the members?”

What do you think of the situation? Are fans over reacting or is Nam Tae Hyun at fault here? Let us know in the comments down below!