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YG Entertainment’s Stylist Reveals Secret to Big Bang’s Fashion

It’s been reported that YG Entertainment’s stylist, Ji Eun, gave a special lecture at the Seoul Art Technical College. During the guest lecture, Ji Eun stated, “For idol groups, it’s important to respect each member's preference and express their distinct characteristics

Woollim Entertainment Reveal New Group Baby Soul + Yoo Ji Ah

The agency for singers such as Infinite or Nell which is Woollim Entertainment has revealed their new girl group members Baby Soul and Yoo Ji Ah. Baby Soul was known through her digital single in 2011, but it is the first time that Yoo Ji Ah is being introduced

Teen Top in Brazilian Entertainment News

On January 10, Brazilian public broadcasting company Rede TV's entertainment news program "Leitura Dinamica" introduced Teen Top's newest song "Going Crazy."   "Leitura Dinamica" gives comprehensive coverage of the entertainment industry around the world

Lee Ji Ah decides not to renew her contract with Key East Entertainment

Earlier, we reported that Lee Ji Ah‘s contract with her agency, Key East Entertainment, had expired at the end of December last year. Although many were hoping that she’d renew her contract with the agency, Lee Ji Ah has decided to part ways

Go Ara reveals that five SM Entertainment stars hit on her

On January 10th, actress Go Ara guested on SBS‘s ‘Strong Heart‘ and revealed that five SM Entertainment labelmates had hit on her. She was asked, “Were you ever hit on by a celebrity under the same agency as you?” Go Ara honestly replied, “Yes, I have been hit on

SM Entertainment’s future plans to expand their enterprise

Hallyu’s leading enterprise SM Entertainment will be aiming to add value to their company by not only producing albums, but distributing them all over Asia. They will be officially making their breakthrough in China with their new Chinese boy group EXO-M

Woollim Entertainment reveals photo of new female act, Baby Soul + Yoo Ji Ah

(L): Yoo Ji Ah, (R): Baby Soul Woollim Entertainment is famous for producing 2011′s hottest ‘trend idols’, INFINITE. Consequently, many began to anticipate great things once it was discovered that the agency was preparing to debut a female act this year

Contestants cast into JYP, SM & YG Entertainment on ‘K-POP Star’

The most recent episode of ‘Survival Audition: K-POP Star‘ brought tears of joy and tears of disappointment among the remaining contestants. During the third round, the contestants were given the mission to be cast by either YG, SM, or JYP Entertainment

SM Entertainment's Building a District Office? Not Anymore

Last week, we reported on (and poked fun at) various entertainment agencies’ buildings.  While YG Entertainment’s building had a unique design, SM Entertainment’s looked relatively plain. Many netizens commented that SM’s building looked more like a district office building rather than the home to Korea’s best artists

SM Entertainment’s new building to be comparable to YG’s building

Just last month, we reported on the buildings for the various entertainment companies. Recently, photos of SM Entertainment‘s new building were revealed. On January 17th, a few photos were posted on an online community under the title, “Inside of the new SM Entertainment building that is comparable to YG Entertainment‘s“

SM Entertainment reveals ‘W Live’ photo shoot on Youtube

As earlier reported, SM Entertainment and W Korea is exclusively revealing behind-the-scenes footage from an upcoming photo shoot featuring various SM stars, including members of the new boy group EXO as well as Girls’ Generation members Seohyun & YoonA, SHINee‘s Jonghyun & Taemin, and f(x)‘s Sulli & Krystal

Psy taunts Jung Hyung Don’s wish to join YG Entertainment

Psy taunted comedian Jung Hyung Don with a photo recently through his me2day. On January 28th, Psy shared this photo with the post, “YG fam. Group shot. Are you seeing this, Don (Hyung Don)?” This was a response to a comment Jung Hyung Don had made recently about his wish to join YG Entertainment

Yang Hyun Suk would welcome Jung Hyung Don into YG Entertainment

On a recent recording of MBC Every1‘s ‘Weekly Idol‘, comedian Jung Hyung Don had jokingly asked if YG Entertainment recruited gagmen in hopes of joining the label. The episode featured a segment where Jung Hyung Don called up YG Entertainment officials to tell them news of G-Dragon winning yet another poll held amongst idols

JYP Entertainment’s 9th auditions are in full swing

JYP Entertainment‘s 9th auditions are in full swing, and they’re attracting high levels of attention from the public. After learning that ‘Dream High 2‘s actors JB and Jr. were contestants from the 5th auditions, trainee-hopefuls felt even more encouraged to try out for the agency

Comedian Kim Kyung Jin also wants to join YG Entertainment

It looks like Jung Hyung Don inspired a gagman rush to YG Entertainment, as fellow comedian Kim Kyung Jin has also requested to join YG. A few days ago, Jung Hyung Don jokingly asked CEO Yang Hyun Suk if he would consider welcoming Jung to the label

Comedian Kim Kyung Jin: "I Want to Join YG Entertainment"

Comedian Kim Kyung Jin expressed his interest in joining YG Entertainment via twitter. He commented, "I want to go to YG. I'm a Gae-Soo, Gag-man (comedian) and Gasoo (singer) all at the same time, with three songs released! President Yang, please pay close attention to the group, 'One Hundred!'" He posted a picture of himself along with the comment

SNSD on Midnight TV Entertainment [ENG SUB]

With SNSD being chosen as Christian Dior’s newest models, the girl’s were featured in a segment of Midnight TV Entertainment on set of their CF shoot! Although the cut is short,the dorks strike again THEY LOOK SO AMAZINGLY GORGEOUS!!! (as usual) Courtesy of soshisubs… (only on dailymotion, the YT copyright nazis strike again =

SM Entertainment Artistes Produce A Thank You Video For Their European Fans

  Following their very successful SM Town concert in Paris recently, the SM Entertainment artistes decide to reciprocate with a lovely gesture…. To thank their European fans for making the inaugural European SM Town concert a roaring success beyond all expectations, a thank-you video has been produced featuring all the artistes involved in the event

SM Entertainment's New Talent J-Min Contributes to the "Wild Romance" OST

New diva J-Min contributes a song to the “Wild Romance” soundtrack. Her song, “Hello Love” is one of the love themes of the KBS drama. “Hello Love,” which was released on online music stores on January 30 is of a lively rhythm and is distinctive with a compelling string arrangement

SM Entertainment Invested $3 Million in BoA Before her Debut

Earlier today, SBS’s “Good Morning” aired a segment on SM Entertainment’s BoA. SM Entertainment’s talent agents discovered BoA when she accompanied her older brother to an audition when she was only in fifth grade