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B2ST’s Yang Yo Seop, Seo In Young, and Yoon Sang Become Coaches for‘The Voice of Kids’

Starting off 2013 with new roles, B2ST’s Yang Yo Seop, Seo In Young, and producer Yoon Sang will become coaches for children, who dream of becoming singers. The three unique singers will be coaching and mentoring children from ages six to 14 in a nationwide competition to find new talent in Mnet’s Voice of Kids, a children’s version of the popular program, Voice of Korea

BEAST’s Yoseob, Seo In Young & Yoon Sang were selected to be “Voice Kids’” coaches

It was reported on December 11th that the children’s version of “Voice of Korea” has selected BEAST‘s Yang Yoseob, Seo In Young and Yoon Sang to be the program’s coaches. “Voice Kids” will only allow kids from 6 to 14 years of age to compete in order to find the one with the best voice

B2ST’s Yoseob voted as the most wanted coach by ‘Voice Kids’ contestants

Ahead of the official premiere of ‘Voice Korea Kids‘ (a.k.a ‘Voice Kids‘), a survey regarding the topic of the most wanted coach out of Yoon Sang, Seo In Young, and B2ST‘s Yoseob was conducted and received votes from all the young contestants (between the ages of 6-14) participating in the show

Jun Hyun Moo appointed as MC for ‘Voice Kids’

It has been announced that former KBS announcer Jun Hyun Moo has been appointed as the new MC of Mnet‘s ‘Voice Korea Kids‘ (‘Voice Kids’ for short). Mnet’s Oh Kwang Suk PD confirmed, “Although ‘Voice Korea’ is a survival program, when you compare the contestants to those of other audition programs, rather than putting the pressure of competition at an early age, it focuses more on their dreams and talents

B2ST’s Yang Yo Seop Gets his Aegyo On for ‘The Voice of Kids’

Nowa new judge, B2ST’s Yang Yo Seop got his aegyo on to encourage the young contestants of Mnet’s The Voice of Kids. On December 22, a short preview of the anticipated audition program for children was released

‘Voice Korea Kids’ brings out preview ft. mentors Yoon Sang, Seo In Young, and B2ST’s Yoseob

Mnet has recently brought out a preview for the upcoming ‘Voice Korea Kids‘ (‘Voice Kids’ ), showing profiles of the three coaches/mentors, Yoon Sang, Seo In Young, and B2ST‘s Yoseob. The three will be serving as mentors as well as judges for the contestants who range in age between 6-14

"Voice of Kids" Coaches Yoon Sang, Seo In Young and B2ST"s Yang Yo Seop Hold a Christmas Party

Mnet′s Voice of Kids coaches Yoon Sang, Seo In Young and B2ST′s Yang Yo Seop got together to deliver a special message for Christmas. A special series of photos was revealed of the three holding a Christmas party with children

The Christmas party for “Voice Kids”

On December 24th, Mnet’s “Voice Kids” held a Christmas party for the three coaches Yoon Sang, Seo In Young, and Yang Yoseob along with the young contestants. Several photos from the party were recently revealed, showing the coaches and the children having fun in a room with Christmas tree and other bright decorations

Mnet to Launch ‘The Voice of Korea Kids’ Next Year

Mnet is looking for the next undiscovered, kid star.The cable channel show revealed its newest audition program The Voice of Korea Kids on September 26, which is scheduled to premiere in January of next year

'Voice of Korea Kids' Yang Yoseob, Two Extreme Treatments of 'Heaven and Hell' By Contestants

yoseob, beast, voice of korea kids yang yoseob mnet voice of korea kids coach BEAST's Yang Yoseob, who is working as a coach in Mnet "Voice of Korea Kids," was shown two extreme sides by the contestants, making him smile at times but humiliating him at other times

AoA Yuna’s younger sister to appear on ‘Voice Kids’

AoA‘s Yuna‘s younger sister will appear on an upcoming episode of Mnet‘s ‘Voice Kids‘ as a contestant. In a preview clip broadcast during the January 11th episode, a mysterious young female contestant shared, “My unni is a girl group member

AOA Yuna's younger sister appears on Mnet's "Voice Kids"

Seo Yuri, the younger sister of AOA's Yuna, has attracted attention recently after making an appearance on Mnet's "Voice Kids." Last week, a trailer featuring Seo Yuri was revealed, peaking the interest of viewers after her image was mosaic, but news of who she was quickly spread

AoA Yuna?s younger sister Yuri impresses with her audition on ‘Voice Kids’

The January 18th episode of Mnet‘s ‘Voice Kids‘ witnessed the appearance of AoA‘s Yuna‘s younger sister as she was trying to impress the coaches for a place in the competition. For her performance, Yuna’s younger sister, Seo Yuri did a cover of “Stars Are Fading“, her soothing voice impressed both the audience as well as the coaches

BEAST’s Yang Yoseob to celebrate his birthday with "Voice Kids" contestants

On January 7th on the set of TV show “Voice Kids”, BEAST’s Yoseob’s team members threw a surprise party to wish their mentor a happy birthday. The contestants even prepared a cake, balloons and adorable handwritten signs

[Spoiler] ‘Voice Korea Kids’ chooses its 1st winner

On February 1st, Seo In Young‘s pupil Heo Sung Joo, Yun Sang‘s Seo Yuri, and B2ST‘s Yoseob‘s Kim Myung Joo competed in the final round of the reality singing competition ‘Voice Kids’

Seo In Young sheds tears on “Voice Kids”

On the February 1st broadcast of Mnet’s “Voice Kids”, judge Seo In Young broke into tears while watching the contestants’ final performances. For the final stage, contestants Heo Sung Joo, Kim Cho Eun, and Kim Min Kyung teamed up to perform Seo In Young's song “Anymore”

BEAST's Yoseob Keeps His Promise and Will Have a Duet With "Voice Kids" Winner Kim Myung Joo

Earlier this year, when he was a coach on “Voice Kids,” BEAST’s Yang Yoseob wholeheartedly agreed when his team member and winner, Kim Myung Joo, asked personally asked for a duet piece with Yoseob as her debut song

Winner of 'Voice Kids', Kim Myung Ju, debuts with 'Man and Woman 2013'!

Kim Myung Ju, the winner of “Voice Kids“, releases her 1st single “Man and Woman 2013”. B2ST's Yoseob, her former coach, supports Kim Myung Ju as he sings alongside with her

‘The Voice’ is coming to Korea

Shin Seung Hun, Baek Ji Young, Kang Ta, and Leessang‘s Gil are joining forces to find the top musicians in the country. Mnet‘s ‘Voice Korea‘ stated on the 10th that Shin Seung Hun, Baek Ji Young, Kang Ta, and Gil have been confirmed as the four coaches for the new program

Kinki Kids’ Koichi Domoto praises SNSD and Kara for their performances

At a press conference on August 10th at the Grand Hilton Hotel in Hongeun-dong, Seodaemun-gu in Seoul, Japan’s top idol, KinKi Kids’ Koichi Domoto talked about SNSD and Kara, two groups that are hugely popular in Japan right now