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Troublemaker’s HyunA and Hyunseung Dating?

4minute’s HyunA and BEAST’s Hyunseung (also known as Troublemaker) have been captured holding hands, piquing many netizens’ interest. Recently, photos titled “HyunA and Hyunseung Holding Hands Backstage, HyunA and Hyunseung Supposedly Dating” have been uploaded to various internet communities

After School’s Kahi & Kim Jung Tae cover “Troublemaker” on ‘Dream High 2′

‘Dream High 2‘ co-stars Kahi of After Schooland actor Kim Jung Tae covered Troublemaker‘s performance of “Troublemaker” on the most recent episode. The two give HyunA & Hyunseung a run for their money, as Kim Jung Tae gave the choreography his own hilarious spin, while Kahi showcased her veteran dance moves

[VIDEO] Jay Park Being A Troublemaker On Stage

On the 16th of February, the comeback of Jay Park was aired through Mnet "M Countdown." Jay Park's comeback stage was sexy and powerful. It was impossible for the audience to take their eyes off of him

"Troublemaker" BEAST's Jang Hyun Seung Cast As Mozart

The “Troublemaker” star Jang Hyun Seung, of BEAST is going to be a part of the musical “Mozart!” Jang Hyun Seung was cast as the main character “Mozart” for the musical which will play on July 10

Park Min Woo and Koh Woo Ri almost kiss while impersonating the sexy dance routine for “Troublemaker”

Park Min Woo and Koh Woo Ri, starring in I need a fairy from KBS 2TV are ready to stage a perfect dance impersonation of “Troublemaker.” In its upcoming Episode 53, Kook Min (played by Park Min Woo) and Ria (played by Koh Woo Ri), the idol group trainees under 2H Entertainment, have the training to perform “Troublemaker

IU Dances to "Troublemaker" at Concert

IU recently gave a performance during her “Real Fantasty” concert that set all the online community forums abuzz with her sizzling cover of the dance to “Troublemaker.” She also dressed fittingly into a more masculine attire while dancing to Rain‘s “Rainism” and moonwalking to one of Michael Jackson‘s hit songs

[MON/TUE Drama 'Ohlala Couple'] The Tables Turned on Proud Troublemaker Go Soo-nam,

Actor Shin Hyun-jun has finally got down on his knees. In the KBS 2TV drama “Ohlala Couple” that has been gaining rave reviews for expressing realistic family problems in a comic and delightful way through a couple’s soul switch, Shin Hyun-jun was finally shown getting on his knees to win back his wife

B2ST’s Hyunseung picks Sunmi as his “Troublemaker” partner if not HyunA

B2ST”s Hyunseung revealed who he would choose as his Troublemaker partner if 4minute”s HyunA wasn”t in the picture.On the April 10th episode of B2ST”s new reality show “Showtime Burning the BEAST“, Hyunseung was asked, “If HyunA wasn”t a part of Troublemaker, which idol would you like to join you?” He was given a few choices, like Girl”s Day“s Hyeri, Sunmi, and SISTAR“s Hyorin

Son Ho Young and Shin Bong Sun Pair Up for “Troublemaker” Performance

Singer Son Ho Young and comedian Shin Bong Sun gave a sexy couple dance performance. On the December 31 broadcast of “Infinity Girls,” the members prepared for their special appearances at a film awards ceremony

FTISLAND Lee Hong Ki Has No Problem Playing Troublemaker For Upcoming Movie

Lee Hong Ki, FTISLAND FTISLAND Lee Hong Ki Has No Problem Playing Troublemaker For Upcoming Movie FTISLAND's Lee Hong Ki says playing the role of a troublemaker was easy for him. Lee Hong Ki, member of idol group FTISLAND is well known for his upbeat, playful personality and he says getting into character for his upcoming debut film, "Rockin' on Heaven's Door" (English title; Passionate Goodbye is the literal title for the movie), was a piece of cake

Girls' Generation Taeyeon Looks Like a Troublemaker With Pet Puppy

taeyeon, girls generation taeyeon picture with puppy Girl group Girls' Generation's Taeyeon revealed silly poses in picture taken with her pet. Today, Taeyeon posted on her Instagram, "Practicing for concert! Ginger came to visit with an excited heart

B1A4 Lets Go of Their Troublemaker Image For Photo Shoot

B1A4 B1A4 Let's Go of Their Troublemaker Image For Photo Shoot June 7, photos of B1A4 photo shoot for a fashion magazine were released. In the photos the members of B1A4 are looking very different from their usual image

YG Entertainment Files Charges Against Longtime Troublemaker

The list of celebrities and related organizations taking action against malicious netizens is growing. Following singer IU and actress Lee Young Ae who recently filed charges against netizens who attacked them with false and harmful rumors, YG Entertainment, home to artists like Big Bang and 2NE1, has also filed charges against a netizen who has been causing trouble for the agency and its artists for a long time

Hyuna and Hyunseung, are they coming back as Troublemaker?

The recent photo of 4Minute’s Hyuna and Beast’s Hyunseung, who constituted the duo Troublemaker, have drawn some attention. On September 30, Hyuna posted the photo on her Instagram account. In the photo, she and Hyunseung look like a couple, wearing matching hats

HyunA Promotes "Troublemaker" Comeback on Twitter

On October 23, Cube Entertainment posted a sexy photo of HyunA on their official Twitter page with the announcement, “Troublemaker will be making their comeback with title track, ‘There’s No Tomorrow‘ on October 28

Troublemaker to appear on Golden Bell Challenge

Troublemaker (Hyunseung and Hyuna) will appear on Sunday's episode of KBS 1TV's Golden Bell Challenge at 7:10PM KST. A video preview shows a sneak peak to their guest appearance. The duo are going to perform their hit song 'Now' that made the audience roar in excitement

Troublemaker return with a new EP titled There Is No Tomorrow

The duo Troublemaker (4minute’s Hyuna and B2ST’s Jang Hyunseung) are back with a new EP, There Is No Tomorrow, due out on the 28th. It has been almost two years since they rocked the K-pop world with their eponymous Troublemaker EP in December 2011

Troublemaker HyunA’s Latest Sexy Hot Pants Earns Her ‘Sexy Queen’ Title

HyunA, Trouble Maker Troublemaker HyunA’s Latest Sexy Hot Pants Earns Her ‘Sexy Queen’ Title HyunA's Trouble Maker look and sexy thigh line was made possible thanks to her hot pants. Recently HyunA uploaded a photo of herself onto her Instagram

Troublemaker Comeback Will Have a 19+ Rating - Fans Speculate About What's in Store

Troublemaker, HyunA, Hyunseung, 4Minute, BeaST trouble maker comeback BEAST and 4Minute fans are eager to see the sub-unit Troublemaker's official comeback on October 28, especially after Cube Entertainment released an ultra-sexy teaser image of HyunA and Hyunseung this week

Two Song Place's FTISLAND Song Seunghyun And Comedian Singer Song Eun Yi To Transform Into... Troublemaker?

  Photo Credit: FNC Entertainment     FNC Entertainment revealed today a teaser photo from the upcoming music video featuring FTISLAND rhythm guitarist Song Seunghyun and comedian singer Song Eun Yi