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Girls’ Generation Subunit Group Made Up of Taeyeon, Tiffany, and Seohyun to Release Album “Twinkle”

It looks like the rumors were true! The Girls’ Generation will have subunits. We had reported before that it was unsure whether the rumors were true or not. The rumors had started because a music publishing company posted on their website, “Our songwriter’s song has been selected for one of the songs in Girls’ Generation’s subunit group’s (Taeyeon, Tiffany, and Jessica) new album, so we are busy arranging the piece

Girl's Generation's Taetiseo releases Tiffany's "Twinkle" MV teaser ft. EXO-K's Kai and Sehun

Girls' Generation's first sub-unit, Taetiseo (TTS), have released their 2nd music video teaser on April 26th featuring Tiffany, following the 1st teaser release for Taeyeon yesterday, revealing the track "Twinkle" to have a "Lady Marmalade"-like vibe

TaeTiSeo Releases Tiffany's Teaser for "Twinkle"

Girls' Generation's sub group TaeTiSeo has released their second video teaser for "Twinkle" featuring Tiffany. With the release of Taeyeon's teaser yesterday, we can probably expect to see Seohyun's teaser tomorrow around the same time

Taetiseo is to release a teaser clip for “Twinkle” featuring Tiffany

SNSD’s sub-unit Taetiseo is to release a teaser clip for “Twinkle” featuring Tiffany on April 26. The teaser featuring Tiffany is to be out on YouTube, Facebook, the official website of SM Entertainment, Naver and others

SNSD Tiffany and Sooyoung's Friendship Picture, Winking? "Even When Hidden, I Twinkle, What Should I Do~?"

Girls Generation, SNSD, Tiffany, Sooyoung Tiffany and Sooyoung revealed a picture of their friendship. Tiffany and Sooyoung revealed a picture showcasing their friendship.   Recently, on an online community board, a picture named "Tiffany-Sooyoung's Friendship Picture" was uploaded

SNSD's Tiffany and TRAX's Jungmo’s False Kissing Rumors?

Over the past weekend, a photo of SNSD’s Tiffany and TRAX’s Jungmo thought to be kissing during the musical, “Fame,” has surfaced online. It was posted on an online community board under the title, “Tiffany’s musical kissing scene photo,” and many believed it was indeed a photo of the two kissing, snapped during the musical starring both stars

Sooyoung and Tiffany for J.ESTINA

Since December SNSD has been promoting the brand J.ESTINA. Last year, the bags that SNSD helped promote became highly popular. Today on January 6, pictures of SNSD’s Sooyoung and Tiffany and their advertisement picture for J

SNSD's Tiffany in the Spotlight for Controversial Outfit

SNSD's Tiffany and Taeyeon have once again made the headlines because of  their shocking sexy fashion. On January 25, a topic titled, "Tiffany's sexy feather outfit excites Hong Kong's audience," was posted on a Chinese online community board

Tiffany’s Pictures from FAME rehearsal

And since I’m on a tear right now, a bunch of pictures from a FAME rehearsal have surfaced showing Tiffany and SuJu’s Eunhyuk getting in some practice time.  Tiffany the ballerina anyone?  Enjoy the pictures under the cut! [PIC] [PIC] [PIC] [PIC] [PIC] [PIC] [PIC] [PIC]

Tiffany makes first stage appearance in “FAME”

As you know, Tiffany was cast as Carmen Diaz in the play “FAME“.  Well yesterday, December 21, was her first appearance on the stage!  She did a great job according to fans and fellow actors! *Beware media heavy!* Congrats to Tiffany for debuting on the stage with an outstanding performance!  That eye smile couldn’t be shining any brighter!  In attendance for her first show were fellow SNSD members Taeyeon and Sunny! She also received kind words from co-star, Super Junior’s Eunhyuk!  He said, “Fany-ya!!! Congratulations for the first stage ~ good work!!! Very good~ for the remaining performances fighting!!! FAME!!!” And now for the pictures… [PIC] [PIC] [PIC] [PIC] [PIC] [PIC] [PIC] [PIC] [PIC] [PIC] [PIC] [PIC] [PIC] [PIC] [PIC] [PIC] [PIC] [PIC] [PIC] [PIC] [PIC] [PIC] [PIC] [PIC] [PIC] [PIC] [PIC] [PIC]Also check out the ending here via fancam Credits: wonderfulgeneration

Tiffany Models for InStyle Magazine

Recently Tiffany modeled for InStyle Magazine with cute little baby TaeJu!  Hmm…little babies, SNSD??  Brings me back to the “Hello Baby” days!  But the difference with then and now is the girls are now older and more mature!  If you didn’t know Tiffany like we SONEs do, you’d think she is TaeJu’s mom

More “Eye Smiles” Tiffany And “Maknae” Seohyun Goodness For SONEs To Enjoy !

