Fan-wanted ‘Produce 101’ trainee group ‘JBJ’ to debut in September

Fan-wanted ‘Produce 101’ trainee group ‘JBJ’ to debut in September

‘JBJ’ will be debuting in September!

JBJ is a fan-wanted group from ‘Produce 101’, all made of trainees who ranked from 20-30. The group is made of Kim Yong Guk(rank 21), Kwon Hyun Bin(rank 22), Takada Kenta(rank 24), HOTSHOT’s Kid Monster aka Noh Tae Hyun(rank 25), Topp Dogg’s A-Tomaka Kim Sang Kyun(rank 26),Kim Dong Han(rank 29),andKim Tae Dong(rank 30). It’s a group that many fans have been wanting, even making various photoshopped album covers and group photos.

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Many had kept hope that JBJ might actually happen, because all of the members talked about it often. The seven hung out together often and even got together for a selca at the end of ‘Produce 101’s finale concert.

It looks like fans’ wishes are finally coming true! According to insiders, the representatives of the trainees’ companies have recently met up to have the boys debut in September. The only member currently not confirmed is YGK Plus’sKwon Hyun Bin. Even CJ EM, the company who owns Mnet, will be helping the boys once they debut. The boys will be debuting in September after the Wanna Oneboys are done promoting, as they don’t want to bring any kind of friction.

HOTSHOT’s label Star Crew ENT,Kim Yong Guk’s label Choon Entertainment, Kim Tae Dong’s The Vibe Label, and Kim Dong Han’s OUI Entertainmenthave all confirmed that JBJ will be happening and have stated they will be fully supporting the group.

Are you looking forward to JBJ?

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