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Infinite's Fashion Photo Shoot for High Cut Magazine

With hit singles like “Be Mine” and “White Confession,” the boygroup Infinite has gathered so much popularity, that they have been called “Grand Idols.” Recently, these charming boys did a high-end photo shoot for the Korean style magazine, "High Cut

Infinite’s L Becomes a Cartoon Character

Infinite’s L will appear on the Tooniverse TV Animation show “Wara! Mart.” L even took part in the dubbing of the character. The cartoon character has a pretty smile and gentle image but because of a bad experience with a mart in childhood the character harbors hatred for marts

INFINITE’s L becomes a cartoon character for ‘Come! Convenience Store’

INFINITE‘s ulzzang member, L, has made a cameo appearance in the second episode of Tooniverse TV‘s ‘Come! Convenience Store‘. ‘Come! Convenience Store’ is a Korean cartoon show based off a comic strip published in 2008

Baby Soul + Yoo Jia release teaser for “She’s a Flirt” feat. INFINITE’s Dongwoo

allkpop previously reported that Woollim Entertainment would be debuting a new female act called Baby Soul + Yoo Jia. On January 16th, the company released a MV teaser for their debut single, “She’s a Flirt“

T-ara’s Hyomin gets ‘Lovey-Dovey’ with the brother of INFINITE’s Woohyun

Things heated up between T-ara‘s Hyomin and the older brother of INFINITE‘s Woohyun. On a recent recording of ‘T-ara’s Flower Boys‘ which assigns a new mission each week, the girls were out to discover the best ‘flower-boy’ chefs

INFINITE tries to find a good home for their dog ‘Tofu’

On the latest episode of KBS‘s ‘Birth of a Family‘, INFINITE heard the heartbreaking news that one of their three dogs, ‘Tofu‘, didn’t receive any promising offers to be adopted into a new home

INFINITE reveals second teaser for their first concert

INFINITE will be holding their first solo concert titled ‘Second Invasion‘ on February 11th and 12th at the Seoul Olympic Stadium. To help hype up their upcoming event, their second teaser was revealed earlier today through YouTube

INFINITE & IU’s “Elite Song” for school uniform brand ‘Elite’ will make you love(?) school

In order to cheer on the students beginning a brand new semester, school uniform brand ‘Elite‘ recruited IU and INFINITE to sing the “Elite Song“. The song has received much popularity and since the end of January, the song received more than 20,000 downloads

INFINITE’s first concert, February 2012

7-member boy band INFINITE will present their first concert next year. INFINITE will present their first concert titled, ‘Second Invasion’ on February 11 and 12, 2012 at the Handball Stadium in the Olympic Park in Seoul

INFINITE ‘White Confession’ teaser explosive number of views

The ever so popular INFINITE showed off their 100% clear and pure charm. On December 2nd, Woolim Entertainment revealed the teaser clip of INFINITE’s special winter song ‘White Confession’ through their official Youtube channel

INFINITE sells out the Japanese solo concert tickets in 10 minutes

INFINITE proves the group’s star power with concert ticket sell outs. INFINITE is holding concerts on February 25th and on the 26th at the Tokyo International Forum A Hall in Japan. The advanced sales of tickets were held on January 10th exclusively for the group’s Japanese fanclub and the tickets sold out in mere 10 minutes

INFINITE’s L, “I don’t consider myself a handsome man”

Group INFINITE’s L reveals he never thought of himself to be a handsome man. L attended the press conference for tvN‘s new drama ‘Shut Up Flower Boy Band’ on the 25th and revealed this surprising opinion about himself

INFINITE member L, an accident on the Gayo Daejaejun stage

Idol group INFINITE member L slipped and fell during a performance. INFINITE appeared on ’2011 MBC Gayo Daejaejun’ on December 31st. INFINITE had the audience going wild with their fantastic performance

We Got Married, Leeteuk’s infinite love for wife Kang So Ra (Spoiler!)

Singer Leeteuk revealed his infinite love for Kang So Ra. The December 31st installment of MBC’s ‘We Got Married’ was a continuation of the year end special which started last week. Ham Eunjung-Lee Jang Woo, Park So Hyun-Kim Won Joon, and Kang So Ra-Leeteuk couples were invited into the studio to share conversations of a deeper meaning

Boyfriend rises as a blue chip in the ad industry along with BEAST and INFINITE

Idol group Boyfriend quickly rose as a blue chip in the ad industry. Boyfriend has seen two hits in a row with ‘Boyfriend’ and ‘Don’t Touch My Girl’ and recently their new song ‘I’ll Be There’ is quite popular as well resulting in many proposals from the ad industry

We Got Married, Leeteuk shows his infinite love for Kang So Ra

Super Junior member Leeteuk showed his love for Kang So Ra. Leeteuk appeared on the December 10th episode of ‘We Got Married’ with a life size standee of Kang So Ra. Leeteuk even went on stage with the life size standee of Kang So Ra and Super Junior members were ‘shocked’ yelling at Leeteuk “Don’t do that like you’re out of it

Infinite films a music video for protection of abandoned animals

infinite Infinite filmed a music video for the protection of abandoned animals. On the February 4th broadcast of KBS 'Birth of a family' Infinite filmed a music video as a public advertisement. Infinite was determined to have Tofu, Nooroongie, and CoCo adopted by nice owners

INFINITE directs their own campaign videos against animal abandonment

Idol group INFINITE has produced several PSA videos to help advocate against animal abandonment. The idea was inspired by INFINITE’s dog, Tofu, who became a temporary family member along with two other Jindo puppies for KBS‘s variety show, ‘Birth of a Family‘

INFINITE’s Sungjong graduates from high school

INFINITE‘s cute maknae Sungjong has graduated from high school! On February 7th, Sungjong shared a photo of himself in uniform, leaving a short message that read “Graduation“. Sungjong’s older female fans (or ‘noona‘ fans) swooned over this final shot of Sungjong in a high school uniform, as he’ll be wearing it for the last time

Infinite Lee Sung Jong's Graduation Picture

Infinite member Lee Sung Jong revealed a picture of himself on his way to his high school graduation.  On the 7th, Lee Sung Jong posted a picture on his twitter along with the comment, "Graduation