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SNSD Yoona's beautiful 'Beach Look' catching a lot of attention

SNSD Yoona's beach look is becoming a hot issue. Recently, a series of photos were revealed with the title "Collection of Yoona photos". One photo that especially catches the attention is the photo of Yoona at the beach

SNSD’s Yoona has beautiful hands, “It’s unfair”

SNSD’s Yoona is currently drawing a lot of attention by showing off her beautiful hands. An online community posted several pictures of Yoona with the caption, “Hands that make you want to shake

Girls’ Generation YoonA’s Sexy, Beautiful Hands Excite Fans

Girls’ Generation’s YoonA’s sexy, beautiful hands have been a hot topic on the Web recently, as netizens posted a collection of its photos. In the photos posted under the title, “Hands that call for a handshake,” you can see the long and slender hands of YoonA

Lee Mi Sook says, “I was more beautiful than YoonA”

Veteran actress, Lee Mi Sook recently made a brave statement saying that, “I was more beautiful than Girls’ Generation‘s YoonA“. On March 24th, KBS 2TV‘s ‘Entertainment Weekly‘ broadcast featured a special interview with the cast of KBS’s upcoming drama, ‘Love Rain‘

SNSD’s Yoona, “Jang Keun Suk is lucky to perform with beautiful actresses”

SNSD’s Yoona recently said that Jang Keun Suk is a lucky guy to perform with beautiful actresses. Yoona recently appeared in Guerrilla Date on KBS’s Entertainment Relay. Yoona, who appears on Monday-Tuesday series Love Rain, said that she had the weakest kissing scene among SNSD members

SNSDs Yoona shows off her beautiful looks in clothes for summer vacation

SNSD’s Yoona recently released some pictures of herself in clothes for summer vacation. On July 17, Yoona showed off her fresh, feminine looks in a pictorial for a clothing brand she’s working for as a model

SNSDs Yoona is beautiful inside and out

SNSD’s Yoona is drawing a lot of attention with her handwritten letter. An online community recently posted a picture of letters with the caption, “Yoona’s sweet handwritten letters.” The picture features letters that Yoona wrote to the staff members of the TV series Love Rain and to her fans before her group held the first concert

Girls’ Generation’s YoonA Looks Beautiful at a Wedding

Girls’ Generation’s member YoonA was captured at a wedding. Several pictures of YoonA with title, “YoonA’s pictures at a wedding” have been surfacing online. The pictures showed that YoonA was present at an acquaintance’s wedding

K-Pop Stars Jessica, Taeyeon, Yoona Included in Annual Independent Critics List of the 100 Most Beautiful Faces

Girls Generation, Jessica, Taeyeon, Yoona, IU, Song Hye Kyo, Nam Gyuri, Go Ara, Jun Ji Hyun The 23rd Annual Independent Critics List of the 100 Most Beautiful Faces of 2012 has drawn the attention of many as it included several Korean stars

Jun Ji Hyun, Yoona, Jessica and More Included In the 100 Most Beautiful Faces of 2012 List

A slew of Korean stars have made it on a list of the most beautiful faces for 2012. Popular movie site TC recently unveiled this year’s ranking of its ‘100 Most Beautiful Faces of 2012’

Girl’s Generation’s YoonA spotted being beautiful for the umpteenth time

To absolutely no one’s surprise, Girls’ Generation‘s YoonA was caught in the act of being beautiful again. This time, her beauty awed fans and netizens with her chic airport fashion, dolled up with a pair of square glasses and a knit pink beanie – that is making this article very hard to write for this author since his eyes keep traveling back to the picture! Anyways, the photos were taken during the girl group’s departure from Korea for their Japanese arena tour concert

Photos of YoonA’s beautiful older sister drawing attention from fans

Photos of YoonA‘s older sister has been a hot topic among fans. The above photos were recently shared on an online community board under the title “YoonA’s older sister, Good Genes run in the family“

Lee Min Ho and Girls’ Generation’s YoonA Look Beautiful in CF Stills

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Girls’ Generation Yoona Is Beautiful Even in Class~

Girls' Generation, Yoona Girls’ Generation Yoona Is Beautiful Even in Class~ Girls' Generation member Yoona was spotted in a classroom setting. Recently a photo of Yoona was posted on an online community forum with the title "Current photo of Yoona at Dongguk University," which has all the fans talking

Im Yoona intends to be messy person in Prime Minister and I is so beautiful

Im Yoona, a member of Girls’ Generation, who is highly praised for her beauty, decided to make herself a laughing stock in order to lighten up the atmosphere of Prime Minister and I where she starring as the main character

SNSD's YoonA and IU Resembles...

Recently, several photos of SNSD’s YoonA and IU, titled “Time Travelers YoonA and IU,” have been spreading like wildfire across various internet community sites. The photos were of veteran actresses who shared a striking resemblance to YoonA and IU

Tired Looking YoonA Returns to Korea

SNSD returned to Korea on January 13 after finishing up at the "Golden Disk Awards in Osaka." In the photograph taken at Incheon Airport, YoonA is wearing a mod coat and clutching her cell phone, passport and bag

BoA Looks Beautiful in Flower-Patterned Pants and No Makeup

Asia’s star BoA is garnering attention for her no makeup face and fashion sense. On January 14, the singer uploaded a picture on her Twitter with the caption: “Good morning!!!! My staff took this pic… look at my face… Lol!! Getting ready to go to rehearsal!!”  In the picture, BoA has her “apple hairstyle” with no makeup and comfortable attire

Park Shin Hye shows off her beautiful skin for ‘Cosmetic’

On January 10th, actress Park Shin Hye revealed her beautiful clear skin for cosmetics brand ‘Cosmetic‘. A representative from her label 4HIM Entertainment replied, “Park Shin Hye’s pure beautiful image coincided with the brand’s delicate clear skin image, so she was able to sign a contract with ‘Cosmetic”

Six Bomb’s Subin feels hurt by accusations of her using YoonA’s name for fame

Rookie girl group Six Bomb first got their name known for having a member named Subin, who claimed to be the best friend of Girls Generation‘s YoonA. In their interview with MyDaily, the girls expressed how upset they felt by netizens’ accusations of Six Bomb using YoonA’s name to gain fame