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X-5′s Zin reveals Gun’s chocolate abs

X-5‘s Zin sneakily revealed a picture of leader Gun and his chocolate abs! On January 8th, Zin wrote on the group’s official me2day, “Look at Gun hyung’s body, just look kekekeke His abs are no joke! kekekeke

Kan Mi Yeon's hand made chocolate grabbing attention of the fans

kan mi yeon Kan Mi Yeon made a bunch of hand-made chocolate for her fans. On February 1st she posted on her me2day "Kan Mi Yeon's best friend~ 100th episode special event! I made hand made chocolate for CHIN CHIN family" along with a photo of the chocolate

B2ST’s Dongwoon shows off his chocolate abs

B2ST‘s Dongwoon has revealed his beast-like physique through a new selca! The idol recently uploaded the above picture onto his personal Twitter and wrote, “My body is the same as it was before~ I’ll leave a message later, it’s too crazy right now

Group Infinite's Valentine's Day Chocolate Present?

Group Infinite members Kim Sung Gyu and Lee Sung Yul revealed pictures holding Valentine's Day chocolates.  On the 11th, leader Kim Sung Gyu posted a picture on his twitter along with the comments, "Valentine's Day is coming up

Eugene Makes V-Day Chocolate for Hubby Ki Tae Yang

As you all know, February 14 is Valentine's Day. And in Korea, women give presents of chocolate to the man they like. On March 14, White Day, if the guy has mutual feelings for the girl, he gives her something on that day

“High Kick 3,” f(x)’s Krystal makes chocolate that tastes like Kimchi+poison

f(x)’s Krystal makes chocolate that tastes awful. In the episode of MBC TV’s sitcom High Kick Season 3 – The Revenge of the Short Legged that aired on February 14, Krystal makes some chocolate for her family and Kang Seung Yoon to get some pocket money from them

Miss A Suzy Black and White Photo "Sweeter Than Chocolate"

On the 14th, Suzy of Miss A updated her twitter. The post read "For Valentines Day. Sweeter than chocolate (?) Close up!!!" and included a photo of herself. The photo showed Suzy looking at the camera at an angle with eyes wide open

Where is Yoochun’s chocolate for Valentine’s Day?

JYJ‘s Yoochun shared his loneliness on Valentine’s Day with a recent tweet. On February 14th, he tweeted, “When will I receive my chocolate?…Fighting!” It seems that Yoochun is spending his Valentine’s Day busily filming for his new drama, SBS‘s ‘Rooftop Prince‘, rather than spending it with a sweet Valentine

Miss A Zia "Eat A Lot of Chocolate Everybody"

Girl group Miss A's Zia has updated her twitter on Valentine's Day. She wrote "Eat a lot of chocolate everybody" and attached a photo. The photo was a close up of her face with smokey make-up and red lip stick

Jessica Gave Cast and Crew Chocolate for Valentine's Day

It was revealed that Jessica's heart was as pretty as her face. Jessica has been appearing on the drama "Wild Romance" on KBS2. She plays the role of an artist with a unique personality that can't really be pin pointed

2NE1′s Dara is proud of MBLAQ’s Thunder’s ‘white chocolate’ abs

2NE1‘s Sandara Park a.k.a. Dara recently revealed a shirtless magazine photo of her little brother, MBLAQ‘s Thunder. On February 28th, Dara posted the picture through her me2day, and wrote, “Whoaaaa~!!! +

MBLAQ Chun Doong's Chocolate Abs! No Wonder He's an Expert in Love

MBLAQ members have an innocent image. Little did we know, Chun Doong was an expert in dating! Recently, members of MBLAQ appeared on a radio show on SBS PowerFM called, "Jung Sun Hee's Night Like Tonight"

2PM’s Junho collaborates with Vanness for Taiwan’s ‘Tiamo Chocolate’ OST

2PM‘s Junho continues to expand his activities overseas, as he’s now singing the OST for a Taiwanese drama titled ‘Tiamo Chocolate‘ with Vanness! JYP Entertainment revealed, “2PM’s Junho has collaborated with ‘Tiamo Chocolate’ star Vanness to sing the drama’s main OST track, ‘Invincibility’

2PM’s Junho to collaborate with Vanness Wu for ‘Tiamo Chocolate’ OST

2PM’s Junho will be collaborating with popular Taiwanese singer Vanness Wu for a Taiwanese drama’s OST album. 2PM's Junho and Vanness Wu have recorded the track “Invincibility” for the drama ‘Tiamo Chocolate’

Happiness in a chocolate drop

Handmade chocolate items are available at Cacao Boom. By Agnes Yu Nestled in a side street not far from the main gate of Hongik University in the western part of Seoul, there is an artisanal chocolate shop that first opened its doors on Sept

2PM Wooyoung's Chocolate Burger(?) Birthday Cake

2PM’s Wooyoung is celebrating his 23rd birthday! On April 30, Wooyoung has tweeted a couple pictures of himself and his birthday cakes. In one photo, Wooyoung is celebrating with a sweet cream cake with lots of hearts and love

Eye Candy: “chocolate abs” edition

First of all, Happy Mothers Day‘s to all of you wonderful mothers out there! While showing appreciation for our wives, girlfriends, and mothers, we thought this week, we’d ask our female staff members to share some of the male celebrities they’ve been drooling over with an emphasis on “chocolate abs”

Former member of Chocolate discusses reason for disbandment on ‘Global Super Idol’

Ex-idol group member, Lee Hyun Ah revealed the reason behind her former group’s disbandment. On KBSN audition program ‘Global Super Idol‘, a former member of Chocolate gave another try at the entertainment industry by auditioning for the show

Former Chocolate member drops out of ‘Global Super Idol’

Lee Hyun Ah, a former member of defunct idol group Chocolate (not to be confused with active group Chocolat), previously received attention by discussing the reason behind Chocolate’s disbandment on ’Global Super Idol 3‘