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Tritops releases MV teaser for “Bad Guy”

Rookie vocal group Tritops has released their music video teaser for their first digital single, “Bad Guy“! On the morning of March 21st, JS Prime Entertainment updated their official YouTube channel with a teaser video of the group’s upcoming single

Tritops reveals the story behind their new song, “Bad Boy”

In our digital world today, things can be achieved much more quickly and efficiently than in the past… except, perhaps, when it comes to love. But regardless of the past or present, every man in his life may have at one time experienced having to let go of a woman that he loves because of an unfortunate situation or circumstance he was in

Tritops member Ban Hyung Moon’s version of ‘Moon-Sun’ OST track draws attention

Tritops member and composer Ban Hyung Moon‘s guide version of ‘The Moon That Embraces the Sun‘ OST “Moonlight Sets” is drawing much attention online. The guide version which was revealed via Tritops member Jang Yoo Joon‘s personal homepage is known to be personally recorded by Ban Hyung Moon himself, and his version without the autotune is already being parodied everywhere

Tritops releases MV for new single “I’m Bad Boy” featuring Block B’s P.O.

After releasing their teaser for their new single “I’m Bad Boy“, vocal group Tritops has just dropped the full-length music video! The new track sings of a time in every man’s life, where he is forced to let go of a woman that he loves because of an unfortunate situation or circumstance he was in

Tritops’ website crashes due to sudden rise in popularity

Vocal group Tritops officially released the music video to their first digital single, “I’m Bad Boy“. On March 28th, Tritops released their new MV via their agency JSPrime‘s official homepage and Youtube channel, as well as various online music sites

Tritops member Lee Woo Gon reveals that he is a “military veteran idol”

Lee Woo Gon of vocal group Tritops is drawing attention for revealing that he has already completed his compulsory military service, following in the footsteps of Lee Jung and 2AM‘s Changmin, and earning him the nickname “military veteran idol”

Tritops reveal uncut version of “I’m Bad Boy” MV featuring Block B’s P.O.

Vocal group Tritops recently released their new single “I’m Bad Boy“, which drew attention for its special featuring of Block B‘s P.O.. Now, a special uncut version of the music video has been released

Tritops unleashes MV for "I'm Bad Guy" ft. Block B's P.O.

On March 28th, rookie vocal group Tritops has released their music video for their first digital single, "I'm Bad Guy". "I'm Bad Guy", which features Block B's P.O., was produced by leader Ban Hyung Moon himself, who’s also responsible for the works of MYNAME‘s "Message" and Monday Kiz‘s "Shadow"

[Giveaway] allkpop x Tritops Autographed CDs

The boys of Tritops recently released their MV for “Bad Guy” featuring Block B‘s P.O. and the lovely Kim Sori. The track is an emotional song that revolves around love and heartache in an relationship

[Announcement] Tritops Giveaway Winners!

Last week, allkpop held a giveaway for Tritops fans for the release of their ‘Bad Guy‘ MV featuring Block B‘s P.O. and the beautiful Kim Sori. To enter, contestants had to “like” Tritops’ Facebook page, follow their Twitter, and leave a comment below the giveaway article

Album jacket photos for Tritops’ first mini album ‘Sweet holic’ out

Tritops has released the album jacket photos for the trio’s first mini album ‘Sweet holic‘. The vocal group released the photos on May 16th on their official fan cafe. In the photos, the three members are dressed completely in white in front of a white background

Tritops releases “Love Addiction” MV

Tritops has released the music video for their new single “Love Addiction“! “Love Addiction” is the title track of the group’s first mini-album ‘Sweet holic‘, released today May 25 KST

Tritops live fan meeting clip revealed

After finally making a comeback from their 3-year hiatus, idol boy group Tritops showed what it means to exude an aura of confidence and charm at their live fan meeting on June 2. The fan meeting was held in a classic cafe in Kyeongkido where fans of Tritops gathered in a very intimate setting to get a glimpse of the boys

[Giveaway] allkpop x Autographed Tritops CDs

Tritops is back with their first mini-album ‘Sweet-holic‘, and the three member boy group has been gaining popularity with their new single “Love Addiction“. With all the love and support they’ve been getting from allkpop fans, they sent over five autographed copies of their album! - Heres how to win! 1

Tritops arrange a ballad version of INFINITE’s ‘The Chaser’

Vocal group Tritops‘ cover of INFINITE‘s ‘The Chaser‘ is gaining much attention from fans of both groups! Recently, the trio arranged a ballad/acoustic version of the hit song to perform at their mini-fan meeting

Crispi Crunch, Alphabat, Tritops, and More to Hold Charity Concert for the Salvation Army

Still in the spirit of giving, Crispi Crunch, Alphabat, Tritops, and other talented artists will be holding a charity concert for the Salvation Army. On January 6, Crispi Crunch, Alphabat, Tritops, Son Seung Yeon, i11evn, Still PM, Slam P, Vanilla City, DJ Tiz, and more will be performing at Hongik University′s Rolling Hall for the BOYLONDON Promise Concert in commemoration of the 18th anniversary of Rolling Hall

Tritops releases teaser video for “Too Foolish For You…”

Rookie boy group Tritops released a teaser video for their second digital single “Too Foolish For You…” on February 18th. The teaser was released on Sim Tong Entertainment‘s official Youtube channel, featuring member Jang Yoojun in the story of a couple that has broken up and is suffering over missing each other

Tritops releases MV for digital single “Too Foolish To You…”

Talented vocal group Tritops has released the MV for their latest digital single “Too Foolish To You…” Tritops’ Jang Yoo Joon and rookie actress Ahn Soo Bin portrayed the feelings of longing after a breakup through their tears in the music video

Tritops unveils “Too Foolish For You…” MV

Vocal group Tritops has finally returned to the music scene with new single “Too Foolish For You…” along with its dramatic music video featuring member Jang Yoo Joon and rookie actress Ahn Soo Bin

Tritops reveals MV for "Too foolish to you... "

A new music video for four member group Tritops was revealed through Sim Tong Entertainment's YouTube Channel. The group has recently released a new digital single "Too foolish to you..." and the full music video for the song was revealed alongside its release