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SS501 Kim Kyu Jong Secretly Dating Oh Se Jung?

On October 10, SS501’s Kim Kyu Jong appeared on SBS “Strong Heart” and revealed that he regularly keeps in touch with Oh Se Jung, the actress that he’s often pointed as his ideal woman. This came after Kim Kyu Jong said he was stunned by Oh Se Jung’s beauty when he first met her, raising speculation that the two might be secretly dating

Lee Yeon Hee reveals she is secretly a giant head

Lee Yeon Hee posted on her personal homepage recently, “I’m getting warmed up. This is Yeon Hee big head version” and she revealed the photo above. Unless she’s a giant head for real, we believe she must have used the smartphone app which enlarges only the head for your viewing pleasure

Jung Il Woo Secretly Makes Donation to Missionaries

It has been revealed that actor Jung Il Woo made a secret donation to a disabled missionary group in New York called, "Milal."Recently, Jung Il Woo had been deeply touched by the "American Idol" contestant, Han Hee Joon, who was said to have auditioned in order to spread awareness and collect donations for the "Milal" missionary group

Yoo Jaesuk and Haha secretly paid for NU'EST meals after running into them at a restaurant

Male group NU'EST ran into "Running Man" members Yoo Jaesuk and Haha at a restaurant. On May 4th, NU'EST member Baekho updated his me2day and said, "We went to eat at a restaurant and met Yoo Jaesuk sunbaenim and Haha sunbaenim, who we respect so much" and posted a photo of the 7 males

Kim Soo Hyun Is Training Hard to Make a Manly Body for His Upcoming Film "Secretly and Greatly"

Kim Soo Hyun is currently crazy about training for action scenes. He is working out for 4 hours every day! According to his agency Key East Entertainment on June 6, Kim Soo Hyun has been attending an action school since May and is completely focused on preparing for his upcoming film, “Secretly and Greatly

IU secretly visits Yoo In Na without telling her managers? #dreamhigh #iu #secretgarden

IU is creating a stir by making a surprise visit to the shooting site of KBS Radio 2FM’s Yoo In Na’s Turn The Volume Up. On the radio broadcast that aired on June 11, IU visited the shooting site of the radio show and surprised Yoo In Na and her acquaintances

2PM's Wooyoung confesses that he dated secretly without his manager knowing

2PM's Wooyoung, who is currently active in his solo promotions, was a recent guest on SBS's "You and I", aired on July 15th. There, he was asked what his ideal image of a "sexy lady" was, and he responded, "As I work, my ideal type is slowly disappearing

Big Bangs G-Dragon secretly takes a picture of Daesung

Big Bang’s G-Dragon recently released a picture of Daesung. On July 27, G-Dragon tweeted a picture of Daesung with the short comment, “A secret picture of an entertainer.” In the picture, Daesung is at the Airport while holding a bag full of fan letters

[Shooting Site of KBS 2TV Mon/Tues Drama Lovers at Haeundae Beach] Lee Tae-seong secretly watches his uncle Su-san

The hidden story about the shooting location of “Lovers at Haeundae Beach”Someone is secretly watching Uncle Su-san! The hidden story from the location of the drama “Lovers at Haeundae Beach” is almost as interesting as the actual scenes from the drama! “A baseball bat matches well with an apron!?”So-ra’s house seems to be peaceful

Choi Young (Lee Min Ho) secretly meets the king on Faith

Choi Young (played by Lee Min Ho) secretly meets King Gong Min (played by Ryu Duk Hwan) in a prison. In the eighth episode of Faith that will air on September 4, King Gong Min appears in front of Choi Young, who is locked in a prison with both of his arms and legs in chains

Nichkhun, Secretly Volunteers at Disabled Children Center for 2 Weeks

nichkhun, 2pm, dui nichkhun volunteering 2PM's Nichkhun has been spending his alone time volunteering. It has been recently revealed that Nichkhun has been volunteering at a nearby Buddhist disabled center since two weeks ago

2PMs Nichkhun is secretly doing volunteer works

2PM’s Nichkhun has stopped his activities and is currently taking some time for self reflection and doing volunteer works. On September 7, the agency, JYP Entertainment, said that Nichkhun recently started doing volunteer works at a welfare facility in Seoul

Lee Min Ho is secretly in love with Kim Hee Sun on Faith

Choi Young (played by Lee Min Ho) protects Eun Soo (played by Kim Hee Sun) all the time. In the thirteenth episode of SBS TV’s drama series Faith, which aired on September 24, Choi Young teaches Eun Soo how to use a short knife

R.ef’s Lee Sung Wook got married secretly on October 7th while he was accused of assaulting his ex-wife

Lee Sung Wook , a member of R.ef, a 1990s Korean rave music group that recently returned to the spotlight, was booked by police on October 7th for assaulting his former wife. He denied the charges. According to the Gangnam Police Station, Lee, 38, was accused by his former wife, identified as 36-year-old Lee, of beating her in a bar in Cheongdam-dong in Gangnam District, southern Seoul, at around 1 am on the 7th

Big Bangs G-Dragon takes pictures of his group members secretly

Big Bang’s G-Dragon recently released pictures of his group members. On October 31, G-Dragon tweeted pictures with the short comment, “Taking pictures secretly.” The pictures feature Big Bang members with comfortable looks

Kim Hyun Joong Admits To Dating Secretly

Kim Hyun Joong has been doing a lot of talking about dating lately but he"s not giving up any names. Nor is he likely to. In a recent interview with Newsen, he confessed that he has dated in secret and he would never go public with a relationship

Manager Secretly Snaps a Photo when T-ara are Sleeping

Earlier today, T-ara’s manager uploaded photos of the girls which he had secretly snapped throughout their flight to Japan. T-ara left for Japan to promote “Sexy Love” on November 9th. Photos of their departure were shared on various news outlets, and now, photos of the girls in the plane are revealed

Song Joong Ki says, I want to date secretly

Actor Song Joong Ki recently talked about his thoughts on dating publicly. On the episode of SBS TV’s Good Morning that aired on November 26, Song gave an interview. Regarding celebrities dating publicly, he said, “I don’t want to date publicly

PSY secretly returned to South Korea for a short break

It has been revealed that PSY recently returned back to his home country, doing so in secrecy. On November 26th, it was revealed that PSY flew back to South Korea and is currently taking a short rest from his overseas tour, and will be going to the hospital for a health screening

[Spoiler] "Missing You" Micky Yoochun and Yoon Eun-hye "Let's date secretly"

Micky Yoochun made his move on Yoon Eun-hye first. The seventh episode of the MBC drama "Missing You" showed that Han Jeong-woo (Micky Yoochun) didn't let go of the fact that Joy (Yoon Eun-hye) was Lee Soo-yeon (Kim So-hyeon-I)