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Hyoyeon has faith in the success of the brand new album

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Girls Generations Hyoyeon Is Confident New Album Will Be a Success On July 1, Girls Generations Hyoyeon celebrated the launch of her personal style book Hyo Style at the Espresso Room in Seongsu-dong, Seoul.

Hyo Style is the singers first style book and includes a variety of tips encompassing fashion and beauty. The book includes her best looks and reveals items from her personal collection of clothes and cosmetics as well.

Upon being asked about her upcoming plans, Hyoyeon discusses how she will be starting promotions for Girls Generations comeback. She shares, The teaser was released today. We will be returning with a summer party.

She reveals her confidence and continues, Girls Generation will be marking a new era this summer.

When discussing her personal style, she reflects, Style changes depending on the flow of things, experiences, and thoughts. My style right now will not be the end. I want to show a changing and progressing image in the future. At the end of her celebration, she says, [The book] is the result of a years worth of thoughts and worries. I ask for a lot of interest and love.

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Song Jae Rim appeared to have accused Kim So Eun for making him lose faith in marriage life

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Song Jae Rim Confesses That He Would Have Given Up Marriage Life If Not for Kim So Eun Song Jae Rim told his virtual wife Kim So Eun that he would have given up on his virtual marriage life already if it werent for her.

On the May 16 episode of MBCs We Got Married, Song Jae Rim and Kim So Eun experience a temple stay. While sorting vegetables, the two of them begin to argue, and seeing the two of them look so down, the MCs in the studio worry for them, saying, Theyre arguing even more than they usually do.

However, they didnt need to worry, since shortly after, Song Jae Rim suddenly confesses to Kim So Eun, Youre cute. If you were any less cute, or if you werent Kim So Eun, I would have given up the marriage life, making her smile.

When asked about it later, Kim So Eun says, Im thankful that he does things like that without hesitating. She then makes her own confession about Song Jae Rim, saying, Sometimes he feels like a son or a playful elementary school student, but I also feel that hes a great husband.

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More Teachers Lose Faith in Their Vocation

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More Teachers Lose Faith in Their Vocation

Teachers" morale has worsened in recent years, according to a survey conducted by the Korean Federation of Teachers" Associations last week.In the online survey of 2,208 teachers nationwide, 75 percent replied their passion for work has been dampened in the last one or two years, a surge from 63.4 percent in 2010.

When asked why an increasing number of teachers opt for early retirement, 55.8 percent cited a growing lack of respect for teachers and difficulties in guiding students.The survey also found that 22.6 percent felt stressed when there are complaints from parents, and a similar percent of respondents admitted they felt helpless to deal with violent or misbehaving students. On the other hand, some 28 percent of teachers felt the most rewarded when their students feel a sense of achievement or satisfaction, 20.2 percent when they are respected by students and 13.9 percent when they feel their job is highly esteemed.

Eun Jung has stunned people when claiming that public has faith in many stuff that are not true

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Eun Jung  has  stunned people when  claiming  that public has  faith  in  many stuff that  are  not  true

-- T-ara′s Eun Jung will appear on 4show and reveal her daily life as well as topics that passed without being talked about.

On April 28, Mnet′s 4show will broadcast Eun Jung′s episode with the T-ara member sharing her side of the story regarding the T-ara controversy.

Having debuted at a young age as a child actress, Eun Jung revealed her normal lifestyle, going on a healing trip with her childhood best friend, participating in a pilates class, and carrying out her busy schedules.

During an interview with 4show, Eun Jung stated, "There are a lot of things that I stress about like what people are thinking about when I come out on broadcast, but this time, I did it with comfort.

She began to tear up, saying, "There are a lot of things that aren′t the truth that the public believes to be true."

Actor Baek Sung Hyun, who acted with Eun Jung in the drama Queen Insoo, fellow T-ara member Hyomin, and Spica′s Yang Ji Won, who was training to be a T-ara member, appeared as guests to share more about Eun Jung′s life.

The 4show is a program that looks inside a star′s life through different perspective.

The episode will air on April 28.

KARA asks fans to keep the faith at recent fan meeting

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KARA asks fans to keep the faith at recent fan meeting

The three remaining members of KARA re-assured fans that there were brighter times up ahead at a recent fan meeting in Japan.

Speaking to a packed stadium of 15,000 fans, leader Gyuri said that they had something to say. "It"s been a while. A lot of things have happened, and we felt that we should tell you face-to-face if we had a message," she said. "There is one request we have for you, and that is for you to keep trusting us. Even if it"s hard now, please have faith in us. We will work very hard so we don"t hurt each other."

Meanwhile, the competition has begun to name the new members that will join KARA. Watch the first episode here!

