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Big Bang Taeyang ‘Ringa Linga’ Taking over YouTube and Foreign Charts

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Big Bang Taeyang 'Ringa Linga' Taking over YouTube and Foreign Charts

Big Bang member Taeyang's new title song, "RINGA LINGA" has been gaining much attention on YouTube and foreign music charts.

"RINGA LINGA" was seen ranking number 1 on the Hong Kong KKBOX chart and gained much interest.

His title song was first released on November 8 and quickly topped 8 music charts. 

He also topped 7 countries iTunes charts as well, showing his global popularity. 

Big Bang member G-Dragon who also released a solo album earlier, ranked high on the KKBOX charts as well with 5-6 songs from his album.

It was revealed yesterday that the Hong Kong 'Top 10' chart had 6 songs that were all by Big Bang members

Big Bang G-Dragon Releases Japanese Short Version Videos Of ‘Who You?’ And ‘Crooked’

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G-Dragon makes a fascinating commentary on fame in the short PV for 'WhoYou?'

On November 8th, G-Dragon released the Japanese short version ofCrooked and Who You?.  While the short version of Crooked maintains much of the original context, Who You? is daring and original.

The Japanese release for Who You? was the first video for the single, which G-Dragon has performed as part of his comeback activities on music chart programs.The video is a compilation of footage taken by the artist and a thousand of G-Dragon's most devoted fans.The raw nature of these shots create an atmosphere that appears to be more like an indie rock documentary than the slick visual productions that are consistent with K-Pop

Popular YouTubers React to Big Bang, Girls' Generation, and SHINee Music Videos

Popular YouTube channel The Fine Bros shared a video of well known YouTube personalities reacting to a few K-Pop videos for their “YouTubers React” series. 

In the video, well known YouTubers, such as Ryan HigaJack Douglass, and Rosanna Pansino, watch and react to the music videos of Big Bang‘s “Fantastic Baby,” Girls’ Generation‘s “I Got a Boy,” and SHINee‘s “Lucifer,” three of the most viewed K-Pop music videos on YouTube. Some of them are already K-pop fans like Trisha Hershberger and Meg Turney, while some are quite new to the genre. They offer their honest reactions and opinions on K-Pop, and have a surprisingly accurate view of K-Pop regardless of their experience with it

Girls’ Generation-Big Bang-miss A, ’5 K-Pop Stars You Can Bring Home to Mom and Dad’

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In high school I was a few votes from winning "Most Likely to Bring Home to Mom and Dad" in our end of the year high school senior yearbook. I was crushed when I found out I lost out to the goody two shoes in our class, and so in order to make up for the loss, I'm posting up a list of five Kpop stars you'd bring home to mama or dada. 

Sun of the Wonder Girls is the quintessential classic good girl every Korean mother wishes their sons brought home. Her sweet manners, her morals and beliefs make her the perfect potential girlfriend/wifey to bring home and any mother would be crazy not to fall in love with this talented gem. 

Big Bang Taeyang may be a sex symbol in the industry, but his good boy reputation off-stage is what makes him a great guy to bring to the house

Big Bang’s G-Dragon And Daesung Different Dating Styles, Who Would You Date?

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G-Dragon shows what he would do on a date with Kim Hee Sun on 'Incarnation' G-Dragon lays on Kim Hee Sun's lap

G-Dragon and Daesung of Big Bang showed off their dating skills on the March 26 episode of 'Incarnation' broadcast on SBS.

In the show, G-Dragon and Daesung demonstrated how they would ask a girl out using actress Kim Hee Sun as the object of their affection.

