Japanese-Korean Drama

Japanese-Korean Drama "SECOND LOVE" Recap

By: Couch-kimchi

Japanese-Korean Drama SECOND LOVE Recap

This drama is like a guilty pleasure, albeit one I was reluctant to admit I was watching. But now that I know there are a LOT of you out there watching and waiting along with me for subs each week, it’s more fun. *heh*

We left off with Yui’s Mother confronting Kei at work, begging him to return her daughter to her. She tells him Yui is a considerate child and him ripping them apart was a bad thing to do, doesn’t he agree? Ermm…no. She scoffs, that was expected since he’s not really Japanese. Wut? He tells her he is Japanese but she claims since he lived in Germany for over 10 years, that means he’s now German. Wait…is she crazy?

She claims Yui was a “dokumo” in high-school and when Kei doesn’t know what that is, it’s further proof to her that he’s not Japanese. “Dokumo” is an amateur model. Kei’s surprised by this, he didn’t know. Mom also wants to know how he’s set, financially. It’s important if he plans to marry Yui. When Kei mentions he hadn’t thought of marriage yet, Mom really loses it, yelling that he’s irresponsible. Well, at least she asked about marriage.

Kei’s co-workers come out and Mom overhears them discussing the young woman who came to see Kei days ago and now it’s an older woman. She questions them about the younger girl, becoming convinced Kei is dating more than one woman at a time. Her neurotic itch starts as she yells at Kei to stop toying with her daughter if he doesn’t want marriage and she smacks him across the face with her purse.

That night at home, he exercises with Yui, trying to get her to stretch her back and laughs when she squeals that it hurts. He leans forward, kissing her but then places his hands behind his back and says he won’t use his hands today…when they do it. ROFLMAO, I can’t…it’s like “Look Ma, no hands!” Oh, but Yui can use her hands. She kisses him but he says he can’t take off his clothes this way so she removes his shirt for him.

Leaning over, with his hands still behind his back, he uses his teeth to pull down the strap on her top. What the hell am I watching and why do I suddenly feel like a perv? As he kisses her neck and uses his foot to remove his own pants, Yui thinks to herself that his movements were like he was dancing. I can’t stop laughing. Is he bored already?

The next day, Kei mopes as he remembers the German guy asking him to be an interpreter. At school, the little brats gossip, convinced Yui and married guy are having an affair. Quiet student, Sora, snaps at them to not arbitrarily decide something like that without proof. When the girls argue there is proof, she stomps towards them and demands to know if they saw them going into a hotel? Or did they actually see them doing it? Slamming her hands on the desk, she yells that Sensei isn’t that kind of person! OMO, she does have a crush on Yui, doesn’t she? Excellent guess by someone!

In the teacher’s lounge, the headmaster wants married guy and Yui to come into his office for a discussion. Married guy jumps up, saying they can talk here and asks if it’s about the rumored affair? The headmaster wants to know what basis the students have to claim such a thing? The headmistress claims the students know the two of them met at a restaurant and married guy drove Yui home. Whoa…if that’s all it takes, I must be having affairs with quite a few of my co-workers. *snort*

Married guy claims they met at the restaurant to discuss a difficult student: Sora. He kindly gave her a ride home and even met her Mother at the gate. It’s only natural that they meet to discuss students, that’s all there is to it and it’s nothing for them to be embarrassed about. The headmaster thinks they should educate the students while married guy apologizes to Yui for putting her in this position. Smooth liar.

At home, Yui wakes up early to cook a boxed lunch for Kei as well as doing the laundry. This makes her realize her Mother did everything for her – shopping, cooking, cleaning, ironing and even taking out the garbage. As they walk out to work, Kei finally tells Yui that her Mother visited him at work. She apologizes if her Mom said anything strange, he tells her no matter what her Mom says, it won’t affect them.

At married guys house, his wife notices again that he’s spacing out but he plays it off and rushes out to work. When he meets Yui in the hallway at school, the students suddenly start chanting “adultery” again. Quiet student Sora rushes up to Yui and asks her if it’s true? Yui says it’s not. She doesn’t understand why they’ve all misunderstood but the person she’s going out with is not married guy. She announces she’s currently living with a 27 year-old single man and reminds the girls that school is a place to study.

Kei has to start getting up early, telling Yui the interpreter job will only last 2 weeks. That night, for the first time, he turns away from her to sleep. Wow, it’s over already. (LMAO) As he heads out the next morning, it’s clear he’s a bundle of nerves. He’s introduced to the company as the interpreter but the guy also gives his stats – like that he won the Lausanne competition at 17, he used to be a solo artist with this company and that he danced the main lead in this work when it premiered.

Kei sits with the German guy on a dias and watches as the new lead who replaced him dances. He’s deeply moved as he realizes this guy is much better than he is and he tearfully admits it’s the end of his dream. Awww. That night, he asks Yui to come see the performance since he was once the lead. When she resists, he admits the other guy is a better dancer. She thinks it’s her fault that he’s suddenly satisfied with being an interpreter but he says she’s wrong. Telling her he loves her, he wants her to see the performance to get to know him better.

Yui’s Mother calls, faking a tummy ache but Yui catches on quickly. This seems to make Mom happy, it proves she and Yui’s hearts are connected since Yui could immediately tell she was lying. ROFL, Mom is a hoot. She expresses worry for Yui since that Kei guy said he didn’t want to get married. Yui accuses her of lying again and hangs up. Ruh, oh, she’s not lying about that bit.

Disaster strikes the dance company as the lead dancer refuses to perform because he hurt his arm. Kei changes the choreography and works through it with the guy so that he can safely perform without straining his arm. Yui arrives and finds her seat, the curtain goes up and the performance goes off without any further problems. Kei walks out to find it snowing and then sees Yui standing across the street, clapping for him. Awwww, cute!

At the practice studio the next day, one of the directors of the dance company arrives to thank Kei and also tells him his phone is going crazy with people requesting Kei’s services. Is it okay if he gives out Kei’s number? Hell, yes! WooHoo, a new career! He’s suddenly in demand, charged with creating choreography for commercials and other things.

Yui is asked by the headmistress to join her for tea and spills that she also has a younger boyfriend, only hers is 20 years younger. LMAO, they gossip and giggle about their young studs like schoolgirls, it’s hilarious. Married guy learns that his son passed his exam and heads home with steak to celebrate but finds the house strangely stripped empty as his wife tells him she wants to break up. She knows he holds no affection for her and hasn’t for a long time. He tries to stop her but she leaves.

Kei comes home with a bottle of Dom Pérignon to celebrate his first paycheck. He’s not only going to be busy doing choreography but he’s being asked to dance in a commercial. They drink the champagne in regular glasses. Yui’s Mom watches her regular game show, curled into blankets on the floor in the living room. Married guy goes into the bathroom and realizes his wife took all the photos of their children, which pisses him off.

Kei believe this good fortune is coming his way because of Yui, she truly became his goddess. Everything started from her. She hopes to stay his goddess forever. He wants to find a bigger apartment but she’s happy where they are since it’s close to the gym, her school and the public baths. Putting his arms around her, he starts to pull off her shirt when she asks if they’re doing it too much? He takes that to mean she doesn’t like it but that’s not what she means. He pulls her into a hug.

In voiceover, Yui says she didn’t know anything. It was only the two of them who were happy.


Korean Drama

Korean Drama "Misaeng" Episode 19 Recap

By: Dramabeans

The air is tense as Sales Team 3 convenes to hear the recording of Geu-rae’s call with Assistant Manager Seok, the One International representative in China. Chief Oh calls Assistant Manager Seok to ensure that everything is going fine and that the recording of the call is erased. He asks Chief Chun and Dong-shik to leave the room to give Geu-rae a proper scolding and explanation. What he did may have just put their team in more danger.

In the meeting room, Chief Oh says that Assistant Manager Seok isn’t in a position to formally take responsibility for his information. Now with Geu-rae voicing suspicions about their contract with Poshin, he may feel anxious and take unwanted action against them. There is also no evidence or grounding for Geu-rae’s assumptions on the executive director’s kickback. This issue will only get larger, and if it’s revealed that the executive director isn’t involved in shady business, Geu-rae and the team are in some deep shit.

Outside Dong-shik articulates his worries to Chief Chun, saying that Geu-rae’s actions may have caused Assistant Manager Seok to worry about his position in this supposed illicit deal. Chief Chun informs Dong-shik that Geu-rae figured out Chief Oh’s intentions behind his uncharacteristic undertaking of this project (since he overheard their conversation on the roof). Geu-rae suspected that Chief Oh’s blurred judgment was because of him, and he wanted to confirm his suspicions on this project. Only, he did so under the naïve assumption that this would help the team.

When Dong-shik and Chief Chun return, Chief Oh gets onto their next order of business to keep their undercover investigation of this deal in the dark. Chief Chun advises that they go through the motions of continuing this deal to show Assistant Manager Seok that everything is business as usual. In regards to the agency and the excessive commission percentage, Chief Oh decides to meet with the executive director. In the back, meek Geu-rae stands sheepishly with little to contribute.

Chief Oh argues that the executive director is going overboard with the guanxi here, but he replies that they need to go to this extent to beat the favors offered by their competitors. Chief Oh brings up the projected low profits, but the executive director vaguely replies that it’s a worthwhile business despite that. He continues by telling Chief Oh that he’s been at this company for 28 years, during which he made the necessary business connections and delivered timely results to help this company grow to what it is now. This is just another step in that process.

Chief Oh responds with laughter and gets up to give him his resolve. “I respect your role in helping this company grow, no matter what method you used. But for this deal, don’t use that method. We will do this our way, with our decision on guanxi in our contract.” Before he leaves, he asks the executive director to remove the agent in the deal, or else they won’t continue with the successive project that requires this contract to go through. He wants to get promoted, doesn’t he? Aw yeah, Chief Oh is back.

When Chief Oh returns, he orders the contract to be revised, but Dong-shik and Chief Chun worry. They step outside to ask if Chief Oh threatened the executive director, but Chief Oh ensures that things will go in their favor because the executive director undoubtedly wants his promotion.

Chief Chun is called in by the executive director, who asks him what he thinks about the attached agent in the deal. Would the contract without the agent be enough guanxi for Poshin to want to conduct successive business with them? After some hesitation, Chief Chun replies that he doesn’t know, but he trusts Chief Oh to lead this project. That’s not what the executive director wants to hear, so he resorts to more ammo and asks about Geu-rae.

Seok-yul angrily gets off the phone with a representative from Chunsol and wonders aloud how much his boss is getting out of this unreliable company. He reports to Assistant Manager Sung that the company changed their subsidiary materials again, but Assistant Manager Sung doesn’t seem to be bothered. He addresses a call from the company and tells them to continue with their plans.

Seok-yul follows Assistant Manager Sung into the stairwell to eavesdrop on his phone conversation. He seems to be appeasing someone about paying back a debt, and that’s enough to confirm his suspicions that Assistant Manager Sung is involved with Chunsol somehow.

Walking into the break room, he runs into Young-yi and asks if she’s talked to Geu-rae yet. They both haven’t been able to speak with him, and Young-yi presumes that the China project is taking up a lot of Sales Team 3’s time. It was originally the project that Manager Ma wanted to pursue because of its stakes, but the executive director handed it over to Chief Oh, who unexpectedly agreed to take the project. Baek-ki walks in on their conversation but doesn’t add much, knowing Chief Oh’s real intent, but Seok-yul expresses his disappointment in Chief Oh.

Just then, Geu-rae walks in fuming and demands that they not talk about Chief Oh this way — they don’t know everything behind this project. He holds in his anger and gives them one last warning before going to the stairwell to brood. Baek-ki explains that Chief Oh is probably taking on this project because Geu-rae’s employment is on the line. Coming to this realization, Seok-yul asks if there’s anything they can do to help like with Deputy Director Sun’s project, but Young-yi shakes her head. This is different.

Geu-rae runs into the executive director by the elevators, and he’s reminded to drop by to play a game of baduk. Chief Oh is informed to arrive at a dinner with the executive director that evening, and when he arrives, he’s surprised at the sight of Geu-rae there as well.

The executive director explains that he felt a responsibility to buy dinner for Chief Oh, since he left Geu-rae in his care (referring to his hand in nepotism). He comments on how Geu-rae never dropped by for a game of baduk, and in that context, he says that a good move for oneself can also be a good move for an opponent. Chief Oh excuses Geu-rae, saying that he has work left to do, leaving the two to face off.

The executive director says that he brought Geu-rae to dinner because he wanted to remind Chief Oh of his reason to follow through with this China project. He doesn’t like the win-lose or lose-win situations; he’d prefer the win-win situation and requests that Chief Oh comply.

The next morning, Chief Oh visits the executive director’s office to give his compliance, but he won’t fall into the trap that he did with Eun-ji. This time, he wants the executive director to take responsibility for any problems that arise from the guanxi. He quickly agrees to do so by offering to sign the contract himself, which catches Chief Oh off-guard.

Chief Oh confides in Deputy Director Sun about the executive director, wondering where his team stands in this deal. Deputy Director Sun says that situations change, and Sales Team 3 may no longer be needed as a front-line defense; they may have become the bullet to hit the target. As the executive director is a person to think of his end goal, she advises Chief Oh to do the same.

Seok-yul continues to be bothered by Assistant Manager Sung’s attitude toward this whole Chunsol deal and seems even more irked now that he seems to know his ulterior motive. Meanwhile, our steel team duo continue to work as they wait for the elevator, causing Assistant Manager Ha to poke fun at his workaholic colleague. Assistant Manager Kang returns the favor by asking if Young-yi is sick of him smelling like cigarettes yet.

Assistant Manager Ha notes that they have a work environment inspection today and seems annoyed at this useless nuisance. Then the elevator doors open to two beautiful ladies, who catch their attention. Baek-ki boards the elevator, but the two bosses silently follow the ladies back into the office. HA.

They observe the ladies conducting the inspection, with Lead Inspector scolding Newbie Inspector for not following minute protocol. Young-yi comments to Baek-ki that their bosses must be smitten, and she’s right, as we see both men watch in their respective characteristic smitten states: Assistant Manager Ha smiles dreamily like a fool, and Assistant Manager Kang stares intensely. They simply watch from afar, but it’s hilarious because this is probably the most action they’ve gotten in this office.

In the break room, Assistant Manager Ha comments on the cute Newbie Inspector and calls the Lead Inspector uptight, but Assistant Manager Kang comes to her defense. Baek-ki walks in the room to make copies, and the conversation continues with both of them insulting each other’s taste in women. They turn to Baek-ki, and he states his honest opinion: He prefers the Newbie Inspector. Everyone laughs it off except for Assistant Manager Kang, who silently leaves the room, and Baek-ki quickly realizes his mistake.

Following his boss to the elevator, Baek-ki tries to mitigate his mistake, but Assistant Manager Kang simply turns to him and expresses his disappointment in Baek-ki’s taste in women. The elevators open just as the conversation ends, and out comes Seok-yul with a large camera, wondering what wrongs Baek-ki has committed.

In the break room, Seok-yul lectures Baek-ki on the one rule of newbiehood: Your boss’s taste is your bible. Laugh at the bad jokes, eat the same foods, follow them out for a smoke — you match everything to their tastes. And above all of that, it’s taste in women. Baek-ki just made a fatal mistake.

Assistant Manager Ha and Young-yi walk in, and he asks Baek-ki if Assistant Manager Kang still won’t acknowledge his strange taste. He then turns to Young-yi and asks which of the two women she prefers, and she automatically responds by choosing Newbie Inspector as more attractive. She even adds that she plans on working on her aegyo now. Baeki-ki and Seok-yul look at her wide-eyed, and Assistant Manager Ha gives her a thumbs up. She’s so much better at this than Baek-ki.

Seok-yul leaves with his big camera and follows Assistant Manager Sung late into the night. He sees a car pull up next to his boss’s, and as expected, it’s the representative from Chunsol. He starts taking pictures of their interaction, but he stops suddenly looking a bit surprised, though we don’t see what he saw.

Geu-rae is ready to leave for the day, and he catches Seok-yul going down in the elevator. Seok-yul seems a little shaken, but at the sight of Geu-rae, he gives him a hug with some encouraging words. He runs back into the elevator, leaving Geu-rae to give us some introspective words: “It’s like that. Sometimes, life gives you a malicious quiz and leaves you with hints in the most absurd places. And there’s no guarantee about the resulting solution.”

The executive director visits Sales Team 3 to show his support for their work, and Geu-rae tells us that his team became workaholics to reach the end. All they did was work, until one day when they get a visit from the head office. They received a report regarding Sales Team 3’s project under the executive director, and more specifically, about a recording. Uh-oh.

Although Chief Oh had quickly tried to pacify his worries, Assistant Manager Seok in China reported his conversation with Sales Team 3 to his boss, which then got relayed to the Chinese business. The report was from the Chinese counterpart, who had wished to withdraw from this strange circumstance of a supposed recording.

All of the executive director’s previous business dealings are investigated, and he’s forced to explain his method of business. Chief Oh is interrogated on his take on this business deal and his suspicion on the level of guanxi. He actually tries to defend the executive director by making vague statements on the relative nature of guanxi depending on the risks and benefits, but the interrogators know that Chief Oh was suspicious of this sort of deal, as he didn’t include the executive director’s excessive guanxi in his version of the contract and further investigated their Chinese partners.

The president visits the executive director to inform him that official protocol will be followed. The executive director argues that the president was well aware of this method of business, and the president acknowledges this. But the head office is a different story. He’s going to have to prepare himself.

The executive director exits the elevator and is met with all of his employees. They’re bidding him farewell, and the executive director takes one more look at Chief Oh before taking his leave. Chief Oh sits at his desk looking at past projects and reminiscing about the time when they proudly worked together as a team.

The executive director is transferred over to an unlisted branch of One Global, while Chief Oh and Sales Team 3 are exempt from any penalties due to their integrity in handling the issue. But integrity has its consequences, as rumor of this guanxi case gets out and many Chinese businesses refuse to conduct business with One International.

