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Jewelry's Ha Joo Yun Proves She Got the Skinniest Legs

Jewelry's Ha Joo Yun Showed off her thin legs. Ha Joo Yun posted a picture on her twitter on Jan. 18 with a comment "Practicing alone before the lesson starts~~ lalala~ Everybody have a great day~ Kiss~"

Who’s the skinniest and heaviest among male idol groups?

Netizens are at it with yet another average graph for idols! This time, instead of height they have summarized the average weight of male idol groups and it has definitely caught the attention of fans

Skinniest in the OECD doesn't carry much weight

A 29-year-old employee of a PR firm in Seoul surnamed Im has been interested in losing weight since she was in her teens. At 24, she hired a personal trainer and frequented the diet center 2Weeks, which provides nutritional programs to help reduce weight that include hot yoga, detox cocoons and high-frequency vibration slimming belts

Whos the worst dresser of the early 2012?

TV Report’s photography team would like to present the worst dressers of the early 2012. △ The stylists must be anti-fans. Please come back! Kim Kang Woo, Park In Young, Yoo Eun Hye, and Hwang Jung Eum Kim Kang Woo has been selected as the only male worst dresser of the early 2012

Whos more attractive? Super Juniors Donghae or Choi Jin Hyuk?

Super Junior’s Donghae and Choi Jin Hyuk are currently appealing to viewers. Donghae and Choi are appearing in Channel A’s drama series Panda and Hedgehog as rivals. Panda and Hedgehog is a story about young people’s growth and love

Shin Min Ah, Lee Joon Gi, and Kwon Oh Joong: Whos the cutest?

Shin Min Ah, Lee Joon Gi, and Kwon Oh Joong of MBC’s series Arang and the Magistarte recently took a picture together. On September 20, Shin posted a picture on her me2day account with the comment, “Shooting with magistrate Eun Oh and Dol Shoi

Can you tell whos After Schools Nana and whos Lee Jong Seok?

Nana of After School’s unit group Orange Caramel and actor Lee Jong Seok recently took a pictorial together. On October 11, Lee posted the pictorial on his me2day account. He also wrote the comment, “I found my doppelganger

Whos going to be the winner of the 2012 MMA?: B2ST, Infinite, or Block B?

B2ST, Infinite, and Block B are currently competing to become the winner of the 2012 MMA. The first online vote for the 2012 MelOn Music Awards, which will be held on December 14, is currently being carried out

Leaving behind the image of a girl whos found her first love, Suzy takes on the charm of an unruly girl in The Gu Family Book

Suzy recently made her first appearance in the TV drama series The Gu Family Book, showing the charm of an unruly girl, unlike her former image of a girl who’s found her first love.   On April 15, watching the special project drama series airing on MBC titled The Gu Family Book (written by Gang Eun Gyung, directed by Shin Woo Chul and Kim Jung Hyun), viewers were captivated by Suzy’s character, Dam Yeo Wool, who is reckless but innocent


  YG Family’s official twitter account has revealed a mysterious teaser image with the caption [WHO'S NEXT?]. The picture lists the names of famous YG singers and groups, including Psy, Big Bang, 2NE1 and Epik High, among others

Skinniest K-pop Idols: Male Edition

SHINee, exo, bap, zelo, kai, kwang min, boyfriend, infinite, sung jong There's nothing wrong with being a thin man. Most male idols in K-pop are thin and rarely do you see any male singer buff. The only super buff and big singer that pops into mind is Kim Jong Kook and he's much older and not considered an idol