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B.A.P unencumber Daehyun teaser for comeback

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B.A.P unencumber Daehyun teaser for comeback

B.A.P tease with Daehyun"s teaser for comeback, take a glance at the video below:

Daehyun teases 'Take You There' for B.A.P's 'MATRIX' comeback

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Daehyun teases 'Take You There' for B.A.P's 'MATRIX' comeback

Daehyun is next up with the teasing for B.A.P"s upcoming comeback!

We"ve if reality be told heard bits of "Take You There" from Youngjae, and we"re hearing more of it from Daehyun! Daehyun is the ultimate of the lineup of teasers, as we"ve heard "Young, Wild, & Free" from Bang Yong Guk, "Be Happy" from Jongup, "Blind" from Zelo, "Monologue" from Himchan, and as mentioned already, "Take You There" from Youngjae as well.

The boys can be having their comeback at the 15th - are you ready?

Take you there #BAP #BAP151115 #MATRIX #takeyouthere pic.twitter.com/zJMicztmek

— B.A.P대현 (@BAP_Daehyun) October 31, 2015

Daehyun finds his Matoki personality for B.A.P's comeback!

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Daehyun finds his Matoki personality for B.A.P's comeback!

B.A.P lovers had best Daehyun"s Matoki character to wait for, and here it is!

The workforce can be making their long-awaited go back on November 15, and Zelo, Youngjae, and Himchan as neatly as Bang Yong Guk and Jonguppreviously published their Matoki characters with the call of the game code letters, "R," "X," "T," "A," and"I." The ultimate letter that includes Dahyun"s Matoki is "M!"

Have you figured out the secret message yet?

B.A.P’s Daehyun has wowed people when covering hit song of BIGBANG called "Loser"

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B.A.Ps Daehyun Covers BIGBANGs Loser B.A.Ps lead vocalist Daehyun has released a short video of himself and his friend singing an acoustic cover of BIGBANGs Loser.

The black and white video was posted on B.A.Ps official Naver fan cafe late on May 7. Daehyun also posted a shorter video to his personal Instagram account.

In the video, the talented idol singer is joined by his friend (@A.FIN3) who accompanies him in vocals and acoustic guitar.

The duo puts a sweet, acoustic twist to BIGBANGs latest hit single.

Earlier, on May 2, Daehyun posted a touching message on his Twitter that said, To me, theres only 5 people. My lifes everything, in the past, now, and in the future, thats the only thing I need to think about, referring to his group members.

Currently, B.A.P is still undergoing legal disputes with their agency TS Entertainment.

Check out his cover of Loser below!

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B.A.P Daehyun covers Big Bang"s "Loser"

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B.A.P Daehyun covers Big Bang

B.A.P Daehyun does some arrangements and make a cover of Big Bang"s newest song "Loser".

His cover is overwhelming with acoustic rhythm from the guitar and RnB feel from his distinct vocal color that is very charming and soothing.

B.A.P"s Daehyun does a beautiful acoustic cover of Big Bang"s "Loser"

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Everyone is a fan of Big Bang"s new songs, both fans and idols alike! B.A.P"s Daehyun is the next idol to cover Big Bang"s "Loser", treating us to his lovely voice once again.

He shows off his amazing, smooth vocals and rap in his beautiful rendition of his version of "Loser" along with his friend @a.fin3, who also sings and plays the guitar.

The two look like they really enjoy the song and also burst out in laughter at the end, leaving our hearts warm and fuzzy to see Daehyun doing well.

B.A.P"s Daehyun hints at a comeback?

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It looks like B.A.P"s Daehyun might be working on a new project!

He left a very ambiguous yet exciting post on Twitter with the simple message, "soon," and a picture in a music studio. A page of lyrics can be seen on a stand while a recording program seems to be open on the computer, suggesing he"s recording a new song?

This then begs the question whether he will be doing something as a solo, collaboration, or group! Currently, B.A.P is in a dispute with their agency, TS Entertainment, so the curiosity is even more intense for fans, who just can"t wait to see their boys again.

Stay tuned for whatever Daehyun may have in store!

soon pic.twitter.com/6AueqJ6MPp

— B.A.P대현 (@BAP_Daehyun) February 2, 2015

B.A.P's Daehyun Updates Their Situation For The First Time After Entering Lawsuit Against TS Entertainment

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B.A.P's Daehyun Updates Their Situation For The First Time After Entering Lawsuit Against TS Entertainment

B.A.P’s Daehyun recently updated his social media account with a brief message for fans, making him the first member to use a social media platform to speak up for the very first time since news of the group’s lawsuit broke out at the end of last month.

On December 26, Daehyun wrote a short but meaningful message to fans of B.A.P through his personal Instagram account, which reads, “Each one of us six members miss all of you. Thank you.” It seems that Daehyun is standing in as the representative member to relay the entire group’s message to all of the fans, as he also included hashtags of his other five fellow group members’ Instagram IDs, “#bangstergram #strong_chan #yjayo #m_jup #byzelo.”

Attached with this post, Daehyun also uploaded a photo of himself alongside members Youngjae and Jongup, assuring fans that they are still doing well in the midst of the lawsuit against their agency, TS Entertainment.

Following Daehyun’s post, Youngjae and Jongup also retweeted the photo on their Twitter accounts, expressing, “We will keep our promise. Finish up the rest of the year well and I love you,” and “Thank you,” respectively.

B.A.P"s Daehyun and Jongup tweet for the first time since lawsuit

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The B.A.P members have used their SNS accounts for the first time since their lawsuit against TS Entertainment.