As the days go by, the blame continues to stack onto Chief Oh’s shoulders. Geu-rae admits, “Even the strong Chief Oh started to falter. And I knew that it was all because of the rash actions of one contract employee.”

Chief Oh scolds Geu-rae on the roof for trying to take the blame. He says that he’s the one to take responsibility because he’s the one who started all of this mess, dragging in the team and clueless Geu-rae. Seeing Geu-rae continue to mope, Chief Oh yells at him for his self-blame and tells him that people in higher positions are supposed to take responsibility.

He warns Geu-rae of the future difficulties at work, since this is on a greater scale than Chief Park’s scandal. But Geu-rae is good at this kind of stuff — being patient and enduring. Sales Team 3 will all have to endure. He tells Geu-rae to keep his head up and stand up straight. They’ve got a long road ahead.

The resource team has trouble with their Chinese business partners, who request reevaluations of their contracts with the company because word got out about the agent stuck in the Poshin deal. They blame Chief Oh for bringing this upon them, and Young-yi tries to help by jumping onto the task of finding new businesses. Assistant Manager Ha understands Young-yi’s attempt to help Chief Oh, but there’s a bigger impact on the company than just their team: All the other teams with Chinese business partners will be affected.

This is true, as Chief Oh sits through an argument over the Poshin deal, which has caused a fair amount of frustration and hatred on their company online forum. After work, Chief Oh goes out to drink with Deputy Director Sun and Chief Go while Geu-rae goes out with his newbie colleagues. They seem to be drowning in their misery, but there’s nothing much the others can do to help. Geu-rae crawls back home in his drunken state, and all his mother can do is cook ramen for him and look at him with sympathy.

Chief Oh goes to meet the executive director, who tells him that he was shocked to be dismissed from a company he had dedicated his last 28 years to. Speaking in metaphor, he says that he thought little of keeping both feet on the ground to reach the stars, but he realized that the company wanted a giant who could keep both feet on the ground while still looking to the stars. Chief Oh says that he thought at one point that the executive director would become that giant.

The real reason the executive director called Chief Oh was to thank him for not getting him into more trouble with his motive for rebate. Chief Oh says that he didn’t mention it only because he didn’t have solid evidence of this rebate; he had a conviction but no confirmation, just like with Eun-ji.

Just as Chief Oh is about to leave, the executive director tells him that while he can reclaim his esteem in his new position, Chief Oh is going to have a harder time. Under his name, he’ll have difficulty conducting business as usual.

Unfortunately, the executive director’s words prove to be right, as Sales Team 3 struggles to find a new project. Other teams are noncompliant, and even their current project approvals are now back to pending. Chief Oh is told that all of his past projects are currently being rejected. Other teams are resolving the issue by explaining that Chief Oh’s actions don’t represent the company but are just a personal stance. Even the company is starting to resort to Chief Oh’s possible dismissal as an excuse to continue business. Whaaat?!! Noooo.

Chief Oh tells Deputy Director Sun that he needs to leave for his team to survive, but she tells him that that’s not the best that they can do. The company may favor a quick, short-term resolution to this problem, but that won’t be the answer. He admits that he’s prepared to submit his resignation letter, but there’s one thing that makes him hesitate: Geu-rae.

Chief Oh wobbles home drunk and asks his wife if it would be okay if he resigned. She says that of course it wouldn’t be okay and asks if he’s resigning or being forced out. Chief Oh lies that he’s the one resigning, but she knows better. She agrees to let him quit but reminds him that he has three children. Then she walks around the house listing things he needs to buy with the company’s employment benefits before he officially leaves, which puts a smile on Chief Oh’s face. Aw.

He walks in the next morning in a good mood and with a hop in his step, greeting Young-yi, Seok-yul, and Baek-ki in a cheery fashion. When he arrives at his desk, he puts up his family picture and takes out his prepared resignation letter. He leaves it on the manager’s desk and goes back to clean up his things. When Geu-rae arrives, he’s crushed to see his beloved Chief Oh packing his things to leave the office.

In the meeting room, Geu-rae tears up as Chief Oh tells him that he’s just leaving, not dying. He tells his hardworking Geu-rae to endure and win, but that he himself has endured long enough for his legs to go wobbly. He requests that Geu-rae see the end, no matter how difficult. “There are things in life that we start even with a predetermined end. Jang Geu-rae, I’m sorry that I couldn’t take responsibility until the end.”

When he confronts Deputy Director Sun about his resignation, she tries to persuade him out of it, saying that it will pass. But Chief Oh has made up his mind, and he tells her to get promoted so that she can help Geu-rae, Dong-shik, and his Sales Team 3. He also shares a moment with Chief Go, keeping a smile plastered on his face.

When he returns to his desk, all the newbies are lined up. They silently shake Chief Oh’s hand, and it’s clear that each person was impacted by him in some way. As he walks out, he leaves Geu-rae with his work slippers and the newbies hold back their tears. It’s pure heartbreak.

Sales Team 3 goes out for one last team dinner, and they remember the old days when Chief Chun and Dong-shik were much younger. Dong-shik goes outside to take a leak, but Chief Chun finds him outside in tears. He can’t seem to stop crying, and Chief Chun lets him be.

Geu-rae follows Chief Oh home, where he’s reminded one more time to endure and win. It almost seems like any other day, as Geu-rae bows and leaves without taking a look back. Geu-rae walks back home, thinking about his growth with Chief Oh, and Chief Oh broods a little more outside on a bench.

When Geu-rae arrives home, the floodgates let lose, and all the tears he’s been holding back stream down his face. He breaks down with nothing else to say but, “I’m sorry,” over and over and over again.


Korean Drama

Korean Drama "Modern Farmer" Episode 19 Recap

By: Dramabeans

Ki-joon rescues Bul-ja from the clutches of the drunk noraebang customer, but the man and his friend follow them outside and continue the fight. When he knocks Bul-ja to the ground, Ki-joon snaps and starts throwing punches, drawing the police. When a policeman asks to see Bul-ja’s ID, Ki-joon distracts them and yells for Bul-ja to run.

She does, but doesn’t get far in her high-heeled boots, and she trips and falls. A pair of shoes stop in front of her, and she looks up with an expression of abject terror on her face.

Ki-joon is taken to the station, but he’s more concerned with Bul-ja than himself. The cop tells him that she was caught and taken to the Immigration Office, and that she’ll be held a few days then deported.

Soo-yeon and Mi-ja have taken the thief back to their room, where they demand he tells them where the money is hidden. Finally Soo-yeon’s threat to call the assemblyman works, and he says he’ll tell them but immediately takes an impromptu nap, blaming his head injury. In the morning he’s gone, and Soo-yeon furiously swears to track him down.

Yi-ji’s new coffee shop is part of a chain, and she takes their class in how to be a barista, seeming to really take it seriously. Her mother, brother, and Mi-young all come to see her on opening day, declaring the place very nice and impressive. Man-gu is a great brother; he really bought Yi-ji a good shop.

Soon-boon sneaks out before even having any coffee, though she’s suspiciously vague about her “other plans.” Man-gu figures out where she’s going, and runs outside to see her and In-ki walking hand-in-hand, and he gives chase while they flee.

Back in the village, the boys (well, Min-ki and Han-chul) are too nervous to eat while waiting for the CEO to call them with a decision about their album. When he does call, Min-ki listens and looks increasingly distraught, but he’s only shocked by the good news. They’re being summoned to sign papers right now — they’re going to make an album!

Min-ki and Han-chul are thrilled, but Hyuk only looks thoughtful and a bit worried. Yoon-hee congratulates them, but only Hyuk notices that her face falls once Min-ki leaves the room.

In their attic, Min-ki finally notices that Hyuk isn’t celebrating with them, and Hyuk admits that he feels a bit uneasy. Min-ki worries what will happen to the cabbages, not wanting to just forget about them after all the hard work they put in. He convinces the others to go with him to cover them before they leave so the cabbages won’t freeze.

When they get to the field, they interrupt the thief as he’s tossing cabbage all over, trying to get to his hidden stash underneath. They chase him off, hilariously assuming he was stealing their cabbage. Min-ki asks Sang-deuk to guard the spot while they go to Seoul, promising him a bottle of whiskey in exchange for cabbage-sitting.

In escaping the guys, the thief runs smack into Soo-yeon and Mi-ja, who grab him and threaten again to call the assemblyman if he doesn’t tell them where the money is. He admits defeat, and says he’ll tell them.

Yoo-na is going back to Seoul with the guys, for good, and Yoon-hee’s family gathers to say goodbye. Yoo-na thanks them for all their help, and after they’re gone it occurs to Uncle that the boys will probably be leaving soon, too. Yoon-hee looks saddened at the thought.

Soo-yeon and Mi-ja frog-march the thief to his hidden stash, dismayed to discover that it’s been in Han-chul’s field the whole time. The thief tells them it’s under the cabbage, but before they can start moving produce, they see Sang-deuk guarding the pile. He’s bored and starts acting out elaborate fight scenes with imaginary thieves, while the actual thieves hide in a nearby abandoned greenhouse.

The guys sign the contract, and neither Min-ki nor Han-chul notice the CEO’s expressions of annoyance and boredom at their enthusiasm. Yoo-na asks them to go so she can talk to the CEO privately, and they loudly celebrate in the hallway. Min-ki again notices that Hyuk is awfully quiet, but he swears he’s happy. (HAHA, Min-ki and Han-chul see a poster of FT Island, Lee Hong-ki’s real-life band, on the wall and declare themselves better than those guys.)

Hyuk goes back to the CEO’s office for his cell phone, and hears him and Yoo-na talking about the deal they made for him to make the boys an album in return for her coming back to Seoul. He quickly figures out that Yoo-na basically sold herself to get them a contract and that the CEO doesn’t really think they’re any good. Hyuk bursts into the office saying he knew something was up, and rips up their contract.

Yoo-na chases Hyuk into the hall and begs him to listen, but he’s too furious. He knows she did this to get Min-ki away from Yoon-hee, and coldly accuses Yoo-na of being every bit as greedy today as she was seven years ago.

We see a flashback to the events of that day, when Hyuk had snuck onto the CEO’s office looking for hidden liquor. He’d accidentally witnessed the CEO pawing Yoo-na and ordering her to have drinks with him later, telling her she has no choice if she wants to make her album. ~SHUDDER~ Hyuk had punched the CEO, beating him repeatedly out into the hallway, where Min-ki and his bandmates had seen the final knockout.

Back in the present, Hyuk says that even after they were kicked out of the agency, Yoo-na never said a word in their defense. She starts to beg Hyuk to keep this a secret from Min-ki also, but it’s too late — Min-ki heard their entire conversation.

Min-ki demands an explanation from Yoo-na, but she doesn’t say a word. He sees on Hyuk’s face that it’s all true, and asks Hyuk why he never said anything even after Min-ki blamed him. Yoo-na finds her voice and admits that she asked Hyuk not to tell him, because she was afraid of getting kicked out, too.

Furious, Min-ki bursts into the CEO’s office and starts throwing punches, and Han-chul has to drag him off the CEO. The CEO yells that it was Yoo-na who approached him first, offering herself in return for her debut. Not only that, but she’d blackmailed him by saying she’d only make sure the story about the guys never got out, if he made her famous.

Wow, that is so much sleazier than I ever expected. Yoo-na doesn’t even try to deny it, and even Hyuk looks horrified at the depths she’d go to for her ambition. The worst part is the look of shock, hurt, and betrayal on Min-ki’s face when he realizes that everything from the confrontation, to their losing their chance at fame, was all her fault. And to make matters worse, if that’s even possible, she willingly sold herself for all of it.

Back home Min-ho is sad too, and tells his mom to ask his hyungs not to go back to Seoul. She says they have to let them go nicely, but promises they’ll visit as often as they can. Min-ki comes home and goes straight to his attic, smashing a few crates before screaming his anger at Yoo-na, and at losing his dream all over again.

Ki-joon visits Bul-ja at the immigration office, and she bravely tells him she’s fine and not to worry, and that it isn’t his fault she got caught. She thanks him for everything, telling him that she’ll always remember him. Noooo, that sounds too much like goodbye!

She asks why he’s in Seoul in the first place, and he confesses that he gave up, that cabbage farming to make an album was just a silly dream. Bul-ja gets angry and tells him that a man should see things through no matter what, not accepting his pathetic excuses. She gets mad at him for coming here and leaving her with a memory of him as a coward.

Crying now, Bul-ja tells Ki-joon that he was always immature and reckless, but he always had spirit. She says she’s disappointed in him and asks him to leave. She gets up to go back to her holding cell but Ki-joon stops her, saying he has something to tell her. He apologizes for showing his weak side, and grumpily says he won’t give up. She asks what he wanted to say, and he hems and haws until she gets annoyed again, so he blurts out, “I love you! I love you, Hwa-ran.” Awww, he finally said it.

He promises to be successful and come for her, and asks her to wait for him. She only nods with tear-filled eyes, and their time is up. As she goes back to her cell Ki-joon calls after her to wait for him, swearing he’ll come for her, repeating himself over and over. She nods at him one last time, smiling sadly, then she’s gone. ~sniffle~

The mood is bleak in the attic room as Min-ki apologizes to his friends, feeling bad for blaming Hyuk for everything that happened. Hyuk gently lets him off the hook, and Min-ki says it’s time for them to stop all this and give up. Suddenly Ki-joon bursts into the room with his suitcase in tow, announces that he’s here to sell cabbages and make an album, and says there will be no quitting. Our Happy Virus is back!

Yoon-hee gets the boys to come talk, and shows them her Salted Cabbage Business Plan. Given how badly her plans have gone in the past it’s not surprising the guys are skeptical, but it’s not a bad plan. She points out that the price of raw cabbage went down, but the price of salted cabbage (the first step in making kimchi) is fine, so they should make all their crop into salted cabbage and sell it that way.

The villagers have even offered to help so they don’t have to hire anyone, and they can use the government’s free website to sell them. Slowly, the guys start to look hopeful, and Ki-joon steps up and rallies them. Min-ki takes a bit to convince, but he figures they may as well try. He thanks Yoon-hee for helping them, and she puts them right to work and tells them to thank her later.

Sang-deuk is still guarding the cabbage, and his one-man fight scenes have gotten more and more elaborate as the three thieves watch on in disbelief. He gets a call just as the guys show up to start hauling the cabbage, and they leave Ki-joon behind to guard the rest.

They get a pretty good cabbage-salting system set up, with many villagers pitching in, and Min-ki starts to perk up and thanks everyone sincerely. Soon-boon tries to sneak out but Man-gu catches her and says he knows where she’s going. HA, she just makes a run for it. Yoon-hee catches Min-ki staring at her with a half-goofy expression on his face, and she just grins and tells him to get back to work.

Guarding cabbage must be boring work, because it’s not long before Ki-joon is staging shadow-fights with imaginary opponents just like Sang-deuk. His hidden audience wonder why they’re going to such lengths to protect cabbage, of all things, scoffing at the irony that there’s actually hundreds of thousand of dollars buried under that cabbage.

I don’t know how Yoon-hee’s tummy isn’t going all melty from all the adorable, grateful looks Min-ki is shooting her way. But his good mood is shattered by a call from Yoo-na, and he heads outside where Yoo-na is waiting to talk to him.

Again, all she has to say is she’s sorry, which Min-ki doesn’t want to hear. Not only did she lie, but she hid it and even ruined his friendship with Hyuk, and she used their failure to further her own career. His voice is chilly when he says that what upsets him the most is that all this time, his feelings meant nothing to her.

Yoo-na finally cries out that she was scared that he’d go to Yoon-hee after only seeing her for so many years. Again he tries to deny it but Yoo-na says if it was only sympathy or pity that he felt for Yoon-hee, she wouldn’t have done this. She tells him she only came to apologize and say goodbye, as she’s going to the States to start over on her own.

Min-ki sits looking at the stars that night, where he’s joined by Yoon-hee. He tells her he hadn’t wanted to see Yoo-na again but once he heard she was leaving, he felt bad. He looks at Yoon-hee to say something else but when they make eye contact, he seems to forget what he was going to say, and they share an emotionally charged moment. Instead of talking, he just lays his head on her shoulder, sending Yoon-hee’s feelings spinning. Neither of them notices Hyuk poke his head out the door and see them sitting there.

Han-chul takes the night shift watching the cabbage and continues the trend of imagining elaborate fight scenes. HA, his even ends with a passionate kiss with a dying head-of-cabbage ladylove. Exhausted and freezing, the thief wonders if there’s anyone normal in this town (Mi-ja: “Nope.”) and Soo-yeon notes blearily that Han-chul is kind of cute.

At breakfast the next morning, Hyuk passive-aggressively grabs every bite of food Min-ki reaches for and shoves it in his mouth. He petulantly declares that everything belongs to him, so Min-ki should just give it to him. Yoon-hee hands over a choice bite from her own bowl to Min-ki, and Min-ki looks touched while Hyuk seethes.

In Seoul, the assemblyman’s putting practice is interrupted by his minions, who have found Soo-yeon. They were in the background of a news clip about the fallen meteor, and the minions figure if she’s there then that must be where the money is hidden.

Just when the three lurking thieves decide to give up and go home, the rest of the guys join Han-chul at the cabbage pile. Sang-eun comes to beg them to make another video with a new camera, claiming they only got three views on the last one because of bad video quality. As they set up in the field, the thief finally cracks and goes to his car for his gun.

The guys begin a loud pounding rock song (the same one they played in the first episode) but they’re interrupted by the thief pointing his gun at them. Han-chul recognizes him and they wonder why he’s so anxious to steal the cabbages, but he screams at them to move the cabbage and dig.

They start to unearth bag after bag full of cash and dang, no wonder everyone was so eager to find this money, there’s tons of it. Mi-ja and Soo-yeon start to rejoice at their riches, but the thief turns the gun on them and orders them to go stand with the guys. Did they really think he was going to let them have some of it?

The thief has about ten seconds to thrill that he’s got his money back, before the assemblyman shows up with a whole posse of minions. The thief whines that he always did all the dirty work while the assemblyman raked in the cash, but the assemblyman just laughs that that’s all he’s good for.

