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Gil Apologizes for His Drunk Driving Incident

It was reported earlier that member of Lessang, Gil (Gil Sung Joon) was caught drunk driving and his license was canceled.

On April 23, Gil was driving his Mercedes Benz G63 AMG on the Yanghwa Bridge near Hapjeong Station when he was caught drunk driving by the police.

Gil’s agency, Leessang Company, released an official statement of apology on April 23 saying, “Gil is currently reflecting deeply without making any excuses about the fact that he did drink and drive. He is very sorry for his actions that evoked criticism and disappointment from all of the fans that have supported him.”

The statement continued, “We will be more careful and do our best to prevent this kind of incidents from happening in the future. Once again, we bow our heads and sincerely apologize.”


JYJ’s Jaejoong and ZE:A’s Siwan get casino lessons and more in BTS clips for ‘Triangle’

JYJ"s Jaejoong and ZE:A"s Siwan were spotted getting casino lessons and more in behind-the-scenes clips from their upcoming MBC Mon-Tues drama "Triangle"!

Jaejoong shared after his first filming, "Today was my first filming. I think I rode the motorcycle a lot all day from the first scene to the last. I was hit by the wind a lot while riding the motorcycle. During the afternoon, it was very hot, but in the morning and early hours of the night, the wind got cold. Because my lips are frozen, the words couldn"t come out of my mouth all that well. But the staff and director helped me adjust quickly."

"Triangle" is the work of PD Yoo Chul Yong and writer Choi Wan Kyu, who previously worked together for "All In" and "Swallow the Sun"

LeeSsang’s Gil Releases Official Apology and Netizens Demand His Leave from ‘Infinity Challenge’

With LeeSssang’s Gil caught drinking and driving and having his license revoked, his agency released an official apology.

LeeSsang Company, Gil’s agency, released an official apology on April 23, writing, “Gil is currently repenting and reflecting on himself for drinking and driving, without making any excuses. We are truly sorry for causing public criticism due to inappropriate actions and disappointing the fans and everyone else who has been showing their support.”

It continued, “We will behave more carefully in the future so that something like this doesn’t happen again. We would like to sincerely apologize once more.”

However, the website for Infinity Challenge has been flooded with requests for Gil to leave the show

SBS Apologizes For Airing Reporters Grinning At South Korean Ferry Disaster Site

(Photo : SBS) (Photo : SBS)

As the death toll of the South Korea Sewol ferry disaster climbed to 181 people on Tuesday, with 181 people still missing, executives at the Seoul Broadcasting System (SBS) were forced to apologize for a news broadcast that showed their reporters smiling in front of the sunken vessel.

According to the South Korean network"s explanation, the reporters were not discussing or reporting on the Sewol ferry tragedy when they were seen smiling on camera in a live shot broadcast on Sunday.

"After the live broadcast, the reporter was talking about other things with the other reporters while they were preparing for the next broadcast," the SBS statement read, according to Turkey Sea News.

"The segment where the reporter was getting ready for his next segment aired by accident by the broadcast manager who was in charge of the outgoing feed

Lee Sang Yoon Hospitalized for Swollen Tonsils

Lee Sang Yoon, who is currently starring in Angel Eyes, has been hospitalized.

According to information gathered by Newsen, Lee Sang Yoon was suffering from swollen tonsils and made his way to the hospital to avoid affecting his drama SBS’s Angel Eyes.

J,Wide-Company, Lee Sang Yoon’s agency, told Newsen on April 22, “It’s true that Lee Sang Yoon has been hospitalized recently. He is getting treated for swollen tonsils. He hasn’t been discharged yet. He will resume filming Angel Eyes as soon as he gets better.”

The agency rep added, “He’s not particularly overworked or in a seriously bad condition. But getting hospitalized was unavoidable as he had to avoid affecting the filming process in any way

SBS apologizes for airing smiling reporters at the Sewol ferry site

SBS has issued an official apology on airing footage of smiling reporters at the Sewol ferry scene.

