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Lizzy reported to make a solo guest appearance on "Weekly Idol"

Lizzy reported to make a solo guest appearance on

It appears Lizzy, who is preparing for her solo debut, will also be making an appearance on “Weekly Idol“!

According to the music industry on January 10, Lizzy will partake in the recording of MBC Every1“s “Weekly Idol” on January 13. Although she”s been active for a while now in both After School and Orange Caramel, this will be her first time making a solo appearance on this show, so it will definitely be a special one for fans to check out! . ... Read more

Hong Jin Young Made Parody of HyunA's "Red" In Trot Style On "Weekly Idol"

Hong Jin Young Made Parody of HyunA's

The “queen of trot music,” Hong Jin Young made her guest appearance on “Weekly Idol.” The singer has brought her adorable side to the show.

Hong Jin Young danced to the beat of HyunA”s “Red” and “Bubble Pop“, garnering much attention for her impressive moves. It was also revealed that she was initially known as the “HyunA of the trot industry,” surprising the two MCs.. ... Read more

Hong Jin Young Set To Join "Weekly Idol" As First Trot Singer

Hong Jin Young Set To Join

Trot singer Hong Jin Young is set to appear on MBC Every1‘s variety show “Weekly Idol.” The star will become the first Trot singer to guest on the program. Hong Jin Young will appear on the January 7 edition of the show, which airs at 6 p.m. in Korea.. ... Read more

EXID Make Their First "Weekly Idol" Appearance

EXID Make Their First

On December 24, “Weekly Idol” featured the ladies of EXID and introduced them as one of the girl groups that have suddenly gained popularity, especially after the Hani-focused fancam video went viral.. ... Read more

GOT7 Brought Laughter to "Weekly Idol" with Parodies of Girl Band Dance Moves

GOT7 Brought Laughter to

The idol group GOT7 has once again brought more laughter to the MBC Every1’s “Weekly Idol.” The stars made parody of girl groups’dance moves.. ... Read more

GOT7 to appear on "Weekly Idol" next week

GOT7 to appear on

GOT7 are scheduled to appear on next week”s episode of “Weekly Idol”.

In the preview video, the boys are going to entertain you with their humor and take on girl group dances. In addition, find out what made Jackson scream.. ... Read more

'Weekly Idol' Welcomed Its First-Ever Actor To The Show, Kim Ian

'Weekly Idol' Welcomed Its First-Ever Actor To The Show, Kim Ian

It is the first time the MBC Every1’s show “Weekly Idol” has had the participation of a special guest, who is not a singer, but a great actor.

In order to promote the drama “Sweden Laundry,” which is a collaboration between MBC Dramanet and MBC Every1, lead male actors Kim Ian and idol group Teen Top’s Changjo made an appearance.. ... Read more

A Pink play the "Idol King Game" + dance to 4minute, Orange Caramel, and Girl"s Day on "Weekly Idol"

A Pink play the

The lovely girls of A Pink appeared on this week”s episode of “Weekly Idol” as they are currently promoting their newest release, “LUV.”

On the episode, the girls participated in the “Random Play Dance” challenge. The “Random Play Dance” is where the staff members play songs from A Pink”s promotions. The song may stop randomly or change to a different song and the A Pink girls have to quickly adjust to the proper choreography. Even with the continuing challenge, the girls maintained their girl-group smiles all throughout. . ... Read more

AOA play the "Idol King Game" on "Weekly Idol" + dance to songs from Girls" Generation, SISTAR, EXO, Super Junior, & Girl"s Day

AOA play the

On the November 19 airing of “Weekly Idol,” the cat-like girls of AOA participated in the “Idol King Game,” where they compete to become the idol king, or in this case, the queen. . ... Read more

"Weekly Idol", Ji Eun Shows New Lovely Side


Lately, Ji Eun has become guest of the MBC’s “Weekly Idol”. Coming to this program, the singer has shown a new lovely side of herself as she said, “aegyo”, which is a kind of her peace signs to her “bbuing bbuing.”. ... Read more