The thief pulls the gun which prompts Scary Minion to step forward, grab the gun and hold it to his eye, and taunt the man to shoot him. Of course he’s too cowardly to do it, and Scary Minion takes his gun and punches the thief out. The assemblyman directs his men to pack up his money and “take care of” the witnesses.

Everyone is trussed up and loaded in vans, but the cars are stopped before they can leave town by a stubborn Man-gu and his tractor. He wants to argue about right-of-way and puts up a brave show in the face of Scary Minion’s scary tactics, but ends up in the van with the rest of the group.

Again they’re stopped leaving town, this time by Sang-deuk once again drunk in the road. This time Dumb Minion gets out to handle it, knocking Sang-deuk unconscious. Grandpa shows up to ask what’s going on, and Dumb Minion makes the mistake of knocking his candy bar out of his hand. Oh, now it’s ON.

Grandpa singlehandedly (single-footedly?) takes out all of the minions in a series of incredibly cool martial arts moves, and all of the baddies are carted off by the police, including the assemblyman. That was so awesome.

Han-chul is subdued, and approached Soo-yeon to ask her about her involvement in all this. They talk privately and she tells him everything, and Han-chul is dismayed to realize that everything he knew about her was a lie. She’s genuinely sorry, but swears that what she felt for him wasn’t a lie. He doesn’t believe her and walks away.

Soo-yeon yells to his back that she only wanted to find the money and study abroad, and stop pouring drinks for a living. Han-chul doesn’t stop walking, but then without warning, he collapses in the road. Soo-yeon runs to him but she can’t wake him, and she kneels in the dirt crying his name.


Korean Drama 'Punch' Episode 2 Recap

Korean Drama 'Punch' Episode 2 Recap

By: Dramabeans

We pick back up on the morning of Tae-joon’s inauguration as the next prosecutor general, thanks to Ha-kyung’s non-statement at the confirmation hearing in the previous episode. Jung-hwan’s mother tsks upon hearing that the test results will take a few more days, but we know that her daughter is lying by omission so as not to worry her with the truth about Jung-hwan’s condition.

It’s hard for little sis Hyun-sun to see her brother smile and laugh at the breakfast table, knowing that there’s a chance the malignant tumor in his brain could suppress the ability to do both one day.

Located in the pre-frontal area, the tumor is difficult to treat and she’s having a hard time finding any surgeon who’s willing to perform the risky operation. She couldn’t bring herself to tell Jung-hwan this morning, not when he had asked her and their mother to take little Ye-rin to her first day at an elite private elementary school on his behalf.

Jung-hwan would be long gone by that day anyway, Hyun-sun continues, tears welling up in her eyes. All of this is hard for Ha-kyung to swallow as well, as she chokes back her own overwhelming emotions in front of Hyun-sun’s sobs.

During the inaugural preparations, Jung-hwan knocks down the patricians and plebeians divide between supreme versus public prosecutors by telling his fellow prosecutor Yeon-jin that the only man they all need to respect is the appointed incumbent prosecutor general Tae-joon.

It seems Kang-jae isn’t sticking around to see Tae-joon sworn into his new position, and Jung-hwan won’t give him the time of day, either. That’s because Ha-kyung is here to see him; she wishes to send Ye-rin to a local school rather than the private international school Jung-hwan wants their daughter to attend.

He sees this as an opportunity for little Ye-rin to mingle with the children of the rich and powerful, but Ha-kyung is well-aware of how fierce the competition is to even be accepted into one of these elite schools.

She suspects that Jung-hwan’s influence had a hand in this, and she doesn’t want their daughter’s first step into society to be smeared with corruption.

Jung-hwan fires back that Minister Yoon hails from the same school Ha-kyung doesn’t want their daughter to attend, to which Ha-kyung counters that Minister Yoon once stood up for integrity and resigned from her post.

But resigning as chief prosecutor opened up doors to rise up to become the Minister of Justice, Jung-hwan points out. He had to work to the bone to get to where he is today whereas Minister Yoon didn’t have to.

Adding that he hasn’t called off the custody suit, Jung-hwan says he plans to provide Ye-rin with the best education there is, making sure that each step is already set for her. They’re interrupted with the news that the senior prosecutors are in an uproar about sitting with their subordinates, but Jung-hwan tells Yeon-jin to relay that this was his order and to record all the names of those prosecutors.

When Jung-hwan tells Ha-kyung to relay to his sister that he’ll be back late tonight, she recalls the time when his mother had mentioned that Jung-hwan’s stubborn nature was so much like his late father. Yet they were different when it comes to someone who lives without the law.

Mention of his late father is a sore spot for Jung-hwan, who says he wouldn’t have gone to “that college” if it weren’t for his father’s debt and medical bills. But then Ha-kyung cuts right to the chase and tells him that Jung-hwan is suffering from the same terminal illness that took his father’s life within six months after hearing the diagnosis.

It’s shocking news to Jung-hwan, and Ha-kyung extends her sincere well-wishes that he’ll overcome this illness. “I’ll take good care of raising Ye-rin,” she swears.

Jung-hwan’s mind is elsewhere during the inauguration ceremony, rocked by the news of his health. He remains stone-faced as Tae-joon drinks in the respect that comes with his new position. Tossing over his bouquet like the same sentimental gesture of a wedding bouquet toss, Tae-joon says Jung-hwan will sit in this very seat one day.

He trusts Jung-hwan to do a good job as his right-hand man, then reflects upon the thirty years it took for him to finally become prosecutor general. He’ll make sure that the road to Jung-hwan’s success stays clear, and Jung-hwan lightly returns that he should be hearing those words of gratitude seeing as he cleared the way for Tae-joon first.

Just then, they both receive news of a fellow prosecutor’s death. After tsking over how unfortunate it is for the family, Tae-joon wonders how much money he should give to express his condolences. (In Korea, giving money to the deceased family is considered an appropriate gesture.)

Ha-kyung flips through past photos that depict happier times with Jung-hwan and another man, and it looks like the three of them used to be a tight-knit group.

At home, Jung-hwan is determined to find a surgeon that’s willing to treat him. He’s considered a patient now and encourages his sister to be strong with a tight squeeze of her hand and a reminder that she’s a doctor. But the tears keep coming, and Jung-hwan draws her in for a comforting hug.

Jung-hwan stays up all night researching his condition to find any ray of hope. In the morning, his mother comes in complaining about how his aunt keeps bugging her about going on a family trip together. She initially turns down the idea when Jung-hwan says they should go, and he insists that she take a proper passport photo this time around.

His mother lights up at that, saying excitedly that they should go next summer for her birthday. Aw man, all this talk about a future that Jung-hwan might not get to see is seriously depressing.

But Jung-hwan won’t let a little brain tumor stand in his way, agreeing to that trip. It’s great how we see that determination as Jung-hwan power-walks to work, missing the passing train by mere seconds.

His doctor friend confirms from the medical scans that someone with this condition is terminal. No doctor in Korea has succeeded in treating this kind of tumor, which will lead to some pain followed by visual hallucinations in a few months’ time before ultimately resulting in the patient’s death.

Later that afternoon, Tae-joon is none too happy at how Minister Yoon has gone ahead to appoint her own people in his staff roster. It seems the law is in her favor on this one (since the Minister of Justice reserves that right), but Tae-joon is enraged all the same.

Jung-hwan attempts to mollify him by mentioning that a prosecutor general’s term usually outlasts a Minister of Justice’s term (i.e., endure this turn of events until Minister Yoon’s time is up in maybe a year), but Tae-joon says he’ll take the reins on this one.

He voices his complaints about this checks and balances system to Minister Yoon, keeping his tone light about how there needs to be dishes one likes and dislikes to set a full table. But Minister Yoon isn’t deterred nor flattered by the remark that everyone Tae-joon has in mind would pledge their allegiances to her, adding that she’ll be reviewing each and every appointment herself.

Hearing the deceased wife’s sobs of grief reminds Jung-hwan of his sister’s cries, but Tae-joon and Minister Yoon carry on their conversation. Minister Yoon expresses that she’d like Director Jung, Tae-joon’s former rival, as Deputy Prosecutor General. Director Jung says the rank is nominal at best, only able to carry out duties when the prosecutor general is unable to.

But it’s perhaps the best way to keep her people close to Tae-joon, and the latter doesn’t argue the point any further.

Jung-hwan is distracted again, and when he excuses himself, he’s approached by a fellow prosecutor looking to take the job the deceased prosecutor left behind. But that’s when Hyun-sun calls to inform him that she’s found a surgeon willing to operate on him—a neurosurgeon who just finished studying abroad by the name of doctor JANG MIN-SEOK (Jang Hyun-seong).

But there’s a catch: there’s an arrest warrant out for Dr. Jang, who received money in exchange for fabricating clinical test results to a pharmaceutical company. This is reported by prosecutor LEE HO-SUNG (Ohn Joo-wan), who works the criminal division. He also gets flack for not properly welcoming Kang-jae to the Seoul Western District Court. Yeah, you can say that Ho-sung has gotten off on the wrong foot with his new boss.

Jung-hwan wants Dr. Jang to be brought to him regardless of an upcoming indictment, though he bites his lip in frustration to hear that the prosecutor in charge is none other than Kang-jae. So he pulls rank in order to coerce Kang-jae into giving up some time to chat.

After checking in on the bus driver, Ha-kyung walks past Ho-sung, who’s also on his way to the funeral. He suggests they eat before paying their respects, but Ha-kyung marches on, figuring that Tae-joon’s presence will mean that Jung-hwan will be there, too.

He isn’t, since he’s busy talking to Kang-jae, whom he admonishes for not coming to at least hear Tae-joon’s inaugural speech. Kang-jae considers the task of raising the number of arrest warrants issued and guilty verdicts in the Western District to be a difficult one, but completing it well keeps him in Tae-joon’s circle.

Kang-jae isn’t sure about doing a job for a man who didn’t give him a proper send-off, but Jung-hwan says his return will be celebrated. Then Jung-hwan mentions that Dr. Jang has an dinner appointment with Tae-joon earlier, so Kang-jae should make sure that he makes it.

Jung-hwan involuntarily rubs his temple, only to belatedly remember the subsequent symptoms that will soon follow. He silently grits through the first wave of pain, as Kang-jae is quick to point out that delivering Dr. Jang is Jung-hwan’s personal request.

Balling his fist, Jung-hwan turns to look at Kang-jae, though his vision starts to blur and he sees double. Whoa, well that was fast. Kang-jae says he’ll go and verify this assignment with Tae-joon himself, but Jung-hwan gathers enough strength to criticize him like a man in exile who would dare to speak directly to the king.

He’ll relay to Tae-joon that Kang-jae has refused the order. It’s a bluff of course (including the prosecutor general’s order and about Dr. Jang), but it works to get Kang-jae’s compliance. Jung-hwan’s legs are shaking by now, and yet he manages to take a few steps away and shrugs off Kang-jae’s hand to stop him.

But as the pain increases, the voices around him become muffled. And then there’s a surge of pain as Jung-hwan cries out and collapses to the ground. Ha-kyung comes running, having just arrived, and Jung-hwan faints in her arms.

Ha-kyung buys some time at the hospital until Hyun-sun finally arrives. She and Kang-jae step away without revealing Jung-hwan’s condition, but they’re still in earshot when Hyun-sun blurts it out for them—this patient has a brain tumor and Dr. Jang will be operating on him in a few days. Accckkk, not what you want Kang-jae to overhear.

There’s a sinister look of comprehension on Kang-jae’s face that Ha-kyung doesn’t miss, and then Kang-jae beelines it for Tae-joon to confirm Jung-hwan’s fabricated lies. He orders Ho-sung to issue a warrant for Dr. Jang’s arrest.

Jung-hwan finally comes to at the hospital and sits with Ha-kyung to discuss his situation. Now that his terminal condition is out in the open, both Jung-hwan and Ha-kyung know that Kang-jae won’t be lenient. She points out that Jung-hwan was the same way with the bus driver, exploiting the driver’s bad leg and accusing him of drunk driving.

“Would he be different? That Jo Kang-jae?” Ha-kyung asks. Jung-hwan knows the answer is no, and now Ha-kyung presents her offer: “Help the bus driver. And I’ll help get Dr. Jang out.”

Jung-hwan appears surprised by her offer, and she says he can refuse if he’s got a better way of dealing with this situation. He doesn’t, so he gets on the phone with Yeon-jin to tell Lee Tae-sub to compensate the bus driver.

Then Ha-kyung heads back inside to rejoin Ho-sung. The two go out for a bite to eat, where she gets right to the point to let Dr. Jang go. Ho-sung chuckles at his conflicting requests, more so that Ha-kyung would skip the legal textbooks for a personal request.

He sees right past her excuse that Dr. Jang must be a stellar neurosurgeon, and she admits that there’s someone who needs surgery. Ho-sung understands where she’s coming from, but he provides the counterargument that there are also countless people who are in the hospital now because of Dr. Jang’s fabricated clinical results.

What’s more is that Dr. Jang isn’t the least bit remorseful about his actions and there’s talk that evidence against him might be destroyed. “What if he admits to his crimes?” Ha-kyung asks. If the doctor is remorseful and there’s no threat of destroyed evidence, can he be removed from detention?

Detective Oh makes a fuss about having to work on his wedding anniversary until he hears how Ha-kyung has already sent her well-wishes. He gets to work on finding more about the famed neurosurgeon Dr. Jang’s case: the doctor had been bribed three times by Hyesung Pharmaceuticals to a total amount of 300 million won.

Release of this drug led to dozen of complaints from patients, and while Dr. Jang denies the bribery charges, claiming the money to be a delivery fee, the paper trail leads to a pharmaceutical sales associate. Ha-kyung tells her partner to investigate the doctor’s financial activity in his bank accounts and stocks.

She traces the funds but calls Jung-hwan for his help. Along with Detective Oh, the three head over to an illegal gambling ring. Ha-kyung has her hands tied since she’s on suspension (thanks to Jung-hwan), so Detective Oh is sent in to speak with the owner.

What’s important right now is to uncover evidence of Dr. Jang’s gambling activities—a police raid would only incite the den to burn as much evidence as possible. Ha-kyung insists that they do it her way (the police raid) because she doesn’t negotiate with criminals, but Jung-hwan argues that they have to at least keep a line of communication open.

The gambling den owner is reluctant to hand over the CCTV evidence of Dr. Jang’s activities here, since he’d lose customers. So Kang-jae instructs the detective to tell the police to raid every other gambling ring except this one—this is how he gets things done.

That’s how Jung-hwan obtains the video clips of Dr. Jang and shows them to him. Dr. Jang asks if he’s got another surgeon willing to operate, but Jung-hwan isn’t at all fazed. Instead, Jung-hwan threatens to hand over this evidence to the prosecutor’s office unless the doc admits to his wrongs before he stands trial.

When Dr. Jang reminds him of the stipulation of saving his own ass first, Jung-hwan fires back in banmal that the goal is still the same—they’re just changing the order of how to get there.

A confession would certainly bring with it a prison sentence, Dr. Jang points out. “I’ll save you at that time,” Jung-hwan replies. When Dr. Jang questions why he should trust Jung-hwan, the latter says he’s entrusting his life into the doctor’s hands on the operating table.

And so Dr. Jang admits to the bribery charges and issues a formal apology in court, much to Ho-sung’s surprise. Which means that Dr. Jang’s case will proceed without detention, buying him some time.

Over at the same scenic spot overlooking the man-made lake, Jung-hwan apologizes for asking for a month-long leave. But Tae-joon is well-aware of Jung-hwan’s tumor (since he heard from Kang-jae) and remarks that Jung-hwan’s father is even crueler than his for passing along a fatal condition.

Tae-joon is sincerely sorry, believing that overworking Jung-hwan to seeing him become prosecutor general and covering for his older brother had played a part in his diagnosis. Jung-hwan chokes back his overwhelming emotions, swallowing the oncoming tears.

Jung-hwan vows to get it all back, a resolution Tae-joon agrees with. Telling Jung-hwan that he must survive to be his pallbearer, Tae-joon won’t attend Jung-hwan’s funeral or extend his condolences if he doesn’t make it.

It’s then the tears finally fall, which Jung-hwan wipes away. “You must come back alive,” Tae-joon tells him, fighting tears of his own.

Tae-joon sits down with his older brother and former Sejin Auto CEO Lee Tae-sub, who gripes at how admitting to the defective auto parts will cost him millions. Tae-joon says it was Jung-hwan who covered his ass time and time again.

It doesn’t look like Tae-joon can break big bro’s stubbornness about persuading a certain Chairman Kim, and their conversation is cut short with Yeon-jin’s arrival. She’s here with the news that researcher will be released by Christmas-time, thanks to Minister Yoon’s influence.

The finger of blame will be pointed at the prosecutor general if either the researcher talks or the investigation into the defective chip. He realizes that this is Minister Yoon’s way of pushing Tae-joon out of the prosecutor general position and have Deputy Prosecutor General Jung take his place.

So while Jung-hwan is away, Tae-joon plans to keep Kang-jae by his side. It’s not ideal, but he doesn’t have much of a choice either. Jung-hwan refuses to see that happen and promises to take care of the sudden acceleration case and the researcher before his surgery this weekend.

The Sejin researcher YANG SANG-HO (Ryu Seung-soo) is picked up from prison by the deputy prosecutor general, who assures him that he’s made the right decision by cooperating with the investigation.

Jung-hwan and Yeon-jin follow the car, and Jung-hwan approaches Researcher Yang in a rest station bathroom. Speaking the truth requires great courage, Jung-hwan says, “but… what does that courage bring?” A few years in prison and a wife still working at the same restaurant, Jung-hwan notes.

Researcher Yang recognizes Jung-hwan, who says that Lee Tae-sub wants to offer him a cushy job with a great salary and benefits. And so Researcher Yang is literally caught in a dilemma—either follow the deputy prosecutor general and make sure there aren’t any more casualties by investigating the case or follow Jung-hwan and the career opportunity.

