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Kang Ho Dong Spotted in Public After 4 Months of Temporary Retirement

Kang Ho Dong was spotted in public for the first time after since his temporary retirement four months ago. A picture was recently uploaded on a local online board with the title, “Lee Kyung Kyu & Kang Ho Dong meet in Seoul

Two Months member Do Dae Yoon apologizes to IU and Taeyang fans

Two Months’ member Do Dae Yoon apologized via Twitter for his comments pertaining to singer IU and Big Bang member Taeyang. The Superstar K3 contestant tweeted on the 17th stating, “I’m not that good looking, what do you think of me, IU? Will you even see this?” The tweet was in response to IU’s previous statement on a talk show where she stated that she preferred men who are not good looking

Block B “Excited to come back after 6 months…”

Group Block B revealed, “We’re very excited and anxious” about the release of their new album. Block B attended the showcase marking the release of their 2nd mini album ‘WELCOME TO THE BLOCK’ on February 1st at Ilji Art Hall

Superstar K3′s Two Months share new “couple” selcas

Indie pop duo Two Months delighted fans with a fun selca update featuring both members, Do Dae Yoon and Kim Yerim! Dae Yoon felt that Two Months have been away too long from their fans, and so he shared two new photos through his Twitter

Two Months’ releases their very first song, ‘The Romantic’

Mnet ‘Super Star K3‘ duo Two Months released their very first song! The song will serve as a soundtrack to tvN‘s ‘The Romantic‘. This is the first project the two have worked on together in quite a while, and it is especially meaningful as the song is not a remake, but the first song the duo can claim as their very own

2 Months Do Daeyun, "I am Sorry, Yerim"

2 Months' Do Daeyun, who have recently had trouble with rumors about his behaviors and even got into fight with a netizenr, talked about his frutration on his cyworld home page. Do Daeyun posted on his profile page  various comments such  as, "God, it is so hard, I want to go back to you,:" "Whay can't I fit into this world?" " Yerim, I am so sorry

2 Months Kim Yerim's First Appearance on "Shut Up Flower Boy Band"

On the last night's "Shut Up Flower Boy Band," Two Month's Kim Yerim made a first appearance. Kim Yerims stars as a 19 year old successful singer. In the photo revealed before the show aired, Kim Yerim was wearing a green mini dress and pony tale, giving off the aura of a popular singer

[Audio] Two Months releases first song ‘The Romantic’

Mnet's Superstar K3 Two Months finally released their very first song from the OST of tVN's program "The Romantic". Comprised by Kim Yerim and Do Dae Yoon, Two Months deliver a soothing harmony of their new mid-tempo track, which was composed by Kim Woo Jae and Second Degree Sidekick

[NEWS] 110131 Japan debut after 6 months! 2nd Big Bang?

QUOTEIdol group TEEN TOP are receiving so many love calls from Japan. They're planning to do some activities in both countries.TEENTOP are planning to officially debut in Japan soon, while they're doingsome pre-promotion now

[news] Kara's Park Gyuri diagnosed with Vocal Chord Nodule and needs 3 months recovery

KARA's Park Gyuri has been diagnosed with Vocal Chord Nodule and needs to halt activities and undergo surgery.According to KARA's agency, Park Gyuri will be receiving surgery and treatment this coming 21st of February for her vocal chord nodule

B2st: Releasing a New Song After Eight Months

Posted: January 20, 2012 3:27 AM EST beast, b2st, I Knew It B2st will be releasing their new song on January 26, 2012. It has been eight months since they last released a song. Cube Entertainment has stated that, "They will be starting their world tour on February 4, 2012 in Seoul and releasing their new song 'I Knew It' on January 26, 2012

Hyun Young Is 3 Months Pregnant or Not?

Various media outlets are reporting that recently married actress Hyun Young is three months pregnant. In a phone interview with local media, TV Report, representatives from her agency stated, "The agency knows nothing about whether she's pregnant or not

"Playful Kiss" Jung So Min Returns to TV After 18 Months

“Playful Kiss” actress Jung So Min (Character: Oh Ha Ni) will come back to the small screen after a year and a half. The young actress is cast as a simple country girl in the new MBC sitcom “Standby

Infinite's L and Two Months' Kim Ye Rim Release MV for Duet "Love U Like U"

Infinite's L and Two Months' Kim Ye Rim have collaborated through a duet through their current drama, "Shut Up Flower Boy Band."During the episode of "Shut Up Flower Boy Band" that aired on March 12, Infinite's L agrees to help Kim Ye Rim with the recording of "Love U Like U

Hyun Young reportedly three months pregnant

In the latest of what has been a rapid-fire succession of startling announcements about entertainer Hyun Young’s personal life, some entertainment media have begun to speculate that she is three months pregnant

Kim Shin Young reveals she’s lost 15 kg in five months

Comedian Kim Shing Young has been surprising netizens with her slim figure, and on the recent episode of ‘Park Kyung Lim’s Oh! Happy Day’, she revealed just how much weight she has lost

U-KISS prepares for their first Korean comeback in seven months

The members of U-KISS recently successfully wrapped up their Japanese tour this month, in which they performed for over 30,000 Japanese fans. On their final day, the boys revealed that they will be making their first comeback in seven months in April! Currently, the boys have about 100 songs they’ve worked on with Korean composers, and just have the title track selection left to complete

Marco to become a dad just six months after wedding

Marco Actor Marco is set to become a father, just six months after tying the knot with professional golfer Ahn Si-hyun. The couple married last November and will welcome their first child into the world in May

B.A.P to publish pictorials to show their last six months

B.A.P are publishing pictorials to show their last six months from their debut. On April 4, TS Entertainment, B.A.P’s agency, said, “B.A.P are publishing pictorials titled Recording Take 1 on April 5 to celebrate their debut

CN Blue's Jung Yong Hwa to Have Vacation for Two Months to Work on Next Album

According to FNC Entertainment, Jung Yong Hwa of CN Blue will be having a two-month long vacation dedicated writing music in preparation for the group’s next album. Although FNC clairifes that Jung Yong Hwa didn’t “officially receive” a vacation from the agency, due to scheduling differences with the other members of CN Blue, Jung Yong Hwa will be taking that time off to focus on his music