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Jo In Sung Looks Spectacular in the Editorials for the Prestigious Magazine "1st Look"

Actor Jo In Sung has no time to rest after his military discharge. Shortly after returning from the military, the charming actor began filming for his new movie project "Kwon Bob." Recently, the actor also finished the shooting for the prestigious magazine "1st Look

Teen Top gives a spectacular performance on the first Korean Cruise

Boy group Teen Top was selected as a representative k-pop “idol” and has given a spectacular performance on the first cruise of the Republic of Korea, the Harmony Cruise.   On March 17, the group gave a successful performance on the cruise which departed from Osaka, Japan and headed to Incheon via Jeju Island

Jang Nara mentions Big Bang, “I love their spectacular performance”

Recently, singer Jang Nara has mentioned Big Bang. On April 3, Jang was invited to MBC’s radio program Date at 2 O’clock with Joo Young Hoon and said, “I miss Big Bang.” When DJ Joo Young Hoon asked, “Which male ‘idol’ do you miss the most?” Jang avoided answering by saying, “I met Super Junior last night on a radio program

[Exclusive] Kim Hyun Joong puts up a spectacular performance in Singapore!

On 4th May, Hallyu prince, ‘God of Universe’ – Kim Hyun Joong, heated up Singapore Indoor Stadium with 3000 fans in total. Among the fans, many specially traveled from different parts of the world to Singapore just to catch Hyun Joong’s 1st official Asia Tour

ZE:A releases previews of ‘Spectacular’ album tracks

Idol group ZE:A has released previews of the tracks on their upcoming second album, ‘Spectacular‘! Star Empire previously announced that ZE:A would be making their comeback on July 4th, and the date seems to have been confirmed

ZE:A releases teaser clips from upcoming album, "Spectacular"

Star Empire recently announced ZE:A’s comeback earlier this month. Beginning June 14th they started slowly giving fans a taste of their new album, “Spectacular”! Beginning today, ZE:A began releasing mini clips of their songs from their upcoming album

ZE:A releases preview for “Love is Gone” off their upcoming album ‘Spectacular’

After announcing their showcase live stream on YouTube earlier today, ZE:A has released a new ten second preview of one of their upcoming tracks, “Love is Gone“. This follows the previous previews released for the tracks included on their upcoming second album, ‘Spectacular‘, which you can check out here

[AUDIO] ZE:A releases previews of ‘Spectacular’ album tracks

After postponing their return due to the group’s leader Jun Young’s ankle injury, ZE:A finally confirmed their comeback this coming July. To give fans an early treat, the boys released previews of the tracks from second album ‘Spectacular’

ZE:A releases another set of concept photos for ‘Spectacular’

After the release of the previous batch of concept photos, ZE:A has unveiled the next batch of images for their upcoming comeback with ‘Spectacular‘! The new concept photo released takes on the theme of ‘cyborgs’ and each member is seen with various props that belong to a robot

[PICTURE] ZE:A reveals album jacket for ‘Spectacular’

After dropping quite a number of hints, teasers and first batch of concept photos, ZE:A has revealed the album jacket photo for their comeback album, ‘Spectacular’. Similar to last week’s dark-themed images, ZE:A members show their overflowing charisma and confidence as they don smoky makeup, flashy accessories and own unique outfits

ZE:A releases preview of ‘Spectacular’ album title track, “Aftermath”

ZE:A has released a 10-second preview of the title track from their upcoming second album ‘Spectacular‘! Though ZE:A has already released several previews of songs from ‘Spectacular’, fans have been anticipating the preview for “Aftermath” in particular ever since the announcement that it would be the album’s title track

[PICTURE] ZE:A releases another set of teaser for ‘Spectacular’

ZE:A continues to treat fans with more eye candies! After dropping quite a number of hints, teasers and album jacket photo, the boys released another set of teasers for comeback album, ‘Spectacular’! The new photos give cyborg-like feel with members donning dark outfits and wire accessories

ZE:A releases muscular image teasers ahead of "Spectacular" comeback

After revealing one set of comeback photos, ZE:A has released their 2nd batch of image teasers for their comeback with the album, "Spectacular." On June 27th, the group's agency, Star Empire, revealed the new jacket album images, which revealed the muscular side of the members

ZE:A releases 2nd video teaser for "Spectacular" comeback, "History of ZE:A"

A few hours ago, ZE:A released their first music video teaser for their title track, "Aftermath," revealing their slick-looking concept. A second video teaser has been released on their official YouTube channel, but is slightly different than the first teaser released

ZE:A reveals gallery of individual teaser photos for ‘SPECTACULAR’

After releasing two teasers a few days ago, ZE:A‘s latest comeback preview has arrived in the form of a large gallery of individual teaser shots from the group’s album! Star Empire Entertainment has released a plethora of photos, and by plethora, we’re talking three photos per member for a total of 27 album pictures

ZE:A releases comeback second album, ‘SPECTACULAR’

After touring six cities for their ‘Fighting Project!‘, ZE:A has finally returned with a new masculine charisma for the first time in a year with their second album, ‘Spectacular‘

ZE:A releases 2nd Korean studio album, "Spectacular"

After several delays due to members' injuries, ZE:A's long awaited return to the Korean music industry has arrived! On July 4th, ZE:A released their 2nd studio album, "Spectacular." The album has a total of 12 tracks including the instrumental to their title track, "Aftermath

Super Junior Comeback, "Spectacular Return" of Global Stars

Super Junior, Sexy Free Single, Mnet M Countdown Super Junior Comeback, Global Stars, 'Spectacular Return' Popular idol group Super Junior has finally returned. Super Junior had their comeback performance on July 5 on Mnet "M! Countdown" for their 6th album

ZE:A Makes A “Spectacular” Return

ZE:A, also known as Children of Empire, are fresh off their concert tour of Asia and have returned with a new album Spectacular. Unlike their contemporaries, Infinite and C.N. Blue, and despite their somewhat success in Japan, ZE:A are still amongst the groups that are still under the radar

K-Pop Review : Spectacular by ZE:A

spectacular, zea, Aftermath   I have had a rocky relationship with ZE:A from the start. I want to like them so much but they have given me a hard time. When they debuted with "Mazeltov," I couldn't stand it, but it grew on me and I became somewhat of fan