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Secret is "Calling You" to watch their "Poison" comeback stage on Mnet "M! Countdown"

After waiting for nearly a year for a new album, Secret has returned with their 3rd mini-album "Poison" on September 13th. And if that wasn't enough, Secret also performed their first comeback stage on Mnet "M! Countdown" with two tracks! Taking the stage with the track "Calling You," a medium tempo track that showcases Secret's sweet vocals and innocence, the members are wearing different varieties of white and plaid outfits

Watch the CNBlue Teasers and Figure Out the Secret?

CNBlue recently revealed a teaser that contains a secret of the upcoming title song for their new album. According to FNC Entertainment, the clip that was released today on January 7 has a secret that will reveal the title of the main title song

SECRET’s Sunhwa urges fans to watch her new drama

SECRET‘s Sunhwa implored her followers to watch her new drama, ‘Advertisement Genius Lee Tae Baek‘. Posting a picture of her posing with a well-annotated copy of the script for the upcoming drama, she urged her fans to watch her acting debut

SECRET Releases Behind-The-Scenes Clip For Hit Music Video 'Yoo Hoo': Watch The Girls Stay Wacky During A Grueling Three-Day Shoot [VIDEO]

SECRET, Yoo Hoo Girl group SECRET released a behind-the-scenes video for their hit song "Yoo Hoo" on Monday. Girl group SECRET released a behind-the-scenes video for their hit song "Yoo Hoo" on Monday

Kara's Seung Yeon, After School's Lizzy, SISTAR's Hyorin and Secret's Sun Hwa Cast in "We Got Married" Dating Spin-off

“Exciting Shake,” the spin-off dating equivalent of popular MBC's “We Got Married,” is said to have cast its idol participants. Local news agencies reporedt that Kara’s Han Seung Yeon, After School’s Lizzy, SISTAR’s Hyorin and Secret’s Han Sun Hwa are the female cast members in the four couples intended for the show

YG Entertainment’s Stylist Reveals Secret to Big Bang’s Fashion

It’s been reported that YG Entertainment’s stylist, Ji Eun, gave a special lecture at the Seoul Art Technical College. During the guest lecture, Ji Eun stated, “For idol groups, it’s important to respect each member's preference and express their distinct characteristics

Secret Song Ji Eun Reveals Teaser for "I Am Cold"

SECRET’s Song Ji Eun Released the teaser for the song “I Am Cold” which is a part of the OST for the “Take Care of Us, Captain” drama. The song will be released on January 18.   “Take Care of Us, Captain” revolves around the lives of people in the airline industry

Secret’s Hyosung Scares Fans with No Makeup Photo

On January 13, Secret’s Hyosung scared her fans with a sweet message and photo! “I’m heading back to Korea now. Who is that person in the photo that looks totally different from yesterday? Did you know? Today is Friday the 13th

Secret Sunhwa's Airport Fashion: Comfort over Style?

On January 13, a collection of photographs titled, "Secret's Sunhwa Prefers Comfort Over Style," was posted to an online forum. Photographs of artist's "airport fashion" have become increasingly popular, with more and more fans criticizing or praising what star's wear on their flights

SECRET gives labelmates B.A.P a food truck

On January 9th, SECRET showed their heartwarming senior-junior friendship by gifting a food truck to feed and cheer on their junior labelmate group B.A.P. and the staff working on the set. It is said that as the outdoor music video shoot for B

SECRET’s Hyosung reveals a makeup-free selca

SECRET‘s Hyosung recently revealed her fresh, makeup-free face! On January 13th, Hyosung shared a new selca on Twitter and wrote, “I’m heading back to Korea now, but who is this in this picture?” She continued, “Did you know? Today is Friday the 13th and my birthday (October 13th, 1989) was also on a Friday

Watch Big Bang’s Performances from “Big Show 2011”

As reported earlier, YG Entertainment just released a batch of live performance videos from both Big Bang’s “Big Show 2011” and 2NE1’s “NOLZA 2011” concerts. In this article, we’re sharing the two Big Bang clips from the “Big Show 2011” held last February

Who to Watch? Lee Seung Gi vs Park Yoochun

Female fans rejoice! "Prince Yoochun" and "Prince Seung Gi" will be gracing the small screens in the coming month of March. Park Yoochun is the male lead for "Rooftop Prince" and Lee Seung Gi is the male lead for "The King

Super Junior’s Heechul drops by to watch a movie with f(x)’s Sulli

SMTOWN labelmates Kim Heechul and Sulli recently had a playdate! On January 29th, the f(x) member updated her me2day with a new photo featuring Heechul. “It’s been a long time since I’ve seen Heechul; we’re going to watch a movie~” The two labelmates seem to enjoy a close brother/sister-like relationship, even sharing a red muffler which was a gift from Sulli to Heechul

SECRET’s Hyosung impresses with her glamorous figure

Rookie idol group B.A.P certainly made a splash at their debut showcase yesterday, but fellow TS Entertainment labelmate Hyosung also made an impression with fans as well. SECRET came on as special guests for B

Hyo Min's flawless body line+slim legs "what is your secret?"

hyo min, t-ara Girl group T-ara member Hyo Min's beautiful body line is becoming an issue. On the 26th Hyo Min posted on her Twitter "during filming an ad for make up". This photo is becoming a hot topic among netizens on the 30th currently

T-ara's Eunjung Promises to Watch Lee Jang Woo's Musical Despite Injury

Around a week ago, T-ara’s Eunjung had broken her kneecap after a slip on ice. It was reported that the injury would take six weeks to recover. Despite the severity of the injury, Eunjung announced that she would keep her promise to watch Lee Jang Woo’s new musical, “Roly Poly

Secret Jinguh Shows Off Her New Looks

Secret, Jinguh, hairstyle, black, skinny Secret member Jinguh showed off her newly changed hairstyle.  On the 30th, Jinguh posted pictures of herself on her twitter, along with the comments, "I transformed

The secret behind SNSD’s perfect legs!

It’s no suprise that there is an infatuation with the legs of Shoujo Jidai in Japan… When watching their Japanese television appearances, it’s not difficult to miss the extra attention the camera gives to the lower half of our beautiful ladies: Indeed, the flawless pins of SNSD are the envy of many, but exactly how did they obtain legs of model GODDESS-like proportions? Japan’s NHK Tokyo-Kawaii TV program, recently discussed the secrets behind SNSD’s long and slender stems on a segment they called, quite fittingly, “Secret behind beautiful legs

Our Kid Leader Has A Secret Admirer From The Media Industry

  In the recently telecast episode of “Strong Heart”, it was revealed that our dear Taengoo has a secret admirer from the media industry .   The lucky guy ? Well, apparently, it is none other than the well-known Korean actor Lee Dongwook