It’s Jung-hwan’s car, just moments after Yeon-jin says they need to eliminate all the evidence on the sudden acceleration case or Minister Yoon will keep it open. Jung-hwan orders to close the case and drives past the senior prosecutor, who’s none the wiser.

So you can imagine Ha-kyung’s surprise when she sits with the bus driver’s family at the hospital and hears that there was no vehicle malfunction and that the fault lies with the bus driver and his medicated habit.

The truth barely sinks in before Ha-kyung is informed that Jung-hwan has gone into surgery. The operation has started by the time Ha-kyung arrives, and she’s given the book that contains her message to Jung-hwan.

Now there’s a reply from Jung-hwan: “My time isn’t over yet. Ha-kyung-ah, I need to live. Like now, no—I want to grow more than now.”

Back in the operating room, Dr. Jang accidentally cuts a blood vessel which leads to sudden bleeding. While the team scrambles to rectify the situation, Jung-hwan thinks back to past memories: a happy Ha-kyung waving to him, Tae-joon smiling at Minister Yoon, a laughing Kang-jae, and him wrapping Ha-kyung, who’s holding a photo, into his arms.


Korean Entertainment Show

Korean Entertainment Show "Running Man" Episode 225 Recap

By: Dramabeans

We open with a solemn-looking Kim Woo-bin (♥) asking someone off-screen if he wants to hear about a big deal that’s about to go down tonight. It involves a noble, ancient script, and he wants to swipe it for themselves. Does he want in?

“Yeah,” a stone-faced Kwang-soo flatly replies. That response has Woo-bin momentarily break character, then resumes to explain today’s “special” elimination method for their spy mission: find blank nametags and write the others’ names on them. None of the others will understand how they’ve been ousted.

After some affected praise about how dignified this method is compared to the traditional system of nametag-elimination, Woo-bin says they’ll be given an implement for their secret mission if they win the other mission today. “Like a pen?” Kwang-soo asks.

Ha, even the production crew is surprised by Kwang-soo’s deduction skills today, given their murmurings. Kwang-soo swears that he’ll break his variety image and impress with his brains today.

Now we get a rundown on our other technicians in this field: human opener Jae-suk, who can open any lock or door using flour, retina scan master Suk-jin (who puts in a contact lens through his lens-less glasses, hee), human tank Jong-kook, who uses his brute strength.

I love how Kwang-soo cracks up at this moment: “So Jong-kook isn’t anything special.” Ha, nope—just your everyday brawny Spartakooks. Moonlight Monday Couple, Gary and Ji-hyo, are exceptional climbers… on a green screen.

Then there’s bomb expert Haha, and last but not least the master of concealment Kwang-soo, who shows off his skills by lying on a table in plain sight when someone walks by. Kwang-soo shows off his skills by flying past just then, and both he and Woo-bin insist that their past babo image is just an act.

With their umpteenth hug, the two seal the deal. And then Woo-bin asks, “…where do we go now?” Oh, these heodangs.

Today’s official opening takes place one hour later, and this is going to sound weird, but I wouldn’t mind opening my safe to find Kim Woo-bin and Lee Hyun-woo inside. It probably goes without saying that these two are here to promote their upcoming film Con Artists.

Has it really been a year and a half since Hyun-woo’s last RM visit? It must be, and then it’s time to announce teams: Black (Woo-bin, Kwang-soo, and Jae-suk (the latter of whom coins themselves the “handsome trio”) versus Blue (Hyun-woo and SpartAce) versus Red (Haha, Suk-jin, and Gary).

Entitled ‘The Technicians Race,’ our cast must located an ancient script—the same one Woo-bin and Kwang-soo are looking for. The others also have the same opportunity to acquire a handy tool to find that script by winning today’s mini-missions.

In a quick flashback, Kwang-soo says that their third team member will be totally fooled today. Cut to: Jae-suk, who asks outright if Kwang-soo’s a spy. Woo-bin plays along so that the moment passes.

Our teams gather at Myung-dong for their first mission: a member from each team must hang on a high bar until their teammates complete their mission. The first team to strike the bell to finish will receive a hint and move on.

Everyone is rarin’ to go, and the first mission is a coffee run with verrry specific preferences. Thinking of their greater mission at hand, Woo-bin wraps his legs around Suk-jin for support. So does Jong-kook, and all Taek PD says that falling off the bar results in elimination.

While Jae-suk and Kwang-soo run a good distance looking for a coffee shop, the other two teams discover the closest one. Ji-hyo and Hyun-woo recite their order in verbatim, and Gary and Haha whisper to the cashier if their drink can come out first.

Unfortunately Jae-suk and Kwang-soo leave with a hot drink instead of iced, hurrying back to Woo-bin. Ji-hyo and Hyun-woo believe they’re in first place, only to see Jong-kook on the ground. It looks like Suk-jin’s the only one still hanging on, but then Taek PD confirms that all three teams failed.

It turns out Woo-bin’s dragged both Suk-jin and Jong-kook down, and then slipped off not too long afterwards. And then they had Suk-jin jump back onto the bar. Heh.

The teams will have to pick up the pace, and as soon as the next round starts (find someone whose nationality exceeds three syllables in Korean), they start yelling in English, “Where are you from?”

Kwang-soo and Woo-bin keep running into tourists who are from two-syllable countries (when translated into Korean), but then eventually run back with someone from Bajamia? That’s not a country, Kwang-soo.

Too bad Jae-suk has already fallen, and Kwang-soo belatedly learns that his new friend is from Belgium instead. Despite finding someone from Singapore, the Red Team fails too because Suk-jin had fallen off moments before they rang the bell.

So it’s onto Round 3, and while the others are away, Hyun-woo adorable squeals when Woo-bin wraps his legs around him. Hyun-woo hangs on for a good long while until he finally falls off.

While Hyun-woo and Suk-jin try to convince Woo-bin to come down already, his teammates are busy buying a packed lunch. They seem pretty far away, but Woo-bin manages to hang on until Kwang-soo and Jae-suk make it back and secure their win.

They open up their hint in the car—it’s a bagful of writing implements. I wonder if we’ll keep seeing that same opening conversation throughout the episode, but Kwang-soo is surprised to find that he guessed right.

Their second mission is a staredown contest, and Haha tests Kwang-soo’s claim that he hasn’t blinked in the past twelve years with a sudden fist towards his face. Kwang-soo blinks. Hehehe. Haha: “Today must be the first in twelve years.”

Jae-suk shares a story of how Jong-kook’s small eyes give him an advantage, because there was a time on the plane when a stewardess covered him with a blanket while he was watching a movie, thinking he was asleep.

Kwang-soo puts an end to Haha and Jae-suk’s bickering about who’s uglier between them by saying they’re both ugly. Haha (to Jae-suk): “You should remain silent about your ugliness, like Gary does!” Gary’s all, Why’re you dragging me into this?!

Both Haha and Jong-kook wear similarly scary-looking stares, and it isn’t long before both start tearing up. Haha blinks first, and Jong-kook comes at him about the question he asked during the game (“Do you like Yoon Eun-hye or Moon Geun-young better?”).

Jae-suk brings up the concept of a “squid” puzzle, which is basically compiling a group of good-looking men in the edges, and the one unfortunate man stuck in the middle is the squid. The results are pretty funny, and then Jae-suk asks the resident squid-of-the-day Kwang-soo to speak.

Gary looks like he’s going to break right at the start, so he desperately calls out Yoon Eun-hye’s name, which causes Jong-kook to blink.

Then it’s the Monday Couple’s turn, and hahahaha—they start making kissy faces at each other. Gary’s the one to blush though, and then Ji-hyo ups the ante by licking her lips seductively. HAHAHA, this is great.

Ji-hyo blinks at least twice afterwards, but this exchange is too funny to cut away from because Gary legit cannot handle himself. But Ji-hyo gets caught the last time, giving Gary the win.

So the Red Team move on to take on the Black Team, the latter of whom take up their pens for a makeover. But two can play at this game and Suk-jin asks for some tape. Omg, they start taping up Suk-jin’s entire body from head to crotch. And yes, you read that sentence correctly.

It honestly looks like Suk-jin has a wedgie, but Jae-suk won’t lose as he tapes up his face. THIS is what variety is all about—it’s going to be fantastic, innit?

OH. MY. GOD. It’s even better than words. I… I… honestly don’t know how to describe this. Jae-suk ends up losing the battle due to pain.

Aw, it’s too bad that both the show and the cast are trying to preserve Woo-bin’s star image today, because we all know it’s a helluva lot funnier when an actor will throw that right out the door (Exhibit A: Jung Woo-sung). But to Woo-bin’s credit, he asks for his face to be taped up, even giving them ideas.

Then at the reveal, Woo-bin goes for it, rolling his eyes backwards to make himself look even stranger. Gary ends up losing. The Black Team wins after another round (picking up more hints), and Kwang-soo jokes that his whole family played this game together earlier. The winner? His mom.

Then it’s to their final mission location where everyone is separated and it’s every man or woman for themselves. They change back into their original black attire, then told of the mission: Find the Ancient Script.

In order to do that, our cast members must search the place for clues (parchment papers) and find the script. Only one name can be written inside, and that person will be the winner. Great secrets are hidden within the hints, which can be stolen away from each other.

Of course Woo-bin and Kwang-soo are well-aware of this mission, but this name-writing mission has a catch: They’ll need to eliminate the other seven cast members, but each nametag corresponds to a certain type of pen. Only by matching these together will they be able to oust the others, and getting it wrong (i.e., writing a name with the wrong pen) will result in their own elimination.

Kwang-soo notices that the word “pen” is written differently, and he wonders if it’s the calligraphy pen in his pocket. It is. Eureka!

Kwang-soo makes sure to tuck that calligraphy pen away before pulling Jong-kook aside later to show him the caseful of pens. A smiling Hyun-woo joins them and his aegyo attempts at trying to get Kwang-soo to open the case are downright adorable.

Even though this is an individual mission, Jong-kook and Kwang-soo convince Hyun-woo that three is a perfect number for an alliance. Aww, Hyun-woo just eats it up excitedly, and Jong-kook warns Kwang-soo against betraying them.

Woo-bin meets up with Kwang-soo after discovering a blank nametag. After reiterating the warning that they run the risk of their own elimination, Kwang-soo tells Woo-bin to try first. He isn’t readily willing to give up information, and when Woo-bin asks why they have to use a calligraphy pen, Kwang-soo sighs, asking if he has to teach him everything.

Kwang-soo offers him a tip: hide the calligraphy pens, but leave the others in the open to confuse the others. A little while later, Kwang-soo tattletales on Jae-suk to Jong-kook, claiming that the grasshopper wanted to steal his case.

Hyun-woo places a hand to Jae-suk’s arm in warning, only to remove it seconds later. Jae-suk is offended being treated this way by his former teammate, giving him a mini-slap in return.

Meanwhile, Ji-hyo discovers a scroll informing her that there’s a spy among them. She’s mighty cautious around Woo-bin, offering that they exchange hints. Once they do, Woo-bin realizes that the parchment scrolls let on about their secret mission. Looks who’s going to have to get a move on.

Woo-bin discovers another blank nametag, in a different color this time, then steps back out to meet Haha and Ji-hyo. As expected, they think the pens Woo-bin has on his person are the pens they need. After distributing bogus pens, Woo-bin’s figured it out: the colors corresponds to the color of the cast member’s buttons.

Wow, that’s super specific, but it turns out to be true, as both Haha and Ji-hyo’s shirts have different-colored buttons. So Jae-suk is wearing green buttons and Jong-kook is wearing red.

It just so happens that Woo-bin has found a blank nametag with a red border already. He writes Jong-kook’s name, and moments later, the speakers blare his elimination.

Haha suspects Kwang-soo, and it’s then he reads his scroll to discover that he must eliminate the spy to learn of the ancient script’s location. The clue doesn’t specify how, but it confirms that spies are afoot.

Suk-jin has discovered the same clue, and so Jae-suk decides to have some fun by checking their surroundings and writing Suk-jin’s name on his palm. Suk-jin does the same, and both argue that the protagonist (meaning themselves) can’t be eliminated so easily.

Elsewhere, Kwang-soo writes down Ji-hyo’s name to eliminate her. She hands over the case to Gary, telling him to remember that there’s a spy among them and not to go wandering around. Our spies’ clues add up to the following so far: “The star…”

Now everyone knows about the spy, but none know how to eliminate them. Until Jae-suk finds a scroll describing how, that is: find the colored nametag that corresponds with the spy to write their name down and eliminate them.

It doesn’t take long for Jae-suk to realize that the spy has the same mission, running around trying to eliminate them via the same method. That’s how Jong-kook was eliminated. Smart, smart.

Haha finds a blank blue-colored nametag (Gary’s), and elsewhere, Hyun-woo shows off a sky-colored nametag to Woo-bin. Little does Hyun-woo know that he’s holding his own elimination in his hands, and Woo-bin quickly checks their surroundings.

Aww, Hyun-woo is so wonderfully naive with the biggest smile on his face, so proud of himself. He doesn’t even mind Woo-bin writing his name on it… until his own elimination is announced. Aw man, I actually feel kinda bad for him.

Unfortunately for our spies, Jae-suk has caught the tail-end of this exchange, and Woo-bin claims that Hyun-woo wrote in his own name. Jae-suk is still suspicious though, and Kwang-soo whispers that they have to eliminate Jae-suk ASAP.

Haha finally figures out the colored buttons-nametag connection and hears Suk-jin’s elimination moments later. It seems Kwang-soo wrote down Suk-jin’s name in secret, and when Woo-bin asks if they’re also at risk, Kwang-soo says no…

…though their black and white buttons indicate yes, their nametags are out in the open, too. Woo-bin casts a suspicious eye on Kwang-soo.

Haha discovers another hint scroll that indicate “baduk” (the pieces are black and white). After sifting through the case, he realizes that Kwang-soo’s pen is the only one that works. So he turns out Kwang-soo’s pockets and takes a handful.

He hands off a pen to Kwang-soo upon his request, but seeing as Kwang-soo asks for one more, Haha deduces that the calligraphy pen must be the one. He starts running with Kwang-soo hot on his tail, then a little later, Jae-suk is eliminated.

Now it’s down to Woo-bin and Kwang-soo vs. Haha and Gary, the last of whom has yet to figure out the rules of the game. Gary shows him a nametag he’s been hiding in his cap—it’s yellow, aka Haha’s. Aw, it’s cute how Gary’s like, “Did I do well?” With a little kiss, Haha tells him: “Yeah, you did.”

Haha hands over Gary’s nametag to him, and elsewhere, Kwang-soo deduces that the others must have one nametag on their person. So Kwang-soo and Woo-bin approach Haha and Gary, to find a nametag.

Haha runs off, allowing our spies to pin Gary to the ground. After discovering Gary’s nametag in his hat, Kwang-soo starts writing his name. And to make things extra cruel, Kwang-soo places the pen in Gary’s hand to write the final character by his own hand.

Gary makes sure to tell the spies that Haha’s basically figured everything out, and Woo-bin figures that Haha must be protecting his own nametag.

Haha and Kwang-soo cross paths and are busy searching each other’s pockets… when the speakers announce Kwang-soo’s elimination. HA, did Woo-bin do that? Oh snap, theBetrayal Icon just got betrayed.

Hahaha, he did. Woo-bin: “Sorry, hyung. I learned this from you.” Truth is, Woo-bin had found Kwang-soo’s nametag a while ago, and he just needed one more clue (via one more elimination) to know where the ancient script is located.

Of course neither Kwang-soo nor Haha have any clue as to what just happened, but now Woo-bin has figured out the clue: the second-floor library. Nothing else matters now as he chucks the scrolls behind him like a boss and shouts into the air: “There’s a spy amongst you! I’m the spy!”

So Woo-bin heads over and writes his name in the ancient script, giving him the win. When everyone gathers together again, he admits that he’s learned one thing in his four RM appearances: betrayal. Well, it sure comes in handy.


Korean Drama

Korean Drama "Pinocchio" Episode 12 Recap

By: Dramabeans

The clock winds down to news hour and both networks begin their broadcasts, with Hyung sitting down for his interview at MSC and Dal-po bracing himself in a sound studio at YGN. Yoo-rae peeks inside the room and pouts at how unfair it is that Dal-po gets the big story for his first official on-camera report, and though she’s in the news lineup tonight as well, she guesses her mother will be asleep before her segment ever airs.

Grandpa fumbles with the remote to hurry and record the news just in case In-ha or Dal-po debut, and Dad tells him not to bother—they can do this every night till the cows come home, but the kids aren’t showing up on that TV.

At YGN, Editor Jo thinks Gyo-dong was rather cruel to have Dal-po break the story about his own brother, but Gyo-dong says stoically that it’s what Dal-po wanted. Though he seems worried too.

We switch over to MSC, where In-ha looks on nervously as Hyung sits down at the news desk next to Mom for his live interview. Mom introduces him as a national hero and even brings up the fact that they’ve met before, thirteen years ago when he came to her to do an interview about his father.

She plays the interview—the good parts this time—and Hyung doesn’t miss the chance to point out on live television that she edited it quite differently then and now. He recounts verbatim what she said thirteen years ago about cutting out his entire my-father-is-a-hero plea in favor of the story she wanted to tell. Mom gets flustered and tries to move on to the next question, and Hyung notes bitterly, “It’s funny how through editing, one person can become the devil, and the other a hero.”

Mom can’t bring herself to admit she was wrong or apologize even when faced with her mistake so baldly, and just says that all the networks were misinformed. But she assures him that she and MSC are more mature now, and they’re the ones who corrected past mistakes and reported his heroism, after all.

But he disagrees and says she’s doing the exact same thing today, only in reverse—thirteen years ago she turned a hero into the devil, and today she turned the devil into a hero, because he’s a killer. He then turns to face the camera and says that he’s a murderer, and that they can find out on YGN. Ha, okay not funny, but kinda funny.

With impeccable timing, YGN breaks the story that “national hero” Ki Jae-myung confessed to murdering three people. As the story airs, Chan-soo watches the broadcast and flashes back to the moment that Dal-po gave him the location of the manhole. He told Chan-soo the truth—that Ki Jae-myung confessed his crimes to him because Dal-po is his brother.

