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U-Kiss’s Kiseop encourages voting: “One vote can make a difference!”

Recently, U-Kiss’s Kiseop has encouraged people to vote with a proof shot and a comment on SNS. On April 11, the star tweeted a self-portrait at the polling place and left a message to encourage voting

U-Kiss Kevin, Kiseop and Eli battle for sexiness?

If the lyrics of U-Kiss’ comeback single “Doradora” asks you to leave and never look back, the boys’ sexiness unearthed in their performances is asking the opposite. Instead of doradora (leave, leave) it entices you to borabora (look, look)

U-KISS reveals Kiseop?s teaser photo for ?The Special to KissMe?

U-KISS has released Kiseop‘s teaser photo for the upcoming release of their special mini-album, ‘The Special to KissMe‘. As the title of the album indicates, this is an album specially prepared as a gift for their fans, KissMe

U-Kiss reveal Kiseop's image teaser for "The Special to KissMe"

After releasing their digital single "Te Amo" earlier this week in addition to announcing their upcoming EP, titled "The Special To KissMe", especially for their fans, seven-member boy group U-Kiss have revealed their first teaser photo for "The Special To KissMe", featuring member Kiseop

U-KISS releases Kiseop’s “STOP GIRL” teaser photo

Boy group U-KISS is set to make their Korean comeback later this month with 7th mini-album ‘STOP GIRL‘. This will be U-KISS’ third round of promotions in Korea, following the release of 6th mini-album ‘DORADORA‘ in April and special mini-album ‘The Special to KissMes‘ in June

U-KISS Kiseop and Eli are in the spotlight for &

U-KISS has just unveiled the first two individual image teasers for 7th mini-album STOP GIRL and they feature Kiseop and Eli. Both members are seen shining in their own respective ways as they are both cast under the spotlight, thanks to a bright camera light

U-Kiss reveals solo image teasers for 7th mini-album "Stop Girl" ft. Eli and Kiseop

On September 10th, U-Kiss released the first set of solo image teasers ahead of the release of their 7th mini-album, "Stop Girl." A few weeks ago, U-Kiss first teased fans with a music video still for "Stop Girl," which only revealed their silhouettes

Soohyun, Kiseop, Eli, Hoon And Kevin Of U-KISS On Their U.S. Tour And Their New Album 'Memories'

(Photo : by Akiya Uchida) The K-pop boy band U-KISS has received major press in the West in the last few months, due mainly to rapper AJ"s ongoing academic studies at Columbia University in New York City

U-KISS' Kiseop and Hoon Cast for the Musical "Goong"

U-KISS members Kiseop and Hoon have been cast as the two lead roles of the popular musical, “Goong.” They will be performing in “Goong” for the first time in Osaka, Japan this coming July

U-KISS’s Hoon and Kiseop to take on musical ‘Goong’ in Japan

U-KISS‘s Hoon and Kiseop will be playing the lead characters of the musical ‘Goong‘ in Japan! The announcement was previously made through the musical’s Japan site, but the idols’ agency have now officially confirmed the news through a press release

U-KISS' Kiseop handwrites thank you letter for his fans

U-KISS' Kiseop who celebrated his birthday yesterday (January 17th) and turned 23 (international age) retweeted a post from U-KISS' Twitter.It's a handwritten letter that Kiseop made. He thanked his fans who greeted him on his special day

U-KISS' Kiseop writes fans a letter on his 24th birthday

U-KISS" Kiseop turned 24 (23 in international age) on January 17 and thanked fans for their birthday wishes through a handwritten letter!Happy Birthday To KISEOP♥오늘은 기섭이의 24번째 생일!기섭이와 함께 행복한 하루 보내세요~^^ U-KISS tweeted, "Happy Birthday To KISEOP♥ Today is Kiseop"s 24th birthday! Have a happy day with Kiseop~^^ #Happy24thKiseopDay #Kiseopah," along with the handwritten letter

U-KISS Kevin and Kiseop Take a Self-Congratulatory Comeback Self-Camera Photo

U-KISS, Kevin, Kiseop, Moments, She's Mine U-KISS Kevin and Kiseop Take a Self-Congratulatory Comeback Selca Photo On October 31st, the boy group U-KISS members Kevin and Kiseop loaded a comeback celebration self-camera photo

U-KISS' Kiseop updates KISSMEs on Dongho!

U-KISS' Kiseop updated his Twitter with a photo of him and U-Kiss' former member, Dongho. He wrote, "My cute dongsaeng. He's well and doing fine! I should've taken care of your more. My heart hurts whenever I see you

U-KISS Member Kiseop Apologizes For Not Being Able To Take Care of Dongho

U-KISS member Kiseop recently met up with former U-Kiss member Dongho and expressed his regret about not being a better friend during his trials as a part of U-KISS.  On December 27, Kiseop shared a photo he had taken with Dongho on Twitter with the caption, “My adorable dongseng

U-KISS Kiseop Reveals Photo Taken with Former Member Dongho

U-KISS member Kiseop revealed a photo online with former member Dongho. On December 27, Kiseop posted on his twitter, "My younger bro is healthy and doing well!" along with a picture. He continued, "I'm sorry for not always being there to take care of you

MBLAQ Lee Joon in Couple Photoshoot for Kiss Republic Underwear

Lee Joon of MBLAQ (Who was also born in the year of the dragon) is currently preparing for the release of their new album. Lee Joon has appeared in another photoshoot for underwear, melting female fans all across the world

U-Kiss Soohyun Doppelganger Is Boom?

Idol group U-Kiss member, Soohyun, is garnering attention for being Boom’s look a like. The singer uploaded a picture with Boom on his Twitter with the caption: “Everyone this is my brother. Boom hyung (older brother) is really handsome

Kim Hyun Joong Reveals Japanese Debut Album Jacket for "Kiss Kiss / Lucky Guy"

Kim Hyun Joong released his Japanese debut album jacket image. His album titled “Kiss Kiss / Lucky Guy” will be released on January 25. A jacket image that was in red, white, and green were released

miss A’s Suzy Talks about Her Kiss Scene

On yesterday’s episode of SBS’s “One Night of TV Entertainment,” miss A’s Suzy, along cast-mates Uhm Tae Woong, Han Ga In, and Lee Je Hoon – shared stories that happened during the filming of movie “Introduction to Architecture