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JYJ Park Yuchun Denies the Rumor,"I Am Not That Idol Who Got Threatened!"

JYJ's Park Yucheon strongly denied the rumor that he is the idol who got threatened by an ex-girlfriend with a semi-nude photo. There has been rumors among netizens that he was the one involvoed in the so-called "the case of threatened idol

Comedian Lee Soo-geun Denies Rumor About Value of His Wealth

Comedian Lee Soo-geun talked about the rumor regarding the value of his wealth on the episode of KBS 2TV’s “Win Win” that aired on Jan. 31. Lee, who appeared as a guest, not the MC, on the episode, denied a report that he had earned 30 billion won since his debut

IU: "Plastic Surgery Rumor, Not Worth Talking About It"

IU's entertainment showed a very displeased attitude toward the continued plastic surgery rumor. One worker of IU's entertainment during a phone interview with NewsEn on the 20th said "IU didn't get any plastic surgery

Chinese media reports rumor that Hankyung & Jiang Kai Tong are headed for marriage

Former Super Junior member Hankyung has been recently rumored to be dating Chinese actress Jiang Kai Tong who is five years his junior, but now netizens are speculating that the two will soon be getting married

Lee Joon Ki "Dating Rumor with Uee Means I Am a Healthy Guy"

Lee Jun Ki talked about the dating rumors of him and Uee. He appeared on the SBS “One Night TV Entertainment” episode on February 22. He was embarrassed about the very first dating rumor since his debut

Rumor: T-ara 2nd album

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Tablo Comes Out in 'Strong Heart': First Return after College Rumor

Tablo will be coming back to an entertainment show for the first time in 2 years through 'Strong Heart'. PD Park SangHyuk, who is in charge of producing SBS 'Strong Heart', said through a phone interview, "Tablo will be joining on March 15th for the YG special episode

2AM’s Changmin was jealous of Seulong’s dating rumor with Sohee?

2AM‘s Changmin recently expressed his jealousy of member Seulong‘s dating rumors with Wonder Girls‘ Sohee and revealed his desire to have a scandal with Girls’ Generation member, Sunny

Busker Busker denies rumor of boycotting television appearances

The news that the indie band Busker Busker has boycotted the major networks is incorrect according to Mnet. A staff member from Mnet spoke with OSEN on April 10th and said, “The news that they have boycotted appearing on television is false

Busker Busker say, “It’s a rumor that we boycott public TV channels”

As a rumor about Busker Busker that they’re boycotting public TV channels spread, CJ E&M gave an official explanation about it. Busker Busker, a singing group that took second place on Mnet’s Superstar K 3, hasn’t appeared on any of TV music programs yet, except for Mnet’s M Countdown and Yoon Do Hyun’s Must

Fans Dispute Girls’ Generation Taeyeon’s Plastic Surgery Rumor with Old Photos

Just a day after Taeyeon was accused of plastic surgery, Girls’ Generation fans came up with substantial evidence to prove her “innocence” from the alleged cosmetic procedure accusations. On April 17, photos titled, “Seriously refuting Taeyeon’s plastic surgery rumors,” were posted on an online community board

JYP Reveals Drug Rumor and YG’s Trickery on “Healing Camp”

On the April 30 episode of “Healing Camp” JYP appeared and talked about his drug rumor and also an interesting behind story of “SBS K-Pop Star.” JYP revealed a conversation he had with his tearful mother at the time

Ivy's Sex Tape Rumor Resurfaces

Singer Ivy is struck with yet another fake sex tape scandal. Currently, a sex video featuring a woman who resembles Ivy is spreading quickly among smartphone users through messenger services. The video clip is titled, "I found the so-called nonexistent Ivy Sex Video," directly contradicting Ivy's previous statement regarding the existence of a controversial video

Lee Hyori’s Latest Photo Spread Ends “Sagging Love Handles” Rumor

It seems like the “sagging love handles” allegations from last February made Lee Hyori really hit the gym. Lee Hyori’s latest photo spread for vitamin brand Nutra Life proved once again the “love handles” she once seemed to possess are completely gone now

[Rumor] T-ara’s new member is trainee Areum Lee?

After officially unveiling new T-ara member Dani on May 29th, rumors are now spreading that the final new member for the group is Areum Lee. Areum Lee is a trainee under Core Contents Media (CCM) and she fits the description that CCM gave last month, “The newly added 8th member of T-ara is 18 years old (19 in Korea) and possesses a great visual and talent

Comedian Yoo Sae Yoon confirms rumor about his wealth

On SBS ‘Strong Heart‘, which aired on June 26th, comedian Jang Dong Min said, “There is a rumor about Yoo Sae Yoon being rich. The talk of the town is that his assets are worth a trillion won and he is a comedian as a hobby

Chaeyeon denies rumor of her suicide

Thirty-three year old singer Chaeyeon has publicly denied the rumors of her suicide, which started circulating earlier this week. The rumor was first spread by an SBS entertainment show on Wednesday

Psy's Concert Sold Out? 'It's Because Rumor Spread Out...'

Psy, SBS, Go Show psy's concert condoms Psy revealed the behind-the-scene story behind his sold out concert.  On the 27th on SBS "Go Show" summer special part 3 show time, Psy, who's currently at the peak of entertainment, began sharing his tips on how to become "the King of Show

Rumor that T-ara’s Hwayoung is an outcast in the group is heating up the Internet

With the rumor—Hwayoung is a “black sheep” —is circulating on the Internet, T-ara’s Hyomin switched her profile photo on her SNS account. On July 28, just after the rumor of T-ara feud started to spread, the beauty changed her profile photo on her SNS account

Hyomin, Scandalous Pictures From Past With Boyfriend... 'First the Outcast Rumor, Now This?'

hyomin, t-ara hyomin Girl group T-ARA Hyomin's past date pictures were revealed. On July 30, a recent online community post upload with pictures under "T-ara Hyomin, pictures with boyfriend before debut!" were posted