Dal-po’s news report includes an interview with Hyung, which he must have done right after outing himself as the informant. He confesses to killing all three plant workers and provides Dal-po with the evidence, and Dal-po reports that Hyung couldn’t live with the public image of himself as a hero and decided to turn himself in.

In-ha watches the YGN broadcast with bated breath, and at the end of his report, Dal-po signs off, ” Ki Ha-myung, YGN News.”

Oh noooo, Dad and Grandpa! Ugh, I can’t believe they’re finding out this way. They gape at the television and Grandpa murmurs numbly, “What is he saying? Why is he not Choi Dal-po, but Ki Ha-myung?”

Mom sits in the dark at the MSC news desk, stewing in rage, and flings her script into the air. Outside, Dal-po stands at MSC’s door waiting for Hyung to come out. A row of police cars lies in wait to take him away, and Dal-po runs up for one last conversation.

Hyung asks if he did well on his report, and Dal-po nods. Agh, his puppy eyes are just stabbing me in the heart right now. Hyung says he stuck it to Song Cha-ok, and Dal-po can’t hold in his tears any longer as they glance over at the officers waiting to arrest him.

Hyung regrets that their time together has been so short, after being apart for so long. That’s what I’m sayin’! We couldn’t have waited two weeks or just one more pizza before the big confession?

Dal-po cries that he’s sorry for not finding him sooner, and Hyung cradles Dal-po’s face in his hands as he says that this is just the beginning for him now, and he has to battle Song Cha-ok on his own. “Show Song Cha-ok, and me, what a real reporter is.”

Dal-po is sobbing by now, and Hyung holds it together long enough to get in a pinky swear, just like the one they shared the last time they saw each other as kids, and rumples Dal-po’s hair. Dal-po clutches onto Hyung and wails into his chest, not letting go, and Hyung finally lets himself cry as he hugs him back.

At home, Dal-po bows before Grandpa, who asks quietly if he’s found a place to live (he’s moving into Hyung’s old apartment), and if he really has to leave. Grandpa says he doesn’t care what his circumstances are, because to him he’s just his son Choi Dal-po, and asks if living here was so hard for him.

Dal-po chokes back tears as he says yes. What. Why would you break Grandpa’s heart like that?? He LIES that he had a hard time living here, all the while thinking to himself the opposite: “No, I was happy, happy enough that I feel sorry to my brother.”

Grandpa’s heart sinks as he realizes how much Dal-po must have suffered, but then he’s even more heartbroken when Dal-po says he wants to reclaim his real name… and asks for Grandpa to disown him. I hate you for making Grandpa cry. They both shed tears, but Dal-po remains firm in his decision and thinks to himself, “I’m sorry Father. I don’t think I should be happy anymore.”

Dal-po packs his suitcase and Dad saunters in, looking pretty chipper about getting his own room for the first time in his life. He casually asks what happens now between Dal-po and In-ha, and Dal-po assures him that he needn’t worry anymore—they’re over.

Suddenly Dad says, “Don’t go.” Omg, I didn’t know I HAD any tears left. He apologizes for the things he said that might’ve hurt Dal-po’s feelings, and asks him not to go. But Dal-po says he’s sorry and resolutely walks out to the door, and bows to say goodbye to Dad.

It’s then that Grandpa breaks down in wailing sobs alone in his room, and that’s when I lose it too. Dad calls out to both Grandpa and In-ha to come out and say goodbye, but they refuse to come out of their rooms, and In-ha cries against her door as Dal-po leaves.

She finds their family photo left behind on Dal-po’s desk, and in his new home, Dal-po unpacks a recent photo of him and Hyung, and puts it next to their old family photo with Firefighter Dad. On Hyung’s desk, Dal-po finds a pen with the inscription, “To my little brother, Ki Ha-myung.”

Dal-po goes to visit Hyung in jail, and Hyung keep a bright face for Dal-po’s benefit and makes sure that he’ll be at the crime scene reenactment, since it’ll be the last time they can see each other on the outside.

Chan-soo’s detective team leader calls Dal-po cruel for turning his brother in for an exclusive, and Chan-soo is suddenly reminded of the rumors he started in high school about Dal-po. This time he rises to the occasion in Dal-po’s defense, and reassures him that he’ll look out for Hyung at the crime scene.

The place is teeming with reporters, and the MSC team sees Dal-po hanging back behind the crowd and turn their camera on him. But the YGN team plays interference to protect their rookie, which is sweet.

Dal-po has a hard time watching Hyung get swarmed by reporters, and they both remember what it was like to be chased down by cameras in front of their home as kids.

But Hyung is comforted by the sight of Dal-po in the background, and gives a little reassuring nod, and Chan-soo tells him that he doesn’t need to answer the reporters’ questions, ushering him past the crowd.

Dal-po can barely stand by the time he returns to the precinct, and In-ha finds him in that shaky state. He heads to the elevator to avoid her, and she runs over to steady him on his feet and ask if he’s okay.

He pushes her away and tells her that he’s fine, and when she tries to stop him again and calls out his name, he pleads, “Don’t call me by that name. I’m fine, so don’t worry about me and don’t comfort me. Don’t do anything. So that I don’t fall apart, so that I’m not shaken, don’t do anything.” All In-ha can do is stand back and watch him go.

She runs into Mom in the MSC bathroom, and Mom asks if In-ha knew that her uncle was a killer’s brother, thinking it frightening. In-ha just looks back at her with an icy cold stare and retorts, “Why, I’m a killer’s daughter. You killed someone with your words.” Dayum.

Song Cha-ok’s name becomes synonymous with “fabricated news,” and netizens go to town making parody posters of her with movie title puns. Yoo-rae puts her sasaeng skills to use in creating an anti-fan club, and uploads a snarky video of Mom’s lecture at MSC, which seen in hindsight is just Mom digging her own grave.

Yoo-rae is mostly doing this because she feels bad that she fought with Dal-po about his hyung’s story without knowing his connection to it, and says she learned that what is just a news item to them is life and death to someone else.

Mom tries not to let all the bad press get to her, but she’s in as many headlines as Hyung is, and she can’t help but be on edge. She spots Dal-po on her way to work and stops in the street to confront him, acting like she’s above it all and totally not ruffled.

But it’s Dal-po who has the upper hand, and he notes that she must be feeling desperate, since she’s answering questions he never asked, and with a shaky voice at that. “Are you afraid of me now?” She denies it, and he tells her not to ever let on even if she is, or to fall apart easily: “Otherwise it’s no fun.”

Dal-po narrates that he was curious to see what would happen to Song Cha-ok, and whether the story would flame out quickly or catch wind. In the ensuing days, the story only grows bigger, and flames get fanned as people dig up old fabricated news stories.

It grows to citizen protest outside MSC, and a third network reports the story of a man who claims that his bus driving business failed because of Song Cha-ok, who falsely reported that one of his drivers committed suicide because of him.

Mom apologizes to her director and admits to reporting the case as a suicide without checking the medical reports, and even he’s shocked at the extent of her rashness. He tells her she’ll have to give up the anchor spot if this story turns out to be true. You’d think he’d pull her off the desk anyway, given how bad things look, but whatever.

She quietly tells Il-joo to investigate the suicide case and report it directly to her, but Princess calls them out on going over his head when he’s the Cap around here. He says that there’s only one way to prove that the truth is the truth, and assigns In-ha and Beom-jo to the case. Mom looks worried, but that’s exactly what Princess wants—for them to figure out what really happened, whether she wants it or not.

Over at YGN, they discuss going after the bus driver story, and Gyo-dong puts Dal-po on it (he’s calling him Ha-myung now—I’ll consider swapping names, but I like just calling him Dal-po). Yoo-rae gives her best puppy pout, so Cap belatedly adds her to the team too.

Dal-po visits Hyung and tells him about the bus driver case, and how it’s a chance to bring Song Cha-ok down once and for all. She won an award for that story, so if it turns out to be misreported, it’s over for her.

The case involves a 40-something bus driver who was fired for embezzling a measly 600 won (Can it really be called embezzling when it’s fifty cents?) and reportedly committed suicide due to depression after losing his job. Dal-po tells Hyung that if the real story is different, it’ll be enough to knock Song Cha-ok out of the news business for good.

Hyung says he’s looking forward to it, and Dal-po asks after his lawyer. They met once but Hyung seems a little unsure, and says that the lawyer seemed a little off. Dal-po doesn’t like the sound of that and asks for the name and number. Is it a public defender? Please be who I think it is.

Beom-jo calls Mommy to tell her about his latest case, though he sounds utterly deflated as he admits that he’s trying to get over his feelings and make a clean break from In-ha, because it’s too hard being in this fight that he has no chance of winning. He intends to tell In-ha the truth about the text messages, in hopes that if she hates him, it’ll make things easier.

Mommy suggests that he give up on being a reporter too, since it’s a job he started solely to be close to In-ha, and he doesn’t put up much of a fight. He turns down an offer for a blind date saying it’s too soon for that, but Mommy insists on sending a picture anyway, and he gripes until he checks his phone and finds a picture of Suzy. HA. He totally considers it for half a second, but tells himself it’s too soon.

He takes a deep breath and holds a palm to his cheek as he looks at In-ha working, and tells himself that it’s okay—he’ll take the hits if she hits him, and the swears if she swears at him. So he sits down next to her and blurts out the truth, and she slaps him so hard that it leaves a welt on his face and knocks him cheek-first into the wall.

That turns out to be his fearful imagination, but it’s scary enough for him to reconsider the confession, and instead he asks meekly if In-ha is still mad at the person who stole her text messages for thirteen years since things might not be so bad between her and Mom otherwise.

But In-ha thinks it’s the reverse—if Mom had gotten those texts, she probably would’ve told her coldly to stop calling. She used to be mad at the text thief, but she isn’t anymore because that person was like her own personal forest, and her diary for thirteen years.

Beom-jo beams to hear that, but then it dawns on him that this wasn’t the reaction he was seeking if he wanted to cut ties with her. He mutters under his breath that he can’t clean up his feelings if she’s being like this, but it’s clear from the look on his face that he wasn’t really about to stop liking her even if she had left welts on his face.

In-ha and Beom-jo head downstairs to ask the bus company CEO for an interview, and at first he’s resistant to speak to anyone at MSC, but agrees when In-ha explains that she’s a Pinocchio. Dal-po and Yoo-rae come up and ask to join the interview, and Dal-po and In-ha realize that they’re on the same story.

He pulls her aside and orders her to drop the case, which seems a little presumptuous. But thankfully In-ha says as much and tells him to mind his own beeswax. He argues that he’s going to tear her mother down with this story, but seeing her makes it difficult for him and he hesitates out of concern for her. See how breaking up didn’t really solve the nugget of the problem, you two? Angst if you do, angst if you don’t.

But she doesn’t back down: “Don’t concern yourself with me. Fight properly, and don’t hesitate.” She says that she thinks the same—that her mother isn’t fit to be a reporter—and plans to show that to the world.

She adds, “I know how hard it is for you. You’re not fine. You cry yourself to sleep every night and you miss Grandpa every second. But because of your brother you’re pretending to be okay. I know better than anyone that you’re not fine, but I’m not going to worry and I’m not going to comfort you! Because more than anything, I don’t want you to fall apart.” I love it when she’s right.

Il-joo reports to Mom that the bus driver did die of a heart condition and not suicide, and that the family members lied six years ago because they were angry at the bus company for his unfair firing.

At the coffee shop, Beom-jo comes up to Dal-po and tells him that he’s on his side, and offers up Mommy’s power in case she can help get Song Cha-ok ousted. Dal-po gives him a funny look and Beom-jo asks self-consciously if that sounded like he was chaebol-bragging, and he swears that he hates that kind of thing but wanted to make it clear whose side he’s on. That’s so cute.

The four of them split up to interview the victim’s family and coworkers, and Dal-po decides to go see Song Cha-ok directly to ask about the story. Beom-jo hands Dal-po his ID tag so he can get inside MSC, and then stops to point out how this is clearly proof that he’s on Dal-po’s side, heh.

Dal-po finds Mom in the cafeteria and rather enjoys asking if she’s having a hard time right now, adding that he understands what it’s like to be oppressed by false rumors. She gets up to walk away and he follows to ask why she’s not suing for defamation since it’d be so easy to clear her name.

She acts as if it’s not necessary to bother with every little false rumor out there, but Dal-po asks, “Can you prove that they’re false rumors?” It’s exactly what she asked Hyung thirteen years ago outside their house. Mom finally loses her cool and shouts defensively that she CAN prove it, and Dal-po baits her by asking if she checked the medical report before reporting it a suicide.

She says that there was plenty of reason to believe it was a suicide, like his will and his family’s statements. Dal-po just keeps repeating the one question, and she erupts, “I DIDN’T NEED TO CHECK IT!” He smiles and thanks her for answering the question, and walks out of MSC with a smile, as Mom gets the word from her boss to step down from the news desk for the time being.


Korean Drama 'Misaeng' Episode 18 Recap

Korean Drama 'Misaeng' Episode 18 Recap

By: Dramabeans

As he stands in his bedroom Monday morning, Chief Oh remembers his wife’s encouragement to do what he feels is right. He gets dressed in his best business suit and, with his wife’s blessing, heads to the office to meet with the executive director to inform him he’s taken on the project.

The executive director is pleased and immediately starts discussing the deal. But Chief Oh has an important question: “Why me? Why Sales Team 3?” The executive director just chuckles and says it’s because he’s Oh Sang-shik — why should he need any other reason?

Chief Oh informs his staff that they’re going to be working on the executive director’s projects. They’re surprised, but immediately start discussing strategy. Dong-shik’s still worried that Poshin, the company they’re relying on, won’t win the solar energy bid. Even though Chief Oh admits it’s still not guaranteed, they can help Poshin win the bid by sourcing more solar panels.

He sets out tasks for Chief Chun and Dong-shik, and orders Geu-rae to do whatever they ask of him, adding that this won’t be the time for him to turn into “Team Leader Jang” and start philosophizing or coming up with crazy schemes.

Geu-rae’s still confused by what Chief Oh means when he says they’ll use their “connections” set up by the executive director, and Dong-shik and Chief Chun explain the concept of guanxi, or the use of connections and reciprocal favors, which is incredibly important when doing business with China. Even though it’s not Chief Oh’s style, he’s accepted it in order to (as Chief Chun would say) “move away from the stench of toilets.”

Young-yi discovers that her old project (the one Manager Ma forced her to give up) has now been taken up again by the head office, and Chief Jung is happy to tell her that she’ll be working on it again. The assistant managers are still a little worried about how they’ll be treated by Manager Ma (even anticipating that they’ll be the ones moving into Sales Team 3’s poorly located cubicles by the restrooms, ha!), but Young-yi’s delighted, and offers to make everyone a cup of coffee as a way of saying “thank you.”

She runs into Baek-ki on her way to the break room, and points out that he’s wearing the shirt she bought him. Seok-yul joins them, and as he’s making his coffee, he realizes the water jug is empty. He authoritatively tells Young-yi to replace it, but when she gives him the evil eye, he just laughs and tells her he’s just reminding her of what it was like when she was first working with Assistant Manager Ha.

Seok-yul struggles to carry the water jug, and Baek-ki finally takes over, smoothly lifting it into place. As Seok-yul pats his back in gratitude, his encyclopedic knowledge of all things textile kicks in and he points out that Baek-ki’s wearing a shirt made from some quality — and therefore super expensive — fabric.

Baek-ki tries to deflect, asking why Seok-yul is always in their break room when his office is on another floor, but Seok-yul cheerfully says it’s because his floor doesn’t have the fancy coffee machine or Baek-ki and Young-yi. Haha! Young-yi reassures the worried Baek-ki that she didn’t pay that much for the shirt, but their conversation is interrupted by the number saved as “…” calling on Young-yi’s phone.

Back at his desk, Seok-yul sees that they’re still working with the company that routinely is late on deliveries, and worriedly asks Chief Moon about it. But Assistant Manger Sung cockily informs him that they’ve already taken care of the matter by adding a clause to the contract, which states that late deliveries will incur a fee.

In the stairwell, Seok-yul privately asks Assistant Manager Sung why he didn’t tell him about the change to the contract earlier. Assistant Manager Sung taunts him, reminding him that he has more experience than Seok-yul and there’s nothing Seok-yul can do to beat him.

The executive director, sales department head, and Chief Oh have a lunch meeting, and it looks like Chief Oh is the only one who doesn’t want to be there. He initially declines the offer of a drink, until the executive director insists, pouring out a cup for him. The executive director fills him in on the connections he’s made in China, reassuring Chief Oh that they’ll support him.

He adds that it’s important for Chief Oh to make lifelong friendships, and not just dump a contact once their profitability is used up. He even shows that he has Chief Oh on speed dial, telling him they should talk on the phone like they used to.

The rest of Sales Team 3 is busy working on the China project, but when Dong-shik notices that Geu-rae received a text message from the kindergarten teacher, he tells him to answer back right away, because it’s obvious she likes Geu-rae. He sighs that it’s too hard, and relates what happened after they met up with Dong-shik after his blind date dumped him. She had happily followed him home, despite his annoyed reaction, and when he told her to stop texting him meaningless things, she cheerfully told him she’ll only text him useful messages from now on.

Dong-shik laughs at Geu-rae’s woeful expression and tells him to be nice to her because it’s difficult for a woman to be so forward. But Geu-rae looks over at his “contract employee” nameplate and wonders if it’s really the right time to pursue a relationship. Dong-shik tells him of course it is, because if he waits any longer, he’ll turn into a useless old bachelor like Dong-shik.

Chief Oh arrives and Dong-shik informs him that they’ve discovered that Poshin doesn’t have a middle manager; the number they have on file goes straight to the CEO. This concerns Chief Oh, and he reports to the department head, who seems to think it’s actually a benefit because it means they have direct contact with the business owner. Besides, the project’s practically taken care of — all they’re waiting on is the official paperwork to be signed and approved.

