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Yoon Eun Hye accuses fashion designer Yoon Choon Ho of the use of her for fame

News via allkpop.com
Yoon Eun Hye accuses fashion designer Yoon Choon Ho of the use of her for fame

Yoon Eun Hye"s label released an professional remark on her plagiarism accusations through the designer Yoon Choon Ho.

First, I"d love to express regret for being concerned the various fanatics in Korea and China. Here is my stance on accusations that the outfit in the 4th episode of "The Goddess" Fashion" is very identical to designer Yoon Choon Ho"s outfit.

"The Goddess" Fashion" is a fact program where the "goddess" and the designer becomes a team. A general of five groups make about 20 outfits that have compatibility the challenge every week and get judged on by buyers. we want to make about 20 patterns, done outfits, and accessories, inside of a week.

Every week, I move via a procedure for inspiration to arrange the collection. we've got to slot the topic, and we must interact with one film consistent with episode. The thought that for the 4th episode was once "the wonderful nature," and our team"s sub-topic became "snow" and "lion".

The motion picture we chose was "The Chronicles of Narnia". To specific the white snow and lion in the movie, I used all white for the outfit colour and took motivation from the lion"s mane for the frills.

To fill the missing portions in a quick time, we"re at all times investigating and reading to recuperate each episode. We"ve been learning from a long time ago till now to gain the fundamental data of design and feature been studying design and making ready clothes.

This is why we researched brands that experience used lace and frills, which has been enjoyed since 2000. We researched frills that were loved for 10 years by referencing the well-loved frill style"s representative brands of Viktor & Rolf, Isabel Marant, the 2014 S/S Lanvin, and Dries van Noten.

Finally, I were given an idea from the 2008 Viktor & Rolf"s trend from 10 years ago and the 2014 S/S Lanvin sequence that may just explicit the lion. taking a look at a feather ornament from the arm of an outfit, we made the coat"s hands into a excellent looking frill. We did no longer plagiarize designer Yoon Choon Ho"s outfit and we do no longer need any explanation why to.

the form and location of the frills at the arms are by combining the preferred trend. since the position of the frills on the arms and the white color are similar from designer Yoon Choon Ho"s outfit, we think it should have looked even more similar.

Even more flustering from our point of view is why he never contacted the label and not contacted the stylist. He expressed his critiques in a one-sided way on SNS and we"re unhappy about his words that read, "A few days ago, the actress and her stylist borrowed this from me with my support. Now they"re pronouncing they either made it. I got goosebumps."

We"ve backed other garments by designer Yoon Choon Ho before, yet because it"s still summer, we've not won the 2015 F/W clothes. It isn"t true that the stylist picked that outfit up, and we didn't use it upon getting sponsored. Because this is recorded in the emblem sponsoring, you'll ascertain this fact.

Lastly, I"m disappointed that he brought up a plagiarism controversy through SNS without very well confirming information. we are hoping that you don't use Yoon Eun Hye"s call to advertise your brand from now on prior to the unlock of your collection.

Her reaction has in huge part met with disdain by netizens, who are not sure if Yoon Eun Hye has a big enough name for use as a press play. 

What do you bring to mind the situation?

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Lee Kwang Soo's immense fame in China placed him in danger?

News via allkpop.com
Lee Kwang Soo's immense fame in China placed him in danger?

Lee Kwang Soo, aka "Asia"s Prince", has taken Shanghai via typhoon with his ever-soaring popularity! 

This beyond August 27, Lee Kwang Soo attended "Korea Business Promotion Corporation (KOTRA)"s "2015 Korea Brand & Hallyu Products Expo" as the honorary ambassador.

The actor used to be in the beginning meant to wait the expo for 2 consecutive days on August 27 and 28. However, correct earlier than the outlet of the event, Chinese government stated, "Given Lee Kwang Soo"s immense popularity, there's a possibility of an accident," cutting Lee Kwang Soo"s customary two-day appearance down to one. It doesn"t finish there. For the greater protection of "Asia"s Prince", steps were taken to put him as a long way clear of the venue of the development as possible. 