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Sin Min-ah chose "Gyeongju" because of faith

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Sin Min-ah chose

Actress Sin Min-ah is starring in the movie "Gyeongju" as the daughter of a tea café, Gong Yoon-hee.

Known for her bright and bubbly characters in the past dramas like "The Naked Kitchen", "Go Go 70s", "The Beast and the Beauty" and more, this time Sin Min-ah is deeper and more matured than that.

Gong Yoon-hee is an elegant female who runs a tea shop and is known as "Gyeongju Goddess" and also has a clumsy side.

Sin Min-ah's decision to star in "Gyeongju" was because of her faith in director Zhang Lu as well as the character and interesting storyline.

"Gyeongju" is directed by Zhang Lu who has swept the Cannes, Berlin and Venice International Film Festivals which can be called the festivals of the world. The synergy between Zhang Lu and Sin Min-ah can be expected to be amazing.

Netizens say, "I can't wait to see what Park Hae-il and Sin Min-ah are going to be like", "I wonder what Sin Min-ah is going to be as this new character", "I wonder about the story", "I enjoyed this director's past flicks" and more.

"Gyeongju" will be released on the 12th of June.

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Son Jin Young becomes a new member of Faith Entertainment

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Son Jin Young becomes a new member of Faith Entertainment

Singer Son Jin Young, who has been earning a lot of love for his appearance on ‘Birth of a Great Star‘ and ‘Real Men‘, has decided to end his contract with Boohwal Entertainment to join a new gency, Faith Entertainment.

On February 18, a representative from Faith Entertainment confirmed, “Son Jin Young, who entered the path as a singer following MBC’s ‘Birth of A Great Star’ and joined Boohwal Entertainment, recently left his former mentor Kim Tae Won’s agency and found a new home at another agency.

“Following an amicable agreement with Boohwal Entertainment, Son Jin Young [decided to] cancel his contract and sign with Faith Entertainment.

Son Jin Young is now active under the same agency with Joo Hyun and Son Hyun Joo.

Kim Hee Sun’s Daughter Became Angry When She Saw Her Mom’s Kiss Scene with Lee Min Ho in “Faith”

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Kim Hee Sun’s Daughter Became Angry When She Saw Her Mom’s Kiss Scene with Lee Min Ho in “Faith” At the February 18 press conference for KBS new weekend drama, “Wonderful Days,” ( a.k.a. “Very Good Days”), its heroine Kim Hee Sun opened up about being a mother and an actress.

When asked about her daughter Yeon Ah, Kim Hee Sun immediately smiled and proudly proclaimed, “She knows how to ski.” Embarrassed slightly by her outburst, Kim Hee Sun explained that she was “Yeon Ha’s mom” and “I plan to forget that while I am filming to focus on the drama for the next six months. Of course I am sorry to her about that. She is at an age when everything she does is adorable.”

Kim Hee Sun also related a story about her daughter who doesn’t really understand yet that her mother is an actress. She said, “‘When I was filming ‘Faith,’ she saw me kissing another person and became angry.” Yeon Ha had seen her mother kiss Lee Min Ho on screen during the 2012 SBS drama “Faith.”

“Wonderful Days” follows the story of a man who overcomes poverty to become a successful prosecutor. He returns to his hometown 15 years later and discovers the meaning of family, the power of love, and the importance of friends. It stars Lee Seo Jin, Kim Hee Sun, Ok TaecyeonRyu Seung SooYoon Yeo JungChoi Hwa Jung, and Kim Kwang Kyu. It airs Saturday and Sunday on KBS starting February 22.

2NE1 Minzy, Happy New Years Message "Year Full Of Faith, Hope, and Love"

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2NE1 Minzy, Happy New Years Message Year Full Of Faith, Hope, and LoveGirl group 2NE1's member Minzi revealed a self-camera photo along with a new years message. (Photo : instagram)Girl group 2NE1's member Minzy revealed a self-camera photo along with a new years message.

Today, Minzy posted on her Instagram, "Happy New Year, everybody! I hope your year will be filled with faith, love, and hope!" along with a picture.

In the picture, Minzy is showing off her flawless skin and increased beauty.

Internet users who saw this commented, "Happy new year to you too!," "Excited for 2NE1's world tour," etc.

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Lee Min Ho asks Philippines not to lose faith

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Lee Min Ho asks Philippines not to lose faith

With the news of the strongest typhoon on the planet plowing Philippines, actor Lee Min Ho, who holds many hearts of Filipinos, sends his thoughts and concern for those who were devastated.

He takes on his Facebook page and wrote,

"I heard that there was great damage done by typhoon Haiyan in the Philippines. I hope everyone is safe now. Please don't lose faith. We're thinking of you from Korea."

With his thoughtful message, Filipinos pay him back with gratitude and promise him that they will be strong.

Source: Lee Min Ho's Facebook