But Chief Oh still feels like something’s off, and when he runs into Geu-rae headed out to get sandwiches for the rest of the team, he tells him to work on this project cautiously. At the obvious product placement sandwich shop, Geu-rae runs into Baek-ki, who wryly wishes for the day when they will no longer be the newbies and sent out on such errands.

As they walk back to the office, Geu-rae fills him in on the China project, and Baek-ki’s surprised to hear Chief Oh willingly took it on, knowing how Chief Oh and the executive director don’t get along. He surmises that Chief Oh isn’t just thinking of himself, but he’s doing it for Dong-shik and Chief Chun and — Baek-ki stops himself before he mentions Geu-rae, but he suddenly starts to realize something.

Back in the office, he asks Assistant Manager Kang what happens when a team gets larger or when their position changes. Assistant Manager Kang says that if the team needs more manpower, then the department head can assign more people. Including transferring contract workers to full-time status.

It looks like Baek-ki’s figured out one of Chief Oh’s major motivations, and he carefully watches Geu-rae work diligently alongside the rest of his team. When Baek-ki leaves for the evening, he happens to be heading out at the same time as Chief Oh. Cautiously bringing up the new project, he offers his assistance should Chief Oh need it. Aw.

As Geu-rae works late on the China project, he keeps trying to figure out what exactly bothers him about it. He finds it strange that Chief Oh not only took on a project that isn’t his style, he’s ignored the fact that Poshin didn’t have any middle managers, and instead focused on obtaining solar panels for them. All that’s left is the final approval.

When Chief Oh receives the commission agreement, he’s surprised to see the request for a higher-than-usual commission percentage, as well as the demand that this project be assigned to a specific agent within Poshin. It wasn’t in the written contract they’d originally sent, but the Poshin CEO said it had been a verbal agreement with the executive director — which makes Chief Oh realize that this must be why this project was given to his team.

As Sales Team 3 tries to figure out the logistics of losing so much commission to a company that should be grateful for all they’ve being doing to support it, Geu-rae can’t shake the sense that something still doesn’t feel right. Chief Oh explains his concerns to the department head, who tells him to just approve the contract and let it go, since the company will still make enough of a profit to cover any loss in commission.

Even so, Chief Oh doesn’t feel comfortable about the entire situation, especially since if something goes wrong, it’s the end of Sales Team 3. He tells his staff to hold off on the China project for now. In the meantime, they should record all phone calls and get in touch with one of their representatives in China to find out more about Poshin.

Seok-yul discovers that the company they’ve been having issues with has been previously sued for delivery delays, and asks why Chief Moon still uses such an unreliable company. But Chief Moon is confident in Assistant Manager Sung’s assurance that this company is trustworthy, and besides, they can just fine the company for any delivery issues per the revised contract.

Aw, Baek-ki bought Young-yi a new pair of high heels, and he awkwardly tries to find a way to give them to her in the office before resorting to a text message, telling her to meet him outside. He tries to hide his nervousness as he hands over the shoes, explaining that it’s “repayment” for the shirt. Seok-yul the moment-killer arrives just as she’s trying them on, and he blithely tells her that he’d wanted to buy her shoes, too, since he’d noticed her wobbly heel, so he’s glad Baek-ki did it for her.

But he’s actually there for a purpose, which is to get their opinion about the situation with the unreliable company and Assistant Manager Sung. They give him blank looks as he rattles off the issues he’s having, but it doesn’t matter that they don’t really know what he’s talking about, because he’s come to his own conclusion: Assistant Manager Sung must be getting a kickback — it’s the only explanation why he’s so determined to keep using such an unreliable company.

Chief Oh calls the One International representative in China and finds out that Poshin’s never had such a high commission or assigned a special commission agent to a project before. Because it’s such a small company, they should be happier with a smaller profit margin since working with One International would mean a reliable contract.

When he informs Dong-shik and Chief Chun about this situation during a private rooftop meeting, Chief Chun asks if this means that the executive director is getting a kickback. Dong-shik thinks that they should drop the project because it’s not worth losing their jobs over, and doesn’t understand why Chief Oh is hesitatant. Is there something else about this project that makes him willing to risk everything? Chief Oh quietly admits that Geu-rae’s future is on the line.

Geu-rae’s at his desk, lost in thought, when Baek-ki walks by. He asks what Geu-rae’s so worried about, but Geu-rae says it’s nothing. Baek-ki tells him that he doesn’t exactly know what’s going on, but he encourages Geu-rae to keep working hard on this project and trust Chief Oh. As he walks away, Geu-rae calls out after him, asking him why he should.

Baek-ki reminds him that he said this project would mean Chief Oh could be promoted and build up the team. Hesitating, he adds that if Chief Oh becomes the department head, he could make Geu-rae into a full-time employee.

Geu-rae is stunned by this realization, as is Dong-shik, up on the roof, where he’s just found out the exact same thing. If Chief Oh decides to stay on with the project, it could mean trouble for the team — but if he decides to give it up, it means losing Geu-rae. Chief Chun points out that they don’t know for sure if the executive director is receiving a kickback, and Dong-shik also agrees that they should continue, for Geu-rae’s sake.

Determined to get to the truth of the matter, Geu-rae finds Chief Oh on the roof, and he immediately asks if Chief Oh is doing all this because of him. If so, he requests that Chief Oh stop. Chief Oh scoffs at Geu-rae’s arrogance, telling him to knock it off and get back to work. But Geu-rae’s figured out what has been bothering him about the project, and why Chief Oh has been acting out of character: “Please stop trying to save me!”

He doesn’t want to put the team in danger just so Chief Oh might have a chance to make him a full-time employee. But Chief Oh yells at him, angrily telling him that he’s able to put aside his personal opinion of the executive director to get his work done. Does he think that the executive director is less invested in the success of One International than Geu-rae, who’s only been here for such a short time?

Chief Oh tells him that he’ll find a way to make this project succeed so that no one will be troubled. And if that means a chance to save Geu-rae, then he’ll do that, too, because he doesn’t know if he’ll get another opportunity — or if he’ll have the determination to try so hard if that chance comes around again.

Baek-ki’s pleased to see Young-yi admiring her new shoes, and as they walk out of the office together, Young-yi suddenly stops short at the sight of an unfamiliar man. It’s her father, and Baek-ki politely excuses himself when Young-yi’s father asks her to get some dinner with him.

Young-yi sits stiffly at the table as he slurps down his supper, catching her up on life back home. She’s irritated that he figured out where she works, and becomes even more annoyed when it turns out he went to talk to Team Leader Shin. He tells her that he went to pay his respects to someone who had leant him so much money. She’s not at all surprised to learn that her father only tracked her down to ask for more money. She quietly asks him what can she do to escape him, and he simply tells her to wire the money. Ooof.

Baek-ki walks past the restaurant, watching her father leave while Young-yi hangs her head at the table. He offers to buy her a drink, and they sit outside in silence until she shows him that the mysterious caller is her father. She explains that her father had been disappointed that she wasn’t a son, and nothing she had done could ever please him. But when she got the job at Samjung, her father had jumped on the opportunity to help his constant financial insecurity by having her take out loans.

That still wasn’t enough, and unbeknownst to her, her father went to Team Leader Shin to ask for more money. When she found out, it was shattering to her, especially since she respected Team Leader Shin for teaching her that being a woman wasn’t something to be ashamed of, and that she was worthwhile — both as a person and employee.

After she quit her job, she stayed at home, utterly depressed until she saw a documentary about office workers, and realized she wanted to be back in that world — to live her life again. Once she finishes telling her story, Baek-ki senses the awkwardness behind her moment of vulnerability, and tries to lighten the mood by offering to see a horror movie with her, telling her that he’s getting better at handling them. Awww.

Geu-rae stays late in the office, thinking about everything Chief Oh had told him on the rooftop. Chief Oh sits at his dining room table, drinking beer in the dark, also thinking over what he told Geu-rae.

Seok-yul’s still convinced that Assistant Manager Sung is being bribed, and when he heads downstairs to talk it over with Geu-rae, he sees Geu-rae looking serious and deep in thought. Deciding it would be better to leave him be, he heads to the break room to make a cup of coffee, and when Young-yi and Baek-ki enter, he yells at them for not taking care of “our Geu-rae.” Young-yi has no idea what’s going on with Geu-rae, and Baek-ki lies that he doesn’t know, either.

Chief Oh snaps Geu-rae out of his reverie by asking him what he’s thinking about, and then reminds him that their conversation from last night is over, so he should just focus on his work. But Geu-rae still has more to say, and he tells Chief Oh that if he or the team end up endangered because of this project, then it’s all useless. His voice breaks as he tells Chief Oh that just the thought Chief Oh wanted save him is enough for him.

He tries to compose himself outside, and his mother calls him, asking what dry cleaners he left is neckties at. Before she hangs up, he asks if she regrets that she was never able to take part in the public service job she would have received if he hadn’t passed his internship test. Mom is as blunt as ever when she tells him that of course she does.

When Geu-rae returns to the office, Chief Oh is gone. His phone starts ringing, and Geu-rae hesitates a moment before going over to Chief Oh’s desk to answer it. It’s the One International representative in China, and Geu-rae explains that Chief Oh is away, but since they’re recording the phone calls, he can give him the recording as a message.

The representative explains how strange it is for Poshin to have those conditions in their contract, especially since One International is the reason that Poshin will likely win the solar energy bid in the first place. Geu-rae asks him if it seems like they should be the ones receiving the respect instead of giving it to the other company, which is how the executive director has currently set up their “guanxi” relationship.

But before he can get any further, Chief Oh returns and roars out Geu-rae’s name as he catches him on his phone.


Korean Drama 'Modern Farmer' Episode 18 Recap

Korean Drama 'Modern Farmer' Episode 18 Recap

By: Dramabeans

Min-ki strides into Hyun-suk’s dressing room and decks him, yelling, “I’m Yoon-hee’s brother and Min-ho’s uncle, you bastard!” when asked who he is. He gets in another good punch before Hyun-suk’s manager gets between them.

Back home in Hadurok-ri, Han-chul accidentally lets slip that Min-ho’s father was in town, fueling questions by Aunt and Uncle that Yoon-hee doesn’t want to answer. She’s saved from further inquiry by a phone call telling her that Min-ki was arrested in Seoul, and she runs out to get him. Hyuk tries to go with her but this time she tells him she needs to go alone.

When she gets to the police station Min-ki isn’t in a mood to talk, though Hyun-suk is there and pulls Yoon-hee aside. She apologizes for Min-ki, and Hyuk says he was going to let it go but his manager called the police.

Hyun-suk has the nerve to ask if Yoon-hee thought about what he offered earlier, and Yoon-hee’s contrite attitude changes to anger as she reminds him that she wants nothing from him. Hurt, she asks if he’s not even curious about his son since he’s never asked about Min-ho. At least the jerk has the grace to look embarrassed.

Yoon-hee rounds on Min-ki outside the station, demanding to know why he took matters into his own hands. He says he overheard their conversation, and he’s angry right back at her for doing nothing after what Hyun-suk said. Yoon-hee reminds him again not to worry about her and Min-ho, and Min-ki yells that he tried but he can’t help himself.

Yoon-hee tells him that she can’t stand his pity and warns him one last time to stop, and starts to walk away. Min-ki grabs her hand and says it’s not sympathy or pity. He admits that he doesn’t understand his feelings either, but he knows that’s not it.

They both feel a little weird on the drive home, and Min-ki finally breaks the silence to ask Yoon-hee to stop for food. Watching him eat, she admits that she does feel better now, since she’d been regretting that she hadn’t slapped Hyun-suk herself. Ha. She reminds him he was still wrong, but the tension is broken.

When they get home, Yoo-na asks Min-ki to speak privately. He starts to apologize for worrying her, but that’s not what she wants to talk about, and she asks him to go back to Seoul with her. Her scandal has quieted, and his farming is done, and she wants to go back.

Min-ki says that he’s not finished with why he came here — he still intends to make an album. He says he’d rather die than live without hopes or dreams, and tells her to go alone if she wants to go.

Yoon-hee gets ready for bed, and she can’t keep Min-ki’s words that he doesn’t know what he’s feeling from her mind. Meanwhile Min-ki lies in bed with Hyuk and Han-chul, and Hyuk starts to talk about something, but stops himself.

Man-gu asks Soon-boon if she’s heard from little sister Yi-ji, and she tells him she hasn’t heard anything. He overreacts when his mom wonders why he wants to know, because hetotally doesn’t care how she is, not even a little. Yeah right.

Sang-deuk and Mi-young meet secretly in her car, and she’s shocked to see the state he’s in after hiding a few days from his mother. She tells him again to go home and he refuses, but he hugs her and asks her to hang in there and he’ll convince his mom. He’s startled by a face outside the window — it’s Eun-woo, who’s just seen her mom hugging that weird ajusshi.

Mom and daughter talk back home, and the pint-sized tyrant forbids her mother to marry that guy, saying she hates him. She’s adamant and doesn’t want to listen to reason, kicking her mom out of her room. Sang-deuk tells Mi-young to go on to work and he’ll stay here and bring Eun-woo around. His first attempt gets him a stuffed animal to the face before he steps a single foot into her room, ha.

The guys try again to sell cabbages from the truck, with no more luck than before. Han-chul asks Min-ki why he reacted that way to Min-ho’s dad and asks if he likes Yoon-hee, then laughs like a loon at his own “joke,” oblivious to the fact that Min-ki and Hyuk aren’t laughing with him.

Ki-joon is back home, miserable as he delivers jokbal for his family’s restaurant. His mom orders him to get back to studying for the civil service exam again, because she doesn’t want him working at the restaurant anymore. Ki-joon looks torn — he doesn’t want to be in civil service, but it’s sweet of his mom to want something better for him.

Ki-joon sits outside and looks at the photo of himself and Bul-ja, when suddenly he’s joined by Min-ki, Han-chul, and Hyuk. They engage in the time-honored male apology tradition of thumping him repeatedly, and everything is forgiven. It’s sweet that they respect his decision and don’t ask him to come back (but I want him to come back!).

When the guys get home they’re exhausted, but without much to show for their attempts to sell the cabbage. Han-chul sighs that his life is coming to a pathetic end, but Hyuk and Min-ki just assume he’s being overly-dramatic.

Sang-eun comes screeching into the room with a great idea, inspired by her viral “fish slap” video. She offers to record a music video for the band, and next thing you know they’re dressed like country bumpkins and surrounded by cabbages. HA, the “I hate my life” look on Hyuk’s face just kills me. And aww, they even drew a face on one cabbage as a stand-in for Ki-joon.

They record themselves singing “When Love Comes,” and Sang-eun promises they’ll be stars once this video goes online. She says they should change the band name to match their country concept, and the guys agree just to pacify her. She suggests the name “Farmer” and Hyuk says it’s too old-fashioned, grumbling that they should sound more modern… and “Modern Farmer” is born.

Hee, the way Min-ki pronounces “Modern Farmer” is kind of adorable. The guys aren’t that hopeful but Sang-eun swears they’ll be overnight hits. Han-chul wishes a gold nugget would just fall from the sky and solve all their problems.

That night, a gold nugget falls from the sky. No really.

In the morning a local farmer finds a hole in one of his greenhouses, and a large meteor in the greenhouse itself. The guys see the farmer, holding the meteor and being interviewed by the press. A meteor expert is also interviewed, and he says that a meteor this size can be worth hundreds of thousands of dollars to the finder.

You can practically see the dollar signs in the guys’ eyes to hear that the experts think there may be other fallen meteors in the area. They run home just long enough to gasp out the news about the meteor and their plan to find another one to fund their album, and run back out again.

After they leave, Yoon-hee tells her aunt her idea to make kimchi from the cabbage the boys grew and sell that, determined to help them figure out a way to salvage the cabbage crop and recover their investment. Yoo-na gets a strange look in her eye, and leaves the room to call her sleazy CEO. She tells him that she’ll come back, on one condition, but we don’t get to hear the deal she makes with the devil.

Hadurok-ri is soon overrun with meteor hunters, causing Soo-yeon and Mi-ja to panic that someone might find the money they’ve been searching for. They decide to abandon the mural pretense, and find the money before anyone else can get at it.

At Mi-young’s house Sang-deuk has apparently been trying to cajole Eun-woo for quite some time, and he’s resorted to offering to do all her homework and even agreeing to get plastic surgery since she hates his face. The little sass just scoffs at his offers, even when he swears to give up drinking. She orders him out, reinforcing it with another stuffed animal upside the face.

Man-gu goes to see Yi-ji at the coffee shop and demands to know when she’ll come home. She says she’ll come home when she’s earned enough to buy a coffee shop, and he tells her she’ll never save that much working part time. He throws an envelope down in front of her, and she opens it to find the papers for the coffee shop he’s bought her. Aww, the big softie.

In-ki takes Soon-boon to a temple on their date, getting his flirt on right away and impressing her. When they go to bow, Soon-boon lets out a tiny fart, and she’s horrified to think that In-ki may have heard it. Oh, he heard it, and he hears the second one she lets loose, too. But he’s a gentleman and doesn’t mention it, even managing a little toot of his own to make her feel better. It shouldn’t be, but that’s so cute.

Hyuk tests all the rocks they find with a magnet, since a true meteor will be made of iron and very heavy. Han-chul hauls over a large pitted rock and tests it… and the magnet sticks. They found one!

A photo to an expert pretty much confirms it, and they drive down the road with Min-ki cradling the meteor like a baby. Hyuk points out that they should be careful since this is the point at which something usually goes wrong and the roads are icy today. So of course Han-chul punches the gas, hits some ice, and runs them off the road.

They end up with the nose of the truck hanging half over the icy river, carefully balanced by their weight in the cab and the cabbages in the truck bed. Hyuk has them slowly lean back to stabilize them, and Min-ki calls the police but he doesn’t know where they are.

They’re still too heavy in front, so Hyuk tells everyone to take off a layer of clothes and throw them out the window to reduce weight. The truck shifts again and they frantically take off another layer, but when they’re still too heavy, Hyuk is the first to realize they need to throw out the meteor, as it’s the heaviest thing left in the cab.