On the 20th at 10AM, SBS aired their news special on the Sewol ferry sinking. The reporters at the scene interviewed a marine. However, right after the interview was conducted, SBS aired the reporters smiling and laughing with each other. The reporters were laughing for about 5 seconds before they were told that they were still on air and stopped smiling.

ent aired by accident by the broadcast manager who was in charge of the outgoing feed."

They then explained, "Even though it was technically an accident, we hurt the viewers and the families affected by the Sewol sinking by airing an unfitting scene while the entire nation is grieving because of the sinking

Kim Soo Hyun Waits Four Hours to Apologize to Fans

Excitement was thick in the air for eight thousand Chinese fans who came to see Kim Soo Hyun at the 2014 Beijing Motor Show. Unfortunately, however, the actor was only able to attend the event for about two minutes.

Kim Soo Hyun was scheduled to attend the show on behalf of Hyundai, as he currently serves as the car company’s spokesperson. While the event was nearly canceled altogether due to the sheer number of fans waiting for the “Man From the Stars” actor, Kim Soo Hyun kept his promise to appear at the event. Originally, Kim Soo Hyun was supposed to arrive at the show at 11:30 that morning. However, with the eight thousand fans that were on site, there was a safety concern, and public authorities requested that the fan meeting be canceled entirely.

Therefore, Kim Soo Hyun waited four hours and made an unplanned visit to the event at 3:30 PM to apologize to his fans that came out to see him, after which he had a short photo session

Jo Kwon, “Irresponsible captain and thoughtless netizens”

2AM's Jo Kwon had something to say.

He tweeted, "With grief and resent all around us, the captain let go of his responsibilities; the government should comfort the victim's families and media should serve justice. Netizens are thoughtless. People should come first. It's so simple, yet so difficult. My heart yearns for them".

He also tweeted for the victims' safe return on the day of the accident and also posted, "Today is the day they should be packing up to go home".

Passenger ferry Sewol carrying 476 passengers sank into the waters of Jindo on the 16th. Up to the 21st, 59 have been found deceased, 243 missing and 174 survived.

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ZE:A Dongjun Plays Main Character + Sings OST For Drama To Benefit Disabled People

Group ZE:A"s member Dongjun not only played the main character for the disability benefit drama "Going Up The Sky Wall" but also will be singing the theme song, doing his best for the charity. (Photo : samsung)

Group ZE:A"s member Dongjun not only played the main character for the drama to benefit disabled people "Going Up The Sky Wall" but will also be singing the theme song, doing his best for the charity.

Dongjun played the main character Taeho in the drama "Going Up The Sky Wall". He also sang "Hold My Hand", which is the theme song for the drama, and all proceeds of the song will go to the charity.

The education department and the disability organization has been producing a project annually since 2009 to raise awareness for the disabled people. In this year"s project "Going Up The Sky Wall", Taeho has a father who is disabled on the bottom half of his body

Actor Park Seo Joon Apologizes For Not Being Able to Smile

Park Seo Joon tweeted an apology to his fans.

On April 20, the actor posted on his Twitter account, “I don’t have any other means of apologizing, so I’m writing it here. I believe and understand that I have a job that brings laughter to people. However, our country is in grief, and I, too, am very sad, disappointed, and confused that I can’t focus on anything. It is difficult for me to smile and take photos with you while we’re in the midst of praying for a miracle.”

따로 사과의 말씀 전할 길이 없어서 이렇게 글 남깁니다. 웃음을 파는 직업이라는말 어느정도 맞는말이라 생각하고 이해합니다. 하지만 우리 나라가 비통해 하고있고 저 역시도 슬프고 안타깝고 혼란스럽고 아무것도 집중이 안되고 기적만을 바라는 상황에서

— 박서준 (@BN_SJ2013) April 20, 2014

He ended his Tweet writing, “If you felt offended by my behavior, I hope you will understand and pray with me that a miracle will really happen in Korea