Fans Angered At Sasaeng Fans For Surrounding & Stalking This Boy Group Recently

Fans Angered At Sasaeng Fans For Surrounding & Stalking This Boy Group Recently

Fans expressed their concern and couldn’t believe the poor security and maintenancefrom YMC Entertainment involving Wanna One during their recording atKBSfor the variety show ‘Happy Together 3.’ The sasaeng fans have gone completely out of control – especially in the way they are stalking the group.

Wanna One have a schedule that they released for their public activities but this event was private. Somehow, sesaeng fans were able to discover their schedule and find the exact date, place and time and crowded the studio waiting for them to appear. The photos shown above and below are taken from the horrible fans overwhelming the boys as they entered the private space.

The girls wouldn’t allow the boys to walk by or enter the studio without being filmed or taking photos first. One fan even reportedly hurt memberLee Dae Hwiby accidentally pushing him with her camera. However, this incident wasn’t the first time. Several weeks ago,Park Ji Hoon,Ong Sung Woo, and other members of Wanna One were captured almost being crushed by a crowd of fans outsideYMC Entertainmentbuilding. Fans can’t believe how poor the entertainment companies’ security measurements are.

Fans expressed their disbelief stating, “Sasaeng fans are so annoying. I’m going to go beat them up if they hurt my babies”, “Look at Dae Hwi’s face TT poor Dae Hwi”, “They are crazy!”, “What kind of agency is that? They need better security!” Many fans can’t stop expressing just how angered they are by these terrible fans. Are you feeling the same way or do you think you’d want to record the boys too?