Womans Boob Falls Out During Olympics

Dal Shabet Jiyul Falls Early into "Idol Stars Olympics"

Dal Shabet Jiyul Falls Early into

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ji yool falls

Dal Shabet’s Jiyul gets hurt early on in the games. 

On the 25th MBC “Idol Stars Olympics” finally aired. At least 100 idol stars were seen at the event. . ... Read more

[Spoiler] "Blue Bird"s Nest" Kyeong Soo-jin falls for Lee Joon-hyeok


Kyeong Soo-jin fell for Lee Joon-hyeok.

On the twelfth episode of the KBS 2TV weekend drama “Blue Bird”s Nest”, Kang Yeong-joo (Kyeong Soo-jin) felt weak towards Kim Ji-wan (Lee Joon-hyeok) and the way he treated her. . ... Read more

Mad Clown Falls In Love With Both Minkyung and Haeri in Davichi's "Two Lovers"

Mad Clown Falls In Love With Both Minkyung and Haeri in Davichi's

Davichi‘s highly-anticipated collaboration with Mad Clown has lived up to its hype following its release.

On March 18th, Davichi made a quick comeback with Two Lovers, featuring MadClown. The song is about a person who is confused after falling in love with two different people.. ... Read more

EXO"s Kai falls under the stage at "EXO"luXion" + Tao mysteriously not present during "Growl" either


EXO“s Kai and Tao worried fans by not appearing during the group”s performance of “Growl” during their 2nd concert “EXO”luXion“.

Kai has been confirmed to have fallen down under the stage. The hatch for the lift to bring members up onto the stage suddenly opened under his feet while he was walking up to the protuding stage. Because the lift was all the way down to bring up D.O, Kai fell down under the stage. Even though Kai got back up on to the stage, he was later not present for “Growl”. . ... Read more

Henry falls for himself as a woman in "Perseverance, Goo Hae Ra" music segment

Henry falls for himself as a woman in

After that accidental kiss with Yoo Sung Eun, looks like Henry has fallen completely head over heels for her character to the point he”s daydreaming away to some funky piano playing in a musical segment of drama “Perseverance, Goo Hae Ra“!
He sings sweetly to her before realizing it was all in his head and tries to figure out how to approach her, using himself dressed as a woman for practicing purposes? Ah, as adorable and silly as ever! . ... Read more

Jinwoon leads the Gangnam Lakers to gold in "Idol Star Olympics" basketball tournament

Jinwoon leads the Gangnam Lakers to gold in

The basketball tournament for MBC“s “Idol Star Olympics” ended on February 20 with Gangnam Lakers coming out for the gold!  The team, which had Jinwoon as the captain and Jackson, Jun Woo Sung, and HISTORY”s Na Do Gyun as the members went up against the Mani Keun Jordan Team, which has Kangin as the captain and Tao, INFINITE”s L and Sungjong, BTOB”s Minhyuk and Sungjae, and MYNAME”s Insoo as members, ultimately earned the silver. . ... Read more

EXID"s Junghwa demolishes Girl"s Day with her deadly archery skills in "Idol Star Olympics"


EXID”s Junghwa has crowned herself the Queen of Archery with her impressive performance in the women”s archery tournament in the “Idol Star Olympics.” That”s right, the girls of EXID not only have sexy dancing by Hani, jaw-dropping singing by Solji, and catchy music but they also have Junghwa, who aimed with a bow and arrow, could take down any haters Katniss-style. . ... Read more

A Pink and KARA go head to head in women"s archery for "Idol Star Olympics"

A Pink and KARA go head to head in women

Veteran group KARA went up against the trending group A Pink in archery on the February 20 installment of MBC“s Lunar New Year”s special, “Idol Star Olympics.”

Gyuri went up first, failing quite a bit with a 2 point shot, 1 point shot, and 5 point shot, which would probably be better than what I could do, but in comparison to Eunji”s 9 point shot, 9 point shot, and 8 point shot… good game. . ... Read more

Members of Nine Muses express discontent at idols keeping their distance from them in "Idol Star Olympics"

Members of Nine Muses express discontent at idols keeping their distance from them in

In a recent interview with OSEN, the members of Nine Muses expressed their discontent in participating in the “Idol Star Olympics,” stating that majority of the male idols they met there were overwhelmingly shy and did not approach them as they would have liked.. ... Read more

[Spoiler] "Punch - Drama" Kim Rae-won falls through into his own trap from past


Kim Rae-won is in danger again.

On the February 10th episode of SBS drama, “Punch – Drama“, Park Jeong-hwan (Kim Rae-won) successfully recovered the CCTV recording, which contained the scene showing Lee Tae-joon (Jo Jae-hyeon)”s brother, Lee Tae-seop (Lee Ki-young) killing a researcher. . ... Read more