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Teen Top Unleashes Dance Version Music Video for "Going Crazy"

Following up to the release of their music video last week and having their comeback performances, Teen Top's dance version music video for "Going Crazy" was released today on LOEN's YouTube channel. Their second mini album “It’s" contains six tracks and was worked on composer/producer Brave Brothers

Eat Your Kimchi Reviews T-ara's "Lovey Dovey" Music Video

This week for Music Monday, Simon and Martina reviewed T-ara's "Lovey Dovey" music video. Following up to last month's "Cry Cry," T-ara's new song also features a long movie style video.While they both thought that the song was totally funky awesome, it doesn't really fit the feel of the music video at all

JYJ Receiving "Best Idol Star Award" from KBS (Video Clip)

As we reported previously, in 2011 through their website KBS held a “Best Idol Star” Netizen voting event. JYJ won the “Best Idol Star” award with 58,357 votes. In order to give the award while all three members of JYJ were together, the production team from KBS went to them during a photoshoot

“Dream High 2” Releases Teaser Video

The highly anticipated KBS drama “Dream High 2” has just released a teaser video featuring rough footages of the show. The video first starts off with Kim Jung Tae, who will play the role of Lee Gang Chul and head of HT Entertainment, but leads into scenes of Jiyeon, Hyorin, and Kang Sora

Dal Shabet 1 Year Anniversary and BTS Pictures of Music Video Set

The girl group Dal Shabet talked about their aspirations now that it has been a year since their debut. Dal Shabet held a press conference where they revealed their music video set on January 6. Dal Shabet stated, “Today is our one year anniversary

EXO Unleashes Sixth Teaser Video Starring Kai

SM Entertainment continues to drum up excitement for their new boy band, EXO.  Today a sixth teaser video for EXO was released online. Similar to the fifth teaser video, member Kai shows off his powerful dance moves in a visual light show

Sunny Hill Releases “The Grasshopper Song” Music Video

After teasing us with a hilarious teaser video featuring Brown Eyed Girls’ Narsha yesterday, Sunny Hill has finally unleashed the full music video for “The Grasshopper Song.” Unfortunately, Narsha doesn’t appear in the full MV, but the addicting beats and unique lyrics make this a fun video to watch! The fable-like design comes from the song’s overall concept based off one of the Aesop’s Fables, “The Ant and the Grasshopper

Chaos Releases Dance Practice Video for "She Is Coming"

Rookie group Chaos has released their dance practice video for their debut song "She Is Coming" today. Unlike many dance practice videos, they are also seen practicing their singing.  They had released their single and music video for "She Is Coming" on January 6 and have just started on their promotions for the song

T-ara releases dance practice video for “Lovey Dovey”

T-ara‘s choreography for “Lovey Dovey” is one of the funnest we’ve seen yet, and it’s inspired some of us to try it out at home. Knowing that there’s a ton of would-be shufflers out there interested in trying out those dance moves, T-ara has released a practice video from their studio to act as a tutorial

2PM’s Nichkhun shows some skin for Dichan magazine + Behind the scenes video

Showing off his hard earned pecs, 2PM‘s Nichkhun recently graced the cover of Thai magazine, ‘Dichan‘, and proved to his fans why he was indeed called a ‘beast idol’. Mismatching a red button down shirt with white and black pants along with a black jacket and a white sleeveless shirt, Nichkhun looked chic and sexy

The Wonder Girls send a video greeting to allkpop fans at CES 2012

Although the Wonder Girls were extremely busy with their appearances at the Monster booth and other areas of CES 2012, they still spent a few minutes with us to send a video greeting to allkpop fans! The Wonder Girls just released their new US single, “The DJ is Mine,” and are also looking forward to the premiere of their Teen Nick movie, “The Wonder Girls“! Make sure to check out their US single and show them lots of love and support while they are here, stateside!

Jay Park poses with his Golden Disk Award + Dance practice video with Prepix Crew

Singer Jay Park received the ‘Disk Bonsang’ recently from the ‘26th Golden Disk Awards‘, and he’s absolutely jubilant over the win! As always, Jay Park made sure to express his appreciation for his team, who’ve helped him become a major success

Second teaser video for ?Dream High 2? revealed

After teasing fans with various posters and a teaser video, KBS‘s ‘Dream High 2‘ has now revealed a second teaser video. The new teaser video shows the tension between the privileged idols and the problematic trouble making students of Kirin Arts High School

Rainbow Pixie reveals “NG” music video for ?Hoi Hoi?

Last week, Rainbow‘s first ever sub-unit, Rainbow Pixie revealed their music video for “Hoi Hoi“. The sugary-sweet MV brought out all the aegyo and girlish charms from members Seungah, Jisook, and Hyunyoung

CHAOS reveals practice video for “She Is Coming”

It’s been a while since we’ve heard from CHAOS after they made their impressive debut with “She Is Coming“. Fortunately, the boys shared an update with their growing fanbase through a new video on their official YouTube channel

All Six Leads of “Dream High 2” Appear in Second Teaser Video

Following the release of its last official posters earlier today, KBS drama “Dream High 2” has released its second teaser video featuring all six main leads. Park Seo Joon, JB, T-ara’s Jiyeon, Kang So Ra, 2AM’s Jinwoon, and SISTAR’s Hyorin all make brief appearances in the 47-second video that was released just a few hours ago

Eat Your Kimchi Reviews MBLAQ's "This is War" Music Video

This week for Music Monday, Simon and Martina reviewed MBLAQ's "This is War" music video. Simon thought that the electric guitar and orchestral mix gave the song an epic feel, but didn't like how the music gets abruptly cut in the video

2NE1 Shares Live Video Performances from “NOLZA” Concert

On January 17, YG Entertainment shared a number of live performance videos from both 2NE1’s “NOLZA” concert and Big Bang’s “2011 Big Show.” Here, we’re sharing the four video clips from 2NE1’s 2011 “NOLZA” concert held in August

“2012 Big Bang Concert – BIG SHOW” Teaser Video Released

YG Entertainment has released the promotional video for the upcoming “2012 Big Bang Concert – BIG SHOW.” Released through the YG Concert official YouTube channel, the one-minute video contains footage of Big Bang’s previous “Big Show” concert

Winners of the 2011 allkpop awards + video messages from the winners!

2011 was the mark of the second annual allkpop awards. Over 3 million votes were cast by international K-Pop fans all over the world at the 2011 allkpop awards, and the results are in! 2011 was an amazing year for K-Pop, as it’s witnessed explosive international growth unprecedented in its long history