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U-KISS member Dongho shares a sad selca

U-KISS member Dongho recently shared a selca that broke the hearts of fans everywhere. On February 29th, Dongho shared the photo above via his official Twitter page and wrote, “The other hyungs are having fun filming but… minors are not allowed to be on television broadcasts after 9PM in Japan

Former U-KISS member Alexander proves he still has idol-style fashion sense

Former U-KISS member Alexander‘s recent photo has been drawing attention online. The recent photo shows Alexander waiting at the airport as he was en route to Sendai, Japan, to attend the 1 year anniversary event to memorialize the victims of last year’s tragic earthquakes in Japan

U Kiss’ former member Alexander steps his first footstep in the acting industry

Alexander, a former member of U Kiss revealed his thoughts about acting for the first time. On March 12 at 4:40 p.m, the press conference of a new weekend series, Immortal Masterpiece (Script written by Kim Shin Hye, directed by Jang Hyung Il, Kim Sang Rae, and produced by Story TV) was held at Daejeon Expo Convention Wedding Hall

[SPOILER] Girls’ Generation member Yuri shares a deep kiss with … on ‘Fashion King’

‘Fashion King‘ co-stars Lee Jae Hoon and Girls’ Generation member Yuri shared a ‘deep kiss’. On the fourth SBS ‘Fashion King’ episode that aired March 27th, Jung Jae Hyuk (played by Lee Jae Hoon) planted a kiss on his former flame, Anna Choi (Yuri)

Alexander, a former U-Kiss member, promotes Kimchi

Alexander, a former member of group U-Kiss, recently become a missionary of Korean kimchi. Alexander sang a ‘Kimchi Song’ for Cannel A’s weekend series Immortal Masterpiece. He will remake the song into English, Chinese, and Japanese versions to release in the world market

‘Love Rain’, Jang Geun Suk plants a gentle kiss on Girls’ Generation member Yoona

Actor Jang Geun Suk placed a kiss on Yoona‘s cheek after confirming his feelings for her. On the third episode of KBS2‘s ‘Love Rain‘ that aired on April 2nd, Seo In Ha (Jang Geun Suk) and Kim Yoon Hee (Yoona) enjoyed a romantic date after realizing they both had feelings for one another

Onew is the only SHINee member who didn’t kiss Dara?

Onew of popular Hallyu group SHINee revealed that he is the only member of SHINee who has yet to film a kiss scene with 2NE1‘s Dara. On Mnet‘s ‘Beatles Code 2′, the SHINee members had a discussion about an advertisement for a beauty product (Etude House‘s new line of lipsticks) with the popular 2NE1 member

U-KISS member Eli asks President Obama to download ‘DORADORA’

Idol group U-KISS recently made a comeback with their new mini-album ‘DORADORA‘, and immediately upon release, the members have been actively publicizing the album on Twitter. Member Eli who was raised in the United States thought he would take it upon himself to send a tweet to President Barack Obama, asking him to also show his support for the group

U-KISS member Dongho’s new drama, ‘Holy Land’ finally begins broadcasting

U-KISS member, Dongho has turned himself into an action actor! On April 28th, Dongho’s cable TV super action drama, ‘Holy Land‘ kicked off with a modest rating.  On this day, Dongho drew the attention of viewers with his charismatic charm, as he successfully acted out an action scene

U-KISS member Kevin’s first kiss was with Bae Seul Gi?

U-KISS member Kevin (22) opened up about his first kiss with singer-turned-actress Bae Seul Gi. U-KISS members Kevin, Soohyun, and Dongho guest-featured on the May 17th episode of Mnet‘s ‘Beatles Code 2‘ along with SISTAR‘s Hyorin and Soyu

U-Kiss Member AJ Accepted Into Columbia University

U-Kiss's AJ falls within the top 1% of college students in the world. Recent reports have revealed that AJ was accepted into the elite Ivy Leage institution, Columbia University on the East coast of the United States

U-Kiss member AJ receives special offers to lecture due to his acceptance at Columbia University

U-Kiss member AJ was accepted to Columbia University.The prestigious institution is located in New York City and was founded in 1754, making it the oldest university in the state of New York. To be able to pursue a degree at Columbia University, a minimum 3

U-Kiss member Dongho confesses he becomes stressed when he is called "cute"

U-Kiss member Dongho has confessed that he becomes stressed when people call him "cute." Dongho participated in the recording of KBS's "Do Dream" and revealed that he once spent all night playing a game because he wanted to look manly

U-KISS member Kibum "I Came to Cheer for my Older Brother"

U-Kiss, Kibum, SS501, Kim Hyung Jun U-KISS member Kibum "I Came to Cheer for my Older Brother" U-KISS former member Kibum was seen at SS501's Kim Hyung Jun's solo album ESCAPE release showcase

U-KISS Member AJ Temporarily Stops Activities To Enter Columbia University

Following the end of the group's Japanese tour, U-KISS member AJ will be temporarily putting a halt to his entertainment activities. According to nh Media on August 1st, AJ has decided to temporarily drop out of the group to pursue his education at prestigious Columbia University in the United States

U-KISS to Release New Mini Album Next Week, Reveals Member Teaser Pictures

With U-KISS making a comeback with their new mini-album “Stop Girl” next week, teaser photos for each of the members has been revealed. “Stop Girl” will be the group’s seventh mini album and will be released on September 20

U-Kiss member Dongho'slatest film project "Don't Cry Mommy" to premier in November

Dongho's latest film project "Don't Cry Mommy" has been scheduled for release during the month of November. The film will first be premiered at this year's Busan International Film Festival ceremony

[Happy Birthday] Former U-Kiss Member Allen Kibum Turns 21

The former U-KISS member and brother of SS501′s Kim Hyung Jun as well as solo singer and co-president of HnB Company, Allen Kibum, can′t seem to stay put because he′s just so talented.The young singer, with an already fairly impressive career, meets his 21st birthday today

U-KISS to Comeback with Member AJ, 'Self-Composed Songs and New Genres'

U-KISS, Comeback, AJ U-KISS to Comeback with Member AJ, 'Self-Composed Songs and New Genres' Group U-KISS will be making their comeback this March. U-KISS had been busy working in Japan with their 6th Japan single

Which Girls’ Generation Member Had the Best K-Drama Kiss Scene?

SBS’s “Strong Heart” aired clips of YoonA, Yuri, and Jessica’s sizzling kiss scenes from their respective dramas. On yesterday’s episode of  “Strong Heart,” all nine lovely ladies of Girls’ Generation appeared as the last guests of the first season of the popular variety show