Despite the headaches surrounding his safety, Lee Kwang Soo used to be ever the gentleman all over his fan meet, gifting each unmarried fan with his signature and a warm hug. 

According to an insider from the event, Lee Kwang Soo "touched the hearts of fanatics and each person at the web page with his delicate and affectionate manners. he's a top-notch Hallyu star, who isn't just popular yet also humble," sparing no compliments. 

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EXO"s Suho to enroll in the fame panel on "Mask King"!

News via allkpop.com

There are some new contributors sign up foring the panel of the preferred making a song display "Mask King", and one of them is EXO"s Suho!

Suho is understood for his brains, yet will he be ready to admire the artists that sing in the display? apparently he can, as he turned into once stated to have optimistically stated all over the recording consultation, "i can to locate out all the idols." We"re certain he can, especially as he saw just about all idols all over his time as a track display MC!

Kim Gu Ra appeared to place his accept as true with in Suho"s words as he stated, "From now on I"ll pay attention to what EXO (Suho) says."

Joining Suho in the fame panel is composer Kim Hyun Chul and voice actress SEO Yu Ri.

You"ll be ready to look those new additions to the panel beginning with the July 26 episode!

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Nine Muses" Kyung Li and Minha disagree in terms of their fame with men

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Nine Muses

it will actually come as no marvel if such fashion-like and gorgeous women like Kyung Li and Minha of Nine Muses were given asked out frequently by way of men.  neatly, the 2 appeared to disagree in this all the way thru their appearance on KBS coolFM"s "Park Myung Soo"s Radio show" on July 23.

Park Myung Soo asked them if they had ever been asked out, and Kyung Li replied, "Minha and i've; there are a large number of those that ask us [for our numbers].  Because we"re in the similar firm as ZE:A, I heard there were a large number of those that ask thru them.  It"s like, " somebody stated you"re slightly all correct."   on the other hand, we cut them off at oppas."

on the other hand, Minha appeared to be somewhat of a other opinion as she replied, "in truth, because we"re tall, they"re frightened of us and feature a troublesome time [methoding us].  For the promotions this time, we wear footwear, yet in most cases, we wear heels, so are practically over 180 cm (~ five"11").  It"s like we shape a woodland.  i believe it"s difficult for men to method us. even if they greet us, they don"t do so in a friendly way."

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CEO gains fame as an amateur chef

News via hancinema.net
CEO gains fame as an amateur chef

Restaurateur Baek Jong-won, who has risen to popularity with his quick and easy cooking recipes, says he likes his new nickname Baekjubu, which translates to "Homemaker Baek" in Korean. Baek shares his secrets for making simple food at home on various TV shows, including "My Little Television" and "Mr. Baek, The Homemade Food Master", and appeared as a judge for the cooking competition "Hansik Daecheob", which roughly translates to "The Grand Battle of Korean Food".One may wonder if he"s qualified to appear on TV and share his opinions on how to cook since he started as a business man. He is the owner of The Born Korea, which operates nearly 30 restaurant franchises that serve dishes like grilled meat and spicy noodle soup.His franchises are casual spots where one can go dine even at late night. He publicly admits that he is no professional but just someone who loves to cook and wants to inspire others to start cooking as well.

