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Yubin's Shocking Pre-Debut Tomboy Image

Wonder Girls' rapper, Kim Yubin, is known for her charismatic and feminine image. Her pre-debut photos have recently surfaced on an online community board and show a drastic difference! Titled "Yubin's shocking past," the pictures are spreading across the Internet quickly, showing Netizen's curiosity of her past with a tomboy image

Yubin's Improved Body Line Captures Attention

Wonder Girls' Yoobin has captured the eyes of netizens with her improved bodyline! In the Wonder Girl's new music video "The DJ is Mine," Yubin appears wearing a red tank-top and hot pants that show off her curves and confident swagger

Wonder Girls, Yubin reveals parents’ wedding picture

Group Wonder Girls member Yubin revealed a picture from her parents’ wedding. Yubin tweeted on January 23rd, “I found it looking through my album. Would I look like this when I get married?” along with a picture

Yubin’s powerful see-through lingerie look

Wonder Girls rapper Yubin, who is known for her low sexy voice, has graced the cover of 1st Look issue #13 just before leaving for the U.S. The see-trough top that leaves little to imagination matched up with a skirt with an interesting print brings out the charm all her own

Wonder Girls, Yubin confident firm figure in a sexy look for US promotions

Wonder Girls member Yubin‘s stage outfit for ‘The DJ is Mine’ is creating a buzz. The Wonder Girls revealed their new song ‘The DJ is Mine’ on January 12th. The revealing outfits rarely seen in Korea surprised the fans

WG Yubin on Sunye’s relationship, “Envious and happy for her”

Group Wonder Girls member Yubin expressed that she envies Sunye for her relationship. The December 13th installment of KBS 2TV’s ‘Star Life Theater’ was the wonder Girls episode. On this installment of ‘Star Life Theater’, Yubin made mention of Sunye who has recently revealed that she is in a romantic relationship

Yubin and SPICA’s Yang Jiwon show off their friendship

Former members of the ill-fated group Oh-Sonyeo, Wonder Girls’ Yubin and soon to debut SPICA’s Yang Jiwon got together. Yubin posted a photo and a short message on the 6th on her twitter account, “It’s been a while since the 3 of us had gotten together! Jiwon, Yubin, and producer Mark~”

Wonder Girls, Yubin’s past pictures full of unbelievable boyish charm

Wonder Girls member Yubin‘s pictures from the past are making waves. Recently on an online community board, a few pictures have been posted tagged, ‘Yubin, shocking past’. In the picture, the boyish look of Yubin is far cry from the feminine image today

Wonder Girls Yubin transforms into a beautiful alien girl crash landed on earth

Wonder Girls member Yubin transformed into a beautiful alien. At the photo shoot for January issue of the British licensed fashion magazine ‘Dazed & Confused’, Yubin turned into a mature and special girl who pops off the photographs

Leeteuk, Donghae, Taecyeon, Yubin, and Other Stars Go to Shinhwa Concert

Along with the typical fans, idol and stars rejoiced and celebrated the return of the legendary group Shinhwa and went to the group’s 14th anniversary concert on March 24. Super Junior’s Donghae tweeted, “Currently watching Shinhwa hyung-nims’ concert

Jo Kwon and Yubin reveal their thoughts on J.Y. Park’s judging on ‘K-Pop Star’

2AM and the Wonder Girls recently attended the March 25th episode of SBS‘s ‘K-Pop Star‘. Near the end of the live broadcast, MC Boom took the time to interview the two special audience members

Video clip of Yubin choreographing moves to Baek Ah Yeon’s voice appears online

A video clip of Wonder Girls member Yubin choreographing performance motions for ‘K-pop Star‘ Top 5 contestant Baek Ah Yeon has appeared online. Recently on an online community board, a 30-second video clip with the title, “Yubin teaches moves to Baek Ah Yeon”, was uploaded

Wonder Girls' Yubin Attends JYP Workshop

Wonder Girls member, Yoobin, is garnering interest for her attendance at JYP workshop. Yoobin posted two pictures on her Twitter with the caption: “Resting after JYP workshop’s athletic field day” on April 6

Yubin lets fans know she voted

Wonder Girls member Yubin joined the growing list of celebrities who are letting fans know they voted in the current elections in South Korea. Yubin posted on Twitter, “Once I was eligible to vote, I never once skipped out on voting, and I went today once again!” The star seemed understandably proud as she stood outside of the voting center for a photo

Yubin vs Shin Se Kyung: Who wore it better?

Top stars Yubin of the Wonder Girls and actress Shin Se Kyung recently went head-to-head in a battle of dresses, flaunting their style in identical outfits. Shin Se Kyung was seen in a white version of the one-piece during filming for popular SBS drama, ‘Fashion King‘

ComplexMusic selects Wonder Girls member Yubin as one of the sexiest musicians under 25

Music news site ComplexMusic recently compiled a list of ‘Top 25 Sexiest Musicians under 25′, and Wonder Girls member Yubin was spotted on the list! The 23-year-old Yubin, coming in at #20, was listed among globally well known young celebrities including Taylor Swift, Miley Cyrus, Selena Gomez, and even Rihanna herself, who claimed the #1 spot

Wonder Girls' Yubin Selected As One Of The Sexiest Musicians Under 25

Wonder Girls' Yubin was honored recently by a US magazine as one of the sexiest musicians under the age of 25. According to the rankings compiled by a US music website, Complex Music, Yubin was 20th on the list of The 25 Sexiest Musicians Under 25

Wonder Girls reveal “Wonder Party” teaser photo featuring Yubin, Sunye & Lim

The lovely Wonder Girls are set to make a comeback on June 3rd with their mini album ‘Wonder Party‘. On May 23rd they released official teaser photo of members Yenny and Sohee and now the teaser photo featuring Yubin, Sunye, and Lim has been revealed! The photo was accompanied with the text “The Wonder Girls invites you to the ‘Wonder Party’

Wonder Girls reveal another dream-like party photo with Yubin, Sunye, and Hye Lim

It’ll be a Wonder Party on June 3rd with the five beautiful members of Wonder Girls. Previously on May 23rd, a teaser photo of Yenny and Sohee was released through the Wonder Girls’ official Twitter, showing off a dream-like state photo with the girls dressed for a night in the club

Wonder Girls’ Yubin throws opening pitch at baseball game; better than Jessica?

As many of you are aware, female K-POP idols frequently throw the opening pitch for professional baseball games, a tradition that’s been continuing for many years. Recently, Wonder Girls‘ rapper, Yubin had her opportunity to attend one of these events herself