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What Happened at the SBS Gayo Daejun that Made Super Junior Apologize to ELF?

Super Junior's members expressed their frustration and disappointment on their personal Twitter accounts about the incident that made them pre-record twice for the SBS Gayo Daejun. The incident stems from SM Entertainment's failure to properly inform Super Junior's fanclub ELF, of the time of their pre-recording, which caused Super Junior to perform without any single fan-chant during their turn on stage

Key and Min Ho of SHINee cracking up in Paris. What happened?

Recently, SHINee’s Key and Min Ho released a picture of themselves in a plane. On February 22, Key uploaded a picture on SHINee’s official Me2day with the comment “Taking some pictures in Paris. I gave more light to the camera because Min Ho said it was too dark, but then…” Then he uploaded another picture saying, “Both of us cracked up at the brightness

Kim Soo Hyun's Silly Commercial - What Happened to his Kingly Manners?

On the 27th of February, an episode of "Good Day" was aired on MBC.  In the episode, the crew of the show went behind the scenes of the filming of a commercial that involved the stars of "The Moon that Embraces the Sun"

What Happened to Lee Min Ho and Girls’ Generation YoonA?

Earlier today, outdoor brand Eider unveiled teaser stills of its endorsement models Lee Min Ho and Girls’ Generation’s YoonA. In the teaser cuts, Lee Min Ho and YoonA passionately embrace each other in the rain

K.will humiliates himself in front of Beyoncé: What happened?

Recently, singer K.will shared a humiliating experience he had when tried to act friendly with the world star Beyoncé. In a recent shooting of SBS’s variety show Strong Heart which will be aired on February 28, K

T-Ara Eun Jung "What Happened to Her Chubby Cheeks?"

On the 29th of February, Eun Jung of T-Ara updated her personal Twitter page.  Eun Jung's update read, "After a location filming and 4 magazine photo shoots? Greeting Spring in Tokyo. How's Seoul? I'll be back soon! I miss everyone" and attached a photo to her post

JYJ Sasaeng Fan Involved in Audio Recorded File Speaks Up About What Really Happened

A few days ago, we reported on JYJ supposedly having verbally and physically abused female sasaeng fans (Extreme fans who stalk their idols and invade their privacy with questionable methods.). The allegations were based on an audio recorded file which spread like fire on online communities

What happened between MBLAQ’s Lee Jun and Jung Joo Ri?

MBLAQ’s Lee Jun was recently in the extraordinary situation with comedian Jung Joo Ri. Jung, who appears on MBC’s new variety show In Dream with Lee, wanted to impress Lee and become the first couple of the show by saying, “Standard Korean woman is me

The King 2 Hearts - Ep 8 - Screenshots Part 4 - Something Happened that Night :)

Jae Ha burst into tears in front of Hang seems like he just wanted to release all the burden he's been carrying recently. They hugged and then guess what?! The next scene only showed they woke up on the same bed! (I guess something must have happened the night before!) Can't wait until next week and find out what will happen between them :) Meanwhile…the evil magic guy is getting scarier and he planned something bad again next week

The King 2 Hearts - Ep 10 - Screenshots Part 4 - What happened to Hang Ah and Jae Shin??

Jae Ha invited Si Kyung to have a drink together and said "Let's be friends." He who still cares for Hang Ah asked opinion from Si Kyung about what to do with Hang Ah. Jae Shin who went back from hospital was followed by a car

JYJ’s Kim Jae Joong looking exhausted in his self-portraits: “What happened?”

Recently, JYJ’s Kim Jae Joong revealed some exhausted-looking self-portraits. On April 28, Kim tweeted some pictures and commented, “You’re defeated if you feel tired!” In each of his nine pictures uploaded, he is wearing a black shirt and staring at the camera with a tired look

"What happened for 7 years?" Kim Seon-ah's recent times

Kim Seon-ah's change in appearance has become an issue. A post titled, "Kim Seon-ah's body now which is half of what she was when she was Sam-soon" came up recently on an online community site. This post compares Kim Seon-ah from the MBC drama "My Name is Kim Sam-soon" and Kim Seon-ah now

Shin Se Kyung Gets Leg Cast, 'What Happened?'

shin se kyung, Fashion King, twitter Shin Se Kyung Gets Leg Cast, 'What Happened?' Actress Shin Se Kyung revealed a picture of herself with a leg cast. On June 2, Shin Se Kyung's agency CEO Kim Jong Do posted on his twitter, "Sexy pose with Shin Se Kyung who just finished 'Fashion King' and got a leg cast! Her ligament got stretched during filming but she couldn't get a cast when the drama was still going on, so she got it on just now

Eighties singer Kim Wan Sun reveals what happened when she was late to rehearsals on ‘Win Win’

On June 26th’s ‘Win Win‘, eighties diva Kim Wan Sun revealed a bit of what happened to singers who were late to rehearsal back in the day. MC Tak Jae Hoon questioned, “As much as you were popular, I bet there were many people who were jealous

[KBS 2TV Monday& Tuesday Drama ’Big’] Mari, What Happened With Your Wedding Dress? Grand Opening of 'Wedding Suji'

National loco drama “Big” (scenario writer: Hong Jeong-eun, Hong Mi-ran/Director: Ji Byeong-hyeon, Kim Seong-yun/Producer: Bon Factory) that ignited the wonder of the nationwide viewers with its surprising developments in every episode has introduced a new twist by dramatically revealing an image of Bae Su-ji dressed in a wedding gown

Kim Kang Woo embarrassed on a set: “What happened?”

Recently, actor Kim Kang Woo was spotted taking a self-portrait on a photo session and unexpectedly became embarrassed by a situation. On June 29, Kim’s agency, Tree Actors, posted two pictures of Kim taking a picture of himself

What happened at Lee Jang Woo and Eunjung’s wedding in Lombok?

The couple Lee Jang Woo and T-ara’s Eunjung in MBC’s We Got Married Season 3 finally had a traditional Lombok wedding after a year of marriage. In the episode that aired on June 23, the couple went on a trip with both of their parents and had a wedding in front of many native Indonesians

KARAs Goo Hara hosts a show with a frosty look, What happened to her?

KARA’s Goo Hara worried her fans as she hosted a show with a frosty look. On July 1, a post was uploaded on an online community board with the comment, “Goo Hara doesn’t look so good today

Whatever happened to YG Entertainment’s new boy group?

Back in 2011, YG Entertainment made a big announcement, saying, “Next year, we will be introducing a boy group and a girl group.” Ever since, the company has been slowly revealing the progress of its girl groups ‘YG Girls’ Generation’ and SuPearls

Ha Ji Won becomes “Tearing Ji Won”: “What happened?”

Why did actress Ha Ji Won become known as “Tearing Ji Won”? Recently, a new commercial of Ha Ji Won in which she shows an unusual look was posted on an online community board. It spread out online very fast, giving her a nick name “Tearing Ji Won