Daehyun posted a photo of himself, Youngjae, and Jongup to his Instagram and wrote, "All six of us miss you. Thank you. #bangstergram #strong_chan #yjayo #m_jup #byzelo." Jongup retweeted the link to the instagram post and added, "Thank you."

B.A.P filed for a nullification of contract in late November, stating that the contract was designed to only be beneficial to the agency and disadvantageous to the members. In addition to the length of the contract, the boys are said to have only received 18,000,000 KRW (~ 16,000 USD) per member for the 3 years that they"ve been active. As of December 23rd, TS Entertainment has yet to file a response against their petition.

우리여섯명모두 여러분이 보고싶습니다. 고마워요. #bangstergram #strong_chan #yjayo #m_jup #byzelo

DaeHyun(@dh_jung_bap)님이 게시한 사진님, 12월 12, 2014 at 2:46오전 PST

우리여섯명모두 여러분이 보고싶습니다. 고마워요. #bangstergram #strong_chan #yjayo #m_jup #byzelo http://t.co/rcTC8Fjb97

— B.A.P대현 (@BAP_Daehyun) December 26, 2014

"@BAP_Daehyun: 우리여섯명모두 여러분이 보고싶습니다. 고마워요. #bangstergram #strong_chan #yjayo #m_jup #byzelo http://t.co/HlaLoi6wPP"고마워요

— BAP_Jongup (@BAP_Jongup) December 26, 2014

Daehyun"s former vocal trainer shares his thoughts on B.A.P"s lawsuit

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Daehyun"s former vocal trainer HAK Ssem gave his two cents on B.A.P"s lawsuit against TS Entertainment.

He tweeted in support of B.A.P on the 27th, "I am tweeting in a really long time. Although this is coming from a third-party perspective, I think that what the 6 members probably need most right now is the fans" strength. They must have gone through a really tough time and I hope that you stick with them until the end. Gain strength!"

He later tweeted on the 29th, "All of this content is what I certainly heard from keeping in touch with the members and their parents. I was also patient up until now and because I couldn"t just sit back and watch, I am posting this. To the fans who care about BAP like me, please trust and support them until the end."

He then shared more details on the situation from his perspective through screenshots of texts which read:

"First off, Dispatch organized the situation the most realistically [among reports] and throughout their promotions, I didn"t say a word to not cause damage to the team, but now I have to speak up. [B.A.P] didn"t even request a financial statement last year, but only asked that the details of the financial statement be shown to them, but even then, it was not properly shown to them. They only handed out the sum table and told them to only read it at that place and time so how can the parents look at that and accept it? They saw that the financial statement came out in the red without any proper explanation, so of course from the parents" perspective, it is a situation which cannot be understood.

[B.A.P] received an official break for the first time this year. Before that, all they did was get 1 or 2 days about 2 times where they were let out of the agency by the head of department and manager. What is really a shame about that official break itself is that when it was about to all fall apart with a clash with the parents this year, the agency stopped taking proper care of [B.A.P] to the point that one can only think that [the agency] was trying to get them to slip up so that it would be advantageous to them if a lawsuit were to occur and waiting for them to get involved in a mishap that would be a violation of the kids" contract by canceling their schedules and quickly grabbing [schedules] again... The same people who kept a close eye on them even when they were going to the convenience store in front of the agency headquarters sure have gotten nicer [sarcasm].

Even if they contact [others] through KakaoTalk or FaceTime on their iPads, just in case they might get caught during an inspection [of their devices], they would always delete their entries. They are kids who"ve memorized their friends, teachers, and parents" numbers.

[The agency] didn"t allow them to meet up with their parents at first, but later when they were in a meeting with the CEO, the CEO cursed out and yelled. But isn"t it only natural that the parents, who trusted the CEO and put their kids under his care, would be worried if the CEO is acting like that to their kids who they can"t see often?

For 3 years, [the agency] took away their cellphones to sever ties with the outside world. Even when they came to their hometowns for a fan meeting, they weren"t allowed to see their parents for more than 10 minutes even when it was obvious that they didn"t have any other schedules. But still, they wouldn"t allow them to see their parents who came from far away. And without not even one official break, they lived under the manager"s control.

[The agency] pressured the kid, who went to a hospital to receive treatment due to physical and mental exhaustion, to carry out his schedule. [Daehyun] told me and his parents that the manager would coerce him, saying that if he runs away to his parents, they"ll file a damage suit. I read that the parents covered the hospital fees in an article. Not only did the parents cover the hospital fees, but since they don"t have an income, all of the expenses involving their personal things from their trainee period up until now were covered by the parents" [credit] cards. Even when the parents said let"s talk to the agency multiple times, the members said to trust [the agency] and that they only need to work hard in doing music and stopped their parents, never complaining once and and consistently carrying out their activities."

He also asked that his post may be spread by fans to bring awareness to this issue, tweeting, "I don"t care if this post that I wrote gets moved to somewhere else. I actually wish that this spreads so that many people may know. I am determined to fight for and alongside Daehan," "I can"t get in contact with the members currently, but I showed this to their parents first and posted it after receiving their permission," and "Also, I did not post this lightheartedly."

이 모든 내용은 멤버들과 부모님들과 연락하며 지내며 모두 확실히 들었던 내용들입니다 지금까지 저도 참아왔고 그냥 보고만 있을수는 없기에 글을 올립니다 BAP를 아끼시는 팬분들 저랑같이 끝까지 믿고 응원해주세요 pic.twitter.com/wKB1p1isjK

— HAK Ssem (@natarajahak) November 29, 2014