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Yoon Doo Joon’s sweet ‘uncle smile’ creates a buzz on the web

Group B2ST (BEAST) member Yoon Doo Joon‘s ‘uncle smile’ is the latest buzz on the web. B2ST member Yang Yoseob tweeted on the 2nd, “Filming with an angel! I miss the baby” and he attached the lovely photo above

Yoon Doo Joon’s finger stamped memorandum to Jung Hyung Don, “When B2ST comes back..”

B2ST (BEAST) member Yoon Doo Joon wrote a memorandum for comedian Jung Hyun Don. Recently on the official Twitter account of MBC Every1′s ‘Weekly Idol’, a memorandum written by B2ST member Yoon Doo Joon was tweeted drawing the fans’ attention

Do Dae Yoon reveals a photo with YB Huh Joon

2months member Do Dae Yoon posted a photo with Huh Joon of YB Band. On the 6th he posted on his Twitter "Huh Joon hyung. I miss you", along with a photo. In the photo Dae Yoon and Huh Joon showed off their closeness by looking really friendly

BEAST Yoon Doo Joon to Cameo in "I Live in Cheongdam-dong"

BEAST's Yoon Doo Joon will be making a cameo appearance in the JTCB daily sitcom, "I Live in Cheongdam-dong" on February 8. During this episode, Yoon Doo Joon will play himself as the leader of a popular idol group

Yoon Jong Shin compliments Lee Joon on his sense of humor

Singer Yoon Jong Shin praised Lee Joon for his humor. On the 23rd he posted on his Twitter "MBLAQ Lee Joon, you showed off your humor on Mnet 'Directors' Cut' and 'Beatles Code' in the past, and I'm so excited to see more of you"

PD Yoon Hyun Joon praises Girls’ Generation’s & Shinhwa’s variety skills

PD Yoon Hyun Joon of jTBC‘s ‘Girls’ Generation and the Dangerous Boys‘ expressed his thoughts on working with the girls while at the production conference for jTBC’s ‘Shinhwa Broadcast‘ on March 16th

MBLAQ’s Lee Joon, ZE:A’s Kwang Hee, Kim Jong Min, and Yoon Do Hyun in Go Show!

Four rising stars in variety programs, MBLAQ’s Lee Joon, ZE:A’s Kwang Hee, Koyote’s Kim Jong Min, and Yoon Do Hyun have shot an episode for Go Show. According to the production crew, Lee Joon, Kwang Hee, Kim Jong Min, and Yoon Do Hyun have participated in a recent shooting for SBS’s Go Show on April 21

Director Kim Hyeong-joon-I from "The Scent" in a relationship with actress Yoon Jae

Direcotr Kim Hyeong-joon-I who directed the movie "The Scent" is currently in a relationship with actress Yoon Jae. The two met through the movie "The Scent" and developed into a relationship after talking about many things

Hwang Jeong-min, Yoo Joon-sang, Yoon Je-moon and Kang Woo-seok in "The Legendary Fist"

Actors Hwang Jeong-min, Yoo Joon-sang and Yoon Je-moon have met at last with director Kang Woo-seok. They have al been confirmed to star in the movie "The Legendary Fist". "The Legendary Fist" is based on an original webtoon written by Lee Jong-gyoo about the main characters joining a fighting competition for the prize money of 20 million Won

Lee Joon, Kwanghee, Kim Jong Min, and Yoon Do Hyun get competitive on ‘Go Show’

Vocalist Yoon Do Hyun from rock group YB, Koyote‘s Kim Jong Min, MBLAQ‘s Lee Joon, and ZE:A‘s Kwanghee put on a battle of the wits. The four men participated in a recent filming for SBS‘ talk show ‘Go Show‘ to display their brilliance as well as their intelligence

Lee Joon-hee and Jo Yoon-hee in "My Husband Got a Family"

