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VIXX"s Ken gets in touch with his inner child for "CeCi" pictorial


VIXX”s Ken became a totally lovable character for the July issue of CeCi magazine!

Though photos from Ken”s pictorial were unveiled earlier in June, CeCi released additional photos of the singer now that their July issue is out. . ... Read more

Yoon Hyeon-min and Jeon So-min"s lovable touch

Yoon Hyeon-min and Jeon So-min

Yoon Hyeon-min was seen sending love signals to his lover Jeon So-min.

The two appeared on the MBC “Section TV News” and had an interview for being chosen for ambassadors of the Worldwide Animal Film Festival. . ... Read more

G.NA says the cast of "Real Men" women"s special still keep in touch

G.NA says the cast of

G.NA said that the cast members of “Real Men” female soldiers special still keep in touch.

During a recent filming of Arirang TV“s “Showbiz Korea – Exclusive Date“, the singer revealed that the cast members still had a very solid relationship. She said, “Yes, of course. We have brotherly love for each other, so we”re extremely close. We have a chatroom, and they ask if everyone wants to get together. We always contact each other. I really like it.”

Do you remember the female soldiers of “Real Men”? . ... Read more

MAMAMOO get in touch with their masculine side in "Um Oh Ah Yeh" dance MV

MAMAMOO get in touch with their masculine side in

MAMAMOO got in touch with their more masculine side in the dance music video for their latest track “Um Oh Ah Yeh“.

This new clip reveals some of the behind-the-scenes process that the MAMAMOO members had to go through to transform into men for the MV. Moonbyul, Whee In, and Hwasa crossdress, while Solar plays the girl in the story. You can also get a closer look at their self-choreographed moves.. ... Read more

Park Han Byul shows off her scary "ghost" look + coolly admits to touch-up cosmetic work

Park Han Byul shows off her scary

Actress Park Han Byul is continuing to delight the audience with her good-natured, laid-back personality on SBS” “Laws of the Jungle“.  A new episode aired on June 12 where she further intrigued with her comments and cool attitude. . ... Read more

Gong Seung Yeon And Lee Jong Hyun Keep In Touch

Gong Seung Yeon And Lee Jong Hyun Keep In Touch


K-celebs who are paired up on the virtual reality show “We Got Married” rarely go on to date in real life. Some don”t even stay in touch. But for a few stars, working together may blossom into a friendship. . ... Read more

HISTORY"s faces are close enough to touch in intimate "multi-view" videos


Can”t get enough of the boys of HISTORY? Well, worry no more as 1theK has uploaded “multi-view” videos where the camera gets up close and personal with all the members! . ... Read more

Park Myung Soo says he and G-Dragon don"t keep in touch because they"re so close?

Park Myung Soo says he and G-Dragon don

Park Myung Soo is known to really care for G-Dragon, and he recently bragged about how close he was with the Big Bang member!

On the June 6th airing of KBS” “Park Myung Soo”s Radio Show“, DJ Park Myung Soo said, “G-Dragon is my dongseng. Since he”s my really close dongseng, we don”t contact each other. I don”t contact him, and G-Dragon doesn”t contact me either. If you”re so close, you tend to not contact each other about private matters. Because it can get annoying.”. ... Read more

ANDA releases risque "Touch" MV featuring girl-on-girl action

ANDA releases risque

Singer Anda (Andamiro) makes her comeback with “Touch” and she released a very suggestive yet refreshing MV along with it.

From being in-between a girl”s legs to spreading a girl”s leg, Anda freely expresses her eccentric charms in the unique MV. According to reps of Emperor Entertainment, Anda made an effort to find her own color through this release. . ... Read more

[Spoiler] "Splendid Politics" Seo Kang-joon sensitive to Lee Yeon-hee"s touch


“Splendid Politics” Seo Kang-joon showed sensitivity to Lee Yeon-hee“s touch.

On the fourteenth episode of the MBC drama “Splendid Politics”, Hwai (Princess Jeong Myeong, Lee Yeon-hee) went to see Hong Joo-won (Seo Kang-joon) to save him from danger. . ... Read more