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Kang Min Kyung’s touch of fashion sense draws all eyes to her bottom?

Kang Min Kyung‘s fashion sense shined through a small detail. Davichi member Kang Min Kyung sang ‘Beautiful Goodbye’ together with Park Gun Hyung at the pre-recording of MBN’s ‘The Duet’

Yoo Jae Suk’s humility and politeness touch the hearts of the Hong Kong fans

National MC Yoo Jae Suk‘s popularity is spreading from China to Hong Kong. Several photos of Yoo Jae Suk interacting with the fans at the Hong Kong International Airport have been posted on Weibo recently

miss A releases first MV teaser ft. Suzy for “Touch”!

AQ Entertainment has drummed up everyone’s excitement for miss A‘s impending comeback with a series of concept photos and a still-cut preview, but today marks the biggest preview yet: a music video teaser for the ladies’ comeback track, “Touch“! The MV teaser features the foursome’s maknae Suzy, who walks through an abandoned room with a lost expression on her face

A white rose turns red at Suzy’s touch. Check out Miss A’s teaser!

Recently, Miss A has released a teaser announcing their coming back to broadcast is near. On February 14 at 10:00 a.m., Miss A revealed its first teaser on its official website and YouTube. The teaser shows Suzy appearing in a European hall surrounded with an antique and mysterious atmosphere

miss A Jia “Touch” Teaser”

miss A has been releasing teasers for their comeback and their fourth project “Touch” that will be on February 20, 2012. The teaser shows Jia sitting at a piano and a mysterious man touches her back

miss A releases second MV teaser ft. Jia for ?Touch?!

Following the first MV teaser released yesterday, miss A has just revealed a second preview for their comeback track “Touch”, this time featuring Jia! With the same romantic and haunting aura as the previous teaser, Jia alluringly sits at a wooden piano with a bouquet as a mysterious male figure walks by and touches her arm softly

miss A Jia's teaser for "Touch" revealed

As their anticipated return inching closer, miss A has just spiked up excitement with a new teaser for comeback single "Touch" featuring member Jia! Continuing with the haunting roses concept from Suzy's teaser, the new teaser features a sorrowful Jia sitting in front of a piano

Miss A unveiled Suzy teaser for TOUCH!

Check out the teaser of Suzy below! Anticipating Miss A's comeback?

Miss A Suzy And Zia TOUCH Teasers Released!! [VIDEO]

AQ Entertainment released a teaser through their official home page and through YouTube. They released two different teasers. One with Suzy and one with Zia. In the teaser, Miss A Zia is playing the piano in lacy black clothing

Miss A Releases Jia’s Teaser Video for “Touch”

Following Suzy‘s teaser clip, AQ Entertainment uploaded member Jia‘s teaser video on February 15th. In the video, the singer is seen playing the piano and pricking her finger on the stem of a rose

miss A reveals Fei’s MV teaser for “Touch”

miss A has just revealed their third music video teaser for upcoming single, “Touch“! This time, the video focuses on member Fei, who continues the gothic theme previously established by Suzy and Jia

miss A Unveils Fei’s Teaser Video for “Touch”

miss A unveiled Fei’s teaser video for “Touch.” The latest teaser follows the same tone as Suzy and Jia’s teaser. Fei reaches for the birdcage and picks up a single rose. She pricks herself on the rose’s thorns as she puts the rose on a man’s jacket pocket

JYP Explains miss A "Touch" Trailers

One mysterious part of miss A’s “Touch” teasers was the roses that change from white to red. The roses are featured in each of the teasers and are especially pronounced at the ending of the teasers which show all four members lying on a bed of roses

Miss A 'Touch' Fei Version Unveiled

Miss A 'Touch' Fei version was unveiled. The teaser, which was released on the official homepage and the official youtube channel, Fei emphasized femininity wearing sexy black dress. Especially, Fei's sad and sincere acting boosts fans' expection for the new album

miss A Min's "Touch" Teaser

On February 17 miss A Min’s teaser for “Touch” was revealed on the homepage and Youtube channel. In the teaser, Min is shown trying to grab on to a man that is walking away from her. (Probably representing how she couldn’t hold on to a lover

J.Y. Park reveals a line from miss A’s “Touch”

Singer/producer J.Y. Park has revealed a lyric from miss A‘s new song, “Touch“. On February 18, J.Y. Park posted a line from “Touch” onto his personal Twitter, along with the message: ”Have you seen all four teasers of miss A’s “Touch”? Then I shall reveal one line from the song for you

miss A reveals the tracklist for ‘Touch’

After teasing fans with four different preview clips, miss A has revealed the tracklist for their new album through MelOn! The album will consist of six songs, with “Touch” being the title track, and will be released on February 20th

JYP Reveals One Line from New Single miss A "Touch"

JYP wrote on his twitter February 18 “You have watched all four of the miss A ‘Touch’ teasers right? Then really, as a treat, for you I will give one line of the song. ‘My hardened heart can no longer flutter again

Miss A JYP Releases Lyrics From Touch!

On the 18th of February, Park Jin Young released a line from Miss A's new song.  He stated that it was a special present for the fans who are waiting patiently for Miss A's new album to drop.  The lyrics he released is "My motionless heart will never beat again

miss A unleashes full MV for “Touch”

miss A tantalized their fans with four intriguing teasers over the past few days, and now they’ve unleashed the full product! On February 20th, the girls released their latest mini-album ‘Touch‘ along with the music video for their title track