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Soshi Killed the Radio Star

…Not really, but it’s still a good song. :p Along with veteran musical stars Park Haemi and Im Taekyung, Taeyeon, Jessica and Tiffany guested on Radio Star on November 9th where they were asked about and openly addressed controversial issues such as the dating rumours between Jessica and Taecyeon, the Angel Price Festival incident involving Taeyeon, and how their responsibilities as celebrities have affected their attitude at home

Idol actors, UEE, Siwan, Typhoon, and Lee Jun on ‘Radio Star’

Idol actors, who are keeping busy as singers and actors, will appear on Radio Star to talk about life behind the scenes. The special episode of MBC’s Radio Star, which will air on February 22, will invite idol actors, including, After School’s UEE, ZE:A’s Siwan, Trax’s Typhoon, and MBLAQ’s Lee Jun

2PM’s Chansung clears up dating rumors on ‘Radio Star’

2PM‘s Chansung attempted to clear up the dating rumors surrounding 2AM‘s Seulong and Wonder Girls member Sohee. On the February 29th episode of MBC ‘Radio Star‘, MC Yoon Jong Shin asked Chansung, “How did the company react to the dating rumors regarding Sohee and Seulong?” “It wasn’t too serious,” the singer answered

2AM members to guest-feature on ‘Radio Star’

With their official comeback on the way, ballad group 2AM will once again begin making appearances on variety programs, starting with MBC‘s ‘Radio Star‘. According to a number of representatives, all four members Jo Kwon, Lim Seulong, Lee Changmin, and Jung Jinwoon recently completed recording an episode for ‘Radio Star’ on February 29th

Diva Jo Kwon returns with a cover of 2NE1′s “I am the Best” on ‘Radio Star’

The four members of 2AM guest-featured on the March 7th episode of ‘Radio Star’ to talk about their first Korean comeback in a year and a half. Leader Jo Kwon proved that his witty entertainment skills have not waned during that time, putting on his own divalicious performance of 2NE1‘s “I Am The Best” with a slight ‘kkab‘ twist

Shinhwa Finishes Filming "Radio Star"

Shinhwa revealed a picture showing them in the waiting room for MBC’s “Radio Star.” On March 15, Shinhwa tweeted on their official twitter, “We finished filming ‘Radio Star.’ Please anticipate it, ABYO!” (Abyo basically means “Fighting!” or “Victory!”) In the picture the 6 members of Shinhwa are sitting side by side

Shinhwa snaps a photo together before shooting ‘Radio Star’

Shinhwa shared a photo of themselves taken before their ‘Radio Star‘ recording. On March 15, Shinhwa uploaded the photo above onto Shinhwa Company‘s official Twitter along with the tweet, “We’re here to record ‘Radio Star

MBC to air ‘Radio Star’ re-run due to labor strike + Updates on ongoing strike

Due to the on-going labor strike at MBC, popular variety program ‘Radio Star‘ will not be airing a new episode on Wednesday night. It was revealed by MBC on its official website that on April 4th, the regular broadcast of ‘Radio Star’, which would have featured actor Choi Min Soo as its guest, will be replaced by a “special” or re-run of the past episode

Sun Woo Jae Duk reveals his son received a love call from SM Entertainment on ‘Radio Star’

On the May 2nd episode of MBC‘s ‘Radio Star‘, Actor Sun Woo Jae Duk revealed that his eldest son received a love call from SM Entertainment. Sun Woo Jae Duk shared, “Hoon once appeared on ‘Star Junior Show’ and he didn’t get to talk much because of his introverted personality

Brown Eyed Girls’ Narsha reveals her drinking habits on ‘Radio Star’

Brown Eyed Girls‘ member Narsha confessed being an ‘adult idol’ who craves an alcoholic drink every now and then. According to the explanation given by the ’Radio Star‘ emcees, 10% of the nation possesses a rare gene that causes the human body to crave alcohol

Super Junior Kyuhyun Reacts to Huh Gak on "Radio Star"

Super Junior Kyuhyun expressed himself on the subject of Huh Gak’s beating Super Junior’s “A-Cha” for the number one spot. Kyuhyun is an MC on “Golden Fishery – Radio Star,” which featured audition show winners Seo In Gook and Huh Gak as guests on its May 16 episode

SISTAR’s Hyorin gives her number to Super Junior’s Kyuhyun on ‘Radio Star’

SISTAR‘s Hyorin gave her phone number to program MC and Super Junior member Kyuhyun during the June 13th episode of MBC‘s ‘Radio Star‘. Hyorin was one of the special guests on the show and Kyuhyun recalled his previous encounter with Hyorin where he asked for her number, as he was trying to put together an after party for the ‘Immortal Song 2‘ contestants

Bada sheds tears discussing a broken relationship on ‘Radio Star’

Bada shed tears as she revealed a story about a broken romantic relationship on the ‘Korean Diva’ special of MBC‘s ‘Radio Star‘. On this episode of ‘Radio Star’, Bada shared, “There were many instances that people approached me because they were curious or had a fantasy about me as I was a member of S

Nickhun and Victorira to appear on Radio Star together

Both Nickhun and Victoria will be appearing on Radio Star together. On July 9, a production crew of MBC’s Radio Star revealed that 2PM’s Nickhun, f(x)’s Victoria and Robert Holly will appear as guests on the episode that will air on July 11

‘Khuntoria Couple’ Victoria and Nichkhun to appear on ‘Radio Star’ together

2PM member Nichkhun and f(x)‘s Victoria will appear together on an upcoming episode of MBC‘s ‘Radio Star‘. The most recent filming of MBC’s ‘Radio Star’ was a ‘My Second Hometown Special

WGM's Khuntoria to Reunite on “Radio Star” Tonight

f(x)’s Victoria and 2PM’s Nichkhun, also known as the Khuntoria couple, reunited onscreen. The two, as well as entertainer Robert Halley, will appear as guests on an upcoming episode of MBC’s “Radio Star

f(x)’s Victoria’s shares her love for chicken brains and fermented fish on ‘Radio Star’

f(x) leader Victoria shared her unique and shocking love for quirky and exotic foods. On the July 11th episode of MBC‘s ‘Radio Star‘, Victoria began, “I like Korean dwenjang (soybean paste) soup as well as CheongGukJang (often nicknamed ‘dead body soup’ for it’s odor’)

f(x)’s Victoria shares her dreams of opening a bakery on ‘Radio Star’

f(x)‘s Victoria revealed that her dream is to open a bakery. On the July 11th broadcast of MBC‘s ‘Radio Star‘, guest Victoria stated, “Starting a bakery is my ultimate dream

"Radio Star" Kwang Hee Reveals "Plastic" Forehead That Has Been Covered

kwanghee, radio star, ze:a kwanghee ZE:A Kwang Hee revealed his forehead that has been covered until now. On the July 19 broadcast of MBC "Radio Star," Kwang Hee stated, "I got plastic surgery on my forehead too," to the shock of everyone on set

Psy's Sweaty Armpit Incident On "Radio Star" 'I Wanted People to Notice…'

Psy psy sweaty armpit On July 25 broadcast of MBC "Radio Star," solo singers Psy, Bobby Kim, and Park Jung Hyun gathered together for a special episode. On this day, Psy began sharing about his sweaty armpit incident