Kang Dong-ho who is playing the role of Jo Yoon-hee's first love in the drama "My Husband Got a Family" commented about the "Lee Hee-joon and Jo Yoon-hee" couple. In a recent interview with Dong Ah.Com, Kang said, "I wish Lee Hee-joona nd Jo Yoon-he get together soon

[KBS2TV MON/TUES Drama Big] Suprising Twist as Kyung-joon and Yoon-jae’s Secrets are Unveiled

Viewers are becoming more curious about what will happen next as Big’s Seo Yoon-jae(Gong Yoo) and Kang Kyung-joon(Shin Won-ho & Gong Yoo)’s relationship is being unraveled. In Big’s previous 9th episode, Seo Yoon-jae’s mother Ahn Hye-jung(Kim Seo-ra) is surprised that the teen that got into the car accident with Yoon-jae is Kang Kyung-joon

B2ST Yoon Doo Joon Thanks His Fans for the Birthday Wishes from US "I'll be back!"

b2st, yoon doo joon yoon B2ST leader Yoon Doo Joon thanked his fans for the birthday wishes. Yoon Doo Joon, who celebrates his 25th birthday on the 4th, posted on his Twitter "Thank you for all the birthday wishes! I'll work hard on it and come back soon"

Nichkhun, Eunhyuk, Jung Yong Hwa, Yoon Doo Joon, and Lee Joon to Appear on "Running Man" Special

SBS’ “Running Man” joins the festivities for the 2012 Summer Olympics in London. According to reports in local news agencies, the popular Sunday variety program is set to air an all-star special featuring the hottest idols on the scene

[Spoiler] Jo Yoon-hee slaps Lee Hee-joon for sudden kiss

Jo Yoon-hee slapped Lee Hee-joon a tempo later. On the fourth episode of the KBS weekend drama "My Husband Got a Family" on the 22nd, Lee Sook (Jo Yoon-hee) was suddenly kissed by Jae-yong (Lee Hee-joon)

G.NA Likes Yoon Doo Joon the Best Out of BEAST Members?

G.NA recently revealed how she felt about BEAST‘s leader, Yoon Doo Joon. On a recent episode of QTV’s “4minute’s Travel Maker,” G.NA made an appearance. G.NA left for a trip to Busan along with the other 4minute members

[Spoiler] Jo Yoon-hee imagines married life with Lee Hee-joon

"My Husband Got a Family" Lee Hee-joon and Jo Yoon-hee are heated up in romance. KBS 2TV drama "My Husband Got a Family" on the 29th, Lee Sook (Jo Yoon-hee) blushed at the thought of married life with Jae-yong (Lee Hee-joon)

[Spoiler] Lee Hee-joon shared a kiss with Jo Yoon-hee for a second

Lee Hee-joon shared a kiss with Jo Yoon-hee for a second in drama "My Husband Got a Family". Jae-yong (Lee Hee-joon) insisted he was 'oppa' (elder brother) and tried to steal a kiss from her. Jae-yong gets upset when his date offer gets turned down because of a pre-appointment with another 'oppa' and because of the way Lee Sook called him 'manager'

Yoon Doo Joon, Glasses and Chubby Graduation Picture Revealed 'Still Confident'

Beast, Yoon Doo Joon, Lee Ki Kwang Yoon Doo Joon, Glasses and Chubby Graduation Picture Revealed 'Still Confident' BEAST member Yoon Doo Joon was at first embarrassed that a picture of his graduation picture was revealed; however, after he got over the surprise, he seemed to be confident

Yoon Doo Joon Fulfills His Declaration, BEAST Comes Out On "Weekly Idol"

yoon doo joon, jung hyung don, b2st weekly idol, b2st, beast asdf Idol group BEAST made their appearance in MBC Everyone "Weekly Idol." Jung Hyung Don had always talked about his close friendship with Yoon Doo Joon in the past and revealed that Yoon Doo Joon had promised to come out on "Weekly Idol" with B2ST