Ryu Jun Yeol Stocks What’s Replaced Since Gaining Fame

Ryu Jun Yeol Stocks What’s Replaced Since Gaining Fame

Ryu Jun Yeol Stocks Whats Replaced Since Gaining Popularity choralee July 25, 2016 0 Ryu Jun Yeol Shares Whats Changed Since Gaining Fame With “Lucky Romance” finished, actor Ryu Jun Yeol sat down to discuss about how fame changed his career.

The actor is lately filming for the film “The King,” starring Jo In Sung and Jung Woo Sung. Ryu Jun Yeol shared his mind on how the term “trendy star” is being used to describe him. “Rather than agreeing with it, I’d say that I realize what’s changed since,” the actor explained. “Nowadays fellow colleagues will lend a hand me and give me advice. I suspect oneunderstand that the most. The variation is most definitelythat folk did now not know who I used to be before, whilst they know who Ryu Jun Yeol the actor is now.”

Ryu Jun Yeol also published that he chose “Lucky Romance” to turn that he may just likewise do romantic comedies. When asked about his characters Je Su Ho and Jung Hwan, he responded, “Both of them are captivating characters. Yet I don’t think they justhave compatibilitythe similarroughly “good having a look male” image. Jung Hwan is just like a commonplaceprimecollege student, while Je Su Ho is a persona that overcomes a trauma and attains love, which is why I chose that role.”

The actor mentioned his time table and stated that repeatedly he wondered if his schedule was once eventide possible. But he said that as he looked around him, other actors were doing the same, and said that it turned intoin all probability because they all were in love with their work.

Ryu Jun Yeol also spread out roughly the hardships he had in his journey. “There were times when I couldn’t even lift my head as the seniors acted because I was so embarrassed, or I'd cry because I was upset. It took me a year from practicing acting on my own to seeing it resolve on set. It was the toughest thing to endure. After all information technology was the combatopposed to myself that made it so hard.”

Ryu Jun Yeol is currently shooting for the movie “The King” which is determined to air December 2016.

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Kim Shin Young Addresses Having Lost Fame In Comedy After Wasting Weight

Kim Shin Young Addresses Having Lost Fame In Comedy After Wasting Weight

Kim Shin Young Addresses Having Lost Repute In Comedy After Wasting WeightJiwonYu July 16, 2016 0 Kim Shin Young Addresses Having Lost Popularity In Comedy After Losing Weight Comedienne Kim Shin Young mentioned how losing weight has affected her life.

On the new episode of Ask Us Anything else on July 16, Kim Shin Young got here every bit a guest and confessed that she has lost that symbol she had as a comedian ever since losing weight.

When asked how she feels about it, she said, I receivedfitness instead.

She explained, I will have lost my personaviahealthy eating planyet ane do now notremorseful about losing weight. I used to beplagued byquite so much ofailments back then so I went to the doctors. The physicianacknowledged to consider how I can exist after 10 years. He even said that I would most likely not be in this international in 10 years and it totallysurprised me. Even supposingI'm able to turn back time, I'd lose weight again.

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Watch: Topp Dogg Cracks Every Other Up With Lyrics Lip Reading Game On Topp Dogg: All-Kill

Watch: Topp Dogg Cracks Every Other Up With Lyrics Lip Reading Game On Topp Dogg: All-Kill

Watch: Topp Dogg Cracks Each and every Other Up With Lyrics Lip Reading Game On “Topp Dogg: All-Kill”ilmare42 July 18, 2016 0 Watch: Topp Dogg Cracks Every one Other Up With Lyrics Lip Reading Game On “Topp Dogg: All-Kill” On July 18’s episode of “Topp Dogg: All-Kill,” the participants of Topp Dogg cant forestallguffawing equally they put their lip reading abilities to the test!

Topp Dogg is divided into the “Old” and “Young” groups this time around to take on a fan-submitted “Whisper Challenge.” The guys are partnered up, with one taking note of loud tunethru headphones as the opposite reads out short words from song lyrics.

The one with the headphones has to lip read to wager the lyrics, which is waymore straightforwardacknowledged than done. For example, Hansol gets frustrated when it’s his turn to read the lyrics, yet later he’s so bad at the receiving finish that Xero seems like he’s about to hit him. The tables turn back when B-Joo practically goes nuts looking to get Xero to guess Wonderful Baby, but best gets answers like Watashi and Bangtan Sonyeondan BTS.

Check out the entire hilarity in the full episode under with English subtitles!

What’s been your favourite game played on “Topp Dogg: All-Kill” so far?

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Min Hyo Rin Wittily Reacts To Lyrics About “Taeyang” In A Song

Min Hyo Rin Wittily Reacts To Lyrics About “Taeyang” In A Song

Min Hyo Rin Wittily Reacts To Lyrics About Taeyang In A Songleonid July 16, 2016 0 Min Hyo Rin Wittily Reacts To Lyrics About Taeyang In A Song Actress Min Hyo Rin reacts to lyrics about Taeyang in a song played all over Sisters Slam Dunk.

On the July 15 episode of the KBS2 show, the forged sets out for a go back and forth to Namyangju.

As she drives, comic Kim Sook puts on the song Tactics to Steer transparent of the Sun through Rain. The levelcall of Min Hyo Rins boyfriend, Taeyang of BIGBANG, method sun in Korean.

As soon as the song plays, Min Hyo Rin breaks out into a dance, following the songs choreography.

She takes the teasing smartly and wittily comments, No wonder its actually hot. The sun has been following me, making the alternativegirls burst into laughter.

During the trip, Kim Sook entertains the participants by gamblingmore than a few songs similar to Wonder Girls member Sunmis 24 Hours (Korean title: 24 Hours isn't Enough), for ladies Generations Tiffany who is not ableto check in for the days filming because of her busy schedule overseas.

Catch the episode below!

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Eric Nam’s New Tune To Feature Loco And Lyrics By ability of Tablo

Eric Nam’s New Tune To Feature Loco And Lyrics By ability of Tablo

Eric Nams New Tune To Feature Loco And Lyrics By way of Tabloehk38 July 12, 2016 0 Eric Nams New Track To Feature Loco And Lyrics By Tablo New main points for Eric Nams upcoming track had been revealed.

Entitled Cant Lend a hand Myself, the virtualunmarried volition feature AOMG rapper Loco in addition lyrics by Epik Highs Tablo.

Known to proportion a close brotherly bond, Eric Nam and Tablo were reportedly throwing around concepts for Erics comeback when Eric asked Tablo to pen the lyrics for his song. Tablo thankfully obliged, and Cant Assistance Myself used to be born.

Cant Support Myself tells the tale of a guy who cant involve his love and confesses to his lover. The song will first be printed on M!Countdown on July 14 and may officially drop on July 15 at nighttime KST by way of online music sites.

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Big Hit Apologizes for Controversy Over Claims Of Misogynistic BTS Lyrics

Big Hit Apologizes for Controversy Over Claims Of Misogynistic BTS Lyrics

Big Hit Apologizes for Controversy Over Misogynistic BTS Lyrics(Photo : Giant arrive at Entertainment ) Huge Hit Entertainment has made a long apology after a contemporary controversy stirred up by capability oflovers who claim that many songs by BTS involve misogynistic lyrics.

Some fans trust that one of the most lyrics from "Miss Right," "War of Hormone," "Converse High," and Rap Monster's "Joke" are offensive to women.

In the apology, Big Hit stated, "We sincerely make an apology to somebody who was once made uncomfortable because of BTS song lyrics or social media posts and shouldkeep in mind this when growing content in the future."

AdvertisementThe firmadditional explained that they now appreciate that there has been an issue with their lyrics and that as a corporation that has the facilityto steer society, they're going to reflect on their movements every bit they continue one day as musicians.

The lyrics that incited the debate were spread over more than a few songs. A line from "War of Hormone" that says, "a lady is the maximum productive present," becamebelowhearth for objectification.

A line from "Converse High," which reads, "I like you. Yetdo not ever wear Communicate lows," was also criticized as being objectifying for seeking tokeep an eye on what the woman wears.

A tweet from member Suga was also debatable for being violent. The tweet read, "I'm observing all of you. Whenever youglance away, I'm going to take a photo/hit you ^^ with the corner ^^ at themost sensible of your head." The tweet was singled out for being violent because in Korean, the notice for "taking a photo" and "to hit/strike" have the similar word.

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Big Hit Entertainment Apologizes For Rap Monsters “Misogynistic” Lyrics

Big Hit Entertainment Apologizes For Rap Monsters “Misogynistic” Lyrics

Share on FacebookShare on TwitterAfter months of looking forward to a reaction from the agency, fanaticsafter all acceptthe solutionthey wantupon getting suspicious over alleged misogynistic lyrics was oncediscovered in BTS tracks.

On July 6th, Big Hit Entertainment answered and apologized for the lyric controversy. In a statement, they said, We say sorry to the entire fans who can have felt uncomfortable with the BTS lyrics and SNS content. 

Since the finish of final year, many of BTS lyrics have long gonebelow scrutiny on online communities as fans pointed out how misogynistic one of the vital lines sounded in addition just about of the teams SNS posts. For example, Rap Monsters lyrics for his mixtape for the song Shaggy dog story reads: Yes, youre the maximum productive woman, being bossy (갑질) / so you do f***ing well, being bossy (갑질) / so excellent luck, being bossy (갑질) / now that I take into accounts it, you were never the boss / As a substitute of calling you boss, Sick call you gonorrhea (임질). Additionally, in the groups music Hormone War has a line that reads: A girl is the simplest gift (여자는 최고의 선물이야).

These forms of lyrics had fans not easya solution from the agency, prompting them to begin a hashtag #WeWantBTSFeedback, or #BTS피드백을원합니다.

Posting an apology to fans by the use of the groups fan cafe, Large attain Entertainment wrote a explanation subsequently examining the lyrics under the spotlight.

We appreciate the misogyny lyrics controversy referring to BTS lyrics close to the end of 2015, and feature reviewed the lyrics again. Irrespective of the creators intention, we found that the lyrics might bedeceptive and derogatory against women, hence causing some folks discomfort. We also are confirming that some of BTS SNS content is most likely to bethought to be offensive toward women.

The firm continues to make an apology for now not expressing their roleat thesubjectin an instant every bit they sought after to relay accurate knowledgeearlier thancreating a statement, thus relaying their apologies for making fans fear over the matter.

Through self-review and discussion, music and other creativity activities are a a section of our privateenlargementenjoy which may also besuffering from things we cant be freed fromcorresponding to societal prejudice and mistakes as observed and learned in society. Additionally, we have got learned that a womans role and price in society can also be wrongly explained through a men point of view.

BTS is acutely mindful of their position as an idol team who are element of the preferred cultural trends and whose movements causea largehave an effect on on individuals and society. As the content manufacturer for BTS, Huge Hit Entertainment could also bein massive partaccountable for not being more cautious, and we would actually like to apologize for causing folks worry. Please continue to stay an eye on BTS growth, and once you continue to show our shortcomings, we can take the recommendation of fans and the network and continue to paintings hard.

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Fans Request Observation From BTS About Misogynistic Lyrics, BigHit Responds

Fans Request Observation From BTS About Misogynistic Lyrics, BigHit Responds

Fans Request Commentary From BTS About Misogynistic Lyrics, BigHit Respondsjun2yng July 6, 2016 0 Fans Request Statement From BTS About Misogynistic Lyrics, BigHit Responds For slightly over a month now, Korean fans of BTS were in a debate relating to some lyrics and a tweet from BTS.

Some fans have been hounding BTS, frequentlyasking for that the gang respond about a misogynistic tweet and lyrics, with the Korean hashtag #BTS피드백을원합니다, which says #WeWantFeedbackFromBTS. Other fans are pronouncing that the lyrics and tweet aren’t problematic at all.

The first complaint used to be made on Might 22 this year via @bts_female_fan1, a self-proclaimed BTS fan of 4 years who brought up the instances below: “I need BTS’s commentsin regards to the misogynistic tweet. #WeWantBTSFeedback”

여성혐오적 트윗에 대한 방탄소년단의 피드백을 바랍니다. #BTS피드백을원합니다 @BTS_twt @bts_bighit @BigHitEnt https://t.co/sCQHVCI7yC

방탄소년단 여성혐오트윗 공론화 (@bts_female_fan1) May just 22, 2016

In a long tweet following the only above, she says many are protecting BTS, announcing that it’s no longera large deal, and that she’s being too sensitive, and indeed, many have spoke back to @bts_female_fan1’s tweets, saying that she’s taking a look into it too much.

She is going on to supply an explanation for how the nuances and expressions of sexual hierarchy, violence, and objectification are problematic, irrespective of the intentions of the writers, especially taking into consideration that many fans of BTS are young and impressionable, in their youngsters and twenties.

Here is the tweet from Suga — from Can also 16, 2013 — and the lyrics that were brought into question:The Tweet, belowfireplace for its aggression:Suga says, “I’m staring at you lot all. If I catch you looking out elsewhere, I’ll shoot you with my camera. ^^ With the corner. ^^ At the crown of your head ^^” (Note: The tweet uses a play on the Korean notice jjikda, a verb which is able to mean “take a picture” in addition “hit some extent amongst an object; stick; hack (with an axe).”)

내님들 내가 다 지켜보고 이씀 한눈 팔다 걸리면 이 카메라로 찍어버림 ^^ 모서리로^^ 정수리를 ^^ pic.twitter.com/kMGjQ5sKKU

Lyrics from the song “Joke” by Rap Monster, under fire for the implied sexual prejudice from the use of gonorrhea:“Yea, you’re the maximum productive woman, being bossy. You do so f**king well, being bossy. Yet like a shot that I take into accounts it, you were never the boss. As a substitute of boss I’ll say gonorrhea.” (Note: This could also be wordplay, as “being bossy” and “gonorrhea” is simplestother by one syllable.)

Lyrics from “Converse High, under fire for objectification:“I like you. But don’t ever wear Speak lows.”

Lyrics from “War of Hormones, under fire for objectification:“A lady is the most effective present.”

After persisted requests from BTS fans, the BigHit has responded.

On July 6, BigHit Entertainment posted on their reputable fan cafe:

“We knownthe debate about misogynistic lyrics in BTS’s songs at the finish of 2015. After reviewing the lyrics, we discovered that some of them may smartly be perceived as misogynistic, in spite of the intentions of the creator, and can make some other people uncomfortable.

“We also showed that some tweets posted by BTS sooner than their debut may be offensive to women.

“The firm equally well as all of BTS feel very apologetic in opposition toall of the fans who have could have felt uncomfortable from any lyrics or social network posts, and we will be ready to take the criticisms and the issues in questions under consideration for long run works.

“Through self review and discussion, we’ve learned that we can’t be freed from societal prejudices and mistakes, as they're aa section ofeach and every individual’s expansion and experiences, things which areobserved and learned in society.

“We’ve also learned that defining a woman’s function or worth in society from a man’s point of view would be wrong.

“We feel heavily chargeable forno longer being more careful with the production of BTS contents, and causing every personsuch a lot worry. Please continue to glance at BTS grow, and if you maybe can continue to show our shortcomings, we're going to continue to paintings hard, at all timestaking note of the words of our fans and society.

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EXO Participants  Fame  Rating  By method of  Mag Sales!

EXO Participants Fame Rating By method of Mag Sales!

EXO ParticipantsReputeScoreBy the use ofMag Sales! Jun 28, 2016 08:33

1. Baekhyun 193,460 copies2. Sehun 189,960 copies3. Xiumin 128,770 copies4. Chen 95,930 copies5. Chanyeol 91,650 copies6. DO 91,110 copies7. Suho 74,920 copies8. Kai 65,750 copies9. Lay 51,290 copies

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"Stuff like this just breaks fans' hearts"

"Something about this rings a bell in my memory of Radio Star... ㅎㅎ"

"Sorry guys, I am too deficientto shop for all 9"

"I hate comparing popularities like this..."

"I purchased Sehun's because he'staking a lookwonderful in it, yet my bias is any other member..!" Similar VideosEXO Facebook Twitter Google