We Got Married Rumored Couples 2012

Two "Married" couples verify departure

Two fictional couples on the popular reality TV show “We Got Married”, in which celebrities pair up to experience what life could be like if they were husband and wife, are slated to depart the program, an official from MBC confirmed on Thursday. ... Read more

JinYoung-GoongMin & Jonghyun-Yura couples to step down from "We Got Married"

JinYoung-GoongMin & Jonghyun-Yura couples to step down from

Two couples Hong JinYoung-Nam GoongMin & Hong Jonghyun-Yura from Girl”s Day are departing “We Got Married” and eventually end their virtual marriage.

On 26th, MBC official confirms the news about the departure of the two couples. However, he said, “The last broadcast date (March 7) could be changed depending on how much they”ve filmed.”. ... Read more

"We Got Married"s NaMong and JjongA couples to say goodbye with their leave confirmed


Unfortunately the rumors have turned out to be true for two couples of “We Got Married”. Both NaMong (Nam Goong Min & Hong Jin Young) and JjongA (Hong Jong Hyun & Yura) couple will be leaving the show simultaneously. Sad day for shippers!. ... Read more

Insiders say "We Got Married" producers are looking for new couples for fresh season

Insiders say

Although producer Sun Hye Yoon has officially denied looking for replacements for the current season, there are still reports that “We Got Married” producers are searching for new couples for the reality show.. ... Read more

"We Got Married" Episode 260: Sweetest Couples


It is time for “We Got Married” highlights with bubblybribri! I personally liked this past week’s episode because it felt like the couples found so much joy in the little things they did together. It was as if they were just spending the day with one another and doing things that real couples would do in everyday life. Here are my favorite moments from this week’s episode!. ... Read more

Heo Ji Woong throws shade at "We Got Married" viewers for their false illusions of the couples

Heo Ji Woong throws shade at

Recently, there was a dating scandal between “We Got Married“s Hong Jong Hyun and Nana, who is not his virtual wife, Yura. Likewise, the same happened to participant Kim So Eun with Son Ho Joon when she is on the program with Song Jae Rim. . ... Read more

Song Jae Rim and Kim So Eun are still one of the best couples on "We Got Married"

Song Jae Rim and Kim So Eun are still one of the best couples on

Kim So Eun transformed into a temporary personal manager for Song Jae Rim on the upcoming episode of MBC“s “We Got Married“, putting the two on the top yet again as the best couple on the show. . ... Read more

"We Got Married" respond to reports of two couples leaving the show


Producer Sun Hye Yoon stood up to respond to recent reports that two couples will be leaving “We Got Married.” Recently, there were reports that Nam Goong Min and Hong Jin Young as well as Yura and Hong Jong Hyun will be saying farewell to the virtual couple program, but the producer assured this was not the case. . ... Read more

"We Got Married" Episode 253: Couples Share How They Celebrate 200th Day Together


By: Soompi

We Got Married” brought more romantic experience about  dreamy love.

Our adorable couple, Hong Jong Hyun and Yura, returned to Korea from Bali and celebrated their 200 days anniversary. Namgoong Min and Hong Jin Young continued their luxury and eating tour in Macao, but with much more skinship. Song Jae Rim and Kim So Eun continued their special honeymoon in Turkey.. ... Read more

Nam Goong Min and Hong Jin Young enjoy a couples massage on "We Got Married"

Nam Goong Min and Hong Jin Young enjoy a couples massage on

After having their first kiss last week, Nam Goong Min and Hong Jin Young enjoyed a couples massage together on the January 3rd installment of “We Got Married“.

As they had to lay on the massage tables topless, Nam Goong Min commented, “I think this is the first time I”m seeing your back.” Hong Jin Young later said, “It”d be nice to hold hands during our couples massage.”

Much to Nam Goong Min”s dismay, Hong Jin Young also gave him a massage herself, making sure to crack his back.. ... Read more