Han-chul and Min-ki fight it, but they’re forced to give up the meteor — as much as it’s worth, it’s not worth their life. They all sob as they watch the meteor tumble into the water below, seeing their dream of making an album tumble into the icy river.

Man-gu brings Yi-ji home, feeling better with one less thing to worry about. They spot a couple walking hand-in-hand, and realize with horror that it’s their mother and In-ki. They holler at them, and Soon-boon and In-ki make a run for it.

Mi-young appeals to Sang-deuk’s mother herself, who’s still taken to her bed. She tells her how much she loves him and promises to take good care of him, and Sang-deuk’s mom throws off the covers and sits up with a smile. But she’s still unconvinced, as she grabs her club and goes after Mi-young this time.

The boys are rescued and back home, depressed to think of their meteor in that deep, freezing water. Hyuk remembers the video that Sang-eun was to upload for them, and they brighten to think of all the views they must have. But they’re disappointed to see they only have three views. Oh ouch.

They’re given hope again almost immediately when Yoo-na comes to tell them her CEO has been wanting to manage a band, and has offered them an audition. Oh, so this was the deal she made to go back to Seoul. She assures Min-ki that the CEO has forgotten about the past, though Hyuk looks skeptical.

He follows Yoo-na outside to ask what her intention is for all this, but she plays innocent and says she doesn’t have any intention — the CEO really does just want to manage a band. Hyuk doesn’t believe her (and neither do I) but she coldly cuts him off and goes inside.

Min-ki and Han-chul excitedly tell Yoon-hee about their audition, and she’s genuinely happy for them. Min-ki has even called Ki-joon, but he’s apparently not answering, so he says if it goes well he’ll call him again afterward. Yoon-hee looks at the information she’s been gathering to sell their cabbages as kimchi, but she’s not upset they may have found another way.

The guys go for their audition, and the CEO tells them they’re still good and that he’ll call them soon with his decision. Min-ki and Han-chul can barely contain their excitement, but Hyuk is sullen to the point of being disrespectful. After they leave, the CEO calls Yoo-na and tells her he’ll make them an album as he promised, and orders her back to Seoul.

Exhausted, Soo-yeon and Mi-ja despair that they’ll never find the hidden money with all the meteor hunter around and more coming all the time. But they’re about to have a bigger problem, because the man who told Soo-yeon about the money is back in town for his stolen stash.

He finds the spot in Min-ki’s field where he hid the money, but it’s been covered by a huge stack of cabbages. He runs (literally) into Mi-ja, and Soo-yeon recognizes him. He immediately figures out that she came to find his money while he was unconscious, but she stands up to him and yells that it’s not his money either, because he stole it first. This girl has major cojones, because she even goes so far as to threaten to tell the assemblyman where to find him if he doesn’t tell her where the money is.

That night Min-ki sits outside and looks at the stars, looking rather sad, and Yoon-hee joins him and asks if he spoke to Ki-joon. He has, but Ki-joon doesn’t want to rejoin the band and Min-ki can’t get him to change his mind.

Min-ki says he’s excited to go back to Seoul, but he can’t stop thinking about cabbages, and the villagers. Yoon-hee tells him Min-ho will miss him a lot when he goes, and he asks if she’ll miss him too. She teases that she’ll be relieved when he’s gone, but Min-ki soberly says that he’ll miss her, joking sadly that he’ll have nobody to fight with without her.

Ki-joon goes out with friends from his civil service exam study class, but he spends more time staring at his phone than socializing. He thinks about the call from Min-ki, when he’d been momentarily excited to hear about the album, but had told Min-ki that a dream is just a dream and he doesn’t want to torment himself with hope anymore. That’s so sad.

Ki-joon’s friends drag him to a noraebang, but he can’t stop the thoughts in his head and soon decides to leave. In the hallway he sees a drunk customer manhandling one of the employees but he turns to go — but when she speaks up to protest, he recognizes her voice. Ohmygosh, it’s Bul-ja!

The drunk grabs her again to drag her into the room, and Ki-joon yells at him to let her go and punches him. He leads Bul-ja outside and rounds on her for working in such a skeevy place, but she says she has no choice because of her mother’s hospital bill. Ki-joon is furious, but Bul-ja cries that this is the only job she can get and she hates it too, and it deflates his anger.

The drunk follows them out with a burly friend, and tries to push Bul-ja back into the building. Ki-joon goes after him, but he’s the one who gets punched this time. Bul-ja tries to calm the customer and he pushes her down, which causes Ki-joon to completely lose control.

The police are close and break up the fight, and say they’re taking everyone to the station to find out what happened. Bul-ja gets that hunted look in her eye again, knowing she’ll be deported if they find she’s here illegally. The policeman asks to see her ID and for the third time since they met, Ki-joon distracts the authorities and yells at her to run for it.

Bul-ja runs, but this time she only goes a few steps before she stops and turns back. Ki-joon screams at her to go, but she hesitates, unwilling to leave Ki-joon behind again.


Korean Drama 'Misaeng' Episode 17 Recap

Korean Drama 'Misaeng' Episode 17 Recap

By: Dramabeans

The office is abuzz with everyone hard at work, and Dong-shik and Chief Chun exchange glances when Geu-rae explains over the phone that the point of contact for this project has changed “for internal reasons” to Dong-shik, and to call his extension instead. Assistant Manager Kang chides Baek-ki for not having the data on their deal with Turkey at the ready because he’s still focused on his own project. Baek-ki sheepishly apologizes that he’s not great at multi-tasking.

Chief Jung compliments Young-yi on how excellent her documents are, and she jokes that it’s about time he noticed. The rest of the resource team members are astonished at her sass, but Chief Jung appreciates the fact she’s been studying witty comebacks. Seok-yul (with center-parted hair!) reports to Chief Moon about the progress he’s made with the factory and finding subcontractors that will help complete the order. Chief Moon is grateful, but Assistant Manager Sung watches them in silent frustration.

The old Seok-yul is definitely back, since he’s cornered Baek-ki and Geu-rae in the break room, trying to convince them to spend Friday night with him and some pretty flight attendants. The other two are resistant to the idea of going on a group blind date, but Seok-yul tells them it’s their duty. Besides, how else are they going to meet any girls since the only other woman they regularly see is Young-yi. Wait, does that mean the cute kindergarten teacher is no more?

Of course, Young-yi arrives just at that moment, and the boys try to awkwardly disperse when Young-yi asks them why they were talking about her. But when Deputy Director Sun’s staff enters, griping about their new assignment, all four newbies quietly file out of the room.

Seok-yul explains that Deputy Director Sun took on a humanitarian project to send blankets to Pakistan after an earthquake, and Baek-ki realizes that it’s sure to be a failure since it will require a lot of work with no guarantee of profit, and her team expressly doesn’t want to work on it. Young-yi also notes that Deputy Director Sun has been looking exhausted lately. When she asks again why the boys were talking about her, they all suddenly find excuses to leave. Haha!

Chief Oh carefully and thoughtfully goes through the files that had been handed down by the executive director. If he can complete the project, it’s a $500 million contract for the company. But the first project is needed in order to pave the way to the big money-making contract, and the department head reassures Chief Oh that it’s sure to go through since the executive director has been working on his connections with China for at least a year.

When Chief Oh reveals the projects to Chief Chun and Dong-shik, the latter is surprised that they’ve been given such high-profile assignments, feeling like there must be a catch. The ever-practical Chief Chun thinks that they should accept the assignments, since it means it will look good on their performance review — by passing on it, they could risk looking like they’re totally incompetent and unable to complete even easy projects.

But those “connections” might not be exactly legal, and Chief Oh points out that their team could be blamed if it falls through. Besides, the big contract relies on the executive director’s expectation that the company they have connections with will win a solar power bid, and there’s a chance that could fall through.

During a smoke break, Dong-shik admits to Chief Chun that he wants to take on the project because if they succeed, then their team will finally be respected. But he still doesn’t understand why the executive director is so determined to have this project succeed, or why he gave it to Sales Team 3. Chief Chun explains that this project will be the executive director’s way of being promoted to vice president — but only if it goes through, of course.

By assigning it to Sales Team 3 instead of another sales team, the executive director also covers himself in case the project fails. Because then Sales Team 3 will be blamed, and finally he can rid himself of that “toothache.” Dong-shik points out that it’s even less likely that Chief Oh will agree to these projects, then, since he won’t want to either support or be the fall guy for the executive director.

Chief Oh returns from a demonstration of the Chinese factory products with a chatterbox factory manager, MANAGER SEO, following behind like an over-eager puppy who could put Seok-yul to shame with his constant babbling and incessant salesmanship. If you thought this face looks familiar, you’d be right — it’s the same guy Geu-rae chased through the streets of Amman in the first episode.

The older staff seem to know his schtick and immediately shut down his attempts to sell them products, but when Manager Seo is introduced to Geu-rae, he immediately asks if there are any other newbies. Our favorite four are his captive audience as Manager Seo reveals jars of “rare” honey. Seok-yul is ready to walk out when he hears Manager Seo’s ridiculous claims as to why this honey is supposedly so special, but is immediately suckered back in when Manager Seo says this honey is good for a man’s virility.

When Young-yi proudly presents three honey pots to the rest of her team as a gift, they all chuckle to themselves, amazed that Young-yi of all people fell for Manager Seo’s scam. But Chief Jung plays along, kindly thanking her and reassures her that they’re happy to receive the honey. But when Baek-ki happily hands over his “special honey” gift, Assistant Manager Kang bluntly tells him he was duped.

Sales Team 3’s bemused reactions at Geu-rae’s pot of honey fall somewhere between the other two, with Dong-shik telling him it’s good he’s helping Manager Seo since he’s going through some troubles, and Chief Chun admitting they all know Manager Seo through his scams. But when Dong-shik searches everywhere for the fountain pen that was on his desk moments ago, Geu-rae realizes that he had seen the pen in Manager Seo’s pocket.

There isn’t much time to fret about a lost pen, because the assistant manager of Sales Team 2 excitedly informs Chief Go that he got promoted, along with another assistant manager who had only been working at the company for a year. The celebrations are too much for good-natured Dong-shik, who quietly escapes to the break room.

Chief Oh soon follows and Dong-shik admits that he had hopes he’d be promoted, too. He blames being passed over this round due to the fact that he turned down a promotion that would have him working in the Congo a couple of years ago. Chief Oh quietly tells him that’s not the reason, but Dong-shik refuses to hear any other explanation.

Concerned about meeting deadlines, Seok-yul privately recommends to Assistant Manager Sung that they change suppliers, since the company they’ve been working with always delivers late. But Assistant Manager Sung deflects by bringing up his old “Wall-dog” nickname, and calling him a bastard when Seok-yul implies there might be suspicious connections between Assistant Manager Sung’s loyalty to a untrustworthy company.

Assistant Manger Sung grabs his collar, but Seok-yul shakes him off, insisting that he stop calling him “bastard” and instead think about what’s best for the company. Assistant Manager Sung is primed for a fight, and tells the “sociopath bastard” that they’ll see who ends up leaving One International first: him or Seok-yul.

Chief Oh and Chief Go step out for a smoke break, which is really just an excuse so Chief Go can check in with Chief Oh about Dong-shik. Below them, the other assistant managers gather for their own coffee break, and Assistant Manager Sung loudly expresses his opinion on the fact that Dong-shik got passed over for a promotion.

Chief Go tries to move along, but Chief Oh stays to eavesdrop on Assistant Manager Sung, who insists that Chief Oh is the reason Dong-shik wasn’t promoted — he spends too much time focused on risky projects, not thinking of the impact it has on his team members. Even if Sales Team 3 gets along, it’s better to be part of a team that may not like each other, but produces profitable results.

Dong-shik finds out about everything the guys said, and when the assistant managers go out for drinks that night in celebration of the promotion, he drunkenly tells them all off, saying they don’t know the first thing about Chief Oh. He reminds them that he hates swearing, and then proceeds to curse them all out. Pfft.

When Assistant Manager Sung calls him a sociopath, Dong-shik lunges forward, ready for a fight. Time to break up the party, and the rest of the assistant managers help Dong-shik (still flailing in his attempt to fight Assistant Manager Sung) stumble out of the restaurant.

Chief Oh stays late at the office, lost in thought. He’s surprised to realize that everyone’s gone home for the day, except for Geu-rae, who’s still there simply because Chief Oh is still there. Chief Oh tells him to leave, adding one of his Yoda-isms that the people you meet can change your life. If you follow a fly, you’ll end up in the toilet. But if you follow a honey bee, you’ll end up in a flower garden. Geu-rae smiles: “So that’s why I’m in a flower garden.” Aw.

As the assistant managers prepare to go their separate ways, they try to figure out who will be responsible for the drunken Dong-shik, who’s still in prime fighting spirit even though he can barely walk. They all have their excuses as to why they can’t take him home with them, and it’s hilarious how they all immediately look to the only sober one, Assistant Manager Kang, who can only come up with the excuse that his house isn’t clean. Ha!

So they end up at a hotel room, instead — all of them except for Assistant Manager Sung, that is. Dong-shik’s passed out on the hotel bed, and the rest of them reminisce about how close they used to be when they were all newbies together. Assistant Manager Kang refuses to join them as they all sprawl out on the king-sized bed, saying that he’ll be leaving soon. But he still sticks around as everyone falls asleep together, he in a chair and everyone else on the bed. Super cute.

The next morning, Dong-shik shuffles into the office, nursing a terrible hangover. During a private rooftop chat, Chief Oh asks Dong-shik if he wants to be transferred to another team, since he knows it isn’t easy being a part of Sales Team 3.

Dong-shik admits that he knows about all the smack-talk the other assistant managers did, but tells Chief Oh not to worry, because he doesn’t agree with them. He likes working with Chief Oh — it’s as simple as that. He promises that if he ever wants to transfer to another team, he’ll let Chief Oh know.

Deputy Director Sun is driving home from the airport from a business trip, busy organizing meetings over the phone. She’s too tired to keep driving, though, so she pulls over to the side of the road, steps out of the car for some fresh air, and immediately collapses.

When they hear that she’s been rushed to the hospital, Chief Oh and Deputy Director Sun’s staff immediately leave to check on her. When they arrive at the hospital, her husband tells them she collapsed due to exhaustion from stress and overwork, and will need to be in the hospital for a few days to rest and recover. Deputy Director Sun’s husband blames himself for her collapse because they’d recently fought about work. He was recently promoted at his job, and told her to quit. But she refused, saying that her job has become a big part of who she is, and she needs to keep herself intact in order to keep her family intact.

Deputy Director Sun’s staff beg Chief Oh to convince her to ditch the Pakistan project, since they know it’s a sure failure. When he brings it up to her, telling her to focus on resting and trust her staff to take care of it, she wonders if she should give it up completely. She explains that she had considered quitting when her husband got his promotion, but decided to stay on.

She then overheard her staff complaining that this meant they would have to wait longer to be promoted, and that’s when she realized that her staff, whom she thought of as family, only saw her as a stepping stone up the corporate ladder.

Chief Oh returns to the office, running into the executive director as he’s headed to the elevator. The executive director asks after Deputy Director Sun, adding that Chief Oh had his own stress-related health issues, too.

The executive director apologizes that there wasn’t anything he could do about keeping Geu-rae’s name on his project, but he can only follow the company’s rules. He cryptically adds that Chief Oh needs more power, because it’s not good for the company to keep switching out contract workers and spend so much time and resources retraining them.

Chief Oh marches to Deputy Director Sun’s staff and tells them that he’ll help them out on the Pakistan project, but they once again wheedle him to convince her to give it up. But Chief Oh remembers how she thought of them as family, and when he returns to his desk, asks Geu-rae to get Seok-yul on the line, wanting to see the files for the Pakistan blanket project. He puts the kibosh on their Friday night plans by telling them he expects Geu-rae and Seok-yul at a certain hotel first thing in the morning.

Saturday morning, Geu-rae arrives at the hotel room as requested, surprised to see Young-yi answering the door. Baek-ki’s there, too, but when Young-yi says Chief Oh asked her to help out this weekend, Baek-ki admits Chief Oh threatened him. Ha! A few seconds later, Seok-yul arrives, and hands over the sample blanket Chief Oh had requested — except this is excess fabric that the factory was originally unable to sell, and thus will be much cheaper to produce than the fabric Deputy Director Sun originally planned to use.

They spend hours combing through the data that Deputy Director Sun had compiled for the project, and as Seok-yul sweet-talks his factory ajusshis into finding some free space on the factory line, Geu-rae starts to transcribe the recording of Deputy Director Sun’s meeting with the Pakistan representative. Except it’s all in English, so he wordlessly hands it over to Young-yi. Aw, it’s like nothing has changed since his first day. As she translates, he types everything up.

By the time evening rolls around, Chief Oh is asleep on the sofa. Geu-rae takes the sample blanket from Seok-yul to cover Chief Oh, and the newbies slip outside for a break. Over cans of beer, Seok-yul admits he’s amazed that everyone volunteered to work on a project that doesn’t affect any of their departments, and wonders if he were in a situation like Deputy Director Sun, if they would react the same as Chief Oh, helping each other out. Then he hilariously predicts what everyone’s reactions would be based on their personalities.

Chief Oh wakes up to find the newbies gone, and looks through the presentation file on the laptop, impressed by what they’ve put together. When he opens the door to the bedroom, he sees the newbies sprawled out and fast asleep, and immediately takes a picture of them with his phone.

Task completed, they leave the hotel Sunday evening, and Chief Oh thanks them for their help. Seok-yul’s ready to take advantage of the fact they’ve still got a few hours left in their weekend, but he’s interrupted in detailing his plans by everyone’s phone buzzing with a text from Chief Oh. Along with the message telling them to “remember this passionate day” is the picture of them all asleep. They all promise each other to never mention this again as they delete the picture off their phones.

Chief Oh is happy to share the picture with Deputy Director Sun as he shows her the presentation they put together, and as she laughs, they remember when they used to work that hard when they were newbies. She’s thankful for all the work they’ve put into the presentation, but she’s curious as to why Chief Oh was so determined to “heal” himself by doing this extra work. He explains the situation with the executive director’s projects, and wonders why he puts up with it all.