At the beginning of the skit, G-Dragon joked around with Kim Hee Sun, greeting her as "Grandma" because the actress is 36 and G-Dragon only 24. G-Dragon and Kim Hee Sun are known to be close; she even calls him 'Grandson' as a nickname.But both of them eventually stopped joking and settled down at the 'movie theater' stage design on set. Kim Hee Sun said, "I heard this movie was good

Do You Want to Make Girls’ Generation or Big Bang? ‘The Hidden Economics of Creating Boy and Girl Groups’

Idol, K-Pop

The number of students who dream of becoming celebrities and singers is countless. Within one year, numerous groups come and go without anyone noticing. Even until a few years ago, majority of idol groups were girl groups, but for various reasons, boy groups have been catching up lately. What is the reason? What are the economic benefits of creating boy groups?

▶ Boy Groups That Eat A Lot Vs. Girl Groups That Need To Be Pampered, Which Takes Up More Cost?

During training days, K-Pop idol boy groups and girl groups don't differ much in cost. Vocal, dancing and acting lessons are all the same. Even when it comes to plastic surgery, boy groups and girl groups get about the same amount.

But what about the costs after debut?

Boy groups definitely need a bigger budget for food

Top Hallyu Star on YouTube is Big Bang and not Psy?

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"Gangnam Style" Psy, who has over a billion views on YouTube, was surprisingly not revealed as the most popular Hallyu star on YouTube.

Today they revealed the YouTube statistics and showed the 15 most viewed videos that popped up when using the keyword 'K-Pop'.

4 of the videos were related to Psy, 5 were related to Big Bang, 3 for Girls' Generation and more. For music video views, Psy placed first with Girls' Generation taking second and third place.

One of the researchers stated, "Having the most views does not make them the most popular." They continued by saying that if the video was created for advertisement purposes, the positive feedback from the audience is supposed to part of the plan. They stated that the number of 'likes' would provide a more accurate feedback on which videos were in fact 'popular'

Big Bang and 2NE1 participate as mentors for Youth Donation Project

Big Bang and 2NE1 will become mentors for the ‘Nepal Hope School Construction Project‘ on youth donation website Goodway With Us. The two groups will closely collaborate to help create a warm society as well as to build schools for neglected children in Nepal. According to Goodway With Us, “Big Bang and 2NE1 haven taken a big interest in donating to those who are neglected. They will become great role models / mentors in setting examples for the youth.” A representative from YG Entertainment shared, “We’ve got this far thanks to all the love we’ve received from so many people and thus we’ve decided to kick off the new year by sharing. We hope many people participate in this project to increase the meaning of sharing.

YG Ent. Is King of YouTube for 2012 With Psy and Big Bang’s Music Videos

YG Entertainment’s stellar year continues with a sweep of the top three most watched K-Pop videos of 2012.

With just 20 days left of 2012, according to YouTube as of December 12 2 p.m. (KST), the videos of Psy and Big Bang were the most watched K-Pop videos in 2012.

Psy’s Gangnam Style was, by far, the most watched K-Pop video this year (and, as everyone knows by now, the most watched video of all time on YouTube) as it last racked up 923,003,408 views. Psy’s unofficial sequel video to the same track, featuring 4Minute’s Hyuna, came in a distant second but with a still impressive 186,016,865 views.

Big Bang’s Fantastic Baby was the third most-watched K-Pop music video this year as it recorded 54,470,891 views. Incidentally, Big Bang’s Blue, Bad Boy and Monster were also the sixth, eighth and ninth most watched video for 2012 marking an astounding four videos found in the top ten most watched videos for the year

“Gangnam Style” Psy Receives Most Views, Big Bang and 2NE1 Have More Subscribers on YouTube

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"Gangnam Style" Psy Receives Most Views, Big Bang Has More Subscribers on Youtube

"Gangnam Style" Psy's music video has reached over 100 million views on YouTube. However, Big Bang and 2NE1 seem to have more subscribers.

Yesterday, Psy had 307,065 subscribers, but Big Bang had 824,277 and 2NE1 had 735,700. It seems that although Psy is gaining much popularity these days, he still does not have even half as much as the other two groups.

It could be that Big Bang and 2NE1 have many 'mania-level' fans. However, Psy is still gaining much popularity worldwide and it is only a matter of time before he reaches the top too.