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[Preview] MBC "We Got Married' - Jan. 7 Episode

Kim Won Joon – Park So Hyun couple will not air during the “We Got Married” episode airing on Jan. 7. We ask for the viewer’s understanding, thank you. Jang Woo♡Eun Jung : We had a “Hidden Camera” session

Super Junior Donghae and Son Eun Seo Are the Next "We Got Married" Couple?

Will Super Junior’s Donghae and actress Son Eun Seo form the next “We Got Married” couple? As earlier reported, “We Got Married” is set to replace its current roster of couples. Recent events in the MBC Saturday reality-variety slot has also turned the program around

Lee Teuk Upset about Rumors of Leaving MBC "We Got Married"

Earlier today, we reported that MBC “We Got Married” is set to replace their current set of couples with a completely new group. But it seems like at least Lee Teuk thinks otherwise. Moments after news of the cast replacement was reported, Super Junior’s Lee Teuk tweeted a meaningful message denying his withdrawal from the show

Wonder Girls’ Sohee, “We Got Married’s” Kwon Risae, and “High Kick S3’s” Baek Jin Hee Are Triplets?!

Recently, Wonder Girls’ Sohee, “We Got Married’s” Kwon Risae, and “High Kick S3’s” Baek Jin Hee have been a hot topic among Korean netizens for their striking resemblances to each other

MBC "We Got Married" Couples Set to Be Completely Replaced

There is the old saying that "All good things come to an end" and in the case of "We Got Married," "All good couples come to an end." According to sources, it appears that the show is set to replace their current set of couples for a completely new set of couples

Kara's Seung Yeon, After School's Lizzy, SISTAR's Hyorin and Secret's Sun Hwa Cast in "We Got Married" Dating Spin-off

“Exciting Shake,” the spin-off dating equivalent of popular MBC's “We Got Married,” is said to have cast its idol participants. Local news agencies reporedt that Kara’s Han Seung Yeon, After School’s Lizzy, SISTAR’s Hyorin and Secret’s Han Sun Hwa are the female cast members in the four couples intended for the show

[Preview] MBC "We Got Married" - Jan. 14 Episode

  Jang Woo♡Eun Jung: Jang Woo, the master at helping his wife Jang Woo is enjoying a rest period after finishing his drama commitments. He transforms into a master at helping his wife. Jang Woo decides to do some work for Eun Jung, who is still busy as ever

Preview of Super Junior’s blind dates on ‘We Got Married’ revealed

Earlier, producers of ‘We Got Married’ revealed that four members of Super Junior went on a blind date with four actresses. At the conclusion of the January 14th episode of We Got Married, a preview of the next episode featuring the blind dates of Super Junior was revealed

Kang Sora transforms into a ‘master Tteokbokki chef’ on ‘We Got Married’

Kang Sora transformed into ‘Master Chef – Sarah Kang’ on the latest episode of ‘We Got Married‘. On the January 14th episode of MBC‘s ‘We Got Married’, Kang Sora who was a ‘cute drunk girl’ on last week’s episode became ‘overseas Korean (Kyopo), master ddukbokki chef, Sarah Kang’

Donghae and Son Eun Seo are not confirmed as an official couple on ‘We Got Married’

With Park So Hyun and Kim Won Joon leaving ‘We Got Married’, fans of the show have been looking forward to seeing which new couple would replace them on the show. With rumors of numerous couples being ‘confirmed’, Kim Joon Hyun PD of ‘We Got Married’ has firmly stated that they’ve yet to choose an official couple

T-ara’s Eunjung cancels her ‘We Got Married’ filming due to injury

T-ara member Eunjung who recently injured her knee will reportedly need a full six weeks to recover, and therefore has canceled her filming for MBC‘s ‘We Got Married‘. T-ara’s agency informed MyDaily through a phone conversation, “The day she broke her leg was the same day the shoot for ‘We Got Married’ was scheduled

First photo of T-ara’s Hyomin and Fu Xinbo on Chinese ‘We Got Married’ revealed!

Earlier today, allkpop reported that T-ara‘s Hyomin will be appearing on the Chinese version of popular reality show, ‘We Got Married‘, alongside Chinese idol singer Fu Xinbo. Following up, the first photo of the new TV couple has been released! Fu Xinbo, a member of the pop group BoBo, shared a photo of himself with his ‘wife’ on his Weibo, a popular community site in China

MBC to launch Chinese version of ‘We Got Married’ with T-ara’s Hyomin and Super Junior’s Kyuhyun

MBC‘s ‘We Got Married‘ will be advancing into China! MBC’s Hallyu content production team revealed that the Chinese version of ‘We Got Married’ is currently in production with a tentative air date beginning in February! The program will begin with two pilot episodes, and further development will depend on its success with the viewers

[Preview] MBC "We Got Married" - Jan. 28 Episode

Lee Jang Woo – Eun Jung couple will not be airing on the episode of “We Got Married” airing on Jan 28. We ask for the viewers understanding. Lee Teuk♡Sora: Love is destined to change (?) Fighting Junior’s “We Had a Meeting

Eunhyuk causes Lee Sena to cry on ‘We Got Married’

The ‘Fighting Juniors (Sungmin, Kyuhyun, Donghae, and Eunhyuk)’ who have assisted in the growing relationship between Leeteuk and Kang Sora on MBC’s ‘We Got Married‘ recently completed their first date with actresses Son Eun Seo, Shin Soyool, Lee Sena, and Jung Yeonju

We Got Married: Actress Lee Sena tries to get SuperJunior Eunhyuk's Heart

we got married, Eunhyuk, super junior "We Got Married" program featured a host of young actresses with Super Junior in a large group meeting. Among those young actresses, Lee Sena took the spotlight by showing off her moves to the song "Trouble Maker

"We Got Married": Taeyeon and JungHyungDon

we got married, taeyeon "There wasn't much to talk about with him." said Taeyeon in a radio show 'Park Sohyun's Love Game' on the 27th.  SNSD's leader, featured on MBC's "We Got Married," was paired up with comedian Jung Hyungdon

‘We Got Married’ Chinese Version Air in February

we got married, t-ara, super junior MBC’s ‘We Got Married’ will be making it into China. The program production team announced the Chinese version to be in production which will air tentatively beginning of February

We Got Married: "Sorry Gyuhyun, but I like Shinee better"

We got married, super junior, Gyuhyun, Shinee On the January 28th episode of 'We Got Married' young actresses and Super Junior got together for a group exchange. Actress Jung Yunjoo and SJ's Gyuhyun were paired up and were driving in a car when Yunjoo happened to comment, "oh my sister loves Super Junior

Jo Kwon and Ga-in kiss on We Got Married

On the August 21st broadcast of MBC’s We Got Married, Jo Kwon and Ga-in had their imaginary wedding.At the end of the shoot, they asked the photographer to take a commemorative photo of couple to put in their home