She guesses that Chief Oh’s realized that this project handed down from the executive director will end up being the true test between them. Since the project means the executive director could be promoted to vice president, he’ll be forced to support Sales Team 3. She also reminds him that if they succeed in completing the project, then Chief Oh will be promoted to department head. If he’s department head, then per the company manual, he gets to decide how his department is staffed — which means he could keep Geu-rae on permanently and promote Dong-shik.

At home, his wife fixes a late dinner for him as he ponders Deputy Director Sun’s words. They have a sweet moment of husband-and-wife banter before she sits down at the table with him, quietly asking him to tell her what’s going on. He asks if he can be responsible for someone else again.

She tells him to let go of Eun-ji (the previous contract worker who died). Chief Oh’s wife knows that he didn’t do anything wrong, and if he could go back in time, she knows he would do the same thing that he did before — and she would support him. He should focus on doing what he thinks is right and not be so worried about what he can’t control.

In the morning, the men of Sales Team 3 stare in amazement at Chief Oh’s empty desk — he’s never called in sick before, so the fact that he’s taken the morning off is unnerving. Geu-rae thinks it must be because he worked so hard over the weekend, but Chief Chun knows that Chief Oh must make a decision on the executive projects by the end of the day.

Chief Oh stands in his undershirt, staring out his bedroom window. His sons marvel at the fact that their dad hasn’t left for work yet, worried that he’ll get yelled at by his boss because they assume he overslept. But Chief Oh pulls out his dress shirt and puts it on like armor, preparing himself for the battle ahead. He confidently strides into the executive director’s office, stopping only to steel himself before he knocks on the door and enters.


Korean Drama 'Healer' Episode 4 Recap

Korean Drama 'Healer' Episode 4 Recap

By: Dramabeans

Jung-hoo gets a groggy start to his morning, settling down with more terrible instant food and leftovers (be still, my artery-clogged heart). He casts a suspicious look around before taking a bite, expecting ajumma to cut in—and of course, the instant he does finally take a bite, Min-ja hacks into his system with her trademark cackle. You’ll never beat her, Healer-ya!

She wonders what he’s doing up in daylight given that he lives his life nocturnally, and sniffs at the idea that he’s going to work at Someday News, the internet paper. She gives him a long lecture outlining all the ways in which it’s a bad idea to show himself in public, urging him to stay hidden until the murder case gets shelved.

Jung-hoo ignores her as he gets ready for his day, and says that Young-shin is definitely serious bait, and he’s taken note of the fish swimming around her. He means Moon-ho, having spotted him twice in Young-shin’s orbit, and the question now is whether he’s the guy who killed Go Sung-chul and framed him for it, or whether there’s someone even bigger backing him. He gives himself three days in which to come up with a lead.

Min-ja barrages him with instructions: Don’t let his true personality show, don’t cause ripples, just say yes to everything.

Of course, easier said than done, especially when Jung-hoo is given the instruction to write sixty news articles a day. Granted, there’s no expectation of quality, and it’s mostly a mindless keyword-driven process to create clickbait: Take the list of top ten search terms and write six posts per term (“Just take other articles and reuse their content”), using the most provocative terms possible.

Young-shin pesters her editor relentlessly about publishing her story about Yeon-hee’s forced prostitution, asking if he’s scared to print such a strong accusation. Jung-hoo sidles into the office fiddling with the copier to eavesdrop, while Editor Jang retorts that if anything the story is too weak. The victim isn’t a star, and she didn’t even commit suicide. Nobody’ll care.

Young-shin gets in a few licks about how Editor Jang should be ashamed of himself before he pulls rank, forcing her to pull back and try another tack. Angling for sympathy, she says that she hasn’t been able to sleep a wink with Yeon-hee crashing in her room, and if he could just print the story and give them a reason to take it to the police, it’ll kick things into motion and she could find a way to send Yeon-hee away.

Editor Jang tells her she can’t go around printing an assemblyman’s name and pulls her away by the ear like an errant child, telling her to focus on training the newbie. Brimming with indignation, Young-shin warns Jung-hoo to stand aside, then lets out her frustrations on the poor copy machine.

Moon-ho arrives at the secret meeting his brother organized with media bigwigs, and is divested of his phone because they’re taking precautions that the conversation won’t be recorded or leaked. Does this mean they’re gonna be extra-evil today?

Moon-ho is welcomed warmly into the fold, and while he responds in all the right ways, I dig the steely edge that’s visible just underneath the charm. He asks plainly why they wanted to see him, and they cut to the chase: They want him to act as “our” representative in politics. They’ve decided he’s the perfect choice, as he’s a star whose stalwart reputation appeals to the younger generation. (Of course, they don’t want him for his strong convictions; they just find it convenient as a tool to use for their purposes.)

Moon-ho asks them to clarify exactly who they mean by this general “us,” and they all have a hearty laugh like it’s a joke; they basically want one of their own representing the media elite’s interests in politics. While you could argue that the rich and powerful media controllers don’t need a lot more help, I suppose power breeds thirst for more power.

The first order of business: They instruct Moon-ho to help a politician campaign for the upcoming mayoral election. The man is Assemblyman Kim, otherwise known as Yeon-hee’s sponsor. One media honcho assures Moon-ho to trust in them, and in return they’ll propel him right to the top.

Moon-ho mostly keeps his mouth shut, but his eyes turn icy as he listens to them plan. He shoots his brother a hard look, but Moon-shik just raises a toast.

On to the police cyber crimes team, led by the sharp Investigator Yoon. Looking into the recent activity of the dead Go Sung-chul, he comes upon that subway stoppage, which coincides with gaps in CCTV footage—it must have been hacked. Investigator Yoon identifies the thugs who’d swarmed the station as Double S employees, and deduces that they and the Healer were there for the same thing.

Digging through cell phone footage shot by a bystander, Investigator Yoon spots the moment when Go Sung-chul and the Healer jump from the car, with the Double S guards in pursuit.

His sidekick asks whether the police station is safe from hacking, and Investigator Yoon replies with a smile that they’re safe from outside hack jobs… but inside jobs are another question.

Cut to: Ajumma Min-ja receiving the very same footage he’d just watched. Wait, are you saying you’re the inside job, Investigator Yoon? That’s interesting.

But judging from how Min-ja curses Yoon for being a “damnably hard-working bastard” and wonders when he’ll retire already, perhaps he’s not exactly on her team. But he’s definitely acquainted with her and her ways.

We catch up to messenger Dae-yong at a kind of rave-type martial-arts obstacle course, which gives her a chance to show off some of her high-flying moves. (Actress Tae-mi is a taekwondo athlete, so the stunts must be all her.) She answers a call from Min-ja (whom she calls “Boss”), who instructs her to find the Healer, who’s turned off his tracking signal again.

Min-ja knows that he hates having anyone on his tail, but she’s nervous and wants Dae-yong to keep an eye on him. She directs Dae-yong to start by looking close to Young-shin, which is easy enough since Jung-hoo slipped a tracking bug onto her earlier.

Dae-yong finds her having dinner with the Someday News team, well into a bottle of soju and still trying to wear down her boss. She asks Editor Jang about that old newspaper job he got fired from, supposing it was for writing an article he was told not to write, and appealing to his dormant sense of righteousness. She calls his life a tragedy and lays it on thick, ignoring her co-workers’ attempts to keep the liquor out of her hands. She gets huffy heaing that Jung-hoo will be late joining them, as he’s off on an errand first.

We find Jung-hoo on the bus, looking at his framed photograph of the 1980 Five. His gaze lingers on the man on the far left—his father. His mother’s voice rings in his ears as she explains that Jung-hoo resembles his father, and that she struggled following his death.

A flashback takes us to Jung-hoo’s childhood: His mother cooks him a nice dinner and urges him to eat, but Jung-hoo can’t, given the packed bags by the door. He asks where she’s going and if he can go doo, but Mom says she’s going far away and probably won’t be back. Obeying his mother’s instructions, Jung-hoo eats with tears running down his face.

Jung-hoo arrives outside an apartment building, and warmly greets a woman he calls Mom. Huh, well now I’m wildly curious to know how this relationship came back around after she left him. But he seems to harbor no ill will and asks after her family—her son, now a high schooler, and her new husband.

Jung-hoo pulls out the old photograph and asks Mom about his father and his friends. She never knew them very well, but she identifies the two in the center as reporters who were married (Young-shin’s parents). He asks if she still has anything of his father’s, and she says she’ll look.

It’s nice to see that Jung-hoo does have some relationships in this world, and he’s obviously got a warm heart. Mom asks why he orders this dessert all the time when he’s always scooping the best part (the sweet beans) to her, and he says it’s because she likes them.

Jung-hoo arrives at the restaurant as Young-shin is leaving dinner—or rather, being dragged out by her sunbae because she’s drunk. Immediately hunching over, he scurries to them and offers to take her home. She’s so drunk that Editor Jang has ordered that she be taken straight home—lest she cause trouble—and put to bed. Well now, you mean taking her to bed are his explicit orders? Aye-aye.

Spying Dae-yong keeps at a safe distance, watching as Jung-hoo hails a cab and Young-shin regales strangers with rambling talk about dinosaur brains.

She’s singing by the time Jung-hoo brings her home, and Dad eyes Jung-hoo mighty suspiciously. She blabbers on about those sad tiny dinosaur brains and has to be dragged up to her room by Yeon-hee.

That leaves Jung-hoo alone to face two disapproving fatherly types, with Dad and Pickpocket Ajusshi glaring at him sternly. Hee. He stammers an introduction and launches into a pity story about living far away and the buses not running and the expensive taxi fare he paid while listening to nonsense about dinosaurs, asking them to let him stay the night.

Dad and Ajusshi suppose that he spends every day closely with Young-shin, and as soon as he says yes, they each grab an arm. Taken aback, Jung-hoo yelps nervously as they proceed to drag him into Dad’s office.

Young-shin continues her dinosaur brain talk with Yeon-hee, insisting on going through the whole spiel about the three stages of human brain development. The dinosaur stage is the early development part that’s about survival, while the mammal stage in adolescence brings emotional development. It’s the third and last stage that sets humans apart from animals.

This all has a point, albeit a super roundabout one, and Young-shin marches (tipsily) to her computer and declares, “Let’s make trouble! Something only a human can make.” LOL, her editor should have known better than to think merely putting her to bed would save her from troublemaking—not in the age of wifi and web publishing.

Meanwhile, downstairs the two dads lock Jung-hoo inside the office and preface their talk by saying that it had better stay a secret from Young-shin. Gulp. They advance on him slowly and state that they have a three-part “favor” to ask of him: First, keep Young-shin from drinking, though that’ll be tricky because of her fast fingers. Dad: “When she starts with the dinosaur talk, that’s a warning sign.” She doesn’t get drunk often, but every time she does, she causes “large-scale trouble.”

Second, don’t let her open cans—she’s prone to cutting herself. And most of all, never,ever let her go to the scene of violence. Dad starts to fumble for words as he explains her having an “accident” when she was young, and the trauma can trigger fits of suffocation. The dads crowd him menacingly and emphasize their “favor” while Jung-hoo fidgets nervously.

Upstairs, Young-shin starts writing the story, warning Yeon-hee that she’ll be going after this hard. She goes so far as to identify the assemblyman by initial and party affiliation, but Yeon-hee balks, wanting him exposed fully. Young-shin says that naming the accused would force her to name the accuser, but Yeon-hee doesn’t care about her own privacy.

Young-shin resists, saying that her approach is a kamikaze one where both parties die. That’s not good enough for her—she wants the assemblyman to go down, and Yeon-hee to survive. That’s the right way to do it.

Still, there are plenty of details in there to point to the right guy (since he’s named as a Seoul mayoral candidate). When Young-shin finishes the story, she reminds herself of the difference between dinosaurs and humans, musters the nerve, hits publish.

From across the way, Dae-yong takes up a stakeout post to observe Jung-hoo. And seeing two young ladies in the house, she grumbles, “Why are there so many women?!” Just as she reaches for her phone to call Min-ja, it’s snatched out of her hand.

Dae-yong launches into reflexive attack mode, but her kicks get sidestepped easily by Jung-hoo, who’s caught on to her. Instead of tracking him, he orders her to watch Moon-ho and report to him. Ha, when she asks blankly who he is, Jung-hoo scoffs at her ignorance of the news star like a know-it-all, as though he hadn’t totally asked the same thing the other day.

She tries to protest but he leaves her midsentence, making a flashy exit by leaping off the ledge, down to the ground, and back up to Young-shin’s place in a deft series of acrobatic maneuvers.

A dream. This time it’s Young-shin’s, and she’s back in childhood to a time spent cowering in a closet as a man approaches ominously, dragging a metal pole. The door flings open, childhood Young-shin freezes in fear, and adult Young-shin bolts up in bed, waking from the nightmare.

Jung-hoo slips back inside just in time to feign sleep on the couch as Dad passes through. Then Young-shin staggers out of her bedroom half-asleep and claims his spot on the sofa, leaving him on the ground protesting ineffectually. He prods her, reminding her that she can’t sleep with anybody next to her (“Hello, I’m next to you…”), but she doesn’t stir. Instead she just grabs hold of his arm in her fitful sleep.

Jung-hoo’s mother goes through a box of old things and smiles at old photographs dating to her married days with Jung-hoo’s father. In a flashback, we drop in on a housewarming party for her family, with Young-shin’s parents in attendance, as well as Moon-shik and Teenage Moon-ho. The parents chuckle in amusement when they find young Ji-an and Jung-hoo asleep together, her holding firmly onto his arm.

In the morning when Dad steps into the living room, he makes a reflexive grab for the first piece of furniture with which to club Jung-hoo over the head. But he pauses at the sight of Young-shin sleeping peacefully next to Jung-hoo, still hanging onto his arm. Just like old times.

The phones are ringing off the hook at the Someday News office, thanks to Young-shin’s overnight scoop. Editor Jang frantically scrambles for a solution, wanting to take down the article, although his senior reporter points out that they’ve hit the top of the search results and have a tremendous amount of traffic.

HA, Young-shin cowers under the table in the conference room, now that sobriety has returned her sense of fear. Jung-hoo tries to urge her out but she hides herself, not wanting to step into the line of fire while her editor is raging.

Over at ABS, Min-jae rightly suspects that Moon-ho would be a bad person to have covering this Assemblyman sex scandal story and decides to put him on another story preemptively. She orders his hoobae, Jong-soo, to do whatever it takes to keep his attention distracted away from this item.

Min-jae finds Moon-ho to assign a story, but he’s awfully sharp to the irregularity of her particular request. Jong-soo cracks under the pressure and Moon-ho snatches his tablet, which is open to the Assemblyman Kim story.

Blood firing immediately, Moon-ho makes expert deductions and asks where the story originated. And when he looks for the byline, he recognizes that name.

Moon-shik fields an emergency meeting with Assemblyman Kim and President Hwang (the pimp), assuring him that he’ll take care of the source and that things will die down soon. He helps the assemblyman save face by calling it a clear case of politically motivated slander, and the assemblyman plays the part of the victim.

Moon-shik points out that President Hwang is the weaker link, and Hwang assures him that he’ll take this secret with him to the grave. For now, they have to find that problematic missing woman, and they suspect that the reporter is harboring her. Moon-shik orders the Double S leader to bring the woman in, and to “quiet the reporter—using whatever methods you need.”

Jung-hoo helps Young-shin slip out of the newsroom by distracting the others as she duck-walks her way out. She almost runs right into a stranger’s legs, and one look at his face has her stunned speechless.

It’s her hero, Moon-ho, and she stutters in awe and calls herself a fan. There’s a lovely, sad look on his face as he takes her hand and requests a chat.

She’s still in a state of shock later that evening as she walks home, recalling their conversation, but it’s not because of awe. Rather, Moon-ho had requested that she let him handle the story because it’s too big for her to take on alone—and while that’s true, she takes that the other way and scoffs that he became a star by ripping off stories from junior reporters.

Moon-ho had warned that she doesn’t know how much of a dangerous situation she set off, but Young-shin fixates more on the way he talked to her (in banmal) and huffs at his presumptuousness. What a traitor, she scoffs.

Just then, Jung-hoo notices the dark van parked across the way and the gangster-like fellows watching from inside. He gets on his in-ear comm to ajumma straightaway, and she hacks into the CCTV feed to recognize the SS folks. She orders Jung-hoo to make a break for it—especially with his bare faced exposed.

Jung-hoo takes stock of the situation, noting the gang that’s on their tail, and the one that’s cut off their path from the front. Young-shin doesn’t catch on until she’s literally surrounded, but one mention of Yeon-hee’s name is enough to apprise her of the situation.

Young-shin leans back to murmur a message to Jung-hoo: “I’ll grab onto them, so you run away. Go and get the police.”

He’s certainly surprised, and Young-shin steps forward to say she doesn’t know any Yeon-hee. The lead gangster slams her head into a wall, but Jung-hoo acts fast to cradle her head before impact.

That interference makes him a target, and gangsters grab him and start throwing punches. Hilarilously, Jung-hoo dodges the blows but yelps loudly, “Ow! That hurts!” and pretends to suffer the hits. Young-shin can’t bear to see him beaten and jumps in, agreeing to show them to Yeon-hee, and the guys grab her and leave Jung-hoo whimpering in fake-pain.

Jung-hoo dusts himself off and reconnects with Min-ja, who has called the police and instructs him to remove himself from the situation. Jung-hoo looks back at the way Young-shin was taken but begins walking in the other direction… yet words ring in his ears—about her childhood trauma, and how she can’t breathe when it strikes, and how she’d once contemplated killing herself to stop the pain.

Young-shin’s symptoms are already kicking in, and she falls to the ground gasping hard. Her vision starts to blur, and the last thing she sees is the arrival of an intruder, who jumps in to fight off the gangsters.

Jung-hoo leaps into the fray, easily knocking men down and keeping them at bay as he collects Young-shin, depositing her safely to the side with her head covered while he returns to the fight. He does literal gymnastics on the scaffolding and knocks down more baddies, while Young-shin looks up to catch a glimpse of his hidden face.