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Lovelier Than Ever: Group Tint Joins the Girl Group Battle

Girl group Tint will join the girl group battle this March with their comeback. After their debut single album Love at First Sight released last October, the fresh and innocent Tint returns with their 2nd single album

Girl group TINT to make a comeback this March

TINT will join the list of girl groups to return to the music scene this March.The girls made their official debut last October with first single album “Love At First Sight“, catching attention with their fresh and lovely charms

Lee Mi Rim to Debut as K-Pop Group Member for TINT

Lee Mi Rim, debut, kpop, girls group, TINT Lee Mi Rim who was known in a singing show "K-POP Star 2" will be debuting as a K-Pop girl group member. Today , GH Entertainment announces that Lee Mi Rim will joining as one of the member of a newly formed girl group named TINT and will start for their promotional tour this November

New Girl Group TINT to Debut Late October; Profiles and Photos Revealed

Previously, we reported that the “K-Pop Star” season 2 contestant Lee Mirim will be debuting as part of a girl group called TINT and today, more information on this group has been revealed! The five-member group has announced their debut at the end of October

Upcoming girl group TINT reveals member profiles

It was previously reported that ‘K-Pop Star 2’ contestant Lee Mi Rim is set to officially debut as a member of girl group TINT, and now more details regarding the group have been revealed

New K-Pop Female Group TINT Profile Members

TINT There is a new girl group and the name is TINT!The group is under the label of GH Entertainment and this is a five member group. Here is an exclusive article about who the group members are

Upcoming girl group TINT goes pantless in new teaser photo

Upcoming girl group TINT unveiled new teaser photo for debut. On October 23, the group official Twitter posted, “We are revealing a cut of TINT’s album jacket photo! Their debut is just around the corner, so we ask everyone to wait just a bit longer!” In the photo, TINT members showcase their feminine and sexy charms donning the same long sweater in different colors

Girl Group Tint Is Ready to Make Their Debut in Sexy Sweater Dresses This Fall

New girl group Tint is finally ready to make their debut!  On October 23, Tint revealed their album jacket image with the message, “We’re revealing Tint’s album jacket cover image! We’ll be making our debut soon, so wait for us just a little longer!”  In the photo, the five members are dressed in identical sweater dresses of varying pastel colors

New K-Pop Girl Group TINT Reveals Album Jacket Photo Ahead Of Debut

TINTTINT, Lee Mi Rim TINT Another K-Pop girl group is revving up for a debut! K-Pop Star 2 contestant Lee Mi Rim is one of five members of the upcoming pop group TINT set to debut at the end of the month under GH Entertainment

Upcoming Girl Group TINT Appeals Sexy for New Teaser Photo

K-Pop, Girl Group, TINT, GH Entertainment Who says this rookie group can't keep their pace with other K-Pop girl group? Last October 23, on the group's official Twitter account they posted, "We are revealing a cut of TINT's album jacket photo! Their debut is just around the corner, so we ask everyone to wait just a bit longer!" Along with their group's photo, the company revealed TINT members showing more femininity and sexy charms while wearing the same type of long sweater in different colors

Upcoming girl group TINT releases MV teaser for “Love At First Sight”

Upcoming girl group TINT unveiled new teaser video for debut single “Love At First Sight”. Released on October 28th, the colorful music video teaser features a closer look at the five lovely members of TINT as well as gives a preview of the new girl group’s debut single “Love At First Sight” and concept

Rookie girl group TINT unveils debut MV for “Love At First Sight”

Rookie girl group TINT has finally unveiled the full music video for debut single “Love At First Sight”! TINT is made up of 5 members including ‘K-Pop Star 2’ contestant Lee Mi Rim as well as Mei, Sangmi, Jamie and Minnie

New girl group TINT debuts with “Love At First Sight” on ‘Show Champion’

Having released their first single earlier, new girl group TINT delivered a bubbly debut performance of “Love At First Sight” on ‘Show Champion’. TINT is made up of 5 members including ‘K-Pop Star 2’ contestant Lee Mi Rim as well as Mei, Sangmi, Jamie and Minnie

B.A.P. Makes First Group Introduction for Reality Series

The six member rookie group from TS Entertainment, B.A.P, has uploaded an introduction to their YouTube channel. The video is a teaser released in preparation for the first episode of their reality series, “Tadah! It’s B

The Popularity of Rookie Group Chaos Keeps on Growing

The new boygroup Chaos, comprised of five members (Hee Jae, Dong Min, Hyun Sun, Du Hwan and Park Taeyang), has been gathering much attention and popularity with their new hit single and music video. On January 6, the rookie group released their first hit single “She Is Coming” and the comments on their music video on websites like Youtube and Melon Chart show that their popularity is growing on a fast pace

Rainbow’s Unit Group Pixie Transforms Into Wizards

Hocus Pocus! The Pixie (Rainbow’s Unit Group) members transformed into wizards! Today on January 6, they showed another picture to promote their up and coming debut as a unit. Their unit debut song “Hoi Hoi” will be released on January 12

Rookie Girl Group SPICA Receives Love Calls for Endorsement Offers

Lee Hyori's protege Spica, which released their debut song and music video for "Potently" just yesterday, has caught the attention from advertising companies.Their music video for their very first single "Potently" was first uploaded on LOENENT's channel and then uploaded on their agency's official Youtube channel B2Ment

Woollim Entertainment Reveal New Group Baby Soul + Yoo Ji Ah

The agency for singers such as Infinite or Nell which is Woollim Entertainment has revealed their new girl group members Baby Soul and Yoo Ji Ah. Baby Soul was known through her digital single in 2011, but it is the first time that Yoo Ji Ah is being introduced

The Wonder Girls to Become a Group of Six with Sunmi?

Recently, a photo of the Wonder Girls, featuring Sunye, Yeeun, Yoobin, Sohee, Hyelim, AND Sunmi, has been circulating various internet portals, drawing a lot of hype about Sunmi’s possible return to the group

IU supports Sunny Hill’s comeback with a group photo

Singer IU is sending Sunny Hill her energetic support for their comeback! On January 10th, IU shared a photo on me2day along with the caption, “My Sunny Hill unnis are making their comeback this week! Please look forward to ‘In Praise of the Grasshopper‘