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Gaeko thanks his wife for “the most important gift of my entire life”

Gaeko has revealed a glimpse of his most prized birthday gift of all. The Dynamic Duo member, whose birthday was on January 14th, composed a tweet that said: “Thank you all so much for wishing me a happy birthday

Kim Ha Neul says she’d like to keep her love life private

On the January 28th episode of KBS‘s ‘Entertainment Weekly‘, actress Kim Ha Neul was asked a series of ‘YES’ or ‘NO’ questions about relationships. The reporter began by asking if news about celebrity couples made her jealous, to which Kim Ha Neul replied, “YES

The “Missing” Episodes of The Life of A SONE

Well, since you guys requested for it, here then are the missing earlier episodes of the comic series. Somehow, whoever conceived the idea for this comics series has gotten the SONES’ trials and joys down pat

Presenting A New Episode of Soshitoons: Life of a SONE

Remember Soshitoons: Life of a SONE, the on-line comic series that chronicles the trials and tribulations of being a SONE…. Well, fret no more, my friends and fellow SONES, the latest episode in the ongoing saga of a SONE’s life has just been released on-line

Can You Tell Me Whose Smiles “Light Up” Your “Life” ?

Dreadtech: Poll Added After Pictures, vote away It would seem that the recent series of posts highlighting the successes of individual SNSD members have sparked a mini-debate here on the site and touched some raw nerves here and there

Dream High 2 addresses the harsh reality of idol life

The long anticipated second season to the KBS 2TV drama Dream High aired its pilot on January 30th. While the first season mainly consisted of the standard school-romance genre with a fame-seeker twist, the second season portrays a much more realistic view on the hard lives of idol singers

Ji Yeon on "living the life of a popular idol...", filming stopped during the show

ji yeon, shi wan, shin dong T-ara revealed the behind the stories of her celebrity life. MBC 'Joo Byung Jin Talk Concert' will feature a 'K-POP Star' special. Super Junior Shin Dong, Kara Kang Ji Young, T-ara Ji Yeon, Rainbow Kim Jae Kyung, and ZE:A Shi Wan will be sharing their behind the scenes stories

Kang So Ra and Leeteuk exchange text messages in real life

Actress Kang So Ra makes news revealing she and Leeteuk exchange text messages in real life. The production press conference for KBS‘ new drama, ‘Dream High 2′ was held in Seoul Imperial Palace Hotel

Nam Ji Hyun, “Self camera…. it’s a daily life”

Group 4Minute’s Nam Ji Hyun reveals a cute selca. Nam Ji Hyun tweeted in the afternoon of the 12th, “Self camera….. It’s a daily life” and she attached the photo above. Nam Ji Hyun is seen doing the famous ppooing ppooing in the photo

Hwang Jung Eum’s love for nephew on ‘Star Life Theater’

Actress Hwang Jung Eum‘s love for her nephew is drawing the attention of her fans. On the January 10th installment of KBS2′s ‘Star Life Theater’, some of the scenes of Hwang Jung Eum spending some sweet quality time together with her nephew aired

Rain’s good friend Koyote’s Bbaekga talks about Rain’s military life

Group Koyote’s Bbaekga shows off his friendship with Rain. Bbaekga met up with Star News after releasing Koyote’s new single ‘Repeat the Same Words’ on the 2nd. He stated during the interview, “I went to visit Ji Hoon (Rain) in the military recently and I was happy to see him healthy and doing well”

Star Life Theater, SNSD Taeyeon gets “sensitive when the voice is not right”

SNSD member Taeyeon honestly revealed that when her voice box status is just not right, she gets sensitive. On the November 21st episode of KBS 2TV’s ‘Star Life Theater’, the first story of SNSD themed, ‘Meet SNSD with 9 hues’ was put on air

Monday Couple Song Ji Hyo & Gary at the concert, ‘Couple for Life?’

Actress Song Ji Hyo appeared at the concert of ‘Monday Boyfriend’ Gary of Leessang. On January 1st, a picture was posted on an online community board tagged ‘Leessang Concert Monday Couple Song Ji Hyo and Gary’

Song Seung Hun, his life is a pictorial!

Actor Song Seung Hun attends the grand opening of the Italian restaurant ‘Black’Smith’, rights owned by ‘CAFEBENE’, at Shinsadong, Seoul. The restaurant’s 1st chain grand opening became a big news when it was learned that the proprietor would be Song Seung Hun himself

Kang Ho Dong, “Finally gathered himself and wants normal everyday life”

Kang Ho Dong has finally gathered himself emotionally. Kang Ho Dong announced his retirement back in September in the aftermath of the tax evasion scandals. The viewers meet Kang Ho Dong rarely and only through some of the footage shown on various programs or some of the CF’s that he had contracts with

Jang Woohyuk Shows Off His Normal Life

Singer Jang Woohyuk showed off the joys of his daily life.  On the 7th, Jang Woohyuk posted pictures on his twitter along with the comments, "hehehehe At a lamb meat skewer restauarant with gifts from fans

Lee Seunggi farewells to One Night Two Days,"The Show Brightened My Life."

Right before his last filming of the long run "real vairety" show One Night Two Days, Lee Seunggi expressed his feeling about the departure.  On his official homepage, Lee Sengi wrote, "I feel so empty now thinking about the departure, but I certinly learned a lot and want to express my thanks to my colleagues as well as to my fans

Actress Park Shin Hye will appear in a reality show for the first time in her life

Actress Park Shin Hye is creating a stir by being cast on MBC MUSIC’s new reality program That Woman Writes Lyrics, That Man Composes Music. The teaser video of That Woman Writes Lyrics, That Man Composes Music received explosive review from many fans

Lee Seung Gi shines brightly in real life!

Pictures of singer Lee Seung Gi were recently released. On February 17, an online community posted pictures with the caption, “Pictures of Lee Seung Gi attending an event at a bank.” In the pictures, Lee is transformed into a one-day bank clerk for a special event

Ko Ah Ra: ‘Life Is Series of Challenges’

Actress Ko Ah Ra, who plays the female protagonist in the movies “Pacemaker” and “Papa,” is only twenty two years old, but she has already appeared in nine dramas and movies up to now. She has grown up as a mature woman like the character who becomes attracted by internal beauty rather than outward appearance in the movie “Pacemaker” from a teenage girl who has her pulse quickened by a handsome boy in the drama “Sharp 1