Ok, I got to admit, I used this image because the 3 ladies (Seohyun, Tiffany, Yuri – in that order, from left to right) looked really cute in manga form here (kudos to YUMiHORIE from

Tiffany on Front Page of Lauren Moshi website!

Our American girl is slowing growing in popularity here in the States.  Maybe with the recent success of SMTown Live NYC, American Brands are starting to take a look at the Kpop scenes most recognizable figures for continued business success

Tiffany Hwang

T I F F A N Y (티파니) Stage Name: Brighter than Jewels TIFFANY (보석보다 빛나는 티파니 – boseok boda bitnaneun Tiffany) Birth Name: Stephanie Hwang (스테파니 황) Korean Name: Hwang Mi-young (황미영) Nicknames: Fany, DdilFany (clumsy Fany), AjumNy, Mushroom, T-Manager / Manager Hwang, Myong, Jackson Hwang Position: Lead Vocalist Date of Birth: August 1, 1989 Zodiac Sign: Leo Blood type: O Sibling(s): 1 older sister (Michelle Hwang), 1 older brother (Leo Hwang) Language: Korean, English (Fluent), Chinese (Basic), Japanese (Basic), Spanish (Basic) Specialty: Flute, English Casted: 2004 SM Casting System; 2004 CJ/KMTV (USA-LA) Contest 1st Place Training Duration: 3 Years 7 Months School: Korea Kent Foreign School (K

Teaser Photos: Jessica, Sooyoung and Tiffany!

Update: HQ pictures and wallpapers by JaeCee In keeping with their promise of revealing daily content for Girls’ Generation’s third full album, The Boys, SM Entertainment have today revealed teaser images of the trifecta that is Jessica, Sooyoung and Tiffany! At this stage, it is becoming more and more likely that the ongoing speculation regarding a fairytale concept may actually be reality

Tiffany Replies To UFOs Too ?!!

But, of course; we wouldn’t expect anything less from our favourite “eye-smiles” earthly angel now, would we ? Recently posted on the Web were translated UFO replies from our dear Tiffany to the lucky SONEs that managed to get her “on the phone”, so to speak

Tiffany Finally Gets “Fame”.

Following in the theatrical footsteps of her fellow SNSD unnies, our favourite angelic group member finally gets her stage musical debut. It was recently announced that Tiffany has been offered a role in the well-known stage musical “Fame”

[UPDATED] Yuri, Tiffany and Sooyoung to Host Japan’s Largest K-Pop Concert!

+ Promotional video added (unsubbed) -mikechi. — Yuri, Tiffany and Sooyoung have been selected to host the “K-POP All Star Live in Niigata” concert on August 20th! The event, which will be held at Niigata’s Tohoku Denryoku Big Swan Stadium, is expected to attract a 46,000 strong audience, which has lead organisers to say that it will be the largest Korean music concert to be held in Japan thus far

500 Days of Tiffany- A Stephanie Hwang Special Post

Well, not exactly 500, but close enough . Just my 2 cents worth for the favourite eye-smiles lady of most SONEs all over the world…. “Earthly angel”, “Brighter than Gems Tiffany’, “Beautiful Girl(Lady)”, and so on; Tiffany of the K-Pop group SNSD has been the recipient of every known accolade used to describe beauty, poise and grace known to Mankind

Thanks from Tiffany!

Our beautiful eye-smiling Tiffany recently left a UFO message, thanking everyone who wished her a Happy Birthday: [Tiffany] Today is ‘MY’ day ah ah ah ang! Thanks for wishing me everyone.^^ Like now~in the future ~ for~ever do this together