A screenshot of cable channel tvN"s "Mr. Baek, the Homemade Food Master". [JoongAng Ilbo]

Many have started to imitate the recipes Baek has shared on TV and to compete with one another and brag about how many they have tried. While he has many fans, Baek has faced some criticism as well. Some food critics have said his dishes are not tasty, and many netizens have said he uses too much sugar and salt. Baek said during a recent interview for his program, "Mr. Baek, the Homemade Food Master", that he accepts criticism of any kind. He added that critics are doing what they are supposed to do and he respects their comments. Q. What did you think about the food critic Hwang Gyo-ik"s comment that you are a businessman and your food isn"t tasty?A. He did what he had to do as a critic and I don"t complain about that. Critics cannot choose to be nice. I have respected him for a long time. I have read his books and remember many of his writings. What about people who say your food has only two flavors, sweet and salty?I think there can be such criticism, but in my opinion, I think sweet, salty and spicy are the most important factors in food and the essence is how well you season. Why do you think you appeal to the public?I try to be sincere. In fact, I was raised in a wealthier family. But I learned something when I went out of business during the Asian financial crisis. I was really shocked then. I threw away everything [and started over].Before, when I was running a business, I was superficial when catering to customers, and I was basically acting for people around me. But after what happened then, I tried more to be myself - even when it might look a bit rude or unrefined.When I start to think that I have nothing to hide, then I can be really sincere in relationships and my cooking. Do people recognize you on the street?There were not that many people who recognized me about a year ago, but now, everyone knows me. One thing that is uncomfortable is that I now don"t have the joy of eating out. [When I go to restaurants,] the owners stare as if they are trying to figure out why I"m there. And I feel pressured to make a face showing the food is tasty. Have you struggled with your newfound popularity?In fact, I feel a bit confused these days. Whenever I hear that my TV appearances help promote my franchises, I do think about quitting. And it hurts that my being on TV shows has an impact on my franchise restaurants.But I still do TV shows because I want to develop the restaurant scene further. I don"t think I"m so passionate about continuing to appear on TV programs. I want the new Baek Jong-wons to come out.I want more people like me, who don"t really have a professional cooking background but are able to teach easy cooking skills to the public. When that happens, I"ll stop making TV appearances. Do you like being called Baekjubu?When I was young, I liked to be called the president. Then when I started running a company, I got used to being called CEO. Everyone called me CEO Baek.Now I"m called Baekjubu, and I actually like that the best, as it is very comfortable and nice to hear. BY PARK HYUN-TAEK [[email protected]]

KwangHee to express his fame is now more than Im Si Wan's

News via mwave.interest.me
KwangHee to express his fame is now more than Im Si Wan's

-- ZE:A′s Kwang Hee spoke confidently of his popularity.

Kwang Hee will appear on jTBC′s Non-Summit to have a debate on the topic ′Best Country to Live in′ with the new panelists.

During a recent recording for Non-Summit, Kwang Hee asked the G12 members about their level of awareness of the ZE:A members.

When the G12 members said they didn′t know the ZE:A members, Kwang Hee praised himself, saying "I′ve surpassed Im Si Wan."

Meanwhile, the G12 members addressed a teenager′s submission stating that Korea is a bad place to live, sharing the pros and cons of their own countries, respectively, stating "The gap between the rich and poor in America is really big," "Brazil is disorganized" and more.

After learning that Norway was number one on the index, the other members tossed many questions at the new Norway representative.

The Non-Summit episode on the ′Best Country to Live in′ will air on Monday, July 6 at 11 p.m. KST.

Yook Sungjae has been reportedly trying to reassure joy when she concerns about his increasing fame

News via soompi.com
Yook Sungjae  has been reportedly  trying to reassure joy when she concerns about his  increasing fame

Red Velvet’s Joy revealed that she was worried about Yook Sungjae’s soaring popularity.

On the episode of MBC’s “We Got Married” aired on June 27, Joy and Yook Sungjae meet for the first time.

While the two eat a shaved ice dessert together, Joy teases, “Can’t you honestly feel your popularity increasing these days? Didnt you post something on your Twitter about it already?”

In response, Yook Sungjae humbly replies, “I’m just so grateful. I don’t think of myself as a celebrity. I want to be more of a friend to you.”

Joy gives an honest reply to Yook Sungjae’s sincere response, saying, “I’m worried because you’re so popular.” He comforts her, saying, “Don’t worry. I’m blind to everything else. I won’t be looking elsewhere.” Joy pauses before she asks, “Where will you be looking at?”

Yook Sungjae stares into her eyes before answering, “Ill only keep my eye on where I’m looking at right now.”

Chef Tells About Journey to Fame

News via hancinema.net
Chef Tells About Journey to Fame

It has been 20 years since chef Choi Hyun-seok started cooking professionally. He has since become one of the best known celebrity chefs in Korea.Choi started working as a cook in an Italian restaurant in Hannam-dong, Seoul, in 1995, and created over 1,000 recipes since then. Now, he is the head chef of three branches of a restaurant which fuses Western and Korean cuisines and two branches of a trendy dining restaurant.Choi never liked following the crowd, and his personality guided him to become creative in his cooking. Under his magical hands, humble ingredients transform into a plate of food seen in a fine dining restaurant. He became famous for his flamboyant gestures during TV appearances, including dropping salt from above his head and wearing an apron in a stylish way."I remembered that the things I did to have a laugh with fellow chefs made them happy. But in reality, during the working hours in the kitchen, I"m a very strict chef. If something goes wrong in the kitchen, it could make customers ill", Choi said. The chef"s customer base has greatly diversified recently, with people from around the world coming to taste his food. When asked if he feels like celebrity chef, he said "I"m just very thankful. I try to think that they are coming to eat my food, not to see me".Choi grew up in a family of chefs. His father was a head chef at the Grand Hyatt Hotel in Seoul, and his mother was a chef in a Korean restaurant. His older brother is also a chef who runs his own Italian restaurant. But his biggest influence was his mother. "We weren"t that well off when I was young, but my mother made a lot of different dishes with just one ingredient. That helped me develop a keen nose and palate", he said.His biggest dream is to open a restaurant with his name on it in major cities across the world.

G-Dragon is said to have the ability to maintain his fame even after elistment

News via soompi.com
G-Dragon is said to have the ability to maintain his fame even after elistment

Anchor Sohn Suk Hee had G-Dragon on as a guest for the June 18 broadcast of JTBCs News Room.

Their conversation covered mainly G-Dragons recent ventures into the art space.

Despite it being his first time ever on a news program, G-Dragon, though a bit nervous, did a great job of holding his own, even when he was caught off guard by a question from Sohn Suk Hee about when he plans to enlist in the military. Ill go when the time is right, G-Dragon said cautiously, to which Sohn Suk Hee replied, I have one thing I request from you. Even after completing your military service, please dont lose your flair.

Scratching his head but smiling, G-Dragon replied, I wont lose it.

G-Dragon Differentiates BIGBANG from Other Groups Like EXO or SHINee

G-Dragon to Be Interviewed by Sohn Suk Hee on “JTBC News Room”

Soo Hyun (Claudia) Kim’s Bodyguard has opened up about how she gained fame after one night

News via soompi.com

Soo Hyun (Claudia) Kims Bodyguard Discusses Her Overnight Celebrity Actress Soo Hyun (Claudia) Kim’s bodyguard seems to have become almost as popular as the actress herself.

An interview with Soo Hyun’s bodyguard, Kang Ji Yeon, was broadcasted during the June 10 episode of SBS entertainment news show “One Night of TV Entertainment.” During the interview, she describes her unexpected rise to fame after netizens noticed her beauty in photos of her acting as Soo Hyun’s bodyguard at events for Avengers 2.

Kang Ji Yeon, who is actually the head of a translation and protection services company, expresses surprise and worry at the newfound attention, saying, “Overnight, a lot of people began to recognize me all of a sudden. My job is to make sure that events go smoothly, but because [camera] flashes are going off just about anywhere to the point where bottleneck situations occur, I couldnt even come outside for a while.

She also reveals, “I’ve exercised since I was young and hold black belts in kendo, martial arts, and hapkido. I